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Samsung EVO 64GB MicroSD $37.95, Samsung SD Pro $37.95 + More, FREESHIP @ PC Byte


Hello all,

Update 11/09/14 3:55PM: Hello all, we've managed to source more stock of the Samsung 32GB EVO MicroSD - however our cost is somewhat higher so we've had to adjust the price to reflect that. I can appreciate that this may not be what everyone is looking for. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Update 12:44: "hundred is a hundred" - Sorry folks, no joy. If you encountered some technical glitches or whatnot, drop me a PM - a screenshot or something will help. I might be able to do something :|

Update 12:41: It's all out. :| My manager is still in the meeting. I'll see what I can do.

Update 12:31: You guys are voracious, there's only 50 left after like, 30 minutes, -_- . Let me chat with my manager to see what we can do but he's currently in a meeting so no promises. On the upside, the server didn't crash! Hooray! :)

Sorry, we can't do a repeat of the 32GB EVO deal just yet (the company accountant is still mad with me) but we hope this limited 64GB EVO offer will tickle your fancy :)

Samsung EVO MicroSD (Bulk Packaged)
16GB for $8.95
32GB for $17.95 - See update above.

32GB for $16.95 (Out of Stock :( )

64GB for $29.95 - First 100 ONLY! Limit 1 per customer! (SOLD OUT, SORRY :( )

64GB for $37.95 - After first 100 are sold.

Samsung Pro SD (Bulk Packaged)
Samsung 64GB Pro SD (Bulk Packaged) for $37.95

Sandisk Ultra SD Card (Retail Packaged)
16GB for $10.50
32GB for $19.95
64GB for $45.95

Prices valid while stocks last or until Friday, 12 Sept. 2014, 2PM.

As always, any questions, drop a comment below or shoot me a PM :)

EDIT: Oops, let me fix the links -_-

Postage Times: We generally dispatch orders made before 2PM on the same day unless otherwise noted by our site availability. If you choose free postage - how fast you get these orders depends on where you live. WA / TAS / Rural areas may take up to a week although metro Sydney / Melbourne / Brisbane generally see their orders within 2 business days. YMMV - please select a express post option if you need it in a hurry! :)

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  • Nice timing, needed a new SD Card :D

  • Thanks, nice pricing on the 64gb. Btw op, does it come with microsd adapter? Please advise.

    • +5 votes

      Yes it does :)

      Francesca assures me they are Samsung MicroSD-to-SD adapters this time, for those that get touchy about that sort of thing :P

  • Done deal on 64gb!

  • say for 3 x 16gb evos - can we select "Free Shipping for Small Items / Specials"??

  • I thought this was an SSD. As soon as I saw Samsung EVO for $30! I went to the site straight away only to find out it's just an SD card. Good deal though! :)

  • Thanks, ordered 64Gb =)

  • Do these SD cards work for a Samsung Galaxy S4?

    • +3 votes

      Should do. It would be strange if the Samsung EVO MicroSD did not work on the Samsung Galaxy :P

      • Unfortunately, the i9505 S4 doesn't do UHS-I (the i9500 one apparently does, but I don't have that). So you end up limited to the slower Class10 speeds.

  • Good deal! I have always been happy with the speed of delivery

  • Hi Store rep -

    can this: SanDisk 16GB Ultra SDHC Class 10 30MB/s

    fit in my LG G3 phone - i believe its suppose to be a mini sd card? Thanks

    • +1 vote

      Hey debe,

      Your LG will need a micro-SD card, such as the Samsung EVO above. The SanDisk is a standard size SD card and will not fit in your phone.

  • Bought one, my 1st purchase with PC Byte!

  • Thanks Rep, ordered one 64 gb micro sd.cant wait for it to arrive

  • I'm looking at the sandisk 64gb and the picture shows a class 6. Is the card a class 10 or 6?

    • +1 vote

      Hey jubified, it's a class 10. Sorry the picture appears to be the wrong one. I'll swap it out when there's less strain on the server and the traffic dies down a little bit.

  • Hi Rep.

    How long do they take to deliver usually?

    • +1 vote

      Hi giggidy,

      If you select free postage, it really depends on where you live. WA / TAS / rural areas can take up to a week. Metro Sydney will typically see their orders the next day after postage although that is not guaranteed. If you need it in a hurry, we suggest you select an Express Post option.

  • tempted but since i dont have pc/laptop with usb 3, copying 64gb would be very slow. 32gb enough for me, plus 1 season of tv show wont take more than 30GB anyway :D

  • site seems a bit slow…but got one, tahnks!

    • Yeah it is atm: At least it's not crashed like last time -_-.

      If anyone gets timeout errors during orders, etc. Please let me know.

  • Went to place an order for the 64GB, timed out and now it's out of stock. :(

  • +1 vote

    same here bummer missed out on 64gb

  • Ughhh i've added the 64gb microsd to my cart, but by the time ive entered my address it was out of stock…

  • 64gb evo out of stock

  • I wish I had waited a week, would of saved my self a pretty penny.

  • more stock on 64g micro please rep :(

    • +5 votes

      My manager is not budging :(

      I'll have to be sure to have more the next time 'round.

      The last time 100 pieces lasted an hour, so we thought it would be enough but, in retrospect, the server did crash the last time so maybe we should've upped it a little bit :|

  • Having bought the EVO 32gb and 64gb flavours to test on my BMPCC, I found the 32gb seems to record at least 15 minutes during my test at PRORES 422 without dropping a frame, a few seconds before dropping a frame at PRORES HQ and about 12 seconds (If I recall correctly) in RAW mode.

    The 64gb EVO however drops a frame even on the Proxy LT mode —- its much slower than the 32gb version so anyone wondering if the write speed is the same, it definitely isn't.. the 64gb sustains at around 20mb per sec while the 32gb in random writes seems to jump to ~34mb per sec but is slower in sequential access (weird)

    the Samsung PRO (32GB) when I tested it didn't seem to fair much better than the 64gb EVO in terms of performance.

    Don't own a 64gb PRO to test, but I believe the 64gb PRO microsd is actually faster specced….

    Maybe if PCBYTE want to send me a sample to test :)

  • wow good deal. miss out this time.

  • Thanks, picked up a 64GB Samsung MicroSD :)

    • Yep, me too. I grabbed two. Didn't get the 2x for 60 dollar deal though ;/.

      Do they come with the carrying case pictured?

      • +1 vote

        Do you mean the little plastic clip case with the MicroSD to SD adapter? If so, yes it does.

  • Damnit, just pissed out.

    Ah well.

  • Samsung evo 32GB for $10 or no deal….

  • Any deals on Sandisk 128gb microSD?


    Bought one, thanks OP.

  • Thanks OP, I got it,order # is: 100001116.

  • Hmm the Paypal payment seems screwy. I enter my details and click pay and it sends me back to the paypal login.

    • That's strange… Did you manage to grab an order number at all? Worse comes to worse, you can always drop us an e-mail [email protected] - and organise a manual PayPal transfer and manual order creation. We haven't gotten any other reports of this error though - did anyone else get this error?

  • Hi REP,
    I got too enthusiastic and ordered the Samsung 64GB PRO SD, not realising it is a standard SD and not a Micro SD. I got confused because above it is under the "micro SD" header. I should have paid better attention, but can you fix this for me? I sent you an email on [email protected].

  • Hi Rep, Sorry if this question has already been asked and answered, but does the 16GB Micro/sd Evo come with an adaptor. Also is the speed dependant on the adaptor at all ( various brands and qualities )?

    • +1 vote

      Hey ozhunter - Yes it does come with the MicroSD adaptor. AFAIK, there are not different qualities of adapters but if I am wrong, some could comment and enlighten us :)

  • Just a followup from my earlier post, it is easier if I post crystaldiskmark benchmarks as per below for anyone interested in actual figures rather than me trying to go off memory and initial impressions (I think my brain needs a memory upgrade) and deciding which card to get (exfat format for both, 128kb allocation unit size, windows 7 using generic USB3 UHS card reader, 100mb test size):

    32GB microsd EVO

    Sequential Read : 47.764 MB/s
    Sequential Write : 41.320 MB/s
    Random Read 512KB : 45.620 MB/s
    Random Write 512KB : 37.510 MB/s
    Random Read 4KB (QD=1) : 9.474 MB/s [ 2313.1 IOPS]
    Random Write 4KB (QD=1) : 3.930 MB/s [ 959.5 IOPS]
    Random Read 4KB (QD=32) : 9.949 MB/s [ 2428.8 IOPS]
    Random Write 4KB (QD=32) : 4.048 MB/s [ 988.2 IOPS]

    64GB microsd EVO

    Sequential Read : 47.634 MB/s
    Sequential Write : 20.969 MB/s
    Random Read 512KB : 45.458 MB/s
    Random Write 512KB : 20.040 MB/s
    Random Read 4KB (QD=1) : 9.304 MB/s [ 2271.4 IOPS]
    Random Write 4KB (QD=1) : 3.953 MB/s [ 965.1 IOPS]
    Random Read 4KB (QD=32) : 9.948 MB/s [ 2428.8 IOPS]
    Random Write 4KB (QD=32) : 3.966 MB/s [ 968.3 IOPS]

    As with any benchmark results, take with grain of salt due to the many factors involved, your results may vary, batteries not included etc.

    I can also do tests for samsung 64gb microsdhc (not EVO branded), Sandisk Extreme (45mb) and samsung 32gb PRO sdhc if people are interested - maybe even create a web page with statistics and information, photos etc….

  • Hello all, we've managed to source more stock of the Samsung 32GB EVO MicroSD - however our cost is somewhat higher so we've had to adjust the price to reflect that. I can appreciate that this may not be what everyone is looking for. We apologise for any inconvenience.

  • Rep, tried to register at your website but the whole page is not secure. Do you have a secure link where we can register details? I am not happy to put my details on an unencrypted page!

    • Hey some_one_some_where,

      We are in the process of obtaining an SSL certificate, unfortunately we could not grab one in time for this sale. If you are concerned about your personal details, we could always process your order manually if you drop us an e-mail ([email protected]) or give us a call on (02) 9748 8958. I could even create an account for you if you want to PM me your details?

      • That is fine but will I be able to pay with Paypal when I ring the number you listed? Will you be able to forward a link for payment?

        • With Paypal payment, if you have an account, you can simply transfer to our paypal account. Or we can process via Bank Transfer depending on what you would prefer.

  • Just wanted to leave some positive feedback for future reference, bought 2x Cards yesterday, Just received them this AM. Less than 18 Hours after purchase. Pretty rapid turnaround IMO. (I am in Brisbane as well).

  • thanks. received my item today (perth), that's super fast mate!

    keep it up :D

  • Received mine today (48hrs later) - in Tasmania! Fast shipping, very pleased.

  • These guys are good.
    Fast Shipping. Had a small issue but they quickly and gladly fixed it up.