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Free $10 Rivers Voucher - No Minimum Spend, In-Store Only


As special offer for that's life! readers, Rivers is offering you a FREE $10 voucher!

The best part of a whole new season? A new wardrobe! Rivers knows women want their own individuality, which is why they've come up with the best pieces for you to make up your perfect spring look - now with $10 OFF!

Terms and Conditions
Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Cannot be redeemed for cash. Only one voucher per transaction. Only redeemable in store. To redeem, cut out and take into store.

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  • any minimum spend?

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    "Only one voucher per transaction"

    LOL… Five $10 transactions it'll be ;)

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    Wow. No minimum spend, generic voucher and pretty much the only condition is one voucher per transaction. Time to stock up on printer ink for my lifetime supply of underwear and socks I'm getting tomorrow! Didn't put too much thinking into this promo did they.

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      They might cast a thought over the wording and conditions tomorrow when the underwear truck parks outside…

      This might help you - little cut n paste job:

      • lol!

      • files.ozbargain kinda compressed that badly, try again with dropbox or similar?

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      Their boxers are crap, unless you like having your junk out all day

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        and who wouldn't want that? ;-)

  • Thanks OP.

  • you beauty mate

  • You little ripper.

  • Has anyone tried it in-store yet?

  • Nice find!

  • Hope they don't have to scan the barcode because it wont work

    • Yeah good observation lol. Also doesn't have numbers below the barcode for them to punch in either. Wonder how that'll work. Still, they'll have to honour it somehow!

  • great find

  • Thanks!

  • do u buy it online? or go to the store and show the coupon?

    • Barcode to be scanned. And expires soon, so can't be used forever like someone thought

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    says only redeemable in store on the voucher

    • thx, didnt read the fine print. :)

  • FREE

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      They better not do a goodguys and jack all their prices up now or add some exclusions to the deal.

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    Suddenly all us men here are 'That's Life' magazine readers lol

  • My mum would love this. Thanks OP

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    Costume sorted for bogan themed party! Who's coming? By the way, it's BYOBB (Bring your own Bundy).

  • i (profanity) love rivers

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  • Pretty sure their thongs are like $8 a pair

    Edit: Footwear, not underwear

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      Streuth mate, we know what you meant. We're from bloomin' Straya!

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        I wore a $2 pair for about 3 years. It crumbled away at the end and the rubber stem wore away the skin between my toes horribly.

        But then… $2…

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          It crumbled away at the end and the rubber stem wore away the skin between my toes horribly.

          This happened to me too, except I only wore them for 3 minutes before offloading them to my aunty.

          Her feet are made entirely out of dead skin so she doesn't mind them. <3

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    don't tell Tom

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    Just from my observation of ads on TV, the prices at Rivers seem to have increased since the serial sex-offender Philip Harry Goodman sold the company for a bargain, but then again I think so has the quality after they got rid of his rubbish stock and started carrying some more quality items.


    Good for them!

    • Yes some prices seem to have gone up. Socka and jocks seem the same however. Still a fair bit of stuff on clearance price though. Designs/colours still need to improve for new stock. Here's hoping they are still clearing oldish stock and working on new designs…

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    this is from a magazine right? maybe staff will take one look at your voucher and ask for the original?

    • Just tell them you have an online subscription to the magazine.

  • Nice find- thanx op :-)

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    High Quality Screenshot:


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    "this is from a magazine right? maybe staff will take one look at your voucher and ask for the original?"

    I agree. It says you have to "cut it out" and present it, i.e. they are expecting an original cut from the magazine. It will be immediately obvious to them that a home print-out on office paper is not that. Ergo, I reckon they won't accept it.
    No doubt this is how they are safeguarding against theoretically infinite amounts of the vouchers being used. Because peeps are required to present an original, cut from the magazine, the absolute maximum amount of vouchers that could be used would be the number of magazines of that particular issue printed/distributed.

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      If so, why would they write "click here to download voucher" if they don't expect people to use it?

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      Erm.. whoops. I misinterpreted the post on OzB… I assumed that the "To redeem, cut out and take into store." was a reference to teh magazine. It seems you are right though, and it is not! I tried to neg myself, but could not. lol.

      Anyways, it would be good if a MOD could delete my post above, because I now think it amounts to misinformation. My bad, and thanks for setting me straight MrCamel!

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    expect to see any Tee's under $10?

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    1 per customer or…?

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      per transaction, so it maybe a long line at the carousel

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    awesome . going past rivers today with the family - "here you go kids, get something for less than $10. Non-ozbargain-member-wife, why you look angry?"

  • It says on the link, download the voucher, so how are you mean to cut it out?

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  • So what is stopping you from going in with a voucher spending it and repeating with another voucher next time

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      Your storage capacity?

      Their stock level?

      Your conscience?

      Whichever is least.

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    Successfully used the voucher at Port Macquarie store NSW (new jocks if you must know). Operator was a bit confused as tried to scan bar code, then ran off to get Manager. However, all good.

    • Do you think you could use another?

      • Need socks. I will give it a try tomorrow, conscience permitting.

  • Used voucher at Bourke st VIc, wouldn't scan she had to type it in

    i went for socks (5 free pairs) but no many there to start off with

  • Just got back from rivers. Yes the coupon wouldn't scan so he had to type the code and successfully used. I went for 3 business shirts (going for $10 each on clearance) for free. Didn't want to push it with any more conscience got in the way. Have to order as separate transactions.

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      Did the same person serve you at the checkout?

  • Thanks op , just got myself a jumper for free lady couldn't scan the barcode but after a while explained to her she needed to input that code and it worked

  • It is just me , or does the link not work anymore?

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    An email went out to all stores 30 mins ago not to accept print outs. They have to be from the actual magazine. Apparenlty That's life is in trouble for putting it on the website. The magazine costs $3.10 so i just went to the newsagent and got one and they had no problem accepting it after rejecting the print out.

    • Which store rejected the printout?

      • Wollongong.

    • Explains why i was just knocked back this afternoon using the printout. It wasn't a scanned copy but a direct printout of the gift voucher that That's Life magazine put on their web site.

  • Any trouble in using voucher at baulkham hills store?

    • Probably all the stores will be rejecting the print out now that all stores have been told not to accept the print out. Gift voucher from the hard copy magazine only now.

      • Correct. Got rejected at Bourke street melb

  • So… If you buy two magazines - can you buy two $30 shirts with a $6.90 discount at $23.10 - by buying one, presenting first voucher, immediately walk back into the store, get a second shirt, and use a second voucher!?

  • so now we buy the magazine for original coupon?
    Is that magazine called "thatslife"? how much it costs and where can we get it?

    I guess still worth paying for $3-5 magazine and get $10 coupon out of it - true OZ Bargainer way :)

    • Your answers are all above. ;-)

      • ahh, got it now. thanks :)
        So the "thatslife" magazine costs $3.10 @ newsagent.

        • Which is why I asked my question above… I was in Rivers yesterday. Cheapest shirt was $20 and it was ugly and paper thin. Next ones up were $30. Too much for a shirt, when you see them in op shops all the time for $4-$8! (Plus you usually get their logo on your chest.)

        • @realfamilyman:

          That's unlucky. Cheapest shirt at my local Rivers store was $8 and several long sleeve business shirts for $10 or short sleeve casual shirts for $10 all on clearance.

          At least the gift voucher that was off the That's Life web site was good while it shortly lasted. Who would of thought they'd have it for download off their site.

  • oh wow looks like I was lucky got in this morning and my mum and I used vouchers for some socks and cardigan.

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      Yeah the early bird gets the worm. I managed to get a few business shirts this morning the one's on sale for $10 each.

  • If the local Rivers store has these S/S business shirts in stock you could get 10 of these for one of the $10 gift vouchers. It's going for $1 each there's a bargain. http://www.rivers.com.au/catalogdb/blowuppage.asp?SP=24258&P...

    • they have a pretty poor website design. It is so hard to navigate around their website

      • Yep it could have been designed better.

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    Aw, just like how the myer vouchers became null

  • Werribee store will not accept printed voucher only from magazine and said that's life put on website without permission

    • i knew it! just like i predicted, better get in quick and use voucher before all stores have the same idea!

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    Can someone please confirm if baulkham hills store is accepting the printable voucher or not?

    • Assume no stores will. The email was sent to all stores to not accept. Just buy a $3.10 magazine if you want $10 credit.

  • Just got back from the Rockhampton store. They had no problems accepting cut outs from the That's Life magazine. Yesterday afternoon they would not accept the print out any more. Picked up a few $10 on clearance short sleeve shirts today. Not a bad trade for $3.10 each which the magazine costs.

  • Is one voucher per person? Or I can buy two magazines/vouchers and use at two different times?

    • One voucher per transaction. Just put through one voucher per transaction. Just ask the checkout people to put through each item you want as separate transactions. Such as i yesterday put through 3 x $10 shirts each as separate transactions using 3 x $10 vouchers. Not a bad deal scoring 3 new shirts for $9.30.

  • Might have to visit the library and check out the latest that's life mag

    • If others hadn't had the same idea first.

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    Guys I want to stores with photocopy of voucher in adelaide ( geps cross & port road) but they need original voucher from magazine so purchase the book and then go

    • Yes well all stores were told 4 days ago not to accept printout copies of the gift voucher so it's not surprising that they rejected it. Hence why the title says original copy required.