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Pebble Smartwatch 33% Price Drop - US $99 (~AU $114) + Free Shipping - getpebble.com


The original plastic Pebble just dropped in price on their website from US$149 to US$99 delivered anywhere in the world free with standard shipping (weeks) or US$25 by DHL (quoted 3-5 days). The Pebble Steel dropped $30 to $199, a 13% drop. No expiry date mentioned, may be a permanent drop.

I've had one for a year and love it. Sure, the screen is low res and black & white, but it's always on, it's waterproof, and it lasts a week on a charge. And it can do motion tracking if you're into that kind of thing. It's also pretty hackable, has a decent SDK, and it works with both iOS and Android phones.

Lemme know if I missed anything - first time posting.

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  • Wow, I'm not sure what's holding me back. Great product for a great price… but I'm hesitating for some reason. I think I need to look into them more and compare their features.

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      Simple info for you Steve……

                    Pebble     Other Smart Watches     

      Colour Screen No Yes
      Touch Screen No Yes
      Make calls No Yes
      Battery life 5 days 1 day
      Water proof Yes (5Atm) No
      Caller ID info Yes Yes
      SMS, Email info Yes Yes
      Control music Yes Yes
      Links to apps Limited Probably better
      Vibrates on wrist Yes Yes
      Back lit Yes Yes
      Simple and cool Yes No

      Personally, i love my Pebble, it will be way more limited than the new smart watches from Apple, Sony, Samsung etc. but the simplicity is one of the big benefits.

      • Cheers Deal88. Sounds like just the thing I'm after as I only need the basics.

        • Looks like my table did not work too well, but you can see the info.
          Plus, i am not Associated, not sure how that box was ticked. (now unticked)

          Water proof, Battery Life and looks are the big wins for the Pebble.

        • @deal88: I have one of these and it is fantastic - it is almost better because it does NOT do some more extensive things. This doesn't take over your life, it adds to it. Very Handy

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        A little simpler to read:

        Feature Pebble Other Smart Watches
        Colour Screen No Yes
        Touch Screen No Yes
        Make calls No Yes
        Battery life 5 days 1 day
        Water proof Yes (5Atm) No
        Caller ID info Yes Yes
        SMS, Email info Yes Yes
        Control music Yes Yes
        Links to apps Limited Probably better
        Vibrates on wrist Yes Yes
        Back lit Yes Yes
        Simple and cool Yes No
        • nice work deal88 and domingo.

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          thanks. looks a lot better

      • Also, works with any smart phone yes | no

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        I'm sure I read somewhere that the screen is always on so you can see the time without pressing a button, is that the case?

        Edit: I'm realize now that I read that in the description of the deal. Thanks OP!

  • Are the buttons easy to press and responsive?
    I'm left handed and will be wearing this on my left hand.

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      wear it on your right hand like a real leftie! but they're made to be worn on the left so you'll be fine

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      I'm left handed and wear it on my left hand, no problem with the buttons. Easy to press and good tactile response

      • I've not had a problem with button response. They are quite large and I find their use intuitive.

  • I like my Pebble and you'll get more value out of it if you like to fiddle/tinker with it.

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      What are some things you do with yours?

  • I was looking at these earlier today and thinking "Wow, I'm sure they used to be more expensive than this" so this explains it! Any idea how long postage takes?

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      I ordered mine on 05/12/2013, it shipped 07/12/2013 and I'm pretty sure I had it before I left for holiday on 20/12/2013. Hope this narrows it down for you .

  • As the OP says, this is likely the new price.

    I love my Kickstarter Pebble. Bought it for fun now wear it everyday. No fashion accessory, but still surprises when people remark that they like it. Awesome battery life - well over a week.

    And for those into water sports, far better protection than any of the Android Wear.

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    I bought one on the weekend and haven't stopped playing with it. I've installed AutoPebble on my android and I'm using it with Tasker. Also using it to switch my Z-wave lights and scenes at home. I've barely scratched the surface of what it can do, my standard watch face has a pedometer so I can keep track of how little I exercise while sit here at my desk all day ;) You can get a plethora of wraps too to spark up the look a bit, and it will take standard bands so plenty of ways to customise it.

    [edit] oh and I'm a lefty and wear it on my right, have had not issues comfortably using it this way. I don't need a mini phone screen on my wrist, I prefer it to the new wave of smart watches because it does everything I need, and does it really well.

    • Which standard watch face is that?

  • Bought one. i am normally a watch snob but this was just too tempting to try out!

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      I can recommend the following watch faces…..

      Taller (this just looks awesome)
      Real Weather
      Fuzzy Text

      and just for a joke "RolexSub" I have convinced a few people that this is the new Rolex digital watch

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        Agree with Taller, (I've got Taller 2 tap)
        will have to check the others out.

        • Did not know there was a Taller 2. Just tried to download it and it says coming soon, looks like it is being updated.

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        I have had my pebble for over a year now. I love it and wear it every day. This is what I currently have active on my pebble

        Bold Hour - White
        Sleep as Android
        Music Boss

  • Had mine for quite a while now - agree that it is not a fashion accessory but a useful bit of kit. Had stopped wearing a watch years ago, but now I hate it if I forget to put this on in the morning. For me a charge probably lasts more like 5 days, but that's still more than acceptable given it's constantly paired to my mobile and I have it set to vibrate on incoming calls/text messages. I changed the band to a black metal one, and put a 'skin' on it to protect the screen and give it a brushed metal look - and it's surprising how many people ask about it.

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    Is it compatible with windows phones?

  • cant decide whether wanting a Moto360 with colour screen or this.

    • I'd wait it out to see what the price of the Moto360 turns out to be locally. While $114 is relatively cheap, if the Moto360 sells for anything near the US price of $250, I reckon shelling out the extra ~$150 would be well worth it for the better design, colour screen and extra features.

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        You'll need the Pebble for those days the Moto360 isn't charged :-)

        • would prefer a colour screen than a week worth of battery. However, I would like to see what the LG Watch R has to offer

        • @abracadabra:

          Moto360 is a good looking watch.
          The Pebble would have better battery life and it is water proof. Two big pluses.
          I am sure everything else would have a lot of extra features if that is what you are after.

          or wait until 2015 and see what the Apple watch can do or whether it drives down the prices in the market.

    • Ah I had this dilemma about 2 weeks ago and decided to get the pebble. Why? Because smartwatches are still new you really have to think about WHY you want it because you cant expect it to do everything perfect in the first generation (Especially the Andriod Wearables and Apple Watch). For me I really just wanted to see and experiment if the notifications on your wrist actually is useful or valuable.

      For me the Pebble was the least investment to try out and test this new tech and one of the only smartwatches to get a fair amount of praise.

      After about 2 weeks of use in my opinion I think smartwatches run in the same "Do I need this" category as a bluetooth headsets, useful but you could live without it.

      I loved the look of the moto 360 and I was so ready to preorder but then the reviews came in and I was very concerned with the battery life and processor. It just didnt make sense to me to buy a smartwatch that wouldnt do its core functions when I might need it.Plus the lagging issues as well on the moto 360 tipped the scales towards the pebble.

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    I've had mine nearly a year now I bought mine from Amazon last Christmas and was on sale for Us$120 I used a re shipper from USA and piggy bag with other Christmas purchases for shipping. I am still using it. I also change the colour constantly with a simple decal from www.gadgetwraps.com they also sell screen protector and the price is cheap and the color decals all come with lifetime free replacement, you pay postage which is only 1.99 air mail.

  • I love the look of the Pebble Steel and I love what it stands for, not some big company, just a kickstarted project thats taken off well.

    But something inside me says, no, get the Apple Watch

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      Yep I'd wait for the Apple Watch too.

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        Get both. Use this at the beach and pool as it is waterproof. Still a long wait until the Apple comes out.

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          Nice point, a man can never have too many watches I guess. Its like women with shoes OMG lets not got there

        • @Twisty: Just remember, Apple will already have Apple Watch 2 planned before Apple Watch 1 is released, so they are already holding back on some features so that when the Watch 2 comes out you'll feel the need to upgrade.
          PS - I'm not an Apple "hater", just telling it like it is IMHO.

  • I think I'll stick to my Citizen Nighthawk and it's solar power. More of a man's watch than a toy.

    • … and particularly good if you're a diver or a pilot, of which I am neither!

      I must check if Pebble has a Citizen Nighthawk app available ;)

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        Well actually I'm an astronaut, so if I had one I'd go for an Omega Speedmaster Professional. ;)

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    I've had my Pebble nearly a year - only realised today that it's waterproof after noting a new swimming app for it. Unless the app designers didn't check the watch first! Heh.

    • Should say 5ATM on the back of the case. One of the reasons they have the weird charger cable.

  • The pebble steel price has also dropped to $199 USD.

    I have the black steel. I love it. I purchased the steel because it looks much more like a normal watch. Only issue is that is does not use the standard watch band connector, but I ended up finding a great alternate metal band which is much nicer looking (and better quality) than the one which comes with the watch.

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    if you're in a rush to get one, might work out cheaper at officeworks…. Though it looks like colour choices are limited….

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      is $139 less than $114 now?

      • Definitely not on OzB.

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        is $139 less than $114 now?

        Cheaper than $99 usd + $25 usd shipping…..

        If you're happy to wait 'several weeks' for delivery, then stick with $114

        • I grabbed mine from DSE in store and got them to price match OW. also got their 2 year full replacement warranty fr $24. Don't normally go for this but for $24, why not.

  • Hey guys, here's my quick review of pebble, considering I was a kickstarter backer. Please note that this was about over a year ago or more, and other smart watches weren't out in the consumer world.
    Pebble watch (plastic) had been awesome to me. It has over 100s of watch apps, and if not probably more, plenty of android 3rd party app support, and has worked fine with my iPod touch as well. The simplistic black and white e-paper screen gives it Upto 6-7 standby or 2-3 day watch usage, and easy magnetic charging cable.
    I honestly love mine, with different watch faces, and adjustable and changeable wrist band, i have bought a tungsten watch band to replace the plastic one

  • I have a Kickstarter edition colour Pebble, brand new I never got around to even opening the sealed box. If anyone is interested in buying it I am around Frankston area.

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      • I sold it thanks

  • +2
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    Just in time for the sh*t exchange rate.

  • Here's a review (from 2013) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fhuo8mvQl3o that basically labels this watch as a bit of a 'non-smart smart watch'. Thoughts?

    • He totally misses the point of the watch and has requirements that don't make sense.
      I have a myKronos that lets you talk on your phone like Michael Knight (It's totally lame, and you feel like an idiot).
      How on earth would you respond to a txt message from your watch with 4 buttons?
      Notifications appear on your wrist, even if you are in a call on your phone. That's AWESOME!
      I like wearing this watch and not having to pull out my phone to look at the time anymore.
      I wouldn't base my decision to buy a pebble from this guy.

      • Totally agree, this is a non-smart smart watch. It is the simplicity of the watch that is one of the benefits.

        All important features like displaying SMS, email info, time, caller ID with wrist vibrate are done simply but well. And it excludes the less useful smart features helping it be waterproof and the battery last longer..

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    Bah. I ordered my Steel a week ago :P

    • +3

      You can get a $50 refund if you contact their support.

      • Wow!! That's awesome. Thanks for the heads up :D

      • +1

        Just heard back from them and I'm getting a refund!! Stoked :D Thanks again

  • I used to have kickstarter version, but already sold it. It is good smartwatch, but not good enough for me to keep it.

    • Out of interest, what did you replace it with?

      • I don't see any products near my needs. I don't know what feature it needs to be a smartwatch. Keep looking new innovation.

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    I have a Kickstarter Pebble - it's great. The only downside is the propriety charging cable.

    • I managed to pick up a charging cable on ebay. Not as good as the original (first one's magnets wouldn't hold it to the watch, second one is acceptable).

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    I am (like many on here probably), one of those people that seems to always find something wrong with the technology I buy. I am always taking things back, getting them upgraded, or just annoyed at the way the interface is put together. I could not fault with the pebble. It worked great, looks great, lasts almost as long as my old Nokia 3210 (and is just as cool).
    I can not recommend it highly enough. It also reminds me of my old Palm Pilot 3 in graphics ability.

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    Was about to purchase one, but stumbled across this

    It seems like the guys at Pebble is teasing what seems to be a new Pebble watch. it's hard to see, but the picture shows a watch that has 4 pins, unlike the 2 pins on the current watches. I would rather wait for this new one to come out before purchasing.

    • Well, that would make sense.

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    This price drop suggests to me that there's a new Pebble smartwatch coming out soon. Just in time for Xmas and well before the Apple watch. I think I'll wait and see.

  • For anyone who runs with their phone, it's handy to have your stats showing on your Pebble. Works for Runkeeper and Runtastic (I think). Works unofficially for Endomondo with an android app.

  • Bought it today after seeing this post from Dick Smith - they brought it down to their cost price, which came to $133. Cheaper than doing DHL quick post!

  • Hey does anyone ever experience pebble losing connection with their phone?

    Or a significant decrease in your phones battery life while connected to pebble?

    I already purchased but I guess these are just the issues I am most worried about. (I have an s4, so should be ok)

    • +1

      I have a LG G3 and have not experienced a loss of connection yet (have had the pebble for about a week now). The bluetooth 4.0 and the app itself use about 6% of the battery on my phone (app uses 4% and bluetooth about 2). But realistically it has taken about 10% off my battery with daily normal use. But its a great buy, loving the pebble! Don't forget to buy a new wrist band!

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      Yeah as expected, I lose connection when I leave my phone at home and go out down the street. When I come back it usually reconnects, sometimes have to manually reconnect.
      No issues with phone battery life.

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    Has anyone worn their Pebble out in the surf? Ie riding a surfboard? And the watch survived?

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    I live on the beach & surf everyday,Pebble is awesome,just keeps going,btw I also tried a samsung SW & really struggled to see the screen in daylight.Battery life on phone is actually better when connected to Pebble,I guess because I'm not checking my phone all the time thus screen is off

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    Bought mine as a sport watch to run, cycle and swim with. Was initially disappointed at the built in integration with Runkeeper which was pretty poor. The metrics displayed were not what I wanted and even the units were in miles not km's. Runkeeper would not display my heart rate from my Wahoo Blue HR strap.

    Luckily I found the iSmoothrun app and now I have everything I could have wanted from a sport watch and more. The app instantly uploads to pretty much and site you can think of (eg Runkeeper, Strava, etc) and is simple to use.

    I wasn't counting on the social benefit of leaving the phone in the pocket. Instead of getting it out and checking it every time it buzzed, I can quickly glance at the watch and see if it's important. The phone is set to silent all the time, because the buzz on my wrist is a much more reliable way of getting my attention. Much less disruptive.

    I'm a heavy user of the Pebble, but still get 4-5 days battery life between charges. I love that the simple monochrome screen is easy to read in all light conditions. In fact, the brighter the sunlight the better it gets. Try that colour screens!

    I love that I can control music, volume, see track info all without having to get my phone out.

    I love that I can get on screen directions from Google Maps.

    Pebble just keeps improving on the software, today I received an update that lets me quicklaunch, with one button press I can switch to my favourite apps, Music and iSmoothrun.

    So if you are a runner or cyclist and you carry your phone with you anyhow and you think you could use a sports watch, give the Pebble a go. It's hard to beat, even for a lot more money.

    • +2

      Good write-up. The pebble loses out in the showroom against the Android Wear stuff but in the real world the pebble just seems to do everything better - lasts longer on battery, screen is readable in direct sunlight, vibration is nice and strong and there seems to be a lot more apps.

  • +1

    Screen is even VERY visible when under water. In fact it seems to be even better underwater than in sunlight.

  • Just for reference, my wife as a pebble (kickstarter edition). She will be replacing it with an Apple watch.

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      Your wife is a pebble (kickstarter edition)?

      • +2

        Q. How do you get your wife up in the morning?
        A. I kickstarter.

  • +1

    I'm super interested in this but few things are holding me back. Major perks for this? I get the whole notifications thing, but what else can it do? I haven't worn a watch in years…

  • Main perk: cheapest entry point to a proven smart watch. If you want to find out what smart watches are about, get this.

  • How does this compare to the $57.00 U8 Pro?

    • I have the normal U8, and I would not recommend buying cheap chinese unsupported smartwatches. Although the WeLoop is tempting

  • This bargain prompted me to look into Pebble and I was impressed enough to buy it locally. Just getting to know it and I continue to be impressed! Glad with my purchase so thanks for posting.

  • +1

    Arrived Today!! Tested it out and works well :)

    • Did you use the free shipping option?

      • Yep, tracking says it was posted on oct 7

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