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iPhone 6 from $858 ($815.50 with 5% off gift cards) at Big W


Big W are selling the iPhone 6 from $858 (that's $11 less than Apple).
Assuming you can find one…

Entertainment Card holders can purchase Big W & Wish Gift Cards at 5% discount. So $850 of gift cards comes to $807.50 (plus $8 remaining). That's an everyday price of $815.50 from Big W without resorting to price matching.

Don't forget to pay with a FF/rewards points accruing credit card.

Don't forget to show your Everyday Rewards card for even more FF/rewards points.

Finally, be sure to leave the country within 60 days to claim another 10% back from TRS (that's $815.50 - $78 = $737.50 after refund). Maybe use some of those FF points you've been racking up. Don't forget to ask for a complimentary seat upgrade.

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  • +10

    The best bargain is to not buy it at all :o

  • +17

    If a rep came here posting a 1% discount they'd be laughed off OzBargain…how does this get 40+ votes! Seriously people!

    • +13

      Agree. Not a bargain, unless $858 is for 64Gb model. But there are lots of iSheeps around who are positive voting for this.

      • +1


        iSheep :)

        If you can get OW to pricematch, this works out to be a nice deal at $815.

        • +1

          that's still pretty iSteep to me… im pretty sure when i first got my iphone4 around the time it came out it was a fair bit cheaper starting price point… all other flagship phones have a much lower starting price my htc one 64gig that replaced my iphone4 was just over $700 around release time and that was from hardlyNormal (i had vouchers :))

        • +5

          Samsung Sheep5

        • +1

          In my opinion, I don't think we're just buying the phones. We're buying their excellent customer service as well. You can never get an excellent support like apple does. If there's anything wrong with your idevice, you just simply pop in to an apple store, which are practically everywhere, and have it sorted hassle free. Also, if you're new to iphones, even if you didn't buy the phone from an apple store, you can get an apple genius instore to teach you how to use your phone. Samsung, LG, or HTC do that?? I don't think so.

        • +1

          @Danstar: what would you call windows phone users?

        • @Izefyre:

          I've had issues with one phone in my life, and from the feedback I've heard about google after sales support its actually better than apple. Some people have actually received an upgrade when they have had issues over a year later with their nexus 4. I doubt apple would give people an iPhone 6 brand new replacement for a iPhone 5s a year later. After dealing with buggy versions of ios 7 and 8 that takes a year for apple to come up with a fix for their bugs, I think apple could be doing better. Especially when you consider the limit amount of devices they support.

        • @mikokik5: windows phone users…

      • I posted this on another iPhone thread recently:


        *Perhaps we need an equivalent to Godwin's Law for Apple products.

        "Any sufficiently lengthy discussion thread regarding any Apple product will ultimately lead to a reference to 'isheep'".

        I call this the Sandstorm Axiom.*

  • +2

    It's not only $11 discount. It's Everyday rewards card points, further 5% discount with entertainment book's wishcards and opportunity for OW price beat.

    However bigW prices are the same since the launch day. Nothing new. Problem is stock. They had a couple of 16GB on day1 then nothing.

  • I'm bent on this deal…

    • +1

      hell bent…

      • +1

        its not bent.. its curved.. lolz

  • Sold out in the store I work out and we dont know when we will get more stock in. :( I wanted one too.

  • +3

    Considering this works out to be about the same price as Kogan's ebay deal ($799 after $100 max discount on their $899 price with eBay's 15% off everything) for imported stock, I think this is an awesome deal.

    I for one, really appreciate the OP posting this.

    • Really your worried about $11? Just buy it from Apple store.

      • +1

        I would care if it was only $1 cheaper… the less I have to pay for overpriced tech the better… And money saved is money earnt.

        My mum loves Apple (God only knows why) so I had to get her one. If I can save money on a mandatory purchase, I consider that a bargain… who wouldn't?

        $11 is more than 10% the cost of my own phone; besides apple store wouldn't have given me 5% off.

  • IMO, iPhones are a rip compared to say an iPad Mini. $629 for a 4G iPad Mini Retina VS $829 for an iPhone that does pretty much the same. I know they have crammed it into a smaller body but Apple know people are going to pay it off over two years so it sits high in outright costs. I still like them though. Heres hoping for a nice upgrade to the IPad mini soon :D

  • +7

    Why would someone neg this?
    Cmon, even common sense would know that new Apple products (between 1-6 months) HARDLY discounts!

    • +3

      Maybe because people here don't consider it a bargain unless it's almost free. :)

  • +2

    no a bargain…#bendgate

  • +2

    How is this a bargain?

    • -2

      If you save money on a mandatory purchase, I think it's deal worthy. Whether you save $11 on a $20 product or if you save it on a $2000 product, isn't it still $11.

      • $11 is a saving but its hardly a bargain. I'm sure if you have $900 to waste on a phone you don't REALLY care about $11. For $11 I'd rather waltz into an Apple store at anytime I wanted and buy it on the spot with awesome customer service rather than scrounge around multiple Big W's looking for stock and dealing with disinterested 17 year old sales clerks.

      • +2

        iPhone 6 = Mandatory purchase (facepalm)

  • Too bad its not 64GB, if it is I would spew because we bought 64GB on release for $999. 16GB is rather not useful

  • Grabbed one for $815.50 using $850 worth of gift cards (5% off) this morning. All that's left to do now is to leave the country for a $78 refund. Great work OP!

    • If you leave the country and coming back with it, don't you have to give back the 10% GST?

      • Uhh no?

        Mission accomplished - I just claimed $78 back at TRS a few minutes ago. That's $737.50 for an iPhone 6 Australian stock confirmed.

      • www.customs.gov.au/site/page4263.asp

        You're supposed to pay again if you're bringing goods back into the country valued over $900

        • Okay, but it's not over $900, so I'm not seeing the problem?

        • +1


          You're not seeing the problem because there isn't one.

          A few people are unclear on when a TRS refund is required to be repaid on re-entering the country and now there's a link with clarification.

          Back to the post, I can't believe a 1% discount got 74 votes here…WTF!?!?!

        • @Roscoe99: I got a 15% discount ($131.50) from RRP ($869). I reckon it'll be a while before we see such pricing. Without TRS it's 6.16% discount ($53.50) when purchasing with 5% discounted gift cards.

        • @muncan:

          Good discount for you but you're clutching at straws justifying this as an Iphone deal.

          I got a 15% discount

          Come on, TRS is not a deal.

          Without TRS it's 6.16% discount ($53.50) when purchasing with 5% discounted gift cards

          Sounds like there's a good deal for discounted gift cards.

          Don't take it personally, I'm just amazed at the response from OzBargain to a 1% discount.

        • -2

          I'm just amazed at the response from OzBargain to a 1% discount.

          Because it's a 6.16% discount :-P

  • I have a question: Can you really claim TRS if you buy gift card? How does that work? what do you show at the airport? the phone or the used cards?


    • Goods/purchases that do not attract refunds under the TRS
      * gift cards/vouchers (although goods purchased with gift cards/vouchers are eligible for a refund subject to all TRS requirements being met)

      So gift cards themselves aren't eligible for a refund, but the items purchased by them are.

      • Thanks mate. That becomes complicated: what is the amount used for calculation? I guess it is the price of the Goods, in this case iPhone. Does not matter how much you spent for the gift cards. They only look at how much the iphone was sold.

        • You get the GST component back (10%). The amount is usually mentioned on the receipt. My receipt had $78 GST on it, which is exactly what TRS refunded me. Also you can calculate the GST amount by dividing the full price by 11 ($858/11=$78).
          Note also that there's no mention of the price paid for the gift cards (5% less) on the receipt, so the TRS refund is calculated against the full price. :-)

        • @muncan:

          Appreciate it mate

  • What is entertainment card? I googled but did not find anything. Is it a credit card issued by Big W?

    I would like to buy the gift card @ 5% discount. So anyone who has the card would like to get more FF points, we can work something out (Melbourne CBD)

  • How do you get an Entertainment Card ?

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