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$10 off Orders of $50 or More at Woolworths Online. Starts Nov 10th


I received this with my coupon booklet. It seems like a generic coupon code but it may be a targeted offer. Almost definitely a targeted offer. There's an alternative coupon which I'm appears to be 15% off orders of $150 or more.

Excludes liquor, smoking/tobacco products, gift cards and selected services.

Single use per EDR member.

Starts Monday November 10th.

Mod: The comments indicate that coupon codes work for some and not others. Mileage may vary between accounts.

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  • noice

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      How do you know? I'm not doubting you, I'd just like to know how. That way next time I might be able to check myself before posting.

      • Same, targeted offer. "Sorry, you are not eligible for this coupon promotion. Please call our Customer Service Team on 1800 000 610 for assistance."

        • it starts tomorrow according to OP's post

        • @easternculture: Cant see tomorrow mentioned in the post. Cool will wait till then….then

        • @Coops1: sorry for that. It was in the calendar but I guess it's easy to miss. It's in title and description now.

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          Its highlighted under deal description in Blue

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      it shall all be relieved after midnight. If its targeted, mods can remove it then

      Thanks OP for the promo code

  • That's a better online coupon offer than many received. Well done.

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    Yes, give it a chance tomorrow and thank people for posting. If it doesn't work, no one is harmed…..are they?

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      It worked for me just now, on my new account…

      • I'm glad it worked for you.

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          Heh, I saw that comment pre-edit :P

          Code applies fine for me, it's also a new account.

  • Thanks for sharing the code OP! I just used it now - I had a new account though!! Ta!

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      Upvote the deal then.

      • for sure!! i was too excited about the deal i forgot, soz OP!

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    whats EDR?

  • i believe its targeted.. my booklet says $5 off

    • Can I ask what the code is?

      • VA6L6

        • EDRSAVE10 didn't work for me, however VA6L6 did. Considering my order was $55.20 - this was essentially the same saving.


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    Apparently EDRSAVE15 is a current code if people want to try that too? I assume it's $15 off not sure.

    I can't use either code on my existing account, will try again after midnight:

    "Sorry, you are not eligible for this coupon promotion. Please call our Customer Service Team on 1800 000 610 for assistance."

    • EDRSAVE15 worked for me on $150+ only, tested on a new account.

      • Ah EDRSAVE15 works for me as well with $150+ , it took 15% off a mock order:

        (Sub Total $153.10
        Less Order Discount -$22.96)

        EDRSAVE10 won't work though.

        • Thanks, I've added it to the OP.

  • Sorry, you are not eligible for this coupon promotion. Please call our Customer Service Team on 1800 000 610 for assistance.

  • Sorry, you are not eligible for this coupon promotion. Please call our Customer Service Team on 1800 000 610 for assistance.

  • Not working for me either…

  • $10 off Worked! Plus free delivery.
    This is better than the groupon 'deal' !

  • EDRSAVE10 worked for me, Thanks!

  • EDRSAVE10 didn't work for me. Thanks anyway, OP

  • EDRSAVE10 not working for me either.

    Sorry, you are not eligible for this coupon promotion. Please call our Customer Service Team on 1800 000 610 for assistance.

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    The first couple of tries I received a "not eligible" message. I went back and completed my order, then tried a third time just for the hell of it and it registered. Thanks OP.

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    Just opened a new account and linked my existing EDR. Can confirm I was able to use the edrsave15 code, as well as 10% off and free delivery for new account, for a total of 25% off! Combined with the existing Woolworths Liquor 30% off wine purchases (in any six) and beer specials, I was able to pick up Penfolds Bin 369 for $41 a bottle ($59.80 in any six at Dan's), as well as 2 x slabs of Heineken for $30.75 each!!

  • Thanks EDRSAVE10 works, combined with 10% off first order for new customer

    Sub Total $122.93
    Less Order Discount -$22.29
    Delivery Fee $11.00
    Less Delivery Fee Discount -$11.00
    Total (Including GST) $100.64

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    Thank you very much OP!!!

    I use Woolies online shopping regularly - EDRSAVE10 didn't work, but EDRSAVE15 does → $30.22 discount for $201.47 spend:

    Sub Total $201.47
    Less Order Discount -$30.22
    Delivery Fee $6.00
    Total (including GST) $177.25

  • Does anyone know how long does this offer lasts for? Is it until their new catalogue starts or just for your next online order (whenever that may be).

    • Expiry is listed as 21 Dec

  • can you use this with the groupon voucher from last week?

  • God, I love this site for savings. What groupon voucher though?
    Keep them all coming guys & girls !!

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    Both codes worked for my order, I put EDRSAVE10 first, followed by EDRSAVE15 and it gave me $10 and 15% off respectively, combined with the 10% off first order and free delivery my order went from $231.81 to $163.86. Thank you very much OP for the deal!

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    Long time OzB lurker, made an account just to post to praise this deal. I followed hsingh above - made a new account, put EDRSAVE10 first, followed by EDRSAVE15. Worked on alcohol - bought 4 slabs from $171.00 to $118.25 with free delivery! 4 slabs of not bad beer (Asahi, Peroni, Stella Artois and Chang) delivered to my door for under $30 a pop is brilliant! Many thanks, OP.

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      Very good savings but only the Chang is original version. Asahi is China version, Stella Artois is British version & Peroni is made in Australia. Many imported beers sold at BWS (and Dan Murphys) are a 'brewed under license' version not imported from country of origin. You can get Belgian made Stella & Italian made Peroni quite easily in Australia but Japan made Asahi is a challenge. It bugs me that the major liquor chains don't warn online customers they are selling a licensed version in so many instances when it comes to their imported beers. You can often get the true imported product for the same price elsewhere.

      Jims Cellars in Sydney is good, & they are on the Shop Small list so you can get $10 off per slab at the moment using as many Amex cards as you registered:


      • Beers arrived tonight and you were right, as far as I can tell, in terms of origins of beer.

        Put in another order for Matilda Bay Fat Yak, James Squire 150 Lashes Pale Ale and Moa 99 Not Out Pale Ale (Shane Warne's beer). The last is $65 at Dan Murphy's but is $45 at Woolworth's due to 4-packs being 2-for-$15 (with one 4-pack being $15.60 - go figure). Total $156.00 down to $107.00. The net effect is 25% off then $10 off with the current automatic 10% off promotion + 15% off code + $10 off.

        If you're keen on getting cheap Aussie beer then Cooper's Pale Ale is 2-for-$87 before code discounts.

    • You inspired me to stock up.

      RRP for Boags premium $55. Buy 2 for $87. EDRSAVE10+EDRSAVE15 brings that down some more… equals $110 of beer for around $65 delivered. It's going to be a hot summer so I ponied up for another two slabs.

      And my missus likes a good cab sav. So I also bought 6 bottles of wine RRP $125.94. With 30% discount and EDR savings I only pay around $64.

      Awesome bargain!

  • Thanks OP :)

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    EDRSAVE15 not working on new account. EDRSAVE10 works, though.

  • Not eligible :(

  • Not eligible either… back to ColesAldi for a month.

  • Okay I did the create new account thing and it all worked fine. 15% off + $10 off + free delivery = a happy Santa. Got a slab of Becks for each of my brothers, and 3 bottles of spirits for other family members (possibly myself included). All came to $27.20 each after discount. Amazing!

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    can I use the $100 gift card ($80 cost) to pay part of my $150 order?

  • Thanks OP! EDRSAVE10 worked for me, the 15 one does not though.

  • the 15% worked for me

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    Can confirm all codes work with a new account and an EDR card on an order over $150.
    So firstly you receive the 10% off for new accounts, then EDRSAVE15 for 15% off, then EDRSAVE10 for $10 off, then VA6L6 for $5 off. But the 20% off Groupon code didn't work https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/168330. Received a message that it could not be applied with other vouchers/discounts.

    • iirc you can only stack 2 codes together

      • I'm only reporting what I saw. It accepted all 3 codes. But I wanted to use my Groupon voucher so I couldn't use the codes.

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    Thanks OP :)

    I signed up for a new account, ordered $240 of online groceries, mostly specials (saved $90 off usual price), then I applied both codes, got free delivery (saved $6), then it gave me a $69 discount for the codes :)

    Plus I used the free $30 gift card I received from a prior deal…

    So all up I saved about $105 …

    Very nice :)


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    For cheap alcohol:

    1. Create a new account and link your Every Day Rewards card to it. If you already have an online account, make a new one with a different email. This ensures you get free delivery and automatic 10% off (no code needed; current promotion).
    2. Fill shopping cart with $185+. Minimum of that must be $150 of alcohol, rest can be topped up with groceries.
    3. Code: BWS20 (10% off alcohol)
    4. Code: EDRSAVE15 (Cart must still be worth $150+ after BWS20 otherwise this code won't work)
    5. Code: EDRSAVE10 ($10 off)
    6. Code: VA6L6 ($5 off)

    Net effect is nearly 40% when total cart of $185-ish is reduced to $110-ish.

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    Cheers op. I created a new account and purchased 5 boxes of nappies with EDRSAVE10, EDRSAVE15 and VA6L6 codes. It came to $97.50 all up including free delivery

  • thanks! bought a dozen spirit for average $30.50 a bottle, more than half of it are Cognac VS.

  • Worked for me.. saved over $30 :)

  • EDRSAVE10,VA6L6 worked for me for $15 off. (of a $50 purchase)


  • Thanks OP, keep forgetting to give the deal a '+', finally remembered & did, it was you sharing this deal that started the ball rolling on all the subsequent Woolies ones.