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Amazon.com - Free International Shipping When Paying with AmEx on Orders over USD $100

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See link for particular details. Go crazy :)

UPDATE Adding some of the helpful tips that have been mentioned:

  • This is a limited time offer. Amazon reserves the right to modify or cancel the offer at any time.
  • Offer applies only to products sold and shipped by Amazon.com through AmazonGlobal.
  • Items must be purchased in a single order and shipped at the same shipping speed to a single address within Australia.
  • The Shipping speed for the offer is AmazonGlobal standard shipping.
  • $100 minimum purchase required. Shipping and handling fees, gift wrap charges, and taxes are not included in calculating purchase amount of the $100 minimum purchase amount.
  • Offer applies only to the purchase of eligible products made with an American Express Card as your payment method.
  • If any of the products or content related to this promotion is returned, your refund will equal the amount you paid for the product or content, subject to applicable refund policies
  • Offer is non-transferable and may not be resold.
  • If you violate any of the Terms and Conditions, the promotion will be invalid.
  • Void where prohibited.
  • Shipping charges may apply to discounted and free promotional items.
  • Offer does not apply to items larger than 16” x 14” x 10” or over 20 lbs., digital content, Kindle devices and accessories, and gift cards.
  • Offer good while supplies last.

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  • +2

    Dollar at a 5 year low :(

  • +7
  • +1

    Thanks for the tip regarding speaking to an Amazon rep. I managed to get half price shipping which was enough for me to purchase two down riggers. Really impressed with their customer service.

    • +1

      I managed to nab priority shipping for free after chatting with a Rep. I think he was unaware that I was Australian when he made the pledge. $200 delivery fee waived and the kids get their pressies in time.

  • Always good to get free shipping!
    Now just have to find something I really need.

  • +1

    To give people some idea of charges; a purchase from 26 Nov :-

    Foreign Spend Amount: 145.13 USD (Amazon Order)
    AMEX Commission : $5.11

    AUD charge on statement: $175.61

    So exchange rate (145/175) worked out to be 0.82

  • -7

    Buyer beware! With current exchange rate compile with increasing price in amazon, you can buy cheaper else where.

    • +1

      why neg? even the aussie dollar is weak, there are still a lot worth to buy, and the prices in Amazon just fluctuate, now increase

    • +1

      Not sure if srs.. Amazon have pretty much the biggest range on the planet. If you can't find literally hundreds of things they're cheapest on to Australia you need glasses.

    • +2
  • -6

    Just a warning, amazon sale a fishing reel for 148$, compare with 110$ on another website.

    • +2

      1 item amongst the tens of thousands? Wow…

      • Well, just an example, ofcause this is not the only one.

        • But you haven't noticed the 3 pages of comments before you of people getting bargains?

    • You buy fishing reels from digitaka, not amazon! free shipping on all reels from digitaka. Or bass.jp - our aud is also strong against the yen atm too.

      I picked up two down riggers shipped for roughly $700. The same in Oz is $600 each…

      The accessories needed for the down riggers also would have cost another $800 aud, but I did another order from amazon for under $400 aud ..

  • Just stumbled across this while buying a bunch of books and saved $70 just by using a different card. Brilliant!

    • +1
      • I did use that as well.. Though apparently it was limited to one book, and a max of $10. Still a saving!

  • +1

    Just a heads up for anyone thinking about buying an Amex global travel card to use with this deal, your card isn't active till next business day… Wish I knew this before buying it this afternoon.

    • Cheers just added to OP

  • +3

    Shipping was not waived in Order Summary. I did a chat with them and they waived Shipping after I placed the order and gave them order #. Even when I selected Priority Shipping and ship as they become available. Shipping value actually was 2x order amount! Winning!

    • was shipping waived immediately for you or did you have to wait till item was shipped?

  • FYI. AMZ canceled for me shipping charges on a 9x17x1 inch item after a chat with a rep and complaining about incorrect size of my item listed in their store. Interestingly enough they offered me an option to pay for it with MC or Visa.

  • Found a bunch of skateboard trucks that came to $101 = lol

  • Amazon are awesome, just cleared my $105 shipping fee on 4 baby items after a short chat session :)

  • +1

    My first attempt to purchase items on amazon paying with my AmEx card resulted in a $53 shipping fee. I chatted with an Amazon rep and she explained the $53 shipping fee was part of the import fee. A second attempt chatting to a different Amazon rep allowed that $53 shipping fee to be waived. Success at last!
    There appears to be some confusion amongst Amazon staff in relation to this Black Friday deal. I say keep trying on the chat until a staff members waives the shipping fee. Happy shopping everyone!!

  • +1

    Second order…$99 shipping waived after chatting with customer service. Amazon are the best!

  • None of my items had standard shipping as an option and I had a chat with customer service. At first they claimed the promotion did not exist, even after 'checking' multiple times, I also linked them the promotion page and they still denied.. offering me 50% off as an 'exception'. I kept pressing and they finally waived the shipping off, I had other items from other sellers in my cart and they told me to remove them before waiving my full shipping but I got priority shipping ;)

    • was shipping waived immediately for you or did you have to wait till item was shipped?

      • It should say it was waived before you checkout. There should be a negative value offsetting the shipping cost in the breakdown.

      • They waived it after checkout, since they need your order number to process the shipping deduction

        • was not the case for me, had to get shipping refunded.

  • Saved US$61. No need to chat to anyone, automatically applied.
    Thanks OP.

  • Just had part of my first order arrive, a full week ahead of schedule.

    I've also had some success getting a rep on chat to add a sub-$100 item to an existing (yet to be posted) $100+ order to avoid further shipping fees.

    Spent way too much at Amazon this past week or so.

  • many items have 8% off if you start from ebates.com


    i wish i had known about this 2 weeks ago

  • Hope I can get cheaper Moto X from here…than Motorola site deal starting in few hours.

  • $25 Off a $125 Purchase of Select Dremel Tools

    From November 22, 2014 to December 22, 2014, get $25 off a $125 purchase of select Dremel tools when shipped and sold by Amazon.com
    Dremel Deals@Amazon

    This was great combined with the Amex deal, I already have a Dremel so I bought some accessories, there might be some dremels that are part of this promotion and fit within the Amex size and weight limits.

    I purchased:
    Dremel 220-01 Rotary Tool Work Station
    Dremel 2500-01 Rotary Tool Multi-Vise
    Dremel A550 Shield Rotary Attachment Kit
    Dremel 2200-01 Versa Flame Multi-Function Butane Torch

    Saved a huge amount on local retail, including $25 off Dremel promotion, and saved $35 in shipping.

  • Thanks. Just saved $70 usd on shipping for baby items.

  • For everyone who got shipping refunded, did you also have to wait for item to first be shipped before Amazon rep can waive the shipping fee or was it instant?

    • instant

      • initiate the chat and get them to commit first b4 u place your order.. then quote your order no. in the chat terminal

        • thanks for the reply. hmm, I got them to commit before checking out, but my shipping cannot be waived until item have shipped.

        • @danblar: UPDATE: had half of the shipping refunded, and the other half waved (items were not grouped into a single shipment) - woo!! saved $250.

  • +2

    my first shipment arrived yesterday.. 4 days after order was placed, gotta love priority ship

  • Ordered Saturday. Status: out for shipment today in Melbourne.

  • I use 2 Bankwest cards (Master) because they have 0$ international transfer fees.
    I don't think there's ANY Amex without fees is there?

    • I thought the free shipping only applies to AMEX cards? So if you pay using a Master card, you will be charged for shipping.

      • +1

        That's why hamwhisperer is asking if there are any AMEX cards without international exchange fees… to negate those fees and also get free shipping with this offer. To my knowledge there isn't any such AMEX card.

    • I have a bank issued Amex (St George) which is zero fees.

      • +1

        I think he meant foreign transaction fees and not annual fees.

        • Indeed - no fees at all. Interest rate doesn't bother me, paying interest is for suckers :D

  • +1

    I placed 5 different items costing usd155 and get upgraded to priority shipping - items being shipped and arriving this Fri.

    Just 5 mins ago, i decided to buy a scooter costing USD34 - with priority shipping cost another USD$70 - chatted with CS; and i managed to get the shipping waived AND i used Bankwest MasterCard to pay !

  • It'd be very interesting to see the combined savings total of everyone's shipping costs!

    • +3

      How about this, total spent US$328.25, get priority, independent shipping (big saving):

      I am writing in follow up to our recent chat conversation.

      As as your request and as a one time exception, I have waived off the shipping charges from $389.25 to $0.00 for you.

      I hope this helps.

      Best regards,
      Thank you.

  • my order that i placed on the 21st Nov arrived today :D

  • How do the AMEX fees compare with Mastercard/VISA?

  • None of the stuff I want to buy will ship to AUS :(

  • Thanks for the deal, but note that if you talk to chat, some reps will have no idea what you're talking about. You'd think that they'd know about this deal, now that it's been on a while, but no, people have trouble finding out what it is. And Amazon's sorting isn't fantastic, either. So much for the 'Amazon Global Eligible' stuff because I can still search and find things that 1. aren't sold by Amazon.com and 2. aren't shipping to where I am on search.

  • Couldn't get this to work on a robot vacuum. Ended up contacting customer support and they just waived the $78 shipping fee.

  • With the people getting their shipping waived, I'm assuming they all at least meet the dimension requirements right?

    Anyone tried getting shipping waived for items with slightly larger dimensions and/or weight?

    • nope all of mine were within the 16x14x10, 10 pound envelope. Give it a try and report back

    • Will your slightly larger product fit into a 16x14x10 box on an angle?

      • I guess so.. like a 20 inch ruler

    • +1

      I bought this…..http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0011URFRE/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1

      the dimensions are: 29 x 20 x 36.1 inches

      Still get shipping fee waived….happy.

      You need to talk with a nice customer support, not every chat can give u such a great discount……

      Good luck.

      • +4

        I actually thought that it is only legal to use the car seats that adhere to Australian standards. I might be wrong but you might want to check that out.


        Can I use a child car seat I have brought with me from overseas? -
        No. Child car seats bought overseas do not comply with Australian Standards and they are not compatible with Australian vehicles.

        Australian vehicles have a unique top-tether strap anchorage system, with which only Australian Standard approved child car seats are compatible.

        In addition, the Australian Standard for child car seats is one of the most stringent child restraint standards in the world. Unlike the European Standard, the Australian Standard requires all child car seats to be tested in side and rear impact tests, and some with an inverted test for roll-over protection

        • Yep, as above, no top tether on European/American car seats. Have fun with that if you need to claim on insurance!
          (and not to mention the safety risk to your child)

        • Thanks for the info. This one has the top tethers. The worst scenario is I will return it to amazon. will see.

        • @kokoko8888: although it has the top tether, it will not have been tested according to the Australian Standards and will not have an Australian Standards sticker. This means it is illegal to use here. We have higher requirements for side impact protection than the US does

      • You did well to get that shipped, I just tried getting an eski added to an order but because it was over size they couldn't add it to my free shipping order. On its own the eski is $40 and $100 to ship.

  • +1

    Thanks a lot OP, just placed order! Saved 100 USD in shipping :)

  • +5

    God I love Amazon's customer service sometimes.

    Just ordered about $200 USD worth of stuff.
    Except one item was OOS.

    Contacted Amazon via chat, and the chat rep (from the Philippines) apologised profusely and gave me a whole bunch of of options
    1) refund
    2) can order another item that is in stock
    3) can order from a 3rd party seller fulfilled by Amazon, and they will price match if more expensive.

    He also offered to upgrade the whole shipment to AmazonGlobal Priority Shipping for free, to compensate for the delay (Which was only about 24 hours at that stage)
    I asked to add on a couple of items as well which he was happy to do. They were all oversize items, which I initially couldnt get free standard postage for, so to get free priority postage was great.

    All up I think I saved nearly $200 in postage fees.

    Good on you Amazon, and Mohit from the Philippines.

  • +2

    25% off any book with BOOKDEAL25

  • Good deal OP

  • Strange, trying to put my 2nd order but this time the shipping won't go off. Has this promotion expired?

    ==== Edit =====

    I think I know why, I am trying to get a lego plate of 15"x 15", which is one inch wider than 16x14, what a pity.

    • Try the chat function and talk to a rep they'll probably waive it for you.

  • definitely hasn't expired yet. bought a pair of jaybird bluebuds last night

  • Im thinking of getting a drobo. But it seems to be just slightly over the weight limit by 0.9lbs.

    Anyone had luck in getting the shipping waived? Also, it will bring the amount to under the $1k limit thus no import duties.

    • Chat to customer service…they waived it on a set of pots that was well over size and weight.

      • Just tried chatting and the person was adamant that 3" was too much to try and waive shipping. So I guess either I try again or give up.

        • Try again. Wait for the 'shift change'… if you chatted day time then chat night time.

          I buy a fair bit on Amazon so maybe that was a factor.

        • Thanks. Will do. I can't say I purchase a lot on amazon, but when I do, it tends to be quite a good spend ($500+)

        • I managed to sneak in a 36 inch Fiskars Axe on my order..

  • Love this deal, bought 3 pairs of shoes and they came to $100.93. Used the 25OFFSHOES, wasn't expecting the free shipping as the price dropped to $89.28 but still got the free shipping. $89.28 for three pairs of Skechers!!!!

  • I think this must be the most quoted deal since I dunno, something.

    Every Amazon deals sorta uses this :P

  • My $8 Adidas shoes have arrived and they are amazing.. Bravo Amazon :))

    • +1

      starting price $42
      lightning deal $12.60 off
      A price drop prompted me to seek another $5 off
      ebates 8% off Blackfriday promo $3.35 off
      Lost in transit goodwill refund $14.20 off

      End price $6.84 USD

      paid with 28 degrees to avoid 3% hike

      $8 AUD

      • Amazon is really good with their customer service.

  • Amazing promotion, bought a bunch of PS Vita games/books and saved AUD 45 in shipping

  • does anyone else feel guilty when they get them to waive delivery on chat?

    i was ordering 12 or so things and one item was a little big dimensions wise. because of that i didn't have the standard shipping option. i played dumb on chat and got $80 waived. i actually feel pretty awful now!

    • Don't feel guilty. Amazon is a highly profitable enterprise, one of the biggest stores in the world. I believe Amazon are about to enter the Aussie market, hence the free delivery promo.

      • +1

        They're one of the biggest stores in the world - you got that right - but they aren't highly profitable. They make some of the slimmest margins in retail. It's a deliberate strategy to build market share.

        • +1

          i feel dirty as hell because i should have acknowledged the exact situation and asked for a reconsideration as opposed to acting dumb. obviously the customer service reps have a decent amount of power and no doubt that power is due to amazon paying the lowest shipping rates in the entire world. and that if allocated correctly, the change from free shipping for 14 items to 'paid' shipping for 15 items shouldn't cost amazon a lot.

          amazon aren't highly profitable, you are right, but that's mainly due to constant expansion of warehouses etc, i believe they make a decent clip on 'normal products' (excluding the many subdivisions they are involved in), but clearly they are not making so much on each individual order that they can grant $100-$300 shipping free to every ozbargain poster.

        • i feel dirty as hell because i should have acknowledged the exact situation and asked for a reconsideration as opposed to acting dumb. obviously the customer service reps have a decent amount of power and no doubt that power is due to amazon paying the lowest shipping rates in the entire world. and if this whole difference is allocated correctly, the change from free promotional shipping for 14 items to 'paid' shipping for 15 items shouldn't cost amazon a lot.

          amazon aren't highly profitable, you are right, but that's mainly due to constant expansion of warehouses etc, i believe they make a decent clip on 'normal products' (excluding the many subdivisions they are involved in), but clearly they are not making so much on each individual order that they can grant $100-$300 shipping free for eternity.

  • +1

    I was getting the Dominion big box along with some of the expansions but it was slightly too large to qualify for the promotion automatically. So I tried the chat trick.

    The first guy looked in my cart and told me that the big box didn't qualify for the promotion and there was nothing he could do about it.

    So I tried again this morning but this time I actually placed the order first to obtain an order no. I figured there's nothing to lose since you can just cancel Amazon orders really easily online.

    Then I initiated chat and played dumb. I said I got an email from amex saying I could get free shipping for over US$100 spend. The lady immediately took off the US$50 shipping charge for me.

    So if at first you don't succeed, try try again.

    • -6

      Lucky you. It seems a lot of people have had luck with chat, but I'm not one of them. In fact, the last person I chatted with was really bad… http://img.ctrlv.in/img/14/12/31/54a3c84812cc3.png

      Since you're getting Dominion, and I'm out of luck for two board games on my list, any other games you can recommend?! XD

      • +3

        I had the very same conversation with respect to Thermos' branded items. There was contradictory information on the item page. The CS representative filed an inquiry and now all Thermos branded items are deliverable to Aus. Try to be nice when you engage with them.

        • -4

          I'm not nice when people aren't nice to me. And I hate stock replies or replies that don't make sense, are not helpful, or just plain wrong. -_-

      • +2

        i don't know what the exact item you were trying to buy was, but sometimes it says 'will ship to sydney' at the search page (where multiple results are displayed), because one of the many many sellers will ship, but not the cheapest. then when you click through and add the cheapest to your basket (which doesn't ship internationally), this will happen.

        i don't think this is what actually happened here (i assume it said on the product page it would ship then didn't at the checkout, i.e. a discrepancy, albeit one i have never seen before), but am just trying to help.

        although yeah you sound like an idiot when you type 'fail' etc :)

        • +1

          rereading this whole thing sober, your first product ships fine and is in my basket. second one doesn't, you are correct.

          also you were a complete idiot in the chat.

        • It wasn't a case of the wrong purchaser selected.

          I've checked and it now works for one of the three items I found (didn't bother with the other two), but it IS a customer service failure when someone wants to buy something and cannot purchase it, and instead of saying they'd check it out, they shut the conversation down or suggest things that don't apply to the situation. I brought it to the attention of Amazon's Twitter, who said they'd check with Shipping. Someone obviously fixed it afterwards, which is good.

          The fact is, it didn't work that day.

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