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$25.95 Free Shipping Xiaomi 10400mAh Portable Power Bank USB Battery Charger @Mushtato


Free shipping anywhere in Australia, 100% Genuine product from XIAOMI.

Last chance to grab this popular Xiaomi Power Bank for holiday.

We struggled keeping this at the same low price due to shocking Aussie dollar downturn, But we decide to make it this time for everyone.
Handy and portable carrying around, full aluminium body, keep your smartphone and tablet last much longer on the journey.

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Bulk rate available for instant saving:

  • 1 unit 25.95
  • 2-4 units 25.45
  • 5-9 units 25.15
  • 10+ units 24.45

Special Promotion along with the purchase:

  • 5200mAh Xiaomi Power Bank +$14.95
  • 16000mAh Xiaomi Power Bank +$29.95
  • Xiaomi USB LED Light +$4.95

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  • I got the 10400mAh during their last sale- almost looks like an Apple product and great build quality. These guys also ship out quite quickly. Recommended from a fellow customer.

    • +2 votes

      Let's hope they don't bend then

    • Got one as well, claims the back can withstand 50kg (unlike apple products) so I assume bending isn't a factor. Amazing build quality, was quite impressed at the feel of it when I received it.

  • Provided that it is a genuine unit, this is a great little device. I bought one from a previous deal (I think it was banggood) and also ordered a silicone case to protect it.

    The build quality is A1 and works a treat.

  • How many times can this charge an iphone?

    • says it can do iPhone 5s Charge 4.5 times.. I would gather the iPhone 4 has a smaller battery so maybe around 5 times ?

  • So the other products listed must be purchased at same time as the $25.95 deal? The sentence "Special Promotion alone with the purchase" does not make much sense to me.


      Yes, those are the special price only purchase together with this 10400 power bank

      • If you add the $25.95 deal and the $29.95 to your shopping cart it does not reduce the price down on the $49.95 power bank.

  • where can I get the 16000 one?

    • On their link on the LHS there is a tick box to select the 16000 one. It appears that you have to purchase it in conjunction with this.


        Yes, it is, thank you for elaborating.

        • I have just added both a 10400 and 16000 power bank using the tickbox method.

          It says in the trolley under item name;
          "Genuine XIAOMI Portable MI PowerBank USB Battery Charger Silver"

          It then says under options;
          "Promotion - Xiaomi 16000mAh Power Bank"

          It says total items 1 in the order summary is this correct, will I get both items?

        • +1 vote

          @kearnsy: yes it is correct, sorry for any confusion, we only come out with the "draft" solution at this stage, the total price is correct, and we're looking forward to improve this very soon.

  • +6 votes

    Would like to buy the 16000mAh for $29.95 alone not bundle.

  • Would also EASILY buy the 16000 alone for $29.95, please Mushtato?

    • +1 vote

      It will be fantastic isn't it. Currently, If you break it down, 29.95 is much much lower than the cost (included free shipping)
      That's why we introducing the combo, so at least we have chance to save for people buying multiple items.

    • mushtato store would go into meltdown if they sold the 16000mah for $30 on its own. it would make a killer christmas present.

  • well, I've missed out for last time, this time, I should not, thanks, REP,

  • +14 votes

    Thanks for our great Ozbargainer - EUG, For people interested breaking down this power bank, and a reality test for its daily performance. PLease read below:

    eug on 12/10/2014 - 00:00
    Ok just got around to doing some tests. The power bank is rated at 10.4A. That's from four LGABB41865 3.7V cells, which equates to 38.48Wh (P=IV). At 5V, that would be I=P/V which would be 7.696Ah. That is the ideal capacity if efficiency was 100%.

    I did a discharge test at 2A, 1.5A, and 1A. The results are here (PDF).

    The first 2A test was done when the pack was fairly new, so I'll just refer to the second test which was done after a few full cycles. The calculated capacity was 6.426Ah. That's an efficiency of 83.5% which is not that close to the perfect-world 91% (at 2.1A) quoted by the TI BQ24195 controller spec sheet. Real-world measurements are often different to spec sheets since the supporting circuitry plays a role too, so I'm not too surprised.

    Also not surprisingly, efficiency goes up as discharge current goes down. At 1.5A the calculated capacity was 6.727Ah, and at 1A, 7.038Ah. That's an efficiency of 87.4% and 91.4% respectively. For comparison, my 1-year-old lightly-used Romoss sofun1 2600mAh power bank delivers 1.543Ah with a 1A discharge, for an efficiency of 80.2%.

    I also did some recharging measurements with my Samsung 5.0V 2A (ETA-U90HWE) and 5.3V 2A (EP-TA10HWE) chargers. Charging time is definitely affected by voltage. Current draw with the 5.3V charger (measured at 5.53V) peaks at 2.1A for short intervals, while the 5.0V charger (5.07V) it peaks at just under 1.8A. With another PSU that delivered 4.94V, the current draw was 1.24A. That would have taken much longer to charge. The voltage drop from using too-long or underrated USB cables will result in a slower charge too.

    With the 5.3V charger, a full charge took about 5 hours and 40 minutes. With the 5.0V charger, it took about 6 hours and 42 minutes.

    5.0V Recharge Test
    5.3V Recharge Test

    So my conclusion is that it's fantastic value for money. The rated capacity is as accurate as any other legit power bank. While it's not that much more efficient than other power banks, IMHO the excellent parts, price, and build quality makes it pointless to buy any other brand at the moment unless you need specific features.

  • i bought the 10400 from you the other day, i would also pay $29.95 for the 16000 and regift the other one

  • I bought one during the last deal and I'm having problem with it. (I hope I am the 'problem')

    I can't get it to charge up. I read somewhere that it needs to be below 25% before it will charge to 100%?
    anyone has this 'problem'?


      Yea mate. I bought 2 from last deal. 1 works fine. 1 doesn't charge. Will have to send it back.

      Rep - can you comment on how to send this back?


      To answer all about warranty and return:

      Generally speaking, Xiaomi Power Banks are manufactured with industrial high standard and very reliable.

      We do provide 12 months AU local warranty.
      If your item is not functioning properly after arrive or DOA, please feel free to contact us by email.
      Our staffs will guide you through the process and hopefully resolve the issue.

      Thank you all for your understanding and supports.

  • Please correct me if I am wrong. But I am not able to get the SPL price for the 16000mah power bank with the 10800mah battery in the cart? Also can I buy the 16000mah power bank stangalone at $30 if I pick up?

  • grabbed one, i've been waiting for a good deal! Thanks OP

  • Hey sorry if this info is readily available, but how well does this li-ion device retain its charge when not in use? I've had a few li-poly power banks which degraded pretty fast. Often when I needed them they were close to empty…

    • +1 vote

      I have had good 18650's sit for 3 weeks and hold 4.2v. Any longer I would check and top up if needed

      Im sure they would last longer but I haven't personally had any sit for that long

      • actually come to think of it I have some 18350s li ion that sat for over 6 months and were 4.1v

        I discharged them to 3.6v which is apparently what li ion should be stored at long term since I hardly use them

  • Interested in the 16000mah one as well.

  • Dam i didnt see the extra 16000mah for 29.00…. i've already ordered the 10400… any chance you can ammend my order and i pay extra 30 for the 160000 to be included rep?

  • Rep can you confirm that the 16000mah model is genuine? Just found it odd that the 10400mah model lists genuine in the title on your site but the 16000 doesn't… Will buy both if confirmed to be genuine (will keep the 16000 for myself and use the 10400 as a Christmas gift)

  • Just wondering when will this offer expire?… NVM.. Just saw it…zzz

  • Any other colours?


      Apple doesn''t make colour shell for their macbook, so does xiaomi.
      Oops, sorry we only stock this silver colour.

  • someone brought me a genuine one of these back from china, its pretty damn awesome.

  • Hi rep. Can you reply to me query? …. See above.

  • I bought one of these 10,400 Xiaomi units from another Ozbargain deal after reading how bad (and fake!) the cheapo ebay ones are.

    I love it, I tested it fully this week - I charged my Nexus 5 phone completely 3 times. And somehow it charges SO MUCH FASTER than the wall plug. Will be awesome for overseas trips when I can't charge my phone easily.

  • I bought one of Ebay for $30. Should have waited :(

  • Can't see anywhere that this is 10400mA? I want 4 plus 1 x 16ooo? Showing 157.22 in cart?
    What mili Amp are they?

    • Can't see anywhere that this is 10400mA?

      The product description and specifications mentions it several times? It's also labeled on the device in half the screen shots.

  • Rep, how much can you do Xiaomi 16000mAh Power Bank for?

    • as many of us are interested in just buying that.

      • +1 vote

        Thank you for asking.
        16000mAh version is not in this promotion by itself.
        It comes as a combo element of 10400mAh version.
        We will put it on a single promotion in the future.
        Like and follow us on our Facebook page so that you won't miss out when it comes :)

        • +1 vote

          please have a deal soon so that we can buy for xmas holidays and as a present. unfortunately not everyone is on facebook.


          @v2: Totally understandable. Will put more promotions before X'mas :)

  • How do I get the 16000 in the cart for 29.95 with a 10400?
    It shows up as 49.95

  • Just bought one even though didn't really need. Ozbargain ftw. First powerbank. Let's see how this goes!.

  • Bought one, with an extra 16000mAh, thanks Rep.
    GST included, that must be real genuine!!! XD

  • Hey Rep, just bought one 2 days ago at $32.95, any chance of getting a refund of the difference?? Pretty please?? :)

    • +15 votes

      Thank you for supporting Mushtato.
      Unfortunately, a transaction is sealed once it's been paid and shipped.
      E.g. if AU dollar drops again today and force us to increase the price,
      we cannot possibly ask you to pay us more after you already pay for it :P

  • I have just added both a 10400 and 16000 power bank using the tickbox method.

    It says in the trolley under item name;
    "Genuine XIAOMI Portable MI PowerBank USB Battery Charger Silver"

    It then says under options;
    "Promotion - Xiaomi 16000mAh Power Bank"

    It says total items 1 in the order summary is this correct, will I get both items?


    +1 vote
    Store Repmushtato 1 hour 9 min ago new
    @kearnsy: yes it is correct, sorry for any confusion, we only come out with the "draft" solution at this stage, the total price is correct, and we're looking forward to improve this very soon.

    Edit: I just ordered with a tick in promotion box only says 1 items?
    I will get both items for $55.95?

  • Hello Rep,

    Any chance I could order 2 of the 16000mAh Xiaomi Power Bank on one order for $29.95 each?


      Unfortunately, not on this promotion.
      Like and follow us on our Facebook page so that you won't miss out when the single 16000mAh promotion comes :)

  • Ordered! Hopefully arrives before xmas! fingers crossed lol..

    Getting it for my brother who said my sony charger was cool! these are just handy to have! especially during black outs etc

  • This charges my iphone 6 plus in no time! Loving it so far. I got it really cheap as well. Only got them for about $14 posted when I was in Singapore. Worth every penny!

    • Do you remember which shop? Im going to be stopping over for a couple of days soon

      • It's from Xiaomi Singapore itself, on their website. But it's not always available. You have to check their facebook page for announcements. As far as I can remember, they sell it on tuesdays and you have to hurry because they sell fast. Once they become available, it's gone in 15-20 mins or less. But the catch is, you're only allowed to buy 2 units of each 10400 or 5200. It's all worth it. If you want to buy plenty, have your friends buy it for you and have them sent to the same address you're staying.

  • Good to hear! I have a Sony Charger that I got for around the same price (Price error) JB HiFi somtime ago https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/118375

    It still holds it's charge so pretty happy with it!

    Also found a listing here on ebay that explains howto check if its genuine when you get it,

  • Thankyou so much mushtato, just bought 10 for xmas pressie. Was pondering on what to get for gifts :)

  • Hi Rep, can you please tell me what cable is included in both the 10400 and 16000 ? How long do we need to charge each powerbank for it to be fully charged. Thanks.

  • Better price and functionality than buying a second battery for my note 3 and my nokia lumia.