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2 Months Free of Quickflix


Hello my fellow bargain hunters. I recently bought 2 chromecasts from the 2 for $88 Dicksmith deal and was given 2 2 months free quickflix vouchers . The voucher code is generic. There isnt a lot of free content there but there is still some for people to enjoy. I am not exactly sure when the deal is ending but just put 1/12015 as a rough estimate.

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    I got the same extra, for new users of Quickflix only though: https://www.quickflix.com.au/cc2months

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    don't like the hustle to join in with active cc then cancel the subscription. but other might willing to do it

    • Just do it with paypal. Its a bigger hassle to keep creating new email addresses and name variations!

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        Its a bigger hassle to keep creating new email addresses and name variations!

        Totally ethical though, given the way they shamelessly lie to you:

        The reason we ask for your credit card or PayPal details is to make sure you are over 18 years of age,

        • Not affliated but you have no idea.

          They need to comply with Restricted Access System Declaration requirements.

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      Note that you can ONLY cancel by calling them on the phone… During business hours. And they can get pretty narky when you cancel. I seriously doubt it's worth it if you end up paying for the next month.

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        Use paypal and remove their authorisation. Surely payment can't go through.

        • paypal is the only reason i go for trial these days. zero hassle to cancel. you can cancel it immediately.

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        They were pretty relaxed about me cancelling but yes it was a pain that is was phone only, no reason they couldn't implement a cancel on the website.

      • Obviously just cancel paypal agreement. If u do call them, they often throw another few weeks bonus at you if u say u didnt get the toptitles u wanted, many arrived damaged etc…

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        I'm not sure if the option is there for everyone - but if I log into the Quickflix website and scroll down the bottom to Manage Account & Settings there is a Cancel My Subscription option at the bottom of that page.

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          I used the free month of quickflix recently (using a different deal) and I had the 'Cancel My Subscription' option in my account settings.

          Strange that the option would only be there for some.

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          Yep it's there for me. I suspect a lot of commenters are operating on old information.

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        I used a prepaid visa card with insufficient funds. That makes them cancel for you.

    • You can cancel on their website, under My Subscription, bottom of the page… no phone calls required

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        Not everyone has the option for some stupid reason, I've been a member for 3 years.

        Mine has "To cancel your subscription, please contact Member Care on 1300 138 644 between Mon-Fri 9am-6pm EST."

        • Have you checked recently? I've not seen an account without the option for quite some time now.

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          Yep checked just before I posted, I only have the option of pausing the account for up to a month.

        • @CH: Odd… Could be dependent on payment method or previous usage. You also can't cancel if there are outstanding items, like pay-per-view titles.

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    Just signup with PayPal and cancel the payment

    • Login to PayPal
    • Click on My Account
    • Click on Profile
    • Click My Money
    • Click Update next to My Pre-Approved Payments
    • Click QuickFlix
    • Click Cancel
    • Click Yes

    Now you have cancelled the subscription and QuickFlix won't be able to take any money :)

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      Thanks, can never remember where they hide it.

  • Code works, used it with a Load & Go Visa card that has $3 credit ;-)

    Interesting… We had used up the two month trial when Tivo switched from Caspa to Quickflix. Just logged into our Tivo account and it's showing the two month free trial (along with 2 free movies) as being available again. I get the feeling that someone at Quickflix is getting desperate?

  • Even for free i wouldnt waste my time with this mob. Come March next year when Netflix arrives, they are finished.

    • Their catalogue of titles is pretty ordinary, however…
      a) it's free
      b) Netflix isn't here yet and I'm stuck at home now

      • Invest in Getflix or other VPN services and just get Netflix from the US.

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          Thanks but no, connections via VPN aren't reliable enough, I can watch this on my Bluray players without jumping through hoops and I'm not that desperate for TV, plus this is $0 vs ~$15.
          Easier to use my local library TBH…

        • VPN's and proxies are incredibly reliable, the cost of Netflix is more in the vicinity of $9 per month and you'll never look at local TV again. And gawd, who uses a library anymore?

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          @Willowtea: I do for free dvd and book rental:) mighty boosh, lonely planet, the hobbit, Heston bluementhal, to name a few

        • @Willowtea: Libraries are online, many streaming services with great free content, try to keep up… Libraries also do free DVD, Game and EBook lending (if you're quick you can sometimes register to your own name)… And Netflix + VPN is nowhere near $9. It's barely that price in the US.

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          @Willowtea: Hey now. Leave library's out of this. They are a much needed community service.

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          @bazzaa: Netflix: $9, Getflix: $2.50 = $11:50. The DNS service is super reliable so not sure what the comment about them being unreliable is all about.

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    Posting DVD back and forth is terrible. The turnaround time is far too slow, which severely limits the amount of DVDs you can actually watch in a month.

  • Code is for 'Movies and TV Streaming'… I tried to use it but, since I used to be a member, they said I could not use it as I already had a 'free trial'.

    • Yes you'd have to use new credentials :)

  • Thanks OP. Perfect timing for school holidays!

  • Overpriced even for free. Not long to this world ripoff flix with Netflix coming……

  • so this code is for online streaming only?? I prefer the BD ones with much better AV quality

  • done, cheers guys.

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