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PayPal Will Give You $20 Cashback with PURCHASE over $50



The title is self-explanatory, icing on the cake for those looking to buy from the good selection of vendors overseas. Not sure but you could probably double-dip with the agoda.com $50US cashback for $200US spent using paypal, I'd check with them first if your eligible for it - I'd also be quick cause it expires on the "edit" now 3rd NOV 09. The blurb for the offer -:
- PayPal will give you $20.00 AUD cash back, paid into your PayPal account, with a minimum purchase of $50.00 AUD (excluding tax and shipping) ("Offer").
- Only one cash back per transaction.
- The maximum total cash back amount allowed per PayPal account is $100.00 AUD (ie you can claim the cash back offer on five transactions only during the Promotion Period).
- The cash back will be deposited into your PayPal account no later than December 04, 2009.
- Offer applies to purchases at one of the following merchants: Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins, Evans, Cloggs, Shoebuy.com, Karma Loop, Bidz.com, Bling Bling Online, Sasa, Eastbay, UKSoccerShop, SimplyHike.co.uk, SimplyScuba.com, ChainReactionCycles.com, Wiggle Ltd, Digital Rev, Deal Extreme, Zynga, FocalPrice, Tiny Deal, Taobaodao.com, AllPosters, BetterWorldBooks, Overstock.com, PetCo, Hello Baby, Agoda, BangCD.com, Seiya Japan, Hobby-Wing.com (the " qualifying Merchants").
- Purchases must be made on one of the Merchant's websites and paid for using PayPal.
- The following transactions are excluded from the Offer: PayPal Mobile transactions, gift certificate payments, gift card purchases and payments made when you are not logged into your PayPal account.</i>

Thats pretty much the important stuff, the whole thing is on the URL, if you need to,


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  • +4

    Nice find.
    Deal Extreme just got even cheaper :)

    • Pleasure mate, thats exactly where I'm headed, Christmas' have come all at once, cheers!

    • +1

      how do you even spend $50 @ DX? everything is so cheap there. Mostly can only spend $20

      • i spent $60 a week ago, and $70 a few months before :( lets just say i collect junk

    • +2

      found anythign at deal extreme? im used to buying 2 dollar items

        • noticed it aswell woudl have been good if i hadnt already picked up the pioneer one few months back for my netbook

        • I'd been thinking about that for a while - now on the way…8^)

        • the quality of this DVD burner is a big ?

          • @bctransit: Well the review is pretty positive. As far as I can tell it's just a normal internal laptop DVD drive in an enclosure like this. I've bought those enclosures and I find they work 100% fine. When the reviewer says it has to be 'pushed somewhat hard' I think they are putting pressure on the top casing which bends so the drawer doesn't slide in properly if that makes sense. I made that mistake myself so just don't ever put pressure on the top.

            Even if you do have a problem, DX I think has quite a good reputation as far as helping you to return, replace or even get a refund.

            • @inherentchoice: I agree that the review at the top of the page is fairly positive, but in the comments at the bottom of the page someone got a d.o.a unit that won't read discs at all. It put me off making the purchase.

              • @Lacerta: You might be looking at a different one they list, as d.o.a or dead isn't even mentioned in the Google cache.

                • +1

                  @inherentchoice: No, we are looking at the same page. Read the discussions at the bottom of the page.

                  twen104 Sunday, August 30, 2009 10:23 AM Reply
                  ITS a real IBM product got mine!
                  But its defective will not read discs forget about burning them.
                  DISCINFO VERSION :
                  VENDOR : HL-DT-ST
                  MODEL : DVDRAM GSA-T20L
                  is the actual product its a BARGAIN if you get one that works as its also got lightscribe capabilties that DX is apparantly oblvious to since it's not mentioned in the SPECS.
                  FIRMWARE IS NC08 mine is set on region 3 with 4 changes left.
                  tried flashing it with NC08 again firmware but it seems the lens is gone as nothing helps different PCs registers installs automatically but can't access content of disc insert disc error haunts with cancel option.

  • the $50 cashback with agoda is expired - so no double dip

    • Better double check https://www.paypal-offers.com.au/mall/#/en-au/offers, you've got till the 31st of October. Also note this a PayPal promotion and seperate to the Agoda offer, but need to check if your the first 800, they've got online chat if you want to be sure, cheers

      • that other agoda offer ended in September?

        • think thats why he said double check it with that link

          EDIT: it says 30 oct but i dunno what the other agoda deal was

          • @looseylu: why say double check when the other agoda offer is clearly over?


            • @voter1: ahhh i see. well as i said i didnt really look for the old offer. but from what i read from paypal link. it says its a booking from 12 oct til 31 oct. where as your link is refering to the dates "between 23 September 2009 and 30 September". maybe its the same deal for a new month?

              • @looseylu: but that old agoda deal was better as its $50 cashback /$200 spend (which is given since you're booking hotels not knicknacks from DX)

  • This is just fantastic! Thank you!

    • Yeah, too bad I wear glasses already so cant use them…

  • These are much cooler:


    Portable game emulator (GBA, CPS, MAME, NES etc), Mp4 player, eBook reader with voice, FM Radio and AV Out… all in one package.

    • hey your ones actually cool. mine was just silly. snes emulator! super mario carts!

    • Looks very tempting… Anyone have any experiences with such toys from Deal Extreme?

      • Check out the youtube review from that Uk guy. ITs an ok Unit but can be slow playing emulated games

    • Nah better off just getting some custom firmware for your psp and you can emulate most of the old consoles and do all the other stuff you mentioned.

    • looks cool, but according to the comments, seems like we have to do quite a bit - upgrading, modifications, etc2…

    • These are the cheapest piece of crap you can ever buy. They will last like one month, never work properly, all the writing will be in chinese, and you will regret it 2 mins after the purchase.

  • oh man……………i just bought something from Sasa yesterday!!

  • so its only for the retailers listed can you can claim it 5 times right ?

  • -7


    and shoebuy.com is a rip off. international shipping sux ..

    and i just waisted 1 hour calculating stuff ..

    you have to spend $50+.. probably like 2 vans shoes? approx $80 for 2.

    shipping = $40 for 2 pairs . OMGGGG.. so thats

    like $120 = u get 20 back from paypal . but u can get a coupon for like uhhh 20% off . "FALL"

    =$80 for 2 vans shoes. not bad.

    you won't get the paypal cashback thingo if u buy 1 pair. which forces you to buy TWO or MORE !!! dammmnit

    haha im funny . k goodnight.

    • Sometimes DealExtreme, if the stock is ready to go, can take just a couple of weeks. Admittedly, I just cancelled an order, which was still in the "Waiting for supplier" after 15 days (instead of the 1-3 days they had mentioned)

      So … if there is $50 of stuff you would like and are prepared to wait for … you could order it from DealExtreme … and if it gets stuck on waiting from supplier …

      you might end up with $50 refund (in $USD) in the Paypal account … along with the $20 cashback from Paypal :)

      But it's a gamble there as you don't know if you'll end up with the refund + cashback or $50 of Dealextreme equipment + cashback :)

      • +4

        As per terms and conditions

        If the payment is refunded or cancelled at any time, you are not eligible for the Offer. If the payment is reversed, disputed or refunded after PayPal credits the cash back payment, PayPal has the right to and will deduct the total cash back amount from your account.

  • If it works with this then my collection is going to grow yet again.

    Means that spending $62.50 at BWB would reduce it down to $30. That's 52% off!!!

  • I just bought one of those dingoo players that scrimshaw posted :P http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.23032

    I had US dollars in my paypal so figured why not… I still get $20 AU back right even though I used U.S dollars? :o

    • i would assume you would

  • WOW this deal is excellent..

    So if i go to deal extreme and buy 10 + cheapy products totalling 50 dollars.

    Then i get 20 dollars cash back?

  • i got from deal extreme: 16gb cruzer usb disk, butane lighter & micro fibre cloth = $51

    • "butane lighter"

      Is it legal to import a lighter? (not a smartarse comment, genuinely want to know)

      • +1

        No, it just will not ship with butane in it.
        You will have to fill it up yourself.

  • +2

    Great pickup - shame I just bought some stuff from DX last week!

    Seems T&C has been modified since OP.
    The last transaction date is now 3 November 09 :)

    • This offer is open to Australian PayPal customers who: 1) have an AU PayPal account in good standing; 2) complete a qualifying purchase from one of the qualifying Merchant's websites during the Promotion Period. Eligibility to this promotion will be determined by PayPal in its sole discretion.
    • The Offer begins on October 23, 2009 at 12:00:01am AEST and ends on November 03, 2009 at 11:59:59pm AEST (the "Promotion Period").
  • I just bought something from Dealextreme over $50 yesterday, :(

  • +2

    Excite : if it hasn't already shipped from DX, cancel your order then simply do it again!

    • Thanks, just canceled the order and will replace it. Do you know how long will it take for the refund?

      • From memory, they're pretty fast, but I haven't cancelled an order from DX for a while.

        • +1

          I cancelled my order a few days ago. I think it took less than 48 hours for them to process.

          (My order was stuck in the "waiting for supplier" for over 15 days and was not $50 … I did not know about this offer :) )

  • -1

    hrmm genuine ps3 dualshock controllers at dx for 56.31 US… prob end up like $40AUD. not bad.

  • Bugger that.. just bought my $60 Dealextreme item last week… and only got sent out yesterday!

  • no ebay?

    • +4

      If Ebay included, they will lose huge money.

    • +3

      If ebay was included, you could put some stuff up for $50, but it yourself, and you would make money. You would only have paypal and ebay fees, which aren't >$20 just yet.

  • ummm DX Genuine PS3 Controller for 50 bux…..nice

    u think its "GENUINE"?

    • If dx says its genuine, its genuine
      You can read the reviews and forums to confirm
      I am thinking of getting one for my $369.00 PS3 I got from 1day.com.au… (love rubbing that in lol)
      DX also sell knock-offs for much cheaper.

      • Not always. Some of their cards are labelled Genuine but they aren't.

        • Are we talking about memory cards?
          Just want to know what to steer clear from :)

  • Eastbay here we come. Great deal.

  • +3

    Better World Books has very good prices. With $20 cashback it should easily be better value than Book Depository.

    Make sure to check booko.com.au for easy price comparisons.

    • Not sure about that considering Better World Books postage is charged per item, so shipping can very likely eat away the cashback. If that is the case then Better World Books probably isn't going to be easily better value than Book Depository.

      • Agreement. Shipping is something like $7.95 PER book…easily doubling the checkout amount on the books I might have gotten. Will stick with Bookdep.

  • +1

    Does anyone know how to apply the discount?

    Or is it some sort of credit that is given applied back to your account afterwards?

  • How cool it is, thx

  • It indicates a minimum purchase of $50.00 AUD (excluding tax and shipping), wondering if there is any tax from Deal Extreme?

    • If you buy … is it $1000 of products a year (?) … from overseas suppliers, then you could be charged taxes and/or duties. (Commercial quantity if > $1000 or whatever the number is)

      • That's import tax into Australia. I think excite was referring to a potential unadvertised, already inclusive tax at DX, ie a 10% HK sales tax. This would make a $50.00 order actually around $46 without tax, and therefore not valid for the offer. I'm pretty sure that there is no tax included at DX, and as it's not advertised I think Paypal would have a hard time not paying out.

        Also, I'm of the understanding that the $1000 import limit is not annual, but just applies to any one order. I remember reading that one package may not contain over $1000 worth of goods and that packages arriving together may be counted together. This implies to me that as long as none of your packages at anyone time are over $1000 then you're OK.

        • +1

          Thanks Marlboro :)


          Generally, all goods imported into Australia are subject to Customs duty and GST and are assessed for community protection risks. However, all goods (except for tobacco and alcoholic beverages) may be imported duty and tax free if the value of the goods is A$1000 or less.

        • Hong Kong has no sales tax.

      • +1

        It's per package that comes through customs.

        So you can get 3 less than $1000AUD items into the country without tax but if you have one $3000 item you will be slugged heaps of fees and duties.

    • No.

  • Hey guys,

    What do you reckon of this GPS? With the cashback it works out to be $70 delivered!

    How bad can it be? - Famous last words perhaps…

    • Seems similae to the GPS units from DX. Does anyone kniw about their quality or the nav soft / Mapsnthey use?
      Planning to get one.

    • Remember prices are in US$. So in this instance it will be ~$80AUD.

  • Great deal but I can't find anything I need from DX. I wanted a 4/8GB Class 6 MicroSD for my phone but the only one in stock (transcend 4gb) is out of stock. Even then I think I'd be struggling to reach $50 :)

    • I had trouble finding MicroSD as well from DX. Try Tiny Deals and Focalpoint, they got heaps more selection.

    • There you go:


      And yes you will be struggling to get to $50 unless you want some torches etc.

      However keep in mind that you only need to spend $50+ AUSSIE DOLLARS!! Not US Dollars!

  • +1

    The conversion rate for paypal was just under $US0.90 when i just brought something

  • Thanks for the heads up.

    Just bought from Eastbay.


    More kicks for me.

    (hears wife scowling)

    • -2

      Just bought a pair of Asics from eastbay. They have a 20% off for > $100 deal , so with the $20 discount, high $AU, it works out to be about 50% less than what you would be paying here.

      • +1

        Where's the 20% off deal on the Eastbay site - I couldn't find it?

        Thanks for the heads up!

    • -1

      Opps, seemed to hit the refresh button a bit too many times, resulting in multiple posts.

      Looks like some1 has posted the Eastbay deal here

  • OH CRAP, Just bought something yesterday over $50, and I searched the whole OZBargain site for coupons that can save me a bit, but found nothing. And now this $20 pop up to make me cry.
    ======== Edit ==============
    Didn't read the whole post throughout, I bought it on Ebay and won't be able to get it anyhow, feel much much better now.

    Anyway, good bargain and vote +

  • damn, just spent 200 bucks at top shop:/

  • +2

    You can get a further discount from Tiny Deals by using the following code: 5d1b38ecd5

    I just bought a gps for a total cost of AU$61.68 after cashback.

    Hopefully it's not a heap of crap!

  • I have 50USD in my paypal account, and I wanna spend 47.42 USD in DealsExtreme. Does it count?

    • PayPal will give you $20.00 AUD cash back, paid into your PayPal account, with a minimum purchase of $50.00 AUD (excluding tax and shipping) ("Offer").

  • http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.12677

    for those that missed out on the DS3 Deal Game had, Comes close :)

    so a it comes to around $40 AUD (using current exchange rates, PayPay will be 4-5 cent lower)

    EDIT: woops didn't realise it was already mentioned.

  • Woo hoo. Love it! I can go to DealExtreme and get an awesome light for my Bike now, and with free delivery and a product that is getting rave reviews all over the cycling-web I don't think I can go wrong. ( http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.25149 )

    Then I'll get a couple of books from Betterworld books, and then back to DX for a replacement LED bulb (and controller) and optics for my Maglight.

    Great Deal!

  • Is the cash back automatic (do you need to do anything to claim it)?

  • Hmm, still not sure if my US $82 purchase will be eligible as I paid with US dollars that I had in my account… anyone know? :/

    • I'd also like to know, it's not clear but I have the feeling it might not count. I struggled to pay in AUD myself. I was using the Paypal Express checkout and as soon as I changed to Mastercard funding it tried to charge me in USD. I had to use the regular checkout in order to change it to be billed in AUD.

      • I hope paypal will honour the deal, mine came up in USD too.
        Anyone have any ideas about this?

        • Using credit cards you will be charged in USD. Normally I like to use my credit card because the conversion rates are better than PayPals.

          However because I'm not too sure how the deal will work, I have used my bank account to fund this - this will default to AUD

          • @SirCH: You can change it to AUD after you have selected your card. I think it's under "Other conversion options" or something.

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