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Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard - $1 after $40 Cashback (+ Delivery or Free Pick up QLD) @ Computer Alliance


Computer Alliance have dropped their prices for the last few days of the Microsoft Cashback this year.
Pick up makes these a bargain. Shipping prices sort of dampen it a bit. Please see original Microsoft Cashback post for more information and discussion regarding the cash back.

Microsoft Wedge Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Keyboard - $1 after $40 cashback (previously $49 until current sale)

Microsoft Xbox 360 and PC wireless gaming Controller - $9 after $20 cashback (previously $39 until current sale)

Plenty of others as well. However the ones above are ones I know are the best deals.

Limit of 1 per customer of each item at these prices. Last day eligible for purchase is 1/2/15. Claim by 20/2/15.

Maximum of 3 claims per person according to the Microsoft web site T&Cs https://www.microsoft.com.au/cashback/

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  • Where does it say about the price change?

    • +1

      If you just browse the site rather than the links with s=1 on the end it comes up with the old price.

  • 25 after posted? Or rather $17 to NSW compared with earlier in Jan I ordered.

  • +1

    Is it $40 cashback or 40% cashback, has $40 in title on site but everything else 40% or is it both?

    • +6

      40% cashback off RRP. Which happens to be $40 cashback also

  • +3

    Delivery kills the deal. Just received 2 of these delivered from Dick Smith for just over $15 (after cashback)

    • For the wedge KB?

    • +1

      Me too (from the deal you posted it turns out)… They're sitting on my floor right now but I'll find a use for them eventually

  • Bugger, its $15 post to Vic it seems, so $16 for wedge KB.
    Looking at site, it shows the wired & wireless X360 controller as $8 & $9 after cash back??
    or am I missing something?

  • +1

    good offers but wish the shipping was a little cheaper :(

  • +5

    Tried pricematch it with officeworks in NSW, they added up delivery charge of $13… so total gonna be $54 minus 5% off.. $51.3 and minus cash back $40… Net price is $11.30 =)

    • +1

      While it seems you have scored, damn I have lost.. . paid > 2x KBs worth to CA, yet still unopened. +I had called ow when they were limited stock.

    • Could you please PM me receipt please :) so i can try to price match. Thanks

    • +3

      I managed to price match these at officeworks VIC and they forgot to add teh delivery charge. so $38.95 which is a $1.05 net gain :)

  • damn just purchase the controller from them. I will pay them a visit tomorrow.

  • Will officeworks price match this?

    Edit- ignore just saw someone else's comment

  • I purchased these two items from them about 2 weeks ago and they are sitting unopened on the desk. Think I'll just have to wear this one.

    • My 2012 Microsoft Cashback purchases are still in the box unused. $179RRP for less than $1, due to double payment of 1 Cashback :-)

      • I don't even want to count stuff I've got unused in boxes still, not just from Microsoft cashbacks, but all those ebay sales. lol

        • +2

          At $1 like this deal, it's just buy.
          I've got a boxes of $3.75 (after Cashback) Canon cameras on my floor.

        • +2

          They are for cheap gifts ;-)
          May still be $25 Ixus 145 stock at Kmart, but needs to be purchased by tomorrow for $20 Cashback

    • +1

      Would of course helped if delivery weren't sky high [interstate $16). But I suppose that's demand & supply.

      • +3

        Delivery? I can walk to the store.

        It's the usual complaint about Computer Alliance - a small Brisbane retailer. It's a rare bonus for locals, when many other attractive deals can be picked up free by our Sydney & Melbourne OzBargain brethren.

        • Well the overall cost yes. And it came down fast after DS advertised so not all bad.
          Your unopened $1, not from online? Enjoy your local perk.

        • +2

          The 2012 Microsoft purchases were from DS 1 day 50% off in-store sale, then Cashback. Was also walking distance. I try to be a frugal but healthy OzBargainer :-)

  • the cashback site doesnt say 40 dollars, it says 40%?
    How is this 1$?

    Edit: Nevermind found it - Wedge Keyboard U6R-00027 $99.95 $40.00

  • +1

    Bloody hell. My housemate is building a computer for gaming soon, so I showed him this. Picking up an Xbox Controller + receiver, a wireless kb + mouse, and an all in one keyboard and mouse for $81. Then he'll get $60 cashback.
    That's insane!

    • +6

      in the membrane

  • +5

    Thanks OP. Bought.
    Computer Alliance is a walk from home.

    Anyone know if Computer Alliance has PayWave in store?
    Will get me $2.05 rebate from ING PayWave if they have it.

    • +8

      You sir are a true Ozbargainer.

    • +2

      No…. Unfortunately. That's why I am going to OW Garden City/Underwood for the keyboard I want to buy. I will get 5% from My new citibank card and 5% price beating..

      • Thanks - will first try OW GC as well.
        Just received order email:
        payment via Credit Card / Master Card will incur a 2% surcharge

        • +1

          Picked up the last one at Browns plains. Garden city and underwood is out.

        • @Ahan:
          Thanks! That saved me a trip.
          I suspected there may be a rush tonight or low stock at OW. Was too lazy to race out to save $4 tonight. Will pick up my order at CA.

        • @brucefromaustralia:
          It's still in stock online though..

        • @Ahan:
          Yes, $79!
          I checked a few hours ago - seemed available for order at Garden City. Of course that may mean an out of stock / backorder message, or receipt dated after Cashback final date.

          I have to pass by Computer Alliance to get to nearest OW at Garden City, so not worth bothering with price match discount for me.

  • Good deal on the wedge and wireless xbox controller if you live close by. Ended up with a Wedge for $49, and my wireless xbox controllers were all $37.

  • does microsoft payout promptly and without hassle?

    • Takes up to 60 days for cash back to appear in your nominated bank account. Should be no problems if the claim was done properly.

      • are you supposed to get some sort of confirmation email?

        • I received an email from [email protected] the day I made the claim saying the following:

          Your 40% cash back request has been received and will be processed promptly by Microsoft's fulfillment centre. Provided your claim is validated, you will be entitled to receive 40% cash back on your purchase.

          Your confirmation number for your entry is:
          Your 40% cash back will be deposited to your specified bank account within 60 days. For help redeeming your 40% cash back, please call 1800 233 033 between 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, or email [email protected].

          All the best,
          The Microsoft PC Accessories Team

        • @IceCreamBandit:

          Cheers, and…damn, I guess I'll have to chase mine up

  • +3

    If you purchase this now, it will not be processed until Monday which is outside the cashback dates…..

    Or is this not the case?
    It says on my confirmation email that this will be processed on 2nd of Feb therefore not possible to get cashback

    • says "might not". if it doesn't get processed tomorrow morning then i will cancel the order.

    • GOOD POINTS. I think pick up is fine.

    • +2

      I'm now picking up tomorrow at OW in Brisbane with with 5% price match, & 5% PayWave rebate as well, making it $37 before $40 rebate. $3 Profit ;-)

      Seems no PayWave at CA, and payment via Credit Card / Master Card will incur a 2% surcharge. Will cancel my order after pickup.

    • Had similar concern as you …
      Just got email response. Order has been processed, and ready for dispatch. No invoice yet though

    • +1

      my order got processed, so they must be working late into the night :)

    • They are dating all the invoices 1st of Feb so the cash back can be claimed. Check the link for info.

  • How long do u usually need to receive the package? Travelling overseas in 2 weeks.

  • Got both the keyboard and the controller, postage to Sydney was $13. That's $24 for the lot cheers OP

  • Well done to all those that pricematched at OW or picked up!

    Question guys - with this bluetooth keyboard, can I connect it to my android phone and use that for typing texts/whatsapp/viber etc messages?

    I hate texting but this will make it so much easier!

    • +3

      This is the Microsoft site and it's got the Android and Bluetooth logo on it


      • Microsoft in that link states system requirements are Windows or Apple based computers - equipped with Bluetooth.

        Requirement to load software onto computer, like other Microsoft keyboards.

        Reports in previous deals confirms works with Android

    • +1

      I got the free small Bluetooth keyboard from Ezibuy deal months ago. Thought it would be good with my Android phone (I do all my text entry & post from it) and Android tablet, but couldn't be bothered using it. It's just easier to use a good keyboard App on screen.

      But I'm picking up one of these, just in case I want to leave it on my desk. It will work with Android devices.

      • Thanks gents, might be worth a shot tomorrow!

        • +2

          See Microsoft link above - may not work with Android, or some features won't work.
          I'll buy & check tomorrow.

          Reports of use with iPad & HTC phone on old deal & use with Android

        • Connects easily to my Android devices & cover makes a handy stand for tablet - a nice bonus. Looks good, well built unit.

          Considering RRP $99, it's worth the $1 (after Cashback) :-)

    • +1

      Connects with my galaxy tab 3 100% great confirmed

  • are any of those keyboad + mouse combos ok?

    after cashback
    800 = $1 (looks cramped)
    2000 = $8
    3000 = $13
    5000 = $15
    sculpt = $18

  • Does anybody have an idea what form to send Microsoft? The Paypal receipt doesn't show the item names purchased, only the total, while the email from Computer Alliance shows the Paypal payment as 'pending'. I've got another email showing that it's dispatched, but surely I cant use that…

    • Don't they send tax invoices with your goods? I am not sure about Computer Alliance, but most, if not all, of the retailers I've used sent me those. Maybe that's the one that we use?

      I am not sure, since this is the first time I am using MS cashback :S

    • +3

      When I bought from CA they didn't send me a tax invoice but to purchase you had to create an account with CA. You could then log in and download your tax invoice. I sent the CA tax invoice to MS for cash back.

      • +1

        cannot seem to download my tax invoice…really hope they put todays date on it so i am eligible for cashback….

  • Do pre-orders count? I'd really like the mobile wireless 5000 mouse but store says Pre-Order only :(

  • Stand (keyboard cover) looks useful old deal comment

  • OW stock levels may be low in Brisbane for price match.

  • +1

    Stupid question, but does the 360 wireless controller need any adapter for PC?
    Does it come with one?
    MS site says requirements include 'Powered USB port'

    • the wireless 360 controller for windows includes a USB wireless dongle

      • the title says for xbox and PC, the product description says "for windows". So it does have an included adapter right?

        • +1

          if it's being advertised as eligible for cashback then it will include the adapter

        • @mr kindface: Thanks

  • Anyone know whether Dick Smith would be willing to price-match?

    • Update: Turns out they don't…

  • Is it worth getting a Wedge Keyboard. Basically I like small form factor laptop key type boards. but I already have one fancy ultra mobile keyboard and have a logitech ipad keyboard.. hmmmm wonder if its comfortable etc.

  • MSY took down all their Microsoft peripherals?

    • Yeah I noticed that when looking before which is extremely weird considering the cashback is coming from MS. Maybe they just sold out of everything.

      • MAP (minimum acceptable price) violation?

        • -1

          MSG, can't get enough.

      • MSY still have stock in stores, just came back earlier today from a store.

        I guess they removed from online store to stop the flood or something.

  • Does anyone know if this may work with a macbook?
    i know it says PC only, but my old 10 year old keyboard works with the macbook too.

    • Did you read the ms link & my comment above? Works with Bluetooth equipped Mac OS.

  • i just noticed the microsoft t&cs say that there is a limit of 3 claims per person.

    • Been that way for years.
      How many do you have to claim?

      If more than 3, ask a friend or family member to claim under their name & have payment into their account.

      • yeah, i will just have to split the order and claim under different names.

        first time i've taken up the microsoft cashbacks. their keyboards suck with tiny ESC keys

        • If I order 4 items, will the receipts all have names on them? So I can't do three and give one to a family member?

        • @Frantic:
          the invoice will have your account details on it. they sorted me out with two separate invoices at pickup. the second was a "cash" invoice

  • It says pre-order now. Will they invoice at the date or purchase or date of dispatch? I suppose no more price matching at OW.

    EDIT: Doesn't matter, it's showing in stock again

  • Has anyone got his claim money back…

  • Is it Sold out? Can't seem to see it through the link

    • Quite possibly. I just went there to pick it up - was quite busy. Suggest just refreshing the page at various times in the hope it comes back up so you can order it.

    • Not found on site.
      I'd say that means it's over.

      • Goddamn, I needed one as well lol

      • Sold out

        Not found on site via deal link…
        Tried via offers link in description - it's letting me order despite link text showing
        Microsoft Wedge Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Keyboard PN U6R-00027 SOLD OUT, + $40 Cash Back, Limit 1 per customer*

        Posting on bus to Computer Alliance ;-)

        • Apparently the advice I was given at the store regarding orders was incorrect.

  • Has anybody else got their order as 'ready to deliver' but has not got a receipt or tax invoice suitable for the CB?

    • Yes me..

      • +1

        Going to give them a ring, will post results

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