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Sony 500GB PlayStation 4 Console - $389 Delivered - Dick Smith eBay Group Buy


Sony Playstation 4 Console for $389 as part of eBay Group Deal. Link to white version White sold out

From Dick Smith Online - Only 600 in stock

Also iPhone 6 16GB for $689 sold out

Edit: Thanks to syba- Don't forget Cashrewards for 2% cashback (or Flybuys for bonus points). With 2% cashback it comes down to $381.22.

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    Don't forget Cashrewards for 2% cashback (or Flybuys for bonus points). With 2% cashback it comes down to $381.22.

    • Hi mate can you tell us how to get the Flybuy points via eBay purchase how does it work? Got any links? What's the disadvantage if we use it? Do you need to link Flybuys on eBay?

  • a good deal, if only i didnt have 2 already. beware, once u go ps4 then u gotta really get psn to make full use of it, all other caveats etc.etc… & enjoy! :)

  • Sorry to ask, but how does group buy work?
    Do we need to buy more than 1?

    • How does eBay Group Deals work?

      eBay Group Deals offers top products for sale at an extra special price.

      Each Group Deal needs a minimum number of people to commit to buy before the deal is 'ON'.

      When you click 'Buy Now', one of two things will happen:

      If the Group Deal is 'ON' you will be able to pay for your item straight away.

      If the Group Deal still needs more people to commit to buy, the system will wait until the minimum number of items is sold to activate the sale. Once the deal is 'ON' we'll notify you by email and you will need to pay for the item. If the deal isn't activated, your order will not be processed and you won't be charged for the item.

      Group Deals run for a limited time. When the deal ends you'll receive an email confirming your purchase.

  • i'm new to the whole playstation thing. this one has 8gb hard drive. is that enough? what issues would i have with such a small hard drive?


    Can you run custom firmware on a PS4 yet?

  • The white one has a white track pad
    Is this a new model or something coz I've only seen the white controllers with black track pad

    • Probably a mistake, the first image has it white but the second is black. I'm going to guess it'll be black

  • Been waiting for a good ps4 deal!!
    Ordered the white model. So happy about this. Thanks OP!

    • The first game you should get is The last of Us, period.

      • Two games that I am planning to get are GTA5 and The last of us, for sure!
        haha and i will wait til Gran Turismo comes out on PS4 :)

  • That Iphone deal is from Kogan not Dicksmith - bear in mind !!!!!!!

  • Got a white PS4.
    Now to find GTA V for the cheap…

  • Sorry for the noob question: does this come with 1 controller? It doesn't state on the eBay website itself…

  • hmm to buy or not…. i dont think i play that much…

  • What decent games are out there for PS4? please let us know…I'm still holding on PS3.

    waht's worth waiting before getting the console itself?

    • If you're not desperate to get it, then don't. Wait til it's even cheaper

    • There's…… Um…. There's The Order 1886… Wait! That turned out to be 7 hours long with generic gameplay and quick-time-event-centric cutscenes…. Um…. Driveclub? Wait, that turned out to be a half-assed Forza clone. Um…. In…InFamous?

      Let's be serious. The PS4 has no games to justify a whole purchase yet. Everything that does come out is disappointing or a remake of a game from 2013/2014. The PS4 (and Xbone, let's not be bias here.) are relying on hype to sell their games, rather than the actual quality. The only console exclusive with quality to match is InFamous, so unless you're a huge InFamous fan you may want to hold back until 2016 when some real games come out. In an interview with Capcom, they stated development times and financial expenditure are 5 times more than they were on the PS3 and Xbox360, so they're cutting a lot of corners in attempts to not bankrupt themselves. This results in Evolve's $89 for 3 monsters and 4 classes but the ability to pay $150 for additional content and a season pass and Ubisoft's "We couldn't make female characters because it would cost too much", then put $100 'micro'transactions in the $89 final product.

      I would say you'll have to hold out for Uncharted 4, and if it's not the best game ever then this generation of consoles are doomed.

      But hey! You can play blurays, and pay an additional $60 to play a bunch of online games with dead/non-active communities! Like Assassin's Creed Unity and Destiny! Remembver those over-hyped piles of garbage? No. Me either. (Disclaimer, I actually had a lot of fun with Destiny, but I looked back on my experience as a whole at the end and decided the game was merely 'sub-par' for the price.)

      • Liking the way how you wrote all that haha =P

        I thought about it and was like what games I really want from PS4 when I still have a backlog on PS3? The most recent purchase was Dragon Age Inquistion and PS3 version still exist

        Can't think of anything else.

      • It is really sad that the only reason I'm considering buying a PS4 is to play Bloodborne… Currently there is very little else going for it :(

      • Evolve is a fantastic game (3 monsters, 4 classes -> 12 characters!, 12 Maps, 4 game modes) - so go buy it.

        If, like the fellow above it seems, you have heard bad things about the DLC then I would encourage you to do some research because their model is quite fair with not a single piece of DLC required to play on a level playing field (All new future maps free to all etc).

        • I like to look at games as products (As do all modern devs, it seems, so I'm 'levelling the playing field') when they are releasing themselves as products (ie: something created for the purpose of making money), rather than games(ie: something created for the purpose of fun). Let's have some fun with an example.

          In this example, we're all pretty women. If a purse came out today for $89, and it had 3 segments in the purse itself. In the shop on the 'purse release date', is also a cool purse strap for $29.99, and 4 extra pockets that I can get for $7 each. I can also buy 'skins' for my purse to change its colour, instead of, say, buying a different purse. Keep in mind, it's still the day that my purse came out. I can't wait to go home to install my purse and play it with all my friends, who didn't buy the additional purse straps, so I can show them what a money unwise tool I am.

          It got a bit thin at the end, but you get my point. It's absolutely evil to release a product as HALF a product on the release day. Either pack everything in there, charge more, or wait a few months before trying to force additional content down our throats. If people keep buying it like the unfortunate sheep they are, more companies are going to try and get away with it.


        • @FrankMcFuzz:

          I have bought and played way too many games to count. In no way, shape, or form could you consider this game a "half-game".

          If you are trying to parallel the purse example with Evolve then you need to correct your example:

          At release date, there is no cool purse strap in the shop as this is still being developed. There is also no extra pockets as this is still being developed. The purse manufacturer has simply stated that they are on their way and "if you want to" you can add them in the future. These are functional changes.

          The only thing available at release is the "skin" colour but this certainly does not affect the functionality of using the purse - in fact I would have said that having these cosmetic changes as an option without inflating the base cost of the game was a good thing because I certainly don't need or want every different colour of purse.

          Be careful at scaremongering because we want the publishers to do the DLC the right way. So many publishers have done it the wrong way and Evolve is copping it even though their model is fair.

        • @Gravox: Well. Consumers don't seem to think so. http://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-4/evolve

          Seriously though, buying everything would could $150. 60 dollars of what you say is just cosmetic stuff? There was a time, way back in the dark ages when you could unlock extra outfits by being skilled or persistant enough to unlock these optional, non-functional costumes through gameplay and not through my wallet. Even Good Game, who in my opinion are awful at reviewing AAA games because they don't know how to not give a high score, said that there was not enough content there for the price. And that's saying something.

        • @FrankMcFuzz:

          Well, I can understand what you are saying. But you need to also understand that game development is so super expensive to do in comparison to years ago that things have to change.

          They can change by making simpler more cost effective games (see your phone App store), continue making extremely time consuming and technical AAA titles (and up the purchase price which no one likes), or they can continue making the extremely time consuming and technical AAA titles by keeping the purchase price reasonable and offering extras as DLC.

          I know I want to live in a world where I can experience games like Evolve. So what if the art team made a few extra skins - there are unlockable skins in the game as well!

      • Agree entirely - this is the golden age of the PS3 my friends. If you ran out of time to play some of its top-tier catalogue, now is the time!

        Jump on board PS4 when the catalogue is worthy, and they release the PS4 Slim ;)

        • haha good point maybe wait for the slim or when PS4 bundles with their Sony TV, then just get new TV with it.

      • Have you actually played The Order yourself, mate? Everyone I know that has actually played it has given it a 7/10 as a bare minimum. It's a beautiful, and brilliant game from start to finish. If you value story, and graphics - then it is one of the best games you'll play. Forget everything any review has told you about that game - it's all bullcrap. It is probably the most polished game to release for PS4. The world is in phenomenal detail - no crappy textures anywhere to be seen, no 'jaggies' anywhere to be seen, no bugs anywhere to be seen. Seriously - how many games come out and don't require a few patches to get right? Not many, but this is one of them. This game deserves a 9/10. Currently half way though my second play-through.

        inFamous is also a brilliant game, as is it's expansion 'First Light'.

        I don't really know what's fueling your agenda here.

        I bought my PS4 on release day in 2013 and even then I thought it was worth buying at the time. It is now, most definitely a worthy purchase, especially below 400 dollars. Anyone who says there's no worthy games on next-gen is a downright liar.

        Driveclub is average though, I won't take that away from you.

        • "I don't know what's fueling your agenda". Even in defense, you only named two games. One of which is getting universally thrashed for being a generic Gears of War clone which ends on a quick time event against the elder werewolf, which is almost a carbon copy of the QTE that happens half way through the game.

          I think this article about sums up the experience.


        • So everything but gameplay?

        • "Anyone who says there's no worthy games on next-gen is a downright liar."

          You are right, but honestly there aren't many worthy games to play on them either. And Wii U has the best games at the moment rather than PS4/Xbone.

        • @koreainhyuk: Wonderful 101 is still the best hack and slash game ever. Even better than Bayonetta, which is by the same guys anyway. And its my personal preference for "Best Final Boss and Ending Ever Award".

          Wii-U has more/better games than PS4 and Xbone combined. Or at least, it has the most unique games, because the other's exclusive games are 'gears of war clones' and 'remakes galore!'.

        • @FrankMcFuzz: The Wii U is indeed streaking past in terms of quality games. A lead that is set to increase with games out this year like Xenoblade and (hopefully) StarFox and Zelda. My XBone doesn't get much use - except for playing Halo with my mates. I haven't even considered a PS4 yet - there's simply no point. Like you, I'm holding out for Uncharted.

        • @johnno07: Well, I was holding out for the Order 1886.

          But that train crashed.

          Next generation, as proved by the constant remakes (DMC got a remake? What? Nobody even liked that game, ffs) is closer to last generation than any generation shift thus far. Even you just said the only game you use your Xbone for is another remake. It's like… I dunno. Are original games that hard to make?

          Destiny proves, yes, it is that hard to make. But even that was on PS3.

          On the Wii-U this year, you missed Devil's Third, an over the top shooter, Splatoon, a whacky zany pew pew squid shooter (because that's a thing now), Yoshi's Wooly World. And I'm interested in Project Treasure, in the hopes that the freemium model doesn't ruin the game.


        • @FrankMcFuzz:
          Ooh yes I did miss Splatoon - which looks tremendously fun. Wasn't aware of the others and will need to read up on them.

          In answer to your (rhetorical) question; yes, original games are extremely hard to make - comparatively speaking. Is it easier to make a whole new game from the ground up, or simply reuse the assets from last year's Assassin's Creed, or upscale the textures from last generation's Halo? Selling the MC Collection a bit short there, but you get my meaning.

          Not only that, but original games are harder to get off the ground. Big Wig Investor #1 has a spreadsheet in front of him that tells him that futuristic multiplayer FPS is guaranteed to sell millions and return hefty dividends - why would he invest in the hugely original idea that has no guarantee. Fortunately there are other options than big wig investors these days, but it explains the rinse and repeat nature of the industry at the moment.

        • @johnno07: Basically, go Nintendo or indie, or bathe in the rehashes that we're drowning in. Shadow of Mordor is the only game on next generation that actually introduces a new mechanic. The change from Xbox to Xbox 360 was all about game mechanics. Getting thousands of zombies on the screen in Dead Rising 2, getting co-operative/competitive online experiences like from Dark Souls, all that stuff didn't exist in the previous generation. What has the new generation done that the previous didn't? Nothing, because the new generation is all about re-releasing the previous generation's games because nobody can be bothered to make new games.

          Whereas, if you bought a PC, you could just turn the graphics up and wouldn't need a $600 console and a $89 to use the better graphics.

          I heard about Forza's 'personality' drivers, that took the 'personality' from offline racers to fill the singleplayer offline. And that's interesting, because there's not much left that the racing genre can actually do to improve upon itself. Except of course, cram more pixels in it and release another one every year. Oh wait, that's not actually improving the game.

        • @FrankMcFuzz: I have a very decent PC and it claims the vast majority of my gaming time, followed by my 3DS/Wii U, followed by my Xbox One. I'm really disheartened by the negligible steps forward in AAA gaming in the year and a half since the new consoles came out. Fortunately there is some utterly brilliant, thought provoking, unique indie work happening on PC.

          Shadow of Mordor was brilliant. Unfortunately the Nemesis system was so good, it will no doubt be run into the ground by bandwagon jumpers. If Ubisoft doesn't work it into their next Assassin's Creed, I'll eat my historically accurate head wear.

        • @johnno07: I'm buying a new PC today, in fact. It will be able to handle the Witcher 3 and Shadow of Mordor and Ryse (Not that anyone wants to play that) and whatever :D The previous one…. Could barely handle Age of Empires 3. Not that anyone played that one anyway, either!

          I'm buying it so I can play Cities: Skylines! Because screw you, EA!

          "Look, we came up with a new game mechanic to celebrate our transition to next generation…. O-oh, I see you guys all brought… matching mechanics….."

  • Got one, any deals for PS PLUS ?

    hopefully Uncharted 4 will come soon.

    • never really see ps plus deals
      if anyone knows of any please let us know

      • Battlefield 4 Premium Edition (Base Game + DLCs) is at a discounted price of ~$36. Not a PS+ deal..but a PlayStation Store deal.

    • Actually I am waiting for an Uncharted 4 pack that includes the console, but will probably wait for the reviews first. Uncharted 2 was/is my favourite all-time game in my 30+ years of gaming but no.3 I didn't enjoy at all for some strange reason.

      • I don't know if this was global, but my copy of Uncharted 3 had bizarre, constant, game-breaking frame rate issues. So that's my reason.


  • I assume the phones a grey import? How does that work for warranty? Has to go back to Kogan?

  • Just ordered a black one. Great price! Still plenty available.

    • And I just received two emails from Dick Smith confirming that my order had been picked and would be posted today and also attaching an invoice. Very happy with their speed! Might be delivered before the weekend!

  • Anybody else think the PS4 bundle will come on sale after this? (just like the Target deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/183542)…should I wait?? :I

  • +2 votes

    Pretty great price

  • If you have no internet access (remote mine site) will this even work properly?

  • Got mine from few weeks ago Target 20% for $398 delivered, white colour.
    Good timing for Bloodborne, the new sequel of Dark Souls.
    Also, Final Fantasy 0 HD.

  • Just bought this deal. I bought Dragon Age last week on PS3 on the US Store. Anyone know if I can upgrade it to the PS4 version?

    • Shot answer no you can't they totally different platforms

      • Yes I understand they are different platforms butyou can in some cases. I was wondering if this was one of those games.

        Gaming content is blocked at work so I can't easily google the answer myself.

      • There are a few games which allow you to play a game on your PS4 if you bought it for PS3. For example: Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

  • tempted by the iPhone 6 but just can't get by on 16GB