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FREE Powerline Ethernet Adapters for Foxtel iQ Customers


You'll have to take my word on this one. I posted this deal 4 months ago, and now Foxtel once again has this offer, although unadvertised. It was communicated to me by a friend who works at Foxtel and appears to be on-going.

If you're a Foxtel IQ or IQHD customer who has not ordered an adapter previously, simply call 1300 784 144 and tell them you now want your box connected to the internet to access on-demand channels. They will gladly ship you out 2x NetComm NP505 Powerline Adapters for every IQ box totally free of charge within 5 days. Can't ask for more than that.

Make sure you stipulate 'free' in your phone conversation, and take down a reference number for the call (just in case).

Enjoy :)

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  • This may be a stupid question but what is you are a cable internet user? is this box still appropriate?

    • I just called Foxtel and it is not as easy as it sounds to get these gadgets they just pushed foxtel go. Good luck is you are trying.

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      Yes it is

      These boxes are used to get the internet around your house, using power outlets within your house.

      Your cable comes in the street, and is presented to a cable modem. From there stuff inside your house connects to that modem over WiFi, or over RJ45 LAN cables

      This allows you to plug a LAN cable into your modem, and then the other end into one of these boxes. The other box its paired with will sit next to your Foxtel unit, and use another RJ45 cable to connect to that.

      It just acts as a 'man in the middle' so to speak, to save running a long cable between your Foxtel unit and modem.

      It wont matter if your internet is supplied with NBN, ADSL, or Cable

      • thanks Oxxy

      • But would they be eligible of they are not foxtel customers?

        • Give it a try, please report back here what they say.

        • @neil aus: I am not customer, but I see the confusion. What I was referring to was that to me it sounded like OB was not a foster customer but a cable internet user, and that's why they don't want to give him one, because as the Op said they are for foxtel IQ and iQhd only. But no one seems to have picked up on that?

  • I got them free with my new install recently, I think they're included as standard these days if you need them. Good deal for anyone that doesn't have them yet :)

  • Can you get internet over power lines these days?

  • im a telstra customer?
    can i still get them?

    • Same here - They sent it right away and charged 50 bucks to my account. Still better than paying RRP I guess.

    • Been with Telstra Foxtel for years. Rang Foxtel. They transferred me to Telstra. 20 minutes later after much discussion, finally agreed to send. $50 billed but I just needed to ring after the next bill to have reversed. All good

      • I just needed to ring after the next bill to have reversed

        Good luck with that.

        • after my call to have $50 reversed, I received an email confirmation of the credit, and this has now appeared on the subsequent bill. No problems on this occasion. Smooth Telstra transaction, for once

        • @davidem:
          Glad to hear.

  • Mine are on the way.

    Thanks TA.



    • Cheers Doug. Out of interest, were you on the phone long, and was the process straight-forward?

      • Waited about 20 sec.

        Advised I wanted to connect my 2 IQHD2 boxes to the internet to get on-demand.

        He started with the troubleshooting script, so I had to push him in the right direction by saying there was no connection and both boxes were far away from my router. I also said a friend advised they could provide powerline adapters. Once we were on the right track it was no issue. 2x pairs of adaptors on their way.

        All up max 5 minutes on the phone.



  • I'm not so sure it includes all the Foxtel IQ boxes.

    If you have the old Foxtel IQ box (silver) you might struggle convincing them that you should get these.
    There was no Ethernet connection on the IQ box I had so their question was why do I need it.

    I went thru disconnections and got a upgrade to the Foxtel IQHD box and then got the adapters.

    • If you have the iq1.0 youll have to upgrade to either the 1.5 or hd.
      Get on these soon too as with iq3 release they will be able to upgrade to iq3, which has wifi

  • Hi TA, i just gave them a call (11min) and told them that a friend said i could get the powerline adapters from them so i can access my on-demand channels as i dont have an internet connection in the room i have the foxtel box.

    He put me on hold and said that he has to check my account (I just got foxtel on last weekend and had a self instal kit so did not get them with install)

    He said i already had them (The dude at Fountain Gate must have said i took them and is selling them on the side!) after saying that i did not get them he said not an issue he will get them sent out. :-)

    Thanks TA

  • I got two when they installed foxtel last week - surprised the iQ boxes don't have WiFi

  • Mine came as part of the iq box when I rang to upgrade the set top. Complained about the fee and they waived it. Seriously make me pay for equipment to watch their shows when I pay iver $100 a month plus watching the ads in between shows.

    • Ads not just between shows - they are during shows !

    • You may be able to get much cheaper if you call up and threaten to cancel - my partner signed up for Foxtel while I was overseas and was paying around $100 a month, called up threatening to cancel and they offered the exact same for $50 a month… Worth a shot?

      • ^^Great idea…been doing it for more than a year now! been watching basic+movies+drama for $37…I recently moved houses and they wanted to charge me for relocation….threat worked again to wave off the relocation fee too…just took 20 mins longer :)….the only thing is they offer the discount for 3-4 months and you need to follow up again for a threat :)

  • I received these when I got Foxtel 6 months ago and I was pretty excited to try them out. In theory they offer 200Mbps so I figured real world maybe I could reasonably get 100Mb Fast Ethernet speeds. Nope - lucky to get 20Mbps. Basically got 802.11g speeds which is pretty atrocious for a LAN.

    IMO use these if you have no other option. Personally, I had some data points put in and I chucked these EoP devices back in the cardboard Foxtel box.

  • Thanks OP. Got a couple of them. Took about 3 mins.

  • this might be a silly question but do you need to physically connect at least one of these to a modem?

    • YES , but you would need a modem router or a standalone router so it can assign an IP.
      Most modem routers would have 4 more ports.

  • People still have Foxtel?

  • Rang them up and getting them sent out. W00T good post

  • What about those who have foxtel through telstra?

  • Awesome - 4minutes and 11 seconds later, and they are in the post!

  • The last batch took about 2 months to arrive.

    • Original offer expired 12th Dec. You weren't able to get them free beyond that date, but now you can, as per the comments in my post. If you still believe it's a dupe, please report it.

  • Thanks OP. Ordered a couple of them, too!

  • I just called up & was told that the promotion has only been emailed to selected customers….

    If i wanted the adapters, then i would have to pay $50… bummer

  • Just worked for me - no issues at all in getting them for free.


  • Thanks mate, legend

  • So, anyone want to sell me a set?

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