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Aerobed Pakmat $60 Delivered from Harvey Norman Online


First noticed this product a few years ago but never bought, though have been keeping an eye out for it and noticed today that HN have it for $50 on their website + delivery which is $10 for me - not sure if it's a flat rate or not. In store pickup is not available for this item.

The Aerobed Pakmat Air Bed is an innovative, lightweight and 100% eco-friendly air bed with a sleek and modern design. This air bed is inflated and ready to go in around 60 seconds using a simple pumping action with the included lightweight pump.

The pump doubles as the container for the deflated mattress.
Inflated dimensions 198cm x 66cm x 13cm.
Weight (including pump) 1.8kg.

Not sure how many would be available. HN have it on their ebay store as well though it's $12 flat shipping there. A limited quantity sold through previous ebay store listings at $79 + $12.

From what I can tell, this item was previously sold on COTD for $69.95 (+ shipping?) circa early 2013, and looks like was available for $40 at Target in late 2012, though I don't remember noticing that. It appears to be discontinued / no longer widely available in Australia, though is still available in the US for US$115 direct from Aerobed or around US$100+ on Amazon. Reviews that I've read for it have been generally positive, though a number point out its hefty (original/standard) price tag. This is probably the best current price for available local stock - hope this helps anyone who might be looking for (something like) this.

PS. If you're lucky you might be able to find a $40 one in a Target store like unity1 did.

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    thanks to all the research you have gather together!

  • how does this compare to thermarest?

  • I saw these a while back, that price might be enough to tempt me to try it out!

  • "100% eco-friendly."

    100% bit of a stretch.

  • You will freeze in Winter or on any cold night because of the air inside. Self inflating foam mats are the way to go (Thermarests being the top choice).

    • Thermarests are for backpacking in the wilderness, these are pool toys.

    • Agree for hiking - although if you are car camping and can afford the space, 4WD self inflating mats are better.

    • Research a new technology called sleeping bags, they are a fantastic alternative to lying naked on an inflatable mattress.

      • Sleeping bags flatten underneath you much reducing the insulation they provide.

        So the R-value of what you are sleeping on matters in cold conditions - and as seachange says air mattress have a low R-value.

        • I've comfortably slept on snow at 2500m with my air mattress - an Exped Downmat7 (admittedly down filled but only 7cm).

          13cm of air plus 2 layers of cover material between you & ground, plus the sleeping bag should handle most cold nights.

          Design is important, and there is little information available about that. Apparently has baffles to increase insulation.

          A user review at a hiking site stated ok for use if above freezing (but too heavy on the back).

          Where are people going to use these that's so cold (below freezing)?

          It's not as if HN is an outdoor specialist shop. Most buying these would use them as a spare mattress in the home, or for use camping with a vehicle. You wouldn't want to lug these far from a vehicle.

        • @brucefromaustralia:

          ExPeds are amazing but are a hefty investment. Mine was the only thing keeping me warm when camping next to the Icefields in the Canadian Rockies in summer in our summer tent and summer sleeping bag.

        • @sween64:
          Yes, Exped are great mats with a bit of extra comfort when hiking.

          I think these much heavier mats are designed for a very different market (spare mattress, vehicle camping) - HN isn't a specialist outdoor store.

    • You're behind the times - the new sea to summit sleeping mats are air inflated and still have decent r values. Also pack up smaller too!


    As a hardened car and hike camper, when I take the car I always take my camp bed. I woudn't dream of using the camp bed without a foam matress or self inflating mat on it to block the wind chill coming up from under it.

  • It's unclear whether these have any internal baffles (probably not). Hiking air mattresses like the thermarest neoair (and its variants) are awesome and increase their R-value by having internal baffles to reduce air movement. Keeping the hot and cold air separate. Versions with insulation as well, like the downmats brucefromaustralia mentioned, are even better and they're all more comfortable than the old self-inflating style thermarest IMO.

    So, self-inflating mats are definitely not the only way to go these days for lightweight, warm options, but in this case, with the lack of baffles, I doubt this one would keep you very warm. That and it's bloody heavy for a hiking option.

    • this does have internal baffles according to this youtube review - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZamrWi0oqGc

      • Due to their design, air mattresses need baffles - providing separation between areas. Otherwise you would be sleeping on a balloon, deforming as you rolled around. Baffles also are used to keep the mat flat - holding the bottom & top surfaces a set distance apart when inflated, stopping ballooning.

        Of course those baffles also improve thermal resistance, as air can not circulate.

  • R-Value?

    • Searched manufacturers site, reviews - could find nothing. So not a serious mat for cold weather, but a review I linked to above suggested ok for above freezing.

  • Does anyone know the entire weight of it including the pump canister? Tempted to buy one for overseas but have to see how heavy it is
    EDIT - Oops… didnt read the full description.. Sorry. 1.8kg

  • Bought 2 for our camping trip I figured if is selling for over $100 US on Amazon must be pretty good. Good reviews from the few I saw. $10 flat fee delivery.

  • I bought a self inflatable today at Kathmandu. my old Aldi inflatable got a puncture

    • Never again!
      I had a major issue with a Kathmandu self inflating mat. Would never trust the quality of Kathmandu construction.

      Mat delaminated, meaning outer layer detached from foam core - first time I used it. (Tested OK at home, but may have failed at altitude.) That means air inside moved around as tried to get sleep in mountains on overseas trip. Had to abandon that section of holiday as could not sleep on mat - not happy about that. Kathmandu were not surprised by total failure.

      • Everything I've ever bought from Kathmandu has fallen apart, broken, flaked or otherwise became FUBARed within an unreasonably small amount of time. If they had 95% off I doubt I'd still buy anything,

  • Thanks OP picked one up at Target Westfield FG. They had one left when I put my one on hold.

    • Better price at $40.
      Not available online.
      ITEM CODE 52055515 if you ring Target customer service on 1800814788.

      • Yes I rang customer service and they said there were 2 at Fountain Gate and one at Point Cook. So I placed one on hold and picked up. I also had a $20 target voucher which made it even cheaper.

    • Nice one, didn't think to actually check with Target myself (just assumed they'd no longer stock them).

      • Thanks for posting the Target link otherwise I would not have thought of checking there.

    • Checked Brisbane stocks - nearest showing is Hervey Bay, many hours to the North.

  • Good price but too heavy for hikers

  • "100% eco-friendly" < what does this even mean? I mean seriously think about it. "eco-friendly" is a meaningless garbage phrase.

    • Keep reading the sentence "Constructed with 100% eco-friendly phthalate free materials"
      google says phthalates are bad, m'kay?

  • Noticed they also have these cheapo Roman self inflaters in various lengths for $20, $30 & $50.


  • I was thinking more along the lines of stashing it in the boot for nights when I am at a friends house and can't drive

    • I think that's an ideal use - protective cover so it is kept clean & won't get easily damaged in boot (you don't want a puncture), quick easy inflation (best done earlier in night if drinks are involved), no real issue with keeping warm when used inside (no information available from manufacturer about thermal rating), plus reasonable price.

      Certainly better than putting in backpack for camping use - too heavy & there are better alternatives.

  • The $5 signup discount doesn't seem to work for this?

    • Never mind. It worked.
      I had to checkout as guest. Doesn't work on my existing account.

  • ok i tried on chrome and modzilla and i can't add this product lol

    anyone else having this issue too?

  • deal expired both online and ebay..

  • Sold out….refund for me… Ozbargained… :(

  • bloody harvey…second time refunded buying online from this BigBuys boys…

  • mine got refunded too :/

  • me too. and my $5 voucher!