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Jim's Jerky, Free Sample


All jerky is made from 100% Australian Beef.

Please note only one sample per customer / household.

You are not eligible for a sample if you have ordered with us before.

Samples may take up to 2 weeks to arrive.

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Jim's Jerky
Jim's Jerky

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  • I understand that by requesting this free sample, I will be subscribed to receive awesome specials from Jim.

    Or somebody else with the email [email protected]

  • This site is going to get a workout tonight !

  • Thanks Mate !

  • Thanks!

  • Jim's Jerky is so money. I just wish they done some deals on the larger bags.

  • 1 sample requested… thanks OP!

  • +3 votes

    Done. I'll be waiting out by the mail box, please hurry.

    • Can afford Internet.
      Can not afford food.

      • You mustn't be a true ozbargainer. No one here can afford internet. We are all on free wifi.

        • +1 vote

          Just because I don't want to pay for something doesn't mean I can't afford it.

        • We are all on free wifi.

          you can get free wifi internet? you should post that as a deal………

  • Giving it a whirl.

  • Love beef Jerky - hope to discover a good new brand

    • Methinks you won't be disappointed with the product Miss Piggy (assuming you like 'real'/chewy-type jerky, not the candy-assed/bubble-gum-like 'soft crap' oft peddled).

      Jim's is great re consistency/texture (it's proper-chewy), taste and packaging quality; price-point will be the main decision you wrestle with re this stuff… [though not with this free sample of course ;-) ]… It ain't the cheapest.

      • Thanks for the info, I usually make my own batches the dehydrator to test out recipes as I love cooking in general, but always looking for new brands to try out as happy to support local producers and businesses esp the snack foods kind.

  • cheers!

  • Can vouch for Jim's Jerky, been ordering from them since they first came on OzBargain. My first choice compared to all jerky/billtong (including Geronimo's brand)

    • oooh interesting, i'm a huge fan of geronimo's, will be good to try Jims & see how they compare :D

      • they're quite different though, geronimo is very hard at first (no moisture) but once you start chewing both jerkys full of flavour

  • ordered thx OP

  • I'm going to be checking my letterbox for dried meat so much more often than usual now over the next 2 weeks

  • Thanks OP :)

  • Hate to join a forum to post a negative comment first up but these guys didn't send me my sample after two inquires, said auspost must have lost it. Who knows? Maybe? Was for the wife, she loves this stuff. Oh well - they still spam me though.

    Anyone know if their normal purchases are tracked? Hate to spend a lot and it "go missing".

    • hi.

      got my sample several weeks ago, so yes they do send them.

    • haven't missed a thing from them, prompt reliable delivery.

    • Your wife probably got to it first and didn't want to share.

    • In response to a promotional invitation I sent them out a stamped self-addressed envelope for a free sample a couple of years ago, and it came back remarkably soon after, with a sample of their product in it. I then made an order, and that too arrived promptly/ without any hassle… can't quite remember if it was 'tracked' or whatever, but I do remember it arrived quickly and was very well packaged.


      i signed up a year or two ago for their first free sample. it never came. they said oh well, limited numbers.

      so on that alone I'll always never buy from them. If you're gonna run a promo then randomly deny people, not gonna bother

      • My post was a long story short, it happened over a period of 3 months and 10 emails.

        We ended up getting 3kg of bakkwa instead - happy wife - happy life

  • Give it a try, cheers!

  • thanks op !!

  • got this sample several weeks ago while searching for MSG free jerky

    it was too soft for my liking but it comes with a 20% voucher for first order

  • Good one - thanks, OP!

  • Thanks, ordered my sample. I've never tried any kind of Beef Jerky..so this should be interesting.

    • OK sag… you're a 'jerky virgin', so maybe a word or two of advice is in order…

      FOR ME, it's useful as a 'stop-gap' measure, when I'm feeling hungry but can't have a proper meal because I'm atop my trusty steed, maintainin' law-n-order (I'm, a cowboy… on a STEEL HORSE I-I-I ri-ieeede…).

      Even for more standard folk though, the principle is the same—you would nae' "chow down" on it as a main course—it's used more like a delicious 'bar-snack' (or when camping, fishing, traveling, etc.).

  • Thanks OP, I ordered 85 samples to everyone in my street, however I used my name each time so my kind neighbours will drop the sample in my letterbox. I can then use these 60-70 samples (accounting for a 70-82% kind-neighbour rate) to package them into one, and resell this on gumtree for at least $10.

    You should consider changing the title to say Free $10 from Jim's Jerky or something along those lines.

    Thanks OP!

  • What size is the sample.?

  • I'm not game to try this offer of free beef jerky. I just bought Geronimo's half price offer. What if Jimbobs jerky is superior. I']ll have a $38.50 bag of inferior shite. No way can I take this path of regret that could haunt me for years.

    • as someone who just bought 30 packs of geronimo's yesterday (in addition to the 60 bags i bought a month or so back with their last deal)… i feel your pain.

    • There's no chance of that. Geronimo's is delicious. But I'm biased as I love their really spicy stuff, I don't know of any other brands doing such a thing.

  • Ooh I've been wanting to try this for ages! Love jerky!


    Had jerky before but from servos cant remember the name. Hope this stuff is good.

  • Curious, why would you punish your existing customers?

  • expired .. out of stock

  • +2 votes

    To all that have ordered a FREE SAMPLE – we have been flooded with requests and it is going to take the full 2 weeks to get these samples out to you all! You will receive an automated email requesting your feedback soon, but please ignore this until after you have tried your sample. IF you have not received your sample in approximately 3 week’s time, please let us know – we will post you another (they have been known to go missing in the post and we have no problem sending you another one as we really want you to try it!)

  • Well, it arrived today, did take the full two weeks! :) Thank you.

  • Mine just arrived today, first time someone has spelled my name right!


  • Got mine, that sodium though :O

  • Mine arrived today. Pretty excited to try it out.