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Spintel - Free Set up and SIM Delivery on SIM-Only 4G Mobile Plans (Save $25)


Been looking to get out of the ongoing disaster which is Vaya, and saw this free set up and delivery on SIM cards.

Spintel use the Optus network and are a couple of dollars more than Vaya/Liveconnected, but:

  • They have per-kilobyte billing
  • If you go over your plan inclusions one month, they will automatically bump you up to the next tier on calls, text or data rather than charging you expensive overages
  • You can actually drop your plan down to the lowest tier every month and let yourself be bumped up, so if you have a quiet month you'll only get charged the minimum.

Plus, from what I've seen on Whirlpool, their customer service is not bad.

Spintel Referral Wiki

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  • FYI, I'm using yatango approximately 9 months, their plans look more flexible…

  • amaysim - no go op?

    • Not OP, but amaysim is also good, just better value if you use 2.5GB, 250 minutes and 600 texts. Works out to be $28/mo. Basically if you use data more than anything else.

  • Lycamobile has a pre-paid plan with unlimited national calls/text/mms and 5GB data for $19.00 month.

  • Sorry just checked…seems that they have bumped up the price. Was $19.00 last week when I bought the sim.

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      that was a promotion they had just for the first month.

  • Review.

    Was previously with Vaya, so happy I left.

    Have been with Spintel for 3 months now.. No issues whatsoever and the technicians are very prompt at answering. Also the billing works well, unlike Vaya.

    Advice to save money with Spintel, choose the lowest plan options and let Spintel automatically bump you. This way you know how much you actually need.

    Any people considering sign up, feel free to ask questions.

    • Based on my terrible experience with Spintel I can only think this person is a shill. Very prompt at answering LOL. I've recorded several hour plus waiting times for the er "technicians" to answer.

      • I had a problem when I moved to Spintel inasmuch as for some reason people on Vodafone couldn't get through to me. I had some pretty long wait-times to get through to a rep (like 30mins plus) but once I did get through I have to say they were pretty good. I'm still with Spintel and still rate them, my school of thought is that I don't really need CS often enough for it to bother me unless it's really bad and Spintel were actually good just, as I said, a long wait with my phone next to me on speaker listneing to this hold spiel/music to get that initial contact.

  • I am currently with Telstra post paid.
    Wishing to switch to Spin Tel as I want to cut down my costs. I currently have ~$650 worth of calls, of which I hardly use. I probably only use ~60 minutes of call a month. I also have 2gb of data with Telstra of which I use 75-100% of each month.

    I want to port my number, but not until near the end of my billing cycle with Telstra. Is it possible to sign up to Spintel without porting my number over straight away? A quick look at the sign up screen, it looks like they are asking me for my current provider and mobile number, so am a bit concerned they want to do a port straight away.

    • tye port doesn't occur until you receive and then activate the sim. I know from experience.

  • They will only port after you receive the SIM card and tell them you want to Port. They wont do it immediately on sign up.

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  • i'm still seeing that i have to pay for activation and such.

  • Legend thank you I've been waiting for this to help me jump to them, great flexibility and options.

    EDIT: not so keen now, their prices have gone up! Looks like I'll be staying with Exetel :S

  • Interesting concept. Do they allow tethering?

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    Ported out from Live Connected recently. Jeenee works out slightly cheaper than Spintel for my usage needs, also has per KB billing, and is not-for-profit. They also have no SIM fee currently.


  • I would suggest to NOT go with SpinTel. IF you want to change you credit card details you can NOT do it online. I did it multiple times yet they still charged me. Needed to ring them MULTIPLE times for them to fix it.

    • Really? Is that enough to recommend not going with them? Doesn't sound like the end of the world to me. I'd rather know about their mobile service - coverage, drop outs, speed, ease of transfer etc.

      • Well do you want to keep getting charged dishonour charges when you keep doing the right thing to change your credit card?
        Coverage, drop outs? Easy to work out mate, they only use the optus network.

    • You can do it online or on the phone.
      Did it online today..

    • I had the same experience, couldn't change details online, (just got error messages constantly) and didn't even realise the two credit cards I was using (two accounts) were expired and therefore dishonouring payments, which costs $15 fee each time!

  • I have very negative experience with Spintel.

    I had their adsl service before. You can't imagine how difficult it is to discount the service. They find different reasons of not disconnect you and continue charging your credit card.

    I will not recommend this provider.

    • Yep basicaly mirrors my experience. Cheeky gits tried charging me $70 for … well I never did find out why that was charged other than it happened right after I went to cancel the service. And had to go through the usual time wasting idiocy of making a request to refund me (we both know nothing will happen) and then me wasting more time going to the TIO (we both know they will refund the monies immediately etc).

      • Yeah, when they confirmed to cancel the service, the credit card direct debit was not cancelled.

        The call centre waiting time is super long. Most of your time you have to leave your details and wait for call back service.

  • Would we be able to get reviews from SPINTEL PHONE SERVICE?

    1. Connection and coverage
    2. Billing
    3. Support access

    I am looking to port away from vaya as they have overcharged me many times.

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      Hi I've been using SpinTel since October and haven't had any issues.
      I signed up two phone no and each time I get a bill they are spot on.
      Running optus 4g in Melbourne and it's fine, no drop outs.

      Bills are accurate and always get usage notifications by email and text. .

      I like the plan bumping so you never get reamed on a bill unless you feel the need to stream hd video all day long.
      I find their overall service fine for a budget mvno.
      If you have to wait for a little bit on hold when calling them, remind yourself of the money your saving and put that into perspective and consider how much you earn an hour. If you spent an hour on the phone to them but your saving hundreds of dollars a year then that's a reasonable sacrifice of time. If you don't think that's reasonable then feel free to pay 2-3 times more with telstra and still be disappointed in the service.

      Be realistic about your service expectations from a smaller provider, be polite and respectful and you typically find even difficult problems get resolved easier that screaming and carrying on.

      Just my findings, hope they can help someone else make an informed opinion

    • I've been using them too since end of the year and had no major issues.
      Runs optus 4g and it's fine where I am.
      I haven't had any billing issues so far, and have found their Facebook pages support also helpful.

  • Something I want to know is if I'm on the lowest plan and get auto-bumped to a higher one, do I stay on the higher one for next month or will I I go back to my original plan?

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      You go back to your original plan at the beginning of the new month

      • You have to manually change it to the lower plan efore the next billing cycle or you will be on last months plan

        • As above. You will stay on your new bumped plan but best thing would be to sign in to your account and change it back before end of month to go back to your previous plan.

  • Anyone know how long this code/deal's on for?

  • I want to get this for my son (14yo). I already have an account, Can I use my own referral code to get another number /SIm and get both accounts credited?

  • How and where to put the code in order to waive the set up and delivery fee ?

  • No place to put code so yes you need to pay setup $20 plus $5 Sim delivery.

  • Thanks - am moving over my 2 numbers from Vaya - sick of the Mrs going over the cap and getting a $100 bill!

  • Anyone know when this code expires?

  • OH bugger! I forgot to put the code in!!!
    can i cancel or ask them to apply the code to my account

  • Just got my first bill and realised promotion was only for free SIM. You still had to pay for the postage ($5). Surprised no one commented on the title being misleading

    • Should have been free postage too - the offer says "Save $25" pretty clearly.

      • Funny, on one hand it says save $25, on the other it says "with standard postage" in the photo. When I called them they said the promo code only gives $20. That was after a 20 minute wait on the phone. I didn't want to waste anymore time just to get another $5.

        • Weird. I just got my first invoice this morning, and it has the full $25 credited.

        • @batiudrami: Ok. I just called them again based on your comment. This time the operator was able to fix everything up straight away and told me I'll get the $25 credit in my next bill. I guess it depends on who you get on the other side.