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FREE Kathmandu Summit Club Membership (Worth $10) Plus 40% off for Members


Part of the Click Frenzy promotion. Just add Summit Club membership to your cart, enter the code and you're done! No purchase necessary.

They will send out a physical card to you for free if you wish. Membership provides year-round discounts as well as access to exclusive offers. At the moment as part of Click Frenzy, Summit Club members are also getting 40% off instead of the usual 20% off.

It's free, so no harm in giving it a go :)

Sale is on until 27th May, however the free membership is only on until 7pm tomorrow, 20th May, so be quick! reports in the comments that the offer is still going even though it was meant to have expired by now.

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2015

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  • pick up only in the Richmond store?

    • +1

      no need to click on any of the pick up options, entering a billing/shipping address should be sufficient.

      • thanks! all sorted.

  • +3

    I just tested this out without adding anything else to my cart and was able to get it free too.

    Jumped on here to post and you beat me to it :)

    • +6

      Haha yep, was about to post this too! Good deal for those who didn't pick up a free membership from last time.

      40% off their inflated RRP makes it regular prices really

    • +2

      They are advertising it on the ClickFrenzy website as free membership so doesn't seem to be a glitch, it's intentional! :)

      • +2

        Yeah, but I thought there would be a catch like you had to at least purchase something else to get it free, but doesn't look like it. :)

  • Ordered 1, thanks.

  • Thx OP!

  • -2

    Pretty sure it's been free for 6 months anyway…

    • +2

      Was free for awhile but that promotion expired about a month ago.

      • +1

        thanks for the clarification :)

  • -3

    It says:
    The requested Payment Method is not available.

    • Got the same problem check out as guest but create online account then check out no problem.

  • Thanks op! Going to the snow soon

  • +1


  • I could not see any discount on the website??

  • Signed up! Thanks op!

  • Can we get the 40% if we just applied for this membership?

    • +1

      Yes you can! :)

      • Cheers

    • +1

      Yep. You shortly after get sent a summit club membership confirmation email with the issued membership number and a digital version of the cards bar code as an attachment to use in store if you want while waiting for the plastic card to arrive. The summit club membership is attached to the account.

  • does the card give you 40% off discount/sale prices or just full priced items?

    • you can try and report back.

    • just full priced items unfortunately

      • thanks.

      • +2

        Which means i'll probably never use It but oh well it's going for free.

        • that's the OzBargain spirit :)

        • same here,I have bought their gear before but only sale items that are super cheap (say $150 down to $30). the normal members 20% off full price isnt worth it.

  • Wow. Their stuff is so expensive! Is it worth it?

    • +2

      some stuff is great, but when on sale.

      • +3

        Unfortunately you can't use the summit club discount with on sale items.

        • that sux! but understandable.

    • I had real bad experiences with their tents in terms of quality. Ended up returning for an exchange, then a refund.

    • Friend used to work there… She got like 70% off stuff if i recall correctly…. And it was still above cost price LOL!

  • Backpacking across the US in August/September and need some gear before I travel. Thanks for this OP.

    • +3

      Personally i'd go for the gear that's on clearance if it is better bang for the buck. Usually it's the older model stock that's on clearance but nothing wrong with that.

      • I'll keep that in mind. Do you speak from experience??

        • +2

          Im wearing a $25 discount jacket right now, pretty comfy and good material. However original price was $150….which it's not worth.

        • +2

          I've bought my share of winter wear clearance items. Here's an example Wilmot Jacket V2 for Men $50 down from the regular $399.98. Just an example of an older stock items on clearance.


          Or this Fleece jacket for $50 from original $259.98 regular price.


          If you look there are bargains to be had on the clearance item range. No way i'd pay full price or even 40% off it.

        • camping gear isn't really fashionable anyway, so why pay for the latest stuff?

          Also generational/version upgrades are minor changes in the product.

        • @Davo1111: just got back from NZ.. can wear the same jacket everyday and its fine. its important to get wind proof, water proof, warmth etc we had negative temp and rain.. stood up well thought mine's columbia but kathmandu, macpac, thenorthface are all good.

          i wished it was cold enough in bris. its so damn comfortable and i think it looks great!

    • +1

      Don't buy too much before you travel - just the basics. If there is one thing you are going to purchase though make it one of these:


      You are probably going to end up in some crap beds and these can make a world of difference. Otherwise just take your normal clothes and don't over complicate preparing for the trip. Get a basic hoody that is a little baggy and try to not look too much like a tourist with nerd travel gear. :D

      • Thanks for the tips!

    • cool where ya off to mate in the states

      • +2

        LA, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, New Orleans, Washington DC and NYC. Can't wait!

        • nice i wanna join too haahaah
          would like to know what your planning goes?
          can you private pm on ozbargain? lol

  • Nice, thanks :)

  • You can just click on "complete your registration" and you don't even need to check your email, your summit club number is there for instant ordering.

  • Apply for one just in case :)

  • Sweet! Another membership. I just hope I will use it.

  • +4

    Paid for this today in store, damnit :)

  • +3

    you guys get 2 invoices too?

  • The 40% off isn't just for Click Frenzy, it started last week for members and ends on 27th May.

  • Thanks Dude

  • +1

    thanks, i had trouble at first because i couldnt get to checkout due to : no items in cart.

    Solution: opened site in incognito

  • Thanks OP, just ordered 1x

  • -3

    I will never ever buy anything from Kathmandu.

    Got one anyway.

  • can anyone recommend a good tent of swag for first time camping ?

  • Great now got a Club Membership card to insufflate snow with !

  • Thanks!

  • Is this life time membership now, for free? or does it expire?

    • +2

      Life time membership according to the website. :)

  • +2


  • -4

    What code do you enter?

  • +1

    Never even bought anything from them before, but got my free membership anyway… just in case

  • They had an Easter sale earlier this year where having membership gave you additional discounts. I borrowed a friend's card and ended up getting a $30 drink bottle for $7. You won't often get good savings but once a while you might.

  • ¡¡¡do sʞuɐɥʇ

    • that's cool, how did you manage to type upside down?

  • Works for NZ membership as well, just sign up on AUS website and then login on the NZ as cards work in both countries.

  • Got it. Thanks

  • 1.always free for students
    2.not like their quality
    3.if there is something really good, it's really expensive:(

    conclusion: i will never ever buy anything from Kathmandu.

    • I actually paid for this membership and found it to be worth the 10 bucks. I think it depends on whether you are an outdoors person and if you are willing to wait for items to go on sale/clearance. You can get some good buys from time to time. Wouldn't pay their RRP prices though.

  • Thanks OP, free is free.

  • I know it's silly of me for going through the forms as fast as lightning without reading >.<

    but was wondering if the option to be sent a physical card was ticked during the "complete our registration" part?

    I can seem to go back there to that page, it says form has been filled.. O.o

  • Does anyone know if I can get the 40% discount in store with the membership or is this online only?

    • The sale is until the 27th as stated in the OP. Free membership is online only and ends tonight.

      • I meant, if I show my membership in store will I be able to get 40% off full RRP? or is the 40% off only available online?

        • +1

          Yes instore and online.

  • Promo code "FRENZY" is not valid.

    • Worked fine for me just now.

      • no matter what i purchase… i still get the error - logged in my account or not…

        • What do you mean no matter what you purchase? This code is specifically for the summit card, nothing else.

        • @happychild100:

          sorry what i mean is the extra 20% ( supposed to be total 40%?) - its just showing up as 20% discount

        • @chuneeperformance: It's only 40% off Kathmandu branded stuff at full price. Any other brands are currently 20% off (10% normally). You don't need any code for this though, it's just a bonus for being part of the club. Code only works for getting the card for free.

    • just did it now and worked fine for me

    • Still works

    • Out of Stock :(

    • +1

      I get is not valid message too, but I guess it has probably expired by now.

      • yeah im unable to redeem the code "FRENZY" either, expired??

  • Got it. Cheers OP.

  • Still works. Thanks.

  • +3

    Buy now, scale Mount Everest later……

  • Thanks OP.. almost bought some stuff from there last week without a membership. You'll save me heaps!

  • It's expired now. Damit - I'm too late.

    • 3 days too late i'm afraid.

  • +1

    I love the outdoors,but too far for me…………….

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