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Dick Smith: "Almost Everything on Sale" - MEGA LIST - 3181 Items


I didn't know any other way to present this data as there are 3181 items on sale.
I just whipped it up into a crude table & hosted it here http://myci.ga/r/dse/

I took a snapshot of their prices on 23rd May, and compared it to today & calculated % saving.

Click on the Product IDs, if you find anything useful post it.
Seems to be a lot of ipad / iphone covers.

edit: product names added

edit #2: "Tricky Dicky" - I've updated product prices for 27th (today) and filtered items that have gone UP in price since Saturday.

Top 500 or so discounted items (thanks stratbargain) here

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  • +197

    Jesus, plus one for effort mate.

    • +2

      More like.. plus 3181 for effort

    • +3

      Amen to that.

      Didn't find anything I liked…but that's just me.

      Amazing work.

  • +19

    Not possible to do a product name column?

    • +21

      Wheres the fun in that? 3181 surprises!

      • +2

        Here's what seems to be the best ENELOOP deal included in the sale, if you're interested in the 'High-capacity/pro' type version of these batteries; it's good because click-n-collect is available, and I think all these are still made in Japan:


        • +1

          Got myself some AA eneloops, 14.80 is fairly decent. Snoo's list confirmed I saved 49%

    • +6

      Thanks OP for taking the time to put this together & for sharing it.

      Thought i would post up here in case anybody was interested:


      The above link seems to have all the items listed in the sale & a few others so anybody that wants to see exactly what is up for sale can check it out. Enjoy.

  • +3

    +1 for the sheer effort mate - good job!

  • +11

    Excludes PT7378, PT8458, EC8858, EC8859, etc etc

  • +1

    +1 the effort you put up

  • +9

    Really need product name in a new column, can't click 3000+ times! Good effort

    • +1

      Change hands and wipe. l?l

    • Done

    • +2

      Hardly a valid reason to neg, the OP obviously put in a lot of effort..

  • +24

    But are there any bargains?

  • +8

    someone do a wget and a regex to pull out the product names ..

    • +108

      Seems like you know what you're talking about… so you do it! ;)

      • +6

        Tried it…they don't want the load on the server.
        <h2>Your Request Was Disallowed</h2>
        <p>Your request matches one of our rules put in place to protect our customers. If you are a legitimate user please contact us via our website to have this incident investigated.</p><p>www.sli-systems.com</p>

        • Oh well. Thanks for trying Vandagar. :)

        • +2

          Change the useragent when you wget using —user-agent argument. Google for a useragent string that you can use.

          Should work. Just can't be bothered coding and hosting the thing…

        • +12

          It works if you specify a user agent:

          wget --user-agent="Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; nl; rv:1.8.1b2) Gecko/20060821 BonEcho/2.0b2 (Debian-1.99+2.0b2+dfsg-1)" http://search.dicksmith.com.au/search?w=PW8901W

          Primitive attempt at blocking that is trivially bypassed. The --random-wait can also help.

        • Thanks, been awhile since I've done any scripting so thought I'd take a look.
          I found an alternative anyway and wrote a script. It will take a long time 2+ hours if it works so check back in the morning!

        • +20

          Hey, I'm already running one and have pulled 700 product titles so far… Maybe you could alter your script to start from the bottom up?
          I've been adding the titles to https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KeFMoUU-aq097gYjjVYi…

        • +1

          @Jayphen: very kool, should be added to description!

        • @Jayphen: Wow, fast work. Pretty good work too. Rather impressive…do you do this for a living?

        • +1

          @sellingoutsoon: Kind of… I'm a UX designer, but also do front-end dev.

        • +1

          @Jayphen: Nice work :) if you want the possibility of some more, contact us with your CV, cheers.

        • @Jayphen: Good job! Haven't written a bash script for 5 years so was a bit slow to fill in the bottom!

        • @vandagar: Thanks for the help! I used Ruby for mine :)

        • TIL all ozbargainers are anonymous animals

        • @mathew42:

          That works but is very slow on 5000 products in their catalog.

        • +8

          You just broke the 1st rule.

        • +5



          … and the world makes sense again. :)

    • Just out of curiosity, how was this done, or what skills do you need to do this? I would like to learn. Was it taught from a free Udemy course?

      • +1

        It is scripting (programming) in unix. You can learn a lot of the skills online for free. If you are interested in learning scripting or any type of programming the best thing to do is practice. For unix the best thing to do is to get yourself a raspberry pi and practice.

      • +1

        There are numerous ways to accomplish this, but it boils down to:

        1. Grab the web page from DSE.
        2. "Pass" the web page content using regular expressions or some kind of "scraper" to identify the specific content you want from the page.
        3. Store the results in some format for later use.

        It can be done fairly easily with basic knowledge of most scripting languages (Python and Perl as an example). You can also do it with "bash scripting" (on *nix), where you call a number of programs that already exist to accomplish each step.

        A good place to start is googling "web scraping".

        • +5

          By "Pass" did you mean "Parse"?

        • @gadgetguy: both could be used in this context!

        • @gadgetguy:

          Oops, that I did. That's what I get for replying to Ozbargain posts at 1am in the morning. :)

    • Done

  • Anything good on sale?

  • +7


    That seems to work, not 100% sure if it list every item though.

  • +1

    +100 for the effort … we'l surely crash their servers with all these queries :)

  • +2

    the original prices are bs. i mean $27 for a usb cable?? http://search.dicksmith.com.au/search?w=XH3362

    • +3

      $75 for a basic ipad case rrp too ;)

  • how the hell did you populate this..good job mate

    • +3

      the mythical com-puta

  • +1

    Are all of the previous prices here correct? For instance, according to the table, this 1.5m RCA cable was previously $25.98! $2.21 is a reasonable price for it now, but I find it hard to imagine it being more than $5-$10 previously.

    • +1

      Seems to be, Google cache page from a few days ago has it at that price http://puu.sh/i12cm/bf150704a2.png

      • +6

        Wow the ones that used to come free with every analog product that everyone has muliples of
        What are they on eBay like $1? DSE really hit the bong with some of their prices.

        • they jack it up so it looks more impressive (to a layman) when they have a sale.

          doesn't fool a "professional" ( I hope), but sadly works for the general uninformed public.

      • +1

        could be some errors, but yeah crazy prices hey!

  • +5

    Don't know what PR1353 yet but I'm definitely getting it.

    • Simplism iPad Flip Case Orange

  • I salute you op, great effort.

  • +1

    Sodastream 1L bottles for $13.65 White / Black

    They're $16.50 at Target and $17.95 at The Good Guys

    • +2

      even cheaper with 15% ebay code here

  • -6

    To many number. What a good one for me?

  • +5

    I thought i was going to sleep tonight.

    • +2

      Tomorrow… maybe. :)

    • +2


    • Perfect bedtime reading.

      • that is very sad, however you are a ozbargainer, and like reading a bible

  • +12

    The Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard finally went down 3 cents!! Thanks OP!

    • +12

      a penny saved is a penny earned… now you have 3!

      • +4

        Have you ever worked for Pennytel?

    • $105.97 on their ebay store :P

  • There's some decent Acme cases for MacBooks

  • Here's a funny aside/loosely related snippet… in a few minutes on channel ABC2 there's going to be a segment called "Hannah says FU to Dick Smith"… could be interesting.

  • +18

    I'm going to open each link out of respect OP.

  • Aaaaaaaaaaaand we're down!

  • -2

    nothing, nothing worthwhile at all, at most save few bucks

    • +18

      Incredible that you went through all 3 thousand products in just 28 minutes.

      • "Incredible that you went through all 3 thousand products in just 28 minutes."

        Erm, that would be one per second roars, so methinks you are perhaps misunderstaning what was involved in the derivation of this post, just a little. Or I'm missing your (implied?) sarcasm.

        Not meaning to detract from the OP's awesome effort though! Great work!

        • +1

          Not sure what you mean. I was replying to Balls

        • +1

          LOL, soz/my mistake, 'Balls' comment is collapsed/not shown so I failed to make the connection…

      • @rorymeister - cause u can do better

    • So save a few bucks! This is Ozbargain!
      The very first product at the top of the list, is a saving of $73.98 at 98.67% off.

  • +10

    OzBargain restores my faith in humanity. So many awesome folks out there putting in so much effort.

  • +2

    That's what I call click frenzy!

    • +13

      It's a DICK frenzy.

      • +15

        My ex participated in this last year!

        • +4

          Yeah it was great!!

    • +2

      "That's what I call click frenzy!"

      Aye, it's "frickin' crazy"…

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  • +2

    Some old tech - land line phone parts, old TV, AV cables & SCART adapters, that seem still overpriced.

    So much I've looked through was much cheaper before when stores received their Quit Stock lists covering much of this.

    Then there are the usual high priced covers, stylus marked down.

    • +9

      thanks, just found a case for my nokia 5110

  • +4

    Some things are still cheaper with buying on Ebay DickSmith with their 15% off sale..

    Ie this on the website: http://www.dicksmith.com.au/full-high-definition/changhong-4… is $367.25 but on Ebay it's $347.05

  • Awesome job OP but how did you do that? How long did it take?

  • +2

    Wow… when did delivery go up to $8. Not cool. :(

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