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Amaysim 10GB Annual Data Plan $50 or Less (+ More Phone/Data Hacks) Via Coles Amaysim Recharge Deal


To apply the vouchers you need to contact the customer support center directly either via online chat or phone

Original deal

SO its been confirmed by TheVoucherKing that the Coles Amaysim Unlimited 5GB Recharge Voucher for $17.90 (instead of $45) adds an actual dollar amount (i.e. $44.90) into your account.

So each $17.90 voucher will give you $44.90 worth of credit. You can then use that credit as you wish on any amaysim service.

Remember NOT to add all the recharge vouchers together (unless you intend yo use them within 90 days) as validity of credit is 90 days, no matter how many recharge voucher you apply

SO in summary:

Data Plans:

  • The 10GB 365 Data Plan would cost you 2 x $2 Sim + 2 X $17.90 vouchers + $10.10 payment (or less if you add 3 recharge vouchers) = $49.90
  • The 4GB Data plan would cost you 1 x $2 Sim + 1 X $17.90 voucher and you would have $15 extra credit in your account
  • 1 X $17.90 voucher would get you 2 months of the 2.5GB Data plan and you would have $5 extra credit in your account
  • 1 X $17.90 voucher would get you 4 months of the 1GB Data plan and you would have an extra $5 credit in your account.

Phone Plans: 1 X $17.90 voucher would get you

  • UNLIMITED 7GB when you pay an extra $10 (or add another recharge vouchers)
  • 1 Months of UNLIMITED TEXT 2GB and you would have $15 extra credit in your account
  • 2 Months of AMAYSIM FLEXI and you would have an extra $5 credit in your account.
    Please note that the FLEXI plans actually gives you 500MB Data and $19.90 to spend however you like
  • On the PAYG plan, you would have $45 to use in 90 days

These would be the Cheapest Data or Phone deals I've ever seen or a recurring basis (depending on how many vouchers you buy and how you use them). Also think about how much money you would be saving compared to being on a postpaid phone plan (For some people, you would probably be saving enough to buy a phone outright).


STEP 1: If your a new customer and want a BONUS $10 credit, Click on my referral link

  • Then To activate the $2 SIM, click the link highlighted in orange that says "Activate your SIM and you’ll be ready to rock ‘n’ roll in no time" (Its towards the end of the page)
  • Proceed and complete checkout.
  • At payment, you have to checkout with your credit card (even with zero payment) to qualify for the $10 referral credit. You can then login your account, and change payment to vouchers or direct debit to remove your credit card info

STEP 2: Call Customer Service or chat with them online and tell them you bought the voucher instore and want to activate it on your chosen phone or data plan.

You can also signup with the following current promo's with $10 referral credit and use the recharge voucher to add additional services on that SIM card.

EDIT 1: If the self service has no sim packs left, here is the AMAYSIM $2 SIM PACK Barcode. Scan at self checkout and them choose the $45 recharge Voucher. You will be charged $19.90 in total. Reference

EDIT 2: You can purchase multiple SIM pack with Multiple vouchers i.e. At self checkout scan 1 sim pack per 1 voucher multiple times in one transaction. You will be charged $19.90 per sim/voucher

EDIT 3: TheVoucherKing was on a 7GB Unlimited plan when the hack worked and gave him/her $44.90 +ve credit valid for 90 days. victorchew has reported that it doesnt work on a PAYG plan but gave him the 5GB Unlimited Plan directly. Im still trying to determine what minimum plan you need to be on for hack to work as more comments come in.

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      • +1

        Is this the actual barcode from the back of a sim pack or a generated barcode

        • +1

          It worked for me on both laptop and phone…

          Try clear your cache?

          Or make one yourself from here and print out:

          The barcode is 9344286000028.

        • @alwynpan:

          I want the actual barcode PIC from the back of the SIM pack so i cant post it in the OP

        • +1

          What's the difference? It is a standard EAN13 barcode, you can even manually key in on the kiosk and it works.

          The direct answer to your question is yes. The barcode updated is a generated barcode and it is the same on the pack.

  • can you use self checkout?

  • I have a postpaid Amaysim account and currently use 1 GB data plan for 9.95. I am interested to go for an annual 10 GB recharge,please suggest how it can be done

    • The 10GB 365 Data Plan would cost you 2 x $2 Sim + 2 X $17.90 vouchers + $10.10 payment (or less if you add 3 recharge vouchers) = $49.90

      • OP, you don't need to pay a cent if you use referral to activate the card.

        • he/she may want to keep their number though.

          The referral is for new accounts

        • @easternculture:

          Yes, but it will also top up the original account.

        • @alwynpan:

          If you activate the SIM card via your existing account.

          SO on page 2 of checkout page, you would have to choose "login into existing account" and that would merge both accounts together

        • @easternculture:

          No, you don't activate the SIM in your account. Just activate for your wife, for your son for "whoever" you want to get $10 on both accounts and the other one is single use anyway (you can get 1G for a month).

          Please be creative. ;p

    • a. Buy 2 x SIM pack @ $19.90 each. If you have Amaysim account use your own account as referral or pick up one from the link in the OP. So the main account will have $10, and the new SIM1 pack will have $10. Use the new SIM as referral and activate the other new SIM, so you will have $20 on new SIM1 and $10 on new SIM2.

      b. Recharge the new SIM pack with two vouchers, so you will have $109.80 in new SIM1, and use it to buy a 10G pack.

      • use your own account as referral

        They might have a system to detect the use of your own referral link via personal details or IP address. And may invalidate your eligibility for the $10

        • +1

          No, they won't. I've tried many times.

        • So basically you could also get the 7GB unlimited plan for just $19.90 per month if you are getting a $10 referral credit from each new sim activation?

    • I'm in the same boat as you; on postpaid As You Go account with automatic recharge of 1gb data pack every month for $9.90 and pay for calls I make at the end of the month.

      I think you would need to change from postpaid to prepaid for this to potentially work because I can not find out how to apply payment with a voucher to my account online. Can someone advise how to do this? Do I need to change to prepaid?

  • OP, please update this,

    You can buy multiple packs in one transaction on the kiosk.

    To save the hassle for those want to buy multiple packs.

    • Do you mean, one SIM and two vouchers?

      • No, two SIMs and two Vouchers or n x SIMs and n x Vouchers in one transaction. You don't actually need to do multiple transactions. (In T&C, it says 1 per customer.)

        • Ok, so you grab $2 SIM and while paying at self-kiosk, buy $44.90 voucher?

        • @cniminc:


    • could you explain how this works

      So basically scan multiple packs and then choose multiple recharge vouchers in one transaction?

      one sim per one voucher ? or one sim and multiple vouchers ?

      • One SIM one voucher, but you can buy as many as you want in one transaction.

        • so if you scan 1 sim, and 2 vouchers, you'll only get the discount on the first voucher?

          You can get the amaysim 44.90 recharge vouchers directly from the self-checkout kiosks? Its just an option on the screen?

        • +2


          Yes, I've tried this morning and discount only applies to the first voucher.

          Use the "Recharge" option on screen. On right handside, 1st of the 2nd row.

        • @alwynpan:

          fantastic, thanks for the clarification. I guess, just bring one $2 sim pack to the kiosk and then swipe it as many times as I want vouchers(assuming they will approve me buying multiple even though deal says 1 per customer), then just either return the sim pack or just dump it.

          Easier than the $1 telstra deal where I have to go to the service kiosk to get the $30 sim starter packs, etc.. Can just do this all myself at the self-checkout

  • IMO The Telstra 'glitch' where $1 credit gives you 1GB data works out better as 2x $30 Starter kit ($2 if you got them from Coles promo) +$50 recharge can give you 27GB of data and 1 year expiry.

    • I'd agree with this, but that "glitch" is only really useful if you're just after data and no calls. If you're after a deal which includes ability to make calls on same SIM, then this is great as well

      • Good point.
        I am using 1 SIM on Freedom anytime which gives $220 calls + 1.3GB data, but that would only last 28 days.
        I am transfer credit from this SIM into my Data Pass SIM.

        Each month I would have to port in and out. So it is a bit of a hassle.

        Hopefully they don't fix the 'glitch' anytime soon :-)

    • +1

      I have had a few questions about this comment.
      Here is some more info:

      There is currently a 'glitch' in Telstra system that will allow you to credit $1 for 1GB of data.

      Using the $30 Telstra starter kits (these were $1 from Coles), you can transfer $24 worth of credit into your Telstra Broadband and gain 24GB. You can then pay $50 recharge to get extra 5GB and 1 year expiry.

      1. Using 1st $30 Telstra starter kits activate it is Mobile Broadband - Data pass
      2. Using 2nd $30 Telstra starter kits activate it as mobile phone on Freedom daytime. This give you $220 calls and 1.3GB data for your mobile
      3. Using creditMe2u, transfer $1 from the phone SIM to the Data pass SIM. This will give 1GB data to your Data pass SIM
      4. Repeat step 3 24 times (each transfer cost 25 cents, so you can only do this 24 times for a $30 SIM).
      5. Recharge Data pass SIM with $50 to get 1 year expiry.

      End result:
      Mobile phone SIM with on Freedom plan with $220 calls cap + 1.3GB data and Data pass SIM has 27GB data with 1 year expiry.

      Cost = $2 (or 2x$30 Telstra starter kits)

      HOWEVER use this glitch at your own risk.
      There is a chance that Telstra will cancel all of your data, or they may not.
      I am hoping for the latter.

      Also note, each time you add $1 to Data pass SIM, it will add +3 days to the expiry.
      So pay the $50 recharge before the expiry. This will allow the Data pass SIM to last even longer.

      Also the credit on the Data Pass SIM can be used to buy from Google Play.
      Also you cannot transfer the credit out of Data pass, otherwise you would transfer it to another Datapass SIM almost endlessly ;-)

      • Note, you will need to transfer $1 each day, so that the expiry date is extended.

        • +1

          I just read on Whirlpool that the $1 data glitch has ended today.

        • @snappy1234: Nooooo :-(
          Only got 15GB loaded…

        • @congngo:

          Gonna try $10 tomoz and see what happens.

        • The Telstra, 24 x 1gb = 24 gb, had a greater payback than the Vodafone's 46 x .35gb=16gb ('grandfathered'). Ah well ..pays to keep a backup plan. :^)
          But I did buy 5×$1 T-packs, so i'd prefer that it could return.

          Hardly took them long to open, only to then (?)close, that easter egg..Telstra. :S

        • @daver: the $1 transfer can still give 0.5GB.
          So still not too bad…

  • OP,if you use someone else's idea in you post, you should give credit to them.

  • Does coles central/express in sydney cbd have the same deal?

  • Wow thanks @easternculture that's an amazing post ;)

  • Getting a tad confuse here.
    I'm currently on the 44.90 monthly postPaid that gets me 5gb. Next renewal is on the 8th of June .

    How do I go about saving some money here ?!
    I need to buy 1 new SIM card plus the voucher and manually add to my accounts on the 8th of June ?

    So the new SIM card is nothing pretty much ? Am thinking to give to a friend coming overseas just to have a mobile sim just in case of emergency .

    Many thanks !

    • so you can buy up to 12 Voucher in SIM/Voucher combo's @ $19.90 for the purpose of the plan your on (As they have 1 year expiry). If their is no stock on sim cards, ive posted a barcode in EDIT 2. This means you would get the recharge but no SIM card. The purpose of the barcode is to get the discount in the recharge voucher.

    • $10.10 payment

    What is this payment exactly? I'm rather confused.

    • So the 10GB plan is $99.90

      2 X SIM/Voucher combo's would get you $89.80 of credit.

      The you would have to pay an extra $10.10 for the $99.90 10GB plan

      If you use a referral link to sign up, then you would get $10 credit which means $89.80 + $10 = 99.80 which is short of 10 cents

      The 10 cents could theoretically be paid via Bpay

  • +1

    Just reporting back, I wasn't too skillful with the self checkout. Instead of adding quantity I tried swiping the pack more than once which resulted in weight error. So the attendant had to fix it and she told me can't buy more than one.

    • do they have an option of "using your own bag" like woolworths

      • Yep, but I still had to place the pack in the bagging area. So I had to take it off the scales to rescan 2nd time which caused it to detect weight error. Any other ways just to add quantity from the screen?

        • +3

          Maybe bluff it with your wallet? Suggest you watch Indiana jones first to get some tips.

  • I am with AMASIM right now on a monthly plan. Can I simply switch to this with my number?

    • these are just recharge vocuhers. Look at them like money added to your account.

      If you follow my instruction in OP, then $19.90 will get you $44.90 in credit

      The use the credit as you wish

  • +3

    Didn't work for me.

    I have an existing PAYG account with 10GB datapack (3GB left). Paid $2+$17.90 for the SIM and voucher. Logged into my account and redeemed the voucher. Instead of getting $44.90 credited into my account, I got 5GB applied to my PAYG account immediately.

    So now I have a PAYG account with 5GB (expires 30 days) and the original 10G datapack (another 5 months to go).

    • Interesting. It was reported by TheVoucherKing that he got credit that expires in 90 days

    • If this is the case then deal itself is gone for a toss now.

      • maybe you need to be on an actual plan, rather than PAYG for hack to work.

        can anyone report

        • +1

          I think, please update OP otherwise people are already lots of this SIM without knowing whether it'll work with theyr PAYG or not.

        • +1


          already did

        • @easternculture: excellent.I was about to visit nearest coles but seems i won't bother anymore as i use PAYG.

          Or probably it depends on how you recharge ie via SMS or via putting code on your amaysim account.

        • @cniminc:

          Im still trying to determine this as more comments come in

        • I am on PAYG. Try to recharge by texting to 1555. Nothing happened, no top up no confirmation. I have never recharged via sms before. I wonder if 1555 number is still valid??

        • @kcy:

          You can easily redeem your voucher by following either of the options below:

          • Text your voucher number to 568;
          • Log in to My amaysim;
          • Use our free amaysim app for iPhone or Android; or
          • Call 555 and follow the prompts.
        • @easternculture: I was trying to test if this deal only works if it is recharged via text to 1555 following your instruction :)

        • @kcy: so what happened to your voucher?

        • @jdf: Just in case the voucher gets used before I even use it because I text to invalid number 1555, I recharged by sending text to 568.

          I am now subscribed to Unlimited 5GB instead of having $ amount in my account :(

    • Does this mean we cant topup the unlimited 5G plan in sub-sequence months using the discounted vouchers?

      • TheVoucherKing was on a 7GB unlimited plan, when he applied the Voucher he got $44.90 credit valid for 90 days

        This might mean you need to be on a phone plan (cheapest being the flexi) for the hack to work

        Hopefully someone can confirm

  • Any idea whether I can keep my existing Phone number?

    • what network are you on

    • +1

      I just ported my Telstra number over with this Coles discount deal, took about 10min.

      • Gr8, thanks mate :)

  • +1

    Is this 100% fool proof?
    Last thing you want to do is have Amaysim catch on and somehow block using the vouchers for anything other than advertised.

    • read the OP. Ive expired it for the reason mentioned until further notice

  • Lucky I did not pull the trigger.

  • Why is it expired?

    • +1

      Read the first 3 lines in the description.

      • Cheers

  • Understand deal is dead/expired.

    But can you guys keep providing updates?

    I'm still interested if anyone is able to top up their 5gb unlimited plan without starting a new number.

    • +1

      I had the Unlimited TXT 2GB deal and recharged with the AMAYSIM APP, it put me on the UNLIMITED 5GB plan. so for $20 I got the $45 plan with no change in number.

      Good luck, this may have changed.

      • Good to know mate.

        Still a great deal you're getting.

        I wonder if it's only the app that causes the plan change.

        Has anyone else tried recharging via phone?

  • Just one question. If you straight out purchase a $44.90 voucher and add it to your account would it not automatically go towards actual unlimited plan credit and not a dollar credit? Then how is this voucher different, if you add it to your account and check your credit would the response be 'you're on unlimited…' or 'you have $44.90 credit.

  • -2

    Amaysim if you are reading this.

    Your deal attracted customers from big networks to come across for the next 12 months.

    If you are going to take your company public, you have to prove that you can behave a like a big telco does.

    Continue to honour the deals and keep growing your customer base this week while you can.

    Otherwise all people see is another small short sighted telco

    • +2

      Its not Amaysim's fault. Its people like us who found the hack.

    • Trust me, people loading up on vouchers through a flaw in the system are not the type of customers that they want and they know that.

      • Valid point but I also have to point out these people hacking are also with other telcos.

        What keeps a customer after their first month of use? Amaysim brand is small, their customer service would small.

        I see this being a good strategy to keep people for good 12 months and build the customer base for floating.

        It gives them good cashflow too. Prepaying for 12 months would be a dream for them.

        • +2

          They still allow you to take advantage of the promotion (i.e. $19.90 for Unlimited 5G) for the next whatever months. We are bargainers, we are not robbers. Please be reasonable and appreciated.

        • @ksyu223: They bought the recharges already. So either way they have to stay with them lol

        • @alwynpan:
          the customer sevice rep on chat told me it was 1 voucher per sim? can you port from amaysim to amaysim on another sim card?

        • @leeroys_dad:

          No, I am afraid you can't. You just need to recharge the same account using the voucher to get another month of Unlimited 5GB.

        • @ksyu223: It's going to be really funny when they try to redeem another voucher in a month and it requires a new sim card.

        • @ksyu223:

          Well, they don't HAVE to use the recharges on their phone. Can just use the vouchers once a month. I'm sure that you can probably sell the unwanted recharges on gumtree or something similar to others who could use the recharge. $44.90 value for $19.90 is still pretty good. Want to port out, sell your recharges to someone else for 30 bucks or something. win-win on both sides.

        • @someones1:

          Don't see why it would. Its just a regular Amaysim UNLIMITED 5GB recharge worth 44.90 that you're buying for a discount. Its nothing special, nothing differentiating it from a full price one. So unless they have the some weird conditions for a full price one, which is highly unlikely, should be no problems.

        • @Kenb0: There's been people saying that now when they try to redeem it, the system says they're going to dispatch a new sim.

        • @someones1:

          Really? I would be highly surprised if this was true. Is this just hearsay of what people think is going to happen, or has it actually happened to someone who's not a friend of a friend?

          Like others have confirmed, its just a regular recharge voucher that you can get from the service desk(or from the self-checkout kiosk).

        • @Kenb0:
          It was reported by thomas163 but his comment got negged into oblivion here
          I too find it a bit sus because no one else reports the same thing, but stranger things happen with amazsim eg. When I referred my sister she got $15 and my friend only received $5, when he went on live chat they told him that $5 was from his own money, say what!!!
          And that for the free unlimited 5GB campaign referral fee is not payable, such #*[email protected]?& BS