This was posted 12 years 7 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free $12 PayPal Voucher Towards Postage on (First 50,000)


Free $12 PayPal voucher that can be used towards postage on

First 50,000 applicants only.

Must have an Australian PayPal account.

Valid for items bought on and paid for between 00:00:01am AEDST Sunday 13 December 2009 until 23:59:00pm AEDST Sunday 20 December 2009.

Edit: as has been pointed out in the comments below "Entry is open to all residents of Australia who are invited to enter" and "If the shipping costs are less than AUD$12, the voucher is only worth the value of your shipping costs"

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  • Thx

  • Great post!

  • When was this email sent out?

    • I received it at 10:05am today.

  • did it as well thanks!

  • You think that there3 are still spots avaliable 35min after lol.

  • Thanks for that… I received the same email at 10.19am, but didn't pay it much attention!

    This $12 promo is hidden at the bottom of what is a page of fairly unremarkable paypal offers, lets hope people didn't notice it too quickly!

    • I haven't even checked my mail yet :P

      Terms and conditions

      1. The winners will be notified via email and their names will be published on the Promotions Board page ( on Friday, 11 December 2009 AEDST.

      That's going to be a very long list … :)

      On completing the application

      If you have qualified for the voucher, you will receive an email to your eBay email address in the next few days

  • Got mine, thanks

    • Did you get an email already?

  • No not yet, just signed up for it

  • thank you!!!!

  • Awesome

  • got mine too :)

  • bonus

  • Is anyone else getting "This Connection is Untrusted" error? I use Firefox 3.5

  • -2

    Just signed up so fingers crossed.

    • +14

      ahh the Grinch, how was it filming your new movie?

      • +1


      • ??? :|

        • Someone edied their post lol

  • I thought it read like it was only valid for people who had received the email? I don't think all Ebay accounts received it.

  • Thanks, hopefully receive an email soon :)

  • This Promotion applies to the first 50,000 entrants who sign up to receive the free shipping voucher during the Promotion Period in order of subscription (to a maximum of fifty thousand (50,000) subscriptions).

  • I just got my email for the voucher just now.

  • +4

    now lets all sell a blank piece of aper on eBay, $0.01 + $12 postage :)

    • Could a 'friend' just create a 0.01 +$12post BIN listing for whatever. You 'purchase' it, pay through PP and then claim back the $12? How would they ever know it was a fake listing, just put something that is about the correct value?

      • a box of rocks then?

  • I just received an email from paypal with the subject " (Your Name), it's raining shipping vouchers"

    Is this the one? and where may the voucher be located in this email? I just see a whole bunch of links to paypal offers.

    • That's just the email for you to sign up, it's not the voucher. In the email click on "Find Out More" in the section with the girl with the presents. It will take you to the same page as the one linked here (above).

    • My email had the subject "A special Christmas delivery on us".

      • I just got a second one from Paypal ('It's raining shipping vouchers'). My earlier 'A special Christmas delivery on us' email was from Ebay.

  • I give this a + provided I get the voucher. :D

    I never seem to manage to be in the first 50,000 or whatever for these things despite signing up as soon as I get their email.

  • +8

    Im hoping this works on the hk sellers, $1 plus first born shipping.

    They show up on

  • +1

    if u read the t&c it says only people who are invited may enter….. which means i miss out again since i dont have an invitation email…

    • hey you might want to check your notification preferences as this looks like a general promotional email.
      I have 3 separate accounts in my household and all 3 received the email

      • i didnt get anything….. and when i clicked the link i didnt get anything in my email….
        but yeah it's starting to seem like it might be a problem at my end
        +ve anyway free postage for anyone is alwas a plus in my books

  • thanks ill try it out.

  • Signed up, will see how we go.

  • Signed up, how long is it taking to receive the voucher? I've just made a purchase, and would like to use it on that purchase to get a discount on the shipping…

    • +1

      You will find out if you got the voucher on Friday.

      You can't use it on the purchase you made now only purchases between the 13th and 20th.

  • Do you guys think the people of ozbargain are within the first 50,000 people?

  • +1

    I definitely think they are..

    • +1

      We'll see soon enough…

  • have some people gotten the voucher and other waiting for friday?

  • No, all wait till Friday.

  • They have reached max limit which means we got them!! YAY!!

  • Haven't received it yet !! it's been a few days now

  • We have to wait till tomorrow to see if we got them.
    Lets say I won something on ebay yesterday and I still haven't paid for it yet. Can I still use the voucher when were able to use it? or does it have to be something you won with that period?

  • -1

    Yeah, Won and paid for in that period from Sunday for a week.

  • Using the voucher, GTA: Episodes from liberty city ends up being under $30 shipped!
    What a bargain. Check the HK buy it now listings.

    • Anyone got it yet? i have something to buy, dammit.

      • You can't use it till sunday lol.

  • nope :(

  • Nope and I wish I didn't put my positive vote so early

  • You can retract it but it said ON FRIDAY not at the start of friday :D

    • But friday is half over. are you telling me the folks at ebay work harder on a friday afternoon?..

      • You can look at the previously posted winners and they were announced at 4pm and 7pm in the afternoon. Others were 3AM in the morning so I think it varies.

  • woohoo the list is up and my name is on it :)
    still haven't received the email yet thou

    use the search function it is alot easier (ctrl+f)

  • YAY I'm on the list.

    Notice how they all get crammed near the bottom?

    Wish I could use shipping now.

    • did u seriously look through the entire list…?

      • No, I just used Ctrl + F?

        I was just saying they had to cram it at the bottom because of all the people…

  • I made it on the list too, no need to look through the entire list, just use the "find on this page" feature on firefox.

    Haven't received a confirmation email yet.

  • yep, im on list as well! crapbay here i come!

  • Didn't make it on the list…T_T

  • YEWWWWW im on the list,, i feel like that guy that gets to jump the queue at the movies "feel like a star" haha

  • i registered 3hours after posted and missed out :( ….oh well no biggie tis was only $12

  • :) I'm on the list

  • In the 80's we used to blow $150 on a night out, no biggie.
    Now I'm stoked that I won (sorta) $12…
    Sad really 8^)

  • Woo, first thing I've won in nearly 15 years. Best Christmas ever.

  • Grumble. No email, no voucher, not the the list. Signed up early but presumably no luck since I didn't get the promotional email, even though it's set in my preferences to receive it. Ah well.

  • My account with the 10% voucher didn't make it. Second account (joined promotion later) is on the list. Is this consistent with the experience of others?

  • I didn't get the email, the first I heard about the promotion was on Ozbargain. I checked the link posted above and my name is in the list. I didn't have anything in mind to buy from eBay but now that I've won it, I feel like I have to use it!

  • My name is on the list but there has been no sign of any email.

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