This was posted 5 years 3 months 10 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Foxtel Play 1 Month FREE Trial


1 month free trial for new customers, you can deactivate the subscription online and the free trial will still remain.

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  • Ah. This must be Foxtel's annual post-Game Of Thrones pre-EoFY subscriber number boost to fluff up their annual shareholder report.

  • can i use this to watch Golden State trounce the Cavs tomorrow? or is it just a basic package?

    • You can add all the packages (Genre + Premium) and you won't pay anything till the trial ends
      Once you register and login to your account you can deactivate easily afterwards. Ive got the following pop up on the page "You are currently on a free trial until 16 July, 2015. Deactivate before this date to avoid your first upfront monthly fee."

    • *New Australian residential users with a compatible internet connected device running an eligible operating system. See full list of compatible devices here. Not all channels/content available on all devices with Foxtel Play and Foxtel Go. Credit card details are required at time of sign up for any ongoing direct debit subscription payments if you do not cancel your subscription during the first month. Ongoing subscription fees reflective of your package apply unless you cancel your subscription. Offer ends 30 June 2015. Not available in conjunction with any other offer. Broadband internet connection with minimum speed of at least 3Mbps required. ISP and data charges apply.

  • Foxtel app works like shite on Samsung TV's (known problem)

  • hmmmm. I've had this in the past. It says for new customers so I assume I wouldn't be eligible ? Maybe in the wife's name …

  • Not all channels/content available on all devices with Foxtel Play and Foxtel Go.. IS there a list of whats not available on what?

  • New customers and has been around for ages. It's also available on the PS4.

  • A good deal! Able to watch nba finals tomorrow live streaming yeah… thanks for OP… cheers

  • Can you deactivate the subscription straight away and foxtel will work for the full month or it will stop as soon as you deactivate it?


    • It says at the top my account management page: "You are currently on a free trial until 16 July, 2015. Deactivate before this date to avoid your first upfront monthly fee."

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      Yes, you can deactivate and it wont affect your ability to watch foxtel

    • Yes, with foxtel play whenever you deactivate it - it deactivates at the end of the billing period (if you are on a free trial, it'll deactivate at the end of the free trial)

  • I have used a previous offer to this deal:
    + You can add all the premium channels which is great
    + Yes you cancel easily and it just asks you as to why your cancelling
    -SD quality only
    -Also check this out in case your wondering why you can't watch a particular program

  • Sucks that you can't chromecast using foxtel play for those of us not owning a smart tv.


      Does screen mirroring work?

    • You can download Google's Chromecast app and actually cast your whole screen to the TV. Your phone/tablet will need to stay turned on as you will be playing everything on your device and casting it on TV.

  • Is Foxtel like netflicks? Never used Foxtel, since I bought a Apple TV in interested in this.

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      Are you serious?

    • Nothing like Netflix. Its expensive and lacking many of the Netflix advantages. Netflix: everything is on demand. Foxtel: some on demand stuff, mostly scheduled like regular TV, just a bunch of channels we can't get on free to air. You need to do more research, yourself. Foxtel is not on AppleTV.

  • -2 votes

    Foxtel just bought a 15% stake in Channel 10.
    Woot! Another Australian TV station I can cross off my list.

    I wish more Australians switched to SBS and ABC viewing. Forget this Foxtel garbage.

    • Australian TV Station? Whats that? :-)

      I don't know why they would be on your list in the first place.

      • I'm still perplexed when channel9 news starts a story which is CLEARLY in the USA, and they barely even mention that's in an entirely different continent and unrelated to everyday life here. Usually they just skim the most popular or funny 'news' article, but WHY! There is plenty of local news here to report about an old lady riding her mobility scooter down a main road, why show us these things from Texas and so on. Any ideas?

    • I haven't watched Australian TV since 2011. All my TV content is from US channels or streaming sites.

      I don't even own a TV , Just a nice 32" Monitor

    • Well said. It's amazing how many dumb Australians need the Murdoch media to tell them how to think.


    I always wonder how Foxtel know if the device has been used for trial previously.
    I have tried to uninstall, reset, etc, and it still know.

  • If you are getting foxtel play for fast moving sport like AFL/rugby/NRL dont bother as their server bandwidth is pretty limited apparently. im on NBN fibre (which doesnt help) Ghosting and frame rate gets kinda unwatchable after a while.

    • This happened to me when trying to watch on a PC. It was complete crap. On my PS3… a totally different story. Very smooth video (even watching NRL and F1). Of course, it's still SD, but a little better than what FTA broadcasts.

      Now if someone could tell me how to change the MAC address on a PS3, that would be peachy. :)

    • i've just finished a fortnights trial and i found the MLB, NBA, NHL, UFC and boxing all streamed beautifully on my pretty dodgy tasmanian adsl. i was honestly impressed.

      if they offered a sports only package (including AFL) with the ability to "record" or watch on demand for around $25 a month i would happily sign up but sadly Rupert's a greedy little prick so this will never happen.

  • Perfect timing to use trial during Wimbledon!

    • If you start the trial on the last day i.e. 30 June, you can see the first two Ashes Tests and perhaps part of Day 1 of the third (starts 29 July 2015 about 10 am GMT).

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        Ch. 9 has the exclusive broadcast rights to the Ashes in 2015 & 2019.

        • Thanks! I knew that the cricket was on Nine, but I thought that might have been FTA, leaving Foxtel as a means of watching in places where TV reception is crap. But no, you are correct: exclusive broadcast rights for Nine. Wow.

          PS. How do I neg my own comment? ;p (I'm sure someone will assist, lol)

        • @strangeloops66: Yay SD ashes goodness <3

  • Netflix is certainly a better value product but Im happy to give the trial here another run..

  • can i deactivate straight away and still get one month free? when i try to deactivate, i get a pop up with "can we tempt you to stay?" nothing happens when i click on it.. i tried with both chrome and IE.

  • Is there an expiry on this offer? I want to sign up after I get back from a holiday in July, so I get maximum benefit.

  • Can we Game of Thrones (GOTH) on this one? Its seems it a premium pick which comes with extra dollar.

  • deleted, sorry wrong thread

  • Got it. Thanks OP. Will test it on a Samsung Smart Tv this evening :D Hope the UI is as good as Netflix.

  • Signed up then 5 mins later cancelled. Will never, ever, ever support or pay for Foxtel normally. Time to watch Cavs even the series if they have a replay of it.

    • When you had cancelled it you still get access to the month?

      • After cancelling it said your account is valid till the 16th of July. Before cancelling, make sure you have all the channels you want as I don't think you can add or remove any packages after you cancel.

    • How did you cancel? It keeps poping up with can we tempt you with this to keep you.. I cant seem to proceed from that popup

      • Is that the $25 off after the free month expires popup? There's the "yes, keep my account" green button but on the right there's an easy to miss grey "no, just cancel….." button too. You've signed up with Foxtel Play so make sure you go to the Foxtel Play webpage to cancel. I had to log in with IE for the cancel button to even work.

  • Any weblink to see program list for "Premium Movies & Drama" and Entertainment (Genre Picks) ?

  • Make sure you double check that you've cancelled after you attempt to cancel! We've been trying to cancel for the past two months, and have been charged twice now. Currently trying to get them to reimburse us.

  • Hi Guys, how to cancel after sign up ?

    Can I do it online or need to call Foxtel ?

  • Can anyone help a brother out?
    Is it possible to pick a plan and get sports included for nothing? Just want to watch the NBA finals and a GP free for the month.. (Or does that cost extra?)

    • yes, i choose docos and sport. so far so good on the PS4.
      i think its unmetered download on Telstra Bigpond? but there is an option to use lower quality if your tight on bandwidth

  • I'm a bit confused. To cancel the account, do you 'deactivate' it? I'm worried that if I choose this option, I'll lose the 1-month trial…

    • thats my only concern as well, im happy to can it a few days before ends though

    • Yes, that's what you do. I did it, and I can still access the 1 month trial. This was just a couple of hours ago.

    • I signed up then cancelled straight away. This is what I got:

      Deactivation Request Processed

      Thanks, your subscription will be deactivated on 17 July, 2015. But don't forget, you can log into your Foxtel Play Account at any time and reactivate when you want to watch your favourite shows.

      We hope to see you back on Foxtel Play.

  • Do I need to sign up before I can download the Foxtel play app? I can't find the app on any of my samsung devices?

  • Don't even bother, the quality is lower than standard definition and if you are planning on watching it with a PC or HTPC then there is constant stuttering caused by the Microsoft silverlight plugin used to deliver the video which makes it unwatchable.

  • Plus the content is terrible as well, most of it is catch up TV (last couple of weeks) there are hardly any complete series to watch, do yourselves a favor and get free trial with Netflix or Stan.

  • Thank you,
    Signed up to the best pack and deactivated it straight away.
    Kids are enjoying watching Jake and I can watch the footy and cricket.
    Some bad things I didn't know, only 3 streaming devices which is not good if you have a laptop, LG TV and PC and wanted to add phones.
    Also can only stream on 2 devices at 1 time.

  • question.
    im currently house sitting enjoying a big tv and they have Bigpond internet, will this trial also be unmetered since its using Telstra Bigpond?
    would hate to use all their data before they return, as they only have 100gb
    the 24x7 support says it will be counted towards downloads in the trial period…. that stinks