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IKEA AUS's 40th Anniversary Sale - 25% off Malm/Hemnes Drawers; 40% off Selected Products (VIC, NSW, QLD)


Over the past 40 years, IKEA has been working hard to make everyday life better for Australians. We’ve also worked hard at enabling people to live a more sustainable life at home and look towards the future.

To celebrate our 40th year in Australia, we’ll be hosting a bunch of activities in store, including 40% off a range of planet-friendly products* and entertainment for the whole family.

Anniversary events includes:

Craft activities
When: 29 June – 5 July
Times: 11am – 3pm
Where: Store entrance

Treasure hunt
When: 29 June – 3 July
Times: 3pm – 6pm
Where: Store entrance

  • Sustainability workshops - gain insightful tips on how you can be more sustainable at home and save money at the same time.

Monday 29 June: 2.30pm
Thursday 2 July: 6.30pm
Saturday: 4 July: 2.00pm
Sunday 5 July: 2.00pm
Where: As-is department (before checkouts)

  • Chance to win a $500 IKEA Gift Card - Take a photo of yourself in-store at IKEA Rhodes with your favourite IKEA product and post it to our Facebook page @IKEA_australia along with the hashtag #IKEARhodes and you could be a winner! The competition runs between 27 June – 5 July and we have two $500 Gift Cards up for grabs

This offer is only open to qualifying customers (i.e. IKEA member) who make a transaction during the ‘Promotional Period’ on purchases
at IKEA Richmond, IKEA Springvale (Victoria), IKEA Marsden Park, IKEA Rhodes, IKEA Tempe (New South Wales) or IKEA Logan (Queensland) only.

Terms and Conditions

IKEA 40 yrs of Inspiration Catalogue

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  • Was looking forward to $10 voucher..

  • Oh man, I was hoping for one of those fabled Ikea kitchen sales. Got cabinets need replacing…

    • There is literally two items (a tap and a stove as far as I can see)

    • Rhodes has the last few FAKTUM cabinets in a few sizes at half price. Whatever they have left in stock. Some bench tops too that aren't compatible with the new METOD range
      Some old range door and panels too

  • None of this applies to the other IKEA franchise in SA/WA.

  • damn just bought 2 malm drawers.

    • Return and refund and rebuy

    • depends on $$ difference and if you deem it to be worthwhile time/effort wise.

      bring your receipt ask them to refund the difference?


      bring receipt
      buy again/refund against old receipt

      • the difference will be $50

        So, I'll buy it again then return using the old receipt? Same day return but different receipt?

        • what i would do is speak to one of the floor staff…
          tell them thats what you're going to do if they dont refund the difference
          im sure 9/10 staff will have common sense and just rescan item/refund your original receipt + refund difference….

      • There's no serial number on invoice, just item numbers which are all identical across the product. I think this will work.

        • You could return a half assembled wardrobe with missing parts to ikea and they will still give you gift voucher.

  • Any feedback on SMAKLIG Induction stove top?

  • I was hoping for those $89 wardrobes to go on sale… anedoda?

    • Aneboda.

      I have 2 of them, wife and I have one each. Very nice units. Good to have a shelf that you can mount either on the bottom (eg for shoes) or top (eg undies/socks or other things)

  • +8 votes

    40 years and probably $40 corporate tax paid.

  • Don't think that this is for WA, as there is no sign of it on the little separate site that Ikea has for SA and WA (together).

    So the basic Hemnes 2-door black/brown chest is $135.20 (down from regular $169) for the Eastern States, whereas it is still at the regular $149 price in Perth (and Adelaide).

    No, I don't know why it is normally $20 cheaper here.

    Edit: Oops, just noticed the OP has already mentioned the relevant states

  • Over the past 40 years, IKEA has been working hard to make everyday life better for Australians. We’ve also worked hard at enabling people to live a more sustainable life at home and look towards the future.

    Bahaha …

    Let us not forget that IKEA invented and perfected the marketing of disposable furniture, the idea being you replace it once a year ideally. How sustainable lel.

    Just in case you swallowed that PR gem (usually simply due to not having a better reference).

    I love IKEA BTW.

    • Depends on whether the disposable furniture is recyclable.

      I don't think we have thrown away any Ikea furniture after only a year of ownership… We still have an Ikea coffee table and side tables from more than 25 years ago! I was a toddler so don't remember exactly when we bought it, but that coffee table was a part of my life growing up (and still is) haha!

      40th anniversary! My parents used to take my sister and I to Ikea to keep us entertained, and for the air conditioning and cheap food. :)

    • That depends on how you use it. We have bookshelves bought like 5 years ago and still looking new if dusted. Malm drawers, rocking chair, sofa etc about 3 years old, all still looking like new. The only thing looks bad is the dining table (which is expected as the board and the legs were bought separately a.k.a the cheapest dining table there).

      • Meh I have found 3/4 of the stuff I have bought from them to be junk. I have wardrobes and bookshelves that are falling apart after two years. The screws keep falling out of the wardrobe walls because it's particle board. The screws strip as you screw them in. And all of my ikea mirrors have crazing. The only thing that has lasted here is the timber step stool.
        Their stuff might be acceptable quality for price overseas where it is much cheaper, but here it's expensive.. and disposable. I don't get the love!

  • the link to the Malm products, thats the current price correct? not the 25% off price?