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Google Chromecast $24.50 @ Officeworks


Went into an office works store today to buy a google chromecast and it was $24.50

The Google Chromecast connects directly to the HDMI port on your TV and allows you to use a smartphone, tablet or computer to play your favourite entertainment onto your TV. Use your portable devices like a remote control and search, browse, play, pause or rewind your videos on your TV screen.
The Chromecast plugs into your TV via a HDMI port then uses your home WiFi network to connect to your other devices.
You can cast any website onto your TV using a Windows PC or Mac computer or mirror what's on your Android smartphone or tablet.
There are also a variety of Chromecast apps available to help you customise your experience.
You can also choose your favourite images to be a backdrop on your TV when you're not casting.
The Google Chromecast is compatible with Android smartphones, Android tablets, iPhones, iPads, Macs and Windows PCs.

Also available on the Officeworks eBay store

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      No need. It is on their website at that price. A bit more if you want it shipped of course but still super cheap.

    • Would help, but supplied website link does show it.

      Been holding/missing-out forever… Now is my time!!

    • why?

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    Nice first post. Get ready for a VOTES EXPLOSION

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    With the new ethernet dongle google has released, are these things able to handle 1080p video without stutter?

    • +5

      Both mine handle 1080p seamlessly. Maybe your network?

    • I've got 2 and have streamed both youtube and local network videos at 1080p via WiFi at the same time no problem, so it may be that your area is congested on 2.4ghz If that's the case then connecting via ethernet will fix the problem.

  • Postage is $5.95 for me… not bad, but not great either in this world of free postage for small items…

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      You do have the option of visiting a store with stock and purchasing one (or more).
      Alternatively, if you spent over $55 (e.g. buy 3) and live in a metro area, you get free shipping.

      • +5

        Or Click and Collect for free even if your local doesn't have stock it'll be sent to your local store in 2 days.

      • +1

        True! I already got one, I just mentioned the postage as back then people were asking the cost… I shouldn't have tried to help and just got myself negs ;)

  • Excellent bought 2. OW allows click and collect so no delivery fee. Great work OP.

    • -5

      why need two? resell?

      • lots of people have them all over the house. There's 3 in use at ours

      • Multiple tv's in the house.
        One for living room, one for bedroom and one for eventual kitchen tv.
        Will be very nice to throw my podcasts up on the tv with out touching any remotes.

      • +2

        I plugged one into my audio receiver.

  • +4

    Let the OzBargaining of OW begin.

    • +3

      Ebay store currently shows 350 sold in the past hour. Going strong!

  • +3

    Sorry for the first time post issues!!

    • +10

      You are forgiven. Top first deal,congrats.

    • Member since 2012 and first bargain posted! Well done! quite a bargain to post as your first.
      I'm quite jealous of all the positives your getting haha!

  • +4

    Omg still have my old one unopened, tempted to buy a second one at this price (even though I clearly have no need for it) haha

    • +2

      Holiday Season gift!

    • Agreed WTF is with the shipping calculator. Excellent for pickup but rubbish delivered.
      I highly doubt I can get a price match on this but wort a go I suppose.
      Wonder how long I can get them to hold them for me instore.

    • Click and collect .Once you order it ,it will be held for you.

      • Don't officeworks have free delivery over $55 anyway? Just buy some printer paper or something.

        • They do but for whatever reason on my area delivery was still 25.50 even if I ordered 3.
          Although I do remember when I bought a nice set of logitech speakers last year shipping was only 5.95 to the same address.
          I think their calculator is broken!

        • @Scaregdearimasu: You could always try a phone order or report the issue :)

        • @Lukian:
          Ehh I placed a click and collect order. They don't explicitly state how long they will hold your order for so they'll just have to hold it for me until it's convenient to me.

    • +1

      No clue why I got negged, $25.95 to ship something this god damn small? complete rip off. No store in my city so no click and collect.

      • Questioning neg votes?
        Prepare to be negged again.

        • +1

          my anus is prepared

      • It's a small thing but it comes in a reasonable sized box which wouldn't be that cheap to send depending on where you are. However, I agree that that price is ridiculous.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. I got free delivery. I guess depends where you live.

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    Thank you OP! I been eyeing this for a while and will grab one! :)

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    Thanks OP!

  • +2

    Awesome first post. Thanks :)

  • Great deal!

    Question for those using plex with cc, how do u get rid of the small poster and on screen remote that show on the tv when u cast something? Hope it make sense..

    • +1

      Ask on the Plex forums or submit a bug report if it's not already a known issue.

    • I'm not sure what you mean, but an onscreen display comes up briefly then disappears on mine.

      • Yeah thats the problem, mine stay up during play… Annoying..

  • +9


    Info on connecting via ethernet (costs around $15):


    I also found CEC works well with with the Harmony IR on Plex, Youtube, Stan etc (but not Netflix….yet).

    • Thank you

  • Just in time for the Emmys :P

  • +29

    One of the best first posts ever, what was more impressive was the OP didn't say the usual "long time lurker, first time poster, please be nice" comment lol

  • Awesome! Thanks OP

  • holy moly

  • Thanks op, just got one

  • +2

    Top deal, im getting same day delivery for 5.95, thanks OP

  • -4

    Out of Stock :(

    • +1

      Sorry but when using mobile site it reports out of stock. Desktop site order goes through

  • Nice one, live near an OW now so just ordered and will pick up on the way home tonight :)

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    now i have 3 chromecasts total, 2 bought from DS and 1 bought now.

    i still only have 1 tv

    • +13

      As long as your TV has at least 3 HDMI ports you can plug each chromecast into a different HDMI port.

      HDMI 1 - Chromecast 1
      HDMI 2 - Chromecast 2
      HDMI 3 - Chromecast 3

      Give them fancy names if you wish :-)

      Then cast different things to each and maybe turn on picture in picture if your TV has that feature.

      • Does this also require multiple devices, one for each target Chromecast? Although not hard between a tablet, phone and PC. Perhaps you'll run into wifi issues ;)

        • nope you can have as many as you want on a network. (I'm sure there's a software limit but not sure.)
          You should be able to just label them as you want and then when your in the living room you can just choose the living room chromecast. The problem I'm going to have is now that I have two, if mums got her tv on and I want to use chrome cast on my tv since we're on the same network I'll have the option to control hers and she'll have the option to control mine. Unfortunately someones going to accidentally hit the wrong button and stream to the wrong tv and since CEC auto changes to chromecast when you start streaming to it it'll auto change whatever the persons watching to the chromecast.

        • -2

          Maybe you should stop watching porn while your mum's at home then

      • Geez. Just hook up a computer already and be done with it.

  • +1

    I'm trying to hold my excitement but I can't
    I was legit about to buy some yesterday!!!!!!

    • Sorry Da dpG meant to upvote you. Stupid me..

  • +1

    Got 3, been wanting for ages thanks!

    • Curious what you use so many for?

      • just because it's cheap

      • -1

        I've owned one for ~12 months and never used it much at all, that was until I discovered ChromeCast. That seems to be the main selling point unless someone can point out something I'm missing. It's quite handy to beam stuff to the TV on-the-fly, but it doesn't replace a quality media player unless I'm not doing it right.

        Whilst pretty nifty, I won't be buying any more of them. It's probably even more handy for travelling in and out of temporary accommodation etc.

        • Extremely useful in accommodation, but you generally need your own (dedicated) hotspot device also.

        • +14

          until I discovered ChromeCast

          …what were you using it for before you discovered the only function that it has?

        • +5

          @mr kindface: It can turn your TV into a nice large clock with pretty wallpaper that changes. Who doesn't want a 55" clock?

        • +1


          Extremely useful in accommodation, but you generally need your own (dedicated) hotspot device also.

          You can use your phone's hotspot, but some apps won't work.
          You can use someone else's phone as a hotspot though.

        • @eug: It's a hell of a lot easier if the device you want to stream from isn't the hotspot itself, a second device is 'okay', but then you'd want a USB powerbank to keep it charged (for optimal placement). Thus a dedicated device is better, and the second person can still use their device(s).

        • @mr kindface:

          Lol fair call. I was basically connecting directly to it with my phone. Everything I did showing up on the big screen. Fun for a few minutes (games, google maps etc) and then pretty pointless.

        • @Lukian:

          a second device is 'okay', but then you'd want a USB powerbank to keep it charged (for optimal placement).

          I always travel with a tablet as well, so I make either the tablet or my phone the hotspot. I will always have a charger in the hotel room so I just plug it in. It can run for quite a few hours on battery though.

      • +2

        DrStinge, You don't have three TV's in your house?

        Gifts for family/friends.
        One for travel.
        Free delivery!

      • Currently have 2 Panasonic Plasmas without wifi, and a couple Western Digital My Clouds that need me to use a Bluray player to connect…. atleast this will skip the need to turn the bluray player on. Have read WD updated the Clouds firmware to support Chromecast. Will inevtiably buy a new TV too, even if that has Wifi already I could still make use of it…. There is also things that I haven't even thought of doing with them which I look forward to trying :)

  • Wish i didn't buy Apple TV 1 year ago :)

    • +1

      Sell it on eBay.. people are buying it for $80+
      That's what I did and I'm buying this today instead!!

      • Apple tv2 is selling for twice that, or more with Kodi and pirate channels installed.

        No idea why when there are better Kodi options with Full-HD for that price.
        You could even buy a new ATV3 plus an Android Kodi box for less.

        • Because you can jailbreak it.
          Rest of them will be around $80

        • +1

          @Da dpG: can you jailbreak Apple TV ? how ?

        • @Da dpG:
          Yes, obviously its the jailbreaking. And my understanding is that people jailbreak it largely to install Kodi.
          But there are plenty of of better, cheaper options for running Kodi nowadays, unlike when the ATV2 was first released.
          In fact, Kodi is not longer supporting ATV2 for future upgrades, and you need to run an old firmware.

          So a jailbroken ATV2 was once great, but makes little sense now.

        • @manic: But ATV1 is still supported via future OSMC releases.

        • @TScott:
          Getting even further off topic … the ATV1 was a totally different beast. It can run full Linux, and takes a hard drive. Was never cheap. Getting a bit dated though.

          The atv2 and current model are more equivalent to Chromecast. - cheap simple ARM-based gadgets without local storage.

    • +2

      I find the Apple TV more useful if you own an apple device.

      I haven't used my google chrome for quite a few months already…

      • +1

        Yep. This thing is for my second TV just to tide me over until the next AppleTV is released.

      • +4

        I'm over the Apple TV.. would never get it again.
        Plus any apple product can use the Chromecast.

        • It can but not very well. Doesn't do the mirroring capability for example

        • @SevenSmurfs: How do you get screen mirroring to work?

        • @saeedsaund:

          Swipe up and press there's a function there for mirroring

    • +1

      I've got both, and much prefer the Apple TV personally.

  • Is there any point of getting one of these if you have a media server and a wireless adapter for your PC?

    • This is for your TV.

      • Probably should have mentioned that it's a smart TV.

        But as per the comment below, I don't think it's necessary for me.

        • Yeah if you have a smart TV there is probably little point

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