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iPod Touch 5th Gen 16GB $129 - YMMV @ David Jones


Just went down to DJs to pick up an iPod Touch to be pleasantly surprised that they slashed the price by a half.

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David Jones
David Jones

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  • Which DJ is this?

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    Looks like 5th gen?

    Get the 6th gen one. It's good. I have a 16GB Blue 6th Gen one

    • for double the price?

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      whats the difference between the two that the gen6 is worth double the price?

      • The gen 6 uses the A8 (same as iphone 6, but better performance on ipod) vs the A5 (iphone 4s I believe). The new one also gets the latest iOS, old ipod touch doesn't. It has better 8 mp rear camera. The new one is much more future proof. If you don't care about those things than it probably not worth it.

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          thanks, so not worth getting the new model for such small changes.

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          @PVA: Google some reviews, the 6th gen has dramatically improved performance stats.

          E.g. Ars Technica

        • @PVA:
          That type of fallacy is the same as "Thanks. Not worth getting an iPhone 6 over an iPhone 4s" in comparative terms, 4 generations. As much as people disagree with OZB posts with iPhone 4's selling for $299, this probably is in the same league.

      • games like fallout shelter require an iPhone 5 minimum where as the 5th gen has a 4S chipset.

        if the ipod touch 5th vs 6th gen were Android device you would be comparing

        a single core 1ghz device (5th) to a 1.5ghz quad core processor. (6th gen) And the slower one was half price which one would you buy?

        my ipod 4 is now a POS pretty useless, its got 11mb of free RAM after loading the OS, most apps in the store need an OS update to run.

  • Yeah, it's 5th gen. They're clearing out stock in anticipation of the arrival of the 6th gen.

  • is it available at any other store?

  • So if you initially went there prepared to pay double the price, why didn't you walk out with two lol

  • The 6th gen has just been released, it's better but also over double the price of this deal. It's like a smaller iPhone 6 without the phone functionality and a crappier camera. And it performs better than the iPhone 6 because of lower res screen. Of coarse this is an excellent deal for someone that just want access to Apple ecosystem at a budget price.

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    … Why would you want this?

    I'm not being condescending, just wondering since we have smartphones now.

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      I dont like iPhones, I have an iPod touch so I can FaceTime with people.


        FaceTime, fair enough, though a premium just for that in my opinion.

        Are there any other good reasons?

      • but people are saying this doesnt have a front camera for facetime.

    • Your not going to give your 8 year old kid an IPhone

      • +12 votes

        Kids want android.


        No you wouldn't.

        You're also not going to give them something that will leave them locked down to Apple's ecosystem either.

        • Huh? Being locked into the app store is exactly what you want for kids, stop them from screwing up the phone by installing god knows what.

      • An 8 year old child now a days would expect you too unbelievably and yes some parents would. No not me.

      • *You're

      • People who buy iPhones are generally pretty loyal, they tend to upgrade to the newest iPhone every year or 2. Therefore they have old ones they hand down to their kids.

    • Because it's a cheap way to access the Apple ecosystem for people that don't want an iPhone. Especially when iPhone now are like nearly a $1000.


        Why would you actually want to access their ecosystem? You'll be locked to expensive apple products.

        I think the Google Play store is as good as Apple's. Yoc can also choose the devices you want, rather than having to stick with an Apple product otherwise.

        Am I missing something?

        • I think Google Play is as good now too, but not everybody shares that opinion.

        • Yeah you are missing something, it is obvious that Android is your preference which is not some other peoples preference. My preference is Android as well but I accept the fact that people want Apple and accept that some people want to access their products. My kid comment was a fact that my kid asked for an iPhone and I am not about to give him one but this is a good option because it has access to the apps he wants to play on it without the price tag of an iPhone.

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          Yes it's obvious that I prefer Android, and I don't hide it either. It makes sense to me.

          So your point is that Apple store has some exclusive apps, got ya.

    • I upvoted this comment of yours but negged every other, because in this one you are not showing any bias, but in the others you are not accepting that some are willing to be locked down, or prefer iOS. i.e. you are rejecting a preference

      I generally hold the same opinion as you, that being there is really no need to get one of these anymore because we have smartphones. However, this is one of the cheapest ways to get a device that has access to iOS, if, for whatever reason you had a particular iOS app that you wanted/needed, without having to shell out big $ on iPhones that (imo) are not worth the money.


        Fair enough, though I'm trying to be partial and unbiased in all my comments.

        I see that some are choosing to become locked down. I don't understand that, and so that's what I'm trying to figure out… I may sound bias while trying to achieve this.

        It seems that there are some exclusive apps in the Apple store.

        • Are you male and married inose? If not, you may still have heard of WAF, Wife Approval Factor. When a wife says they want Apple, you get Apple. You don't have to have ever bought an Apple product in your life and you can argue the many merits of something else, but in the end you find yourself wrapping up an Apple product.

          Edit: TV talks about apple, Oprah talks about apple, her sister talks about apple and so on.



          Hahaha fair enough

        • My gf likes Nokia. And non-smartphones. Must be a keeper.

        • @justtoreply: Thankfully she can free message on iMessage! or Viber. Or WhatsApp. Or FB Messenger!

          Or none of the above because it's still provider SMS & calls only :/

        • @rochow:

          I have a smartphone and dont use those anyway. The most basic plans have more than enough credit for our needs, so apps are an unnecessary complication to both of us.

        • @justtoreply: Ah if you have a plan, biggest problem with the old phones is they're prepaid (well, Telstra were trying to sell some $30 phones on a plan, maybe still do!), 12 cents an SMS, $1 a minute to call etc. The best thing for me about smartphones is the data + free calls/messaging, nearly always around wifi too so it's double-free!

          Will be interesting to see the years to come how it all evolves, networks do need to make money after all.

    • If you are using it for exercise, it is a bit lighter and smaller (compared to an iPhone) 123.4x58mm compared to 138.7x67mm (88g vs 129g)

      It would give you the exercise apps without getting annoying app notifications, calls etc when you're jogging.

      • Not really. The iPod Touch does not have built in GPS. Limited use with exercise apps unless you are using it purely for music.

    • Kids. They want iphone, but you dont want to pay $999. Either make them play with a $100 Android or make them play with a iPod Touch.

    • Hmmm, MP3 player/toy that runs iOS for people who owns an Android phone? I've heard people complaining anout the DACs on phones with Snapdragon (at least up til Snapdragon 800). Exynos use Wolfson dac which I've heard is better. From my personal experience, I feel my tablet (Exynos 5420) is better than my phone (Snapdragon 600) when it comes to listening to music, though it may as well be a placebo. Apple ones I've heard are fairly good in terms of those. Though, I am not sure about the new Touch, since I've seen fairly bad results on residual noises using audio analyser (dScope III) on iPhone 6 from a website I visit.

      In terms of toy that runs iOS, I think it's self explanatory.

      • I actually really like the sound out of my LG G3 (Snapdragon 801), and I'm an 'audiophile' with a bunch of dedicated daps like DX90.

        • What I've talked about the Snapdragon 800 was from what I've read from forums (actually one was from Ozbargain). I've looked up RMAA results for G3, it was fairly decent. Though that said, my experiences with Snapdragon devices are fairly limited (Snapdragon S4 Plus (Lumia 925) and 600 (Galaxy S4 Active)) and Snapdragon 800 devices I've used/touched so far were LG G2 and Galaxy Note 3, both of which I haven't had the chance to use for a long time (I've helped setting them up as they are my gf's and my dad's phone). So you might be right. Qualcomm may have improved the DAC they include in the SoC for 800 and above and that may be an explanation as well.

          Though, for the two devices that I've used for a long time, S4 Pro and Snapdragon 600, I feel that Exynos 5420 is better for music. Though, I've simply compared them from my normal day usage. Technically speaking, I should've matched the decibel levels and blind tested the devices.

        • @AznMitch:

          The Lumia 930 uses a s800 sounds quite good. Same with m7 which uses a s600 and also sounds good. The soc used is only one factor, anyone who has used low end Lumia phones would be surprised at their sound quality compared to most other low end android devices using same soc. If you are fussy about sound quality than you won't be using this or a phone for your music.

        • @Ronnnie: SoC (Well DAC to be exact), is not the only factor, but it is a factor. Besides, I was more concerned with DAC. Apple uses Cirrus, Samsung uses Wolfson and Qualcomm uses their own on their SoC. As I've mentioned, I've heard people complaining, and to some extent I think it is justified as I could hear audible differences in real life experiences (which as I've mentioned, can be biased due to how I've done the comparison without doing volume matching by decibel and other things).

          If I want to talk about things more, I could go into how smartphones are more prone to whie noises than a dedicated music player, but whether smartphones will have a white noise depends more on the manufacturer. Then it becomes messy with needing to go into each individual products.

    • Sorry about the neg but I'm a massive ipod fan. I never leave home without my 64gig one. My phone stays in my bag (in case I get a call) and my Ipod in my pocket for everything else. You see its the only pocket PC I could find without a CANCER GENERATOR in it, meaning its also OK to give one to your children to play with. I always cringe when I see a child playing with a phone for hours on end. I have heard tumors from over usage of phones will be the next smoking. I'm running with "safe than sorry" and these units are the only real alternative to a phone, so, in summary, they are f%&ing GREAT!

  • These things still sell?? I always thought the first thing smart phones will kill is ipods/walkman..

    • I still have an mp3 player. It gives me 12-14 hours of continuous use, more if I lock the screen. I would get maybe 3-4 hours out of my phone on a good day, along with trying to run everything else.

      • I agree on battery part of things.. but then these days a charger is always (at-least generally) available immediately when needed. I understand you using your mp3 player cuse you already have it.. Wat I dont understand is why people still buy a separate device for just songs. Dont get me wrong, am not against it, am just a bit confused and trying to place the device in its own bracket.

    • 16Gb micro SD card are $7.

    • MP3 market became more niche. They have become something for the audiophiles mostly (other than the iPod nanos, I don't think there are any dedicated music players for average users by a major company). If you look at AK series by iriver, Plenue 1 by Cowon, Walkman NWZ-ZX and NWZ-A series, and Fiio X series, they are more expensive than older MP3 players as they pack more for audiophiles (DAC and amp that's specifically for multi-BA IEMs and headphones, yaddi yadda). Smartphones have disadvantages compared to these in areas that mainly concerns audiophiles.

      That said, I honestly see these as a toy more than anything. Dedicated music players offer more than these in music player department for obvious reasons. These are more of smart devices that can be a MP3 player and more (which would probably have its own target market).

        • I've deliberately chose things that are expensive (other than Fiio X series and NWZ-A series, Fiio X series are known for being bang for the buck product and NWZ-A series were the budget audiophile music player by Sony).

          Though be fair, those dedicated music players are "supposedly" on par with many DAC/AMP (that are not portable) at their price level. They "apparently" offer ability to drive high end headphones that requires amp, have ability to be used as a DAC/AMP for other devices, while having very low output impedance level yaddi yadda. They are not my forte though. Fiio X1, NWZ-A series and possibly X3 are in that region of, I can see myself buying them if I choose to get a multi-BA IEM or something. I've heard good things about P1 though, I might try them out when I visit Minidisk, along with the infamous SR-009 while I am there as well.

          That said, AK series I feel are more of veblen goods from what I've read, they've been releasing music players that are more expensive every time they release something new. i.e. AK100 were like $500 region (It probably was the one that lead the way for the mass produced audiophile grade music players to expand to the current level), AK120, AK240, the price have been going up ever since. I really should look up the measurements for them.

  • Just rang castle hill store in Sydney at the sale person said its scans in at $249 so not sure how or why the OP got that price, but well done

  • Excellent price. I paid $169 almost 2 years ago for the same ipod touch from this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/117765

  • Big W had these on clearance recently for $120. Didn't bother posting due to lack of stock

    • You'd prob also have saved customer service a hella lot too. Just look at the Asus memo deal now. Hardly anyone has snagged a deal but everyone's been trying.

      • Well it's more about working within the guidelines of this site. Unless it's clear or you know there are more than 10 units in stock these deals should not be posted (forums is ok). It's not hard to ask at the time of purchase whether other stores have stock available. Most major chains can check stock levels across their various stores. Different scenario if you make a purchase online as you don't have that direct CS contact.

  • I can see the point of a dedicated music/app player, particularly if it has wireless, because I have an iPad as well as my iPhone. In fact I bought an iTouch several years ago for the music player 'cause I wasn't happy with the first iPhones and I had a separate small phone. This would be useful for people who have a work phone but want a reasonably priced iDevice for music and apps.

  • is there a version higher than 16?

  • I'm at Di Bourke st. You bought the last two!!!!!

  • is this available at all DJs?

    • Very limited stock, there was like 1-2 in the other DJ stores in VIC. Only black units, the coloured units aren't included.

  • Well the the new version apparently runs 6 times faster than this. So when apps become not playable chances are the ipod touch 5th gen is way too outdated.