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Stanley 40 Piece Screwdriver Set $19 @ Bunnings Warehouse


Large, soft-grip handles for high torque and comfort
Moulded handle to bar connection makes the screw easier to turn
Made from Chrome Vanasium Steel for a long life
Hardened black oxidised tips for greater durability and strength

Stock list by Ozbargainer's comments:
Hawthorn - Heaps out the front
Vermont South - Heaps
Nunawading - around 80 in stock, close to the sales desk
South Oakleigh - heaps at the front near the info desk
Maribyrnong - 3 boxes full
Springvale - heaps
Scoresby - heaps of stock left
Thomastown - over 70 packs
South Oakleigh - heaps
Forster Rd - plenty of stock
Frankston - plenty of stock
Springvale South - plenty of stock
Hoppers Crossing - plenty of stock
Altona - plenty of stock
Box Hill - plenty of stock
Brunswick - Heaps
Mentone - Heaps
Warrnambool, Waurn Ponds and North Geelong all have 60+ in stock
Coburg - Heaps
Northland - Heaps
Notting Hill - plenty of stock
Broadmeadows - quite a bit of stock

Balcatta - Heaps at front of store
Belmont - whole pallet load in front of the tool shop
Joondalup - quite a few just sitting left of entrance
Morley - Plenty
Vic Park - shows as in stock in the computer but has none
Cannington - out of stock
Melville - plenty in the tool shop
Maddington - 3 cartons

Ashfield - coming next week or the week after
Greenacre - 50+ available
Glendale - next to the register in the tools section
Chatswood - around 80+
Marsdon Park - A lot
Rydalmere - almost half a pallet (updated)
Thornleigh - out of stock
Seven Hills - plenty of stock
Ballina - has some in one of the aisle's further up from the main door
Kirrawee - plenty of stock
Cowra - RHS as you walk in
Artarmon - at least 40 located around the store in various aisles
Dural - Heaps and heaps
Kotara - Heaps in aisle 48/49
Nowra - In the power tools section
North Parramatta - plenty of stock

Belconnen - plenty of stock
Fyshwick - plenty of stock
Tuggeranong - plenty of stock

Noarlunga - 20+ left
Marion - Lots
Mount Barker - Lots near the exchange desk
Kent Town - At least 40 boxes

Oxley - in stock
Springfield - No stock yet
Stafford - in stock
Carseldine - No stock yet
Underwood - plenty of stock
Bundamba - No stock yet
West Ipswich - plenty of stock
Arundel - 91 as of Aug. 9th
Southport - No Stock
Nerang - No Stock
Noosa - No Stock
Bundaberg - some stock
Lawnton - about 20
Rocklea - Several boxes left

Darwin - still quite a few sets available


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    vanadium steel.
    Hardened black oxidised tips for greater durability and strength . this alone is worth the price.

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      But no +Vote?

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        He votes with his mind

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      • Where does it say you HAVE to vote?

        • You've missed the point.
          He posted how great it is, but without a simple + Vote.

        • @Utopian:

          Nup. It's you that missed the point. If he doesn't want to vote, or is too lazy to, that's his choice. Why hound people into voting?

        • @syousef: …Relax… He voted with words, more effort. It's was a light observation. Still confused what you're doing here though, hmmm.

        • @Utopian:

          I'm just tired of people being blasted for making a comment and not voting as if it were some crime or sacrilege to dare not to vote if you think it's a good deal. It adds nothing to the discussion either.

        • @syousef:

          Why hound people into voting?… blasted for making a comment and not voting

          Exaggerate much?

          It adds nothing to the discussion either.

          And your comments did?

        • @Max Power:

          Utopian does the "but no + vote" quite a bit! No exaggeration required.

          The "+" makes it a bit harder to search. If people want to vote they'll vote already. That was the point I made. Heck word it as a suggestion "Have you considered + voting" and it might be better. But it's kinda creep to go through and check if the person upvoted. Who made Utopian in charge of policing postive votes?

          So yes my comments contributed something.

    • +47

      i misread this as Valyrian steel!

      • +9

        This would allow you to screw white walkers

        • +4

          I'd screw a wildling… but a white-walker, no deal!

    • +2

      But it's actually "Vanasium Steel".

  • nice

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      • Thrice

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          That'll suffice

        • @daveted:


        • @Hotkolbas: terrible terrible

        • +2

          @theone4u: I'm not importing a tonne of rice into the country… But I was reading the thread before this one.

        • @Hotkolbas: lol wot!

  • Looks like I am going for a drive today. Nice find, I can't find it anywhere cheaper.

  • +1

    Awesome, I need some new 'decent' screwdrivers. Thanks for posting. :)

    • how decent this is?
      anyone know where these were made in? Germany? China? Australia?

      • +1

        semi-decent. just dont use them as chisels and you should get 5 yrs out of them.

        China. where else?

        • last time I bought a set (which was posted on OzBargain) & that set was made in Germany, around $20

  • I have these from when they were throwing them out. Best $12 I've ever spent on screw drivers

    • When were they $12?

      • Over a year ago easy

        • And where was the post?

        • +1


          It was on one of those reduced dolleys, maybe 2 of them, not a stack. :P

        • @smpantsonfire:

          exactly the same pack as this 40 piece set?

          so it's held up pretty damn well then?

        • +1


          I haven't given it a hard life, mainly inside jobs etc. For $19 its really handy to have really.

    • +5

      You paid $12 on something they were throwing-out?!

      The Ozbargain Gods would be turning in their graves!

  • +1

    Awesome, just went and got it. Great little kit

  • Anybody know how much these go for usually?

    If it's only a difference of $10-15 then I'll grab it another time.

    • they are usually around $45

    • According to Bunnings its a promotional item.
      So this set might not actually get sold after its all gone.

      There are other similar sets from Stanley for around $40+

  • +1

    Heaps out the front at hawthorn

  • +3

    Not every bunnings have it.
    Its a promotional item.

    Vermont South VIC - no stock
    Nunawading VIC - around 80 in stock

    • +4

      Really? I rang Vermont and they said they had heaps

      Possible that was the first store Broden visited this morning.

      • +2

        Maybe he needs to fix his 6 Lavazza coffee machines?

    • Just purchased two sets from Vermont. Seemed to be more than a couple of boxes left.

      • I must have called them too early. I think i called them on 8th at around 9AM.
        Asked them to check and they had none, then they also checked on their PDA thing using the item number and said there was none. And that Nunawading had heaps.

        I guess they got a shipment in and haven't scanned it, then 1 hr later they had scanned it and brought it out for sale….

  • +2

    anyone got the heads up on Balcatta, WA? any stock? staff hopeless on phone and im still in my pj's :)

    • +5

      sounds like a cold chisel song

    • +2

      Heaps at Balcatta at front of store. No price on the boxes but rings up as $19

  • +4

    There are heaps of these at the front near the info desk at South Oakleigh, VIC.

  • +4

    Maribyrnong VIC store has 3 boxes full. So plenty of stock left!

    • @ftweet I'm wanting to PM you about a previous deal you posted (now expired) but I can't initiate it for some reason, please PM me

  • +2

    Good price, just dont need - you ll are aware that most of the number is made up of interchangeable bits?

    Also, its made from Vanasium steel - its like the panaphonics of Metals

  • Does it have an "anti fake lable"? (SP Intentional) :)

  • +2

    sold, can never have too many screw drivers

    • +2

      Yes you can apparently - just stop lending them out to people and youll see!

    • I have 7 sets. Needing to off load some to family.

      • +1

        I'll have a set =D

        • +5

          well marry his sister (or wait until gay marriage is legal) and you're family so you get a set :p

        • @Matt P:

          rofl @ lasertip, and his name: donkeykong
          you either marry donkeykong's sister, or donkeykong!

  • +3

    Im just trying to remember a time I have been able to buy an item from bunnings that was posted on ozbargain….

  • -1

    I have bought 2 of these sets and they are amazing.

    • Amazingly expensive! $50 + delivery.

    • +1

      Mate, they're so expensive and I can't read that website and I don't trust google translations.
      Buying it is not the problem.

    • How about "Wera tools" put into the amazon site: ?

    • Your screwdrivers are a much better deal. Sadly most on here only go for low-end products with a "low price".

      I have a similar set but by Wiha. Nothing beats real German screwdrivers. They actually fit - your hand and the screw. And can literally be bashed with a hammer. A high initial cost, but that is the last time you need to pay - forever.

      Buyers of these Chinese stanley's will be back for another "bargain" next year.

      • +1

        Exactly. I go for the best and never looked back. Go for low quality will end up costing more. These screw drivers fit the screw very well with less chance of damaging the screw.

  • +3

    Bunnings Warehouse - Ashfield said a shipment of these is coming next week or the week after.

    Bunnings Warehouse - Greenacre have 50+ available.

    • Thanks for saving me a trip/phone call

  • +2

    Bunnings Oxley QLD 4075 had stock and a guy making balloon animals. Win for the kids as well.

  • I bought a set from Glendale this morning and they had boxes of them sitting next to the register in the tools section. Nice little set and magnetised as well.

  • WA Harrisdale have lots in stock just called up.

  • +1

    Stafford /Carseldine QLD have no stock yet.

    • Thanks, saved me a trip

      • +1

        Lawnton QLD does have it there.

  • hips at box hill!

    • +1

      My old man needs a set, thanks for the heads up!

    • Might buy a spare one just incase I come off my motorcycle, cheers mate

  • Heaps of them at Springvale Bunnings!

  • Picked up a set @ Bunnings Scoresby. They had heaps of stock left.

  • Thomastown has 100+ in stock, will be of to get mine soon :)

    • just got my set :D they still had over 70 packs when I left

  • +1

    Picked up one too at Traralgon, Vic.
    There was heaps upon heaps of stock left

    • Still had a full display of them today.

  • None at Bunnings Belmont WA. Any other WA locations have stock?

    • +1

      Bunnings Joondalup have quite a few just sitting left of entrance.

    • Plenty at Morley. Just in the normal screw driver section of tool shop.

  • Heaps of stock at Bunnings Bayswater VIC

  • Heaps of these at South Oakleigh, VIC

  • +1

    Dicksmith are having a sale on 101pc tool set also for 21 dollars. Went in store and the guy said that it will last till monday. If anyone wants an alternative

    • Best tool ever :)

    • any good?

  • got one at Marion SA today. cheers OP

  • Plenty at Underwood Qld.
    Now I've just got to find a 9 piece socket set.

  • Only a 39 piece, mine came with 3 not 4 slotted bits as quoted. Probably why they are clearing them out on the cheap. Manufacturing error.

    • +6

      The 4th slotted bit might be under the yellow label saying soft grip handles etc, that's where mine was hiding!

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