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1 Year Fixed Premium Home Loan 3.50% - 4.31% Comparision and $1000 for Switching Loans


This is a brand of merged credit unions (mostly old university credit unions).

Looks like there is a $600 application fee, but I haven't confirmed that this applies.

They are advertising the rate that rolls to their higher standard 5.31%


But I've seen on their site that for new Home Loans >$250k under their Premium Home Loan Package the roll to rate is 4.35%.

Here's the link for the $1000 cash back (must apply before 31 Oct 2015).

Hope this helps and let me know if I should add anything to the post.

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    5.21% comparison on the 3.5% fixed. No deal there.

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    Just switch again once the fixed period is up what are you people whinging about!

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