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144 X Ansell Lubricated Condoms $22, 30% off Black & Decker [Club Catch Reqd - FREE Ship > $50]


144 condoms for $22

30 Day Free Trial of Club Catch

Also Available 30% off Black and Decker

Enjoy (If you know what i mean)

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    I came first

    • That's what she said.

    • Hang on, aren't these the ones that are "Independently Tested"

      Oh in that case, No Thanks!!! LOL

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    Tags: "Entertainment" Lol.

    • +2

      some people have sex to make babies, other have sex for entertainment

      • But there are so many other categories too. Pick an OzB deal category, any category. It can apply.

        • +1

          OK, ill put it under pets haha or gaming (Joystick)

        • +4


          Pets?! I'm a lil worried now…!

        • @Spackbace:

          Can always ask David Cameron……

        • @JayM:

          4 weeks later for that? Sigh

        • @Spackbace:

          It only came to light this week :P

          and not sure why this deal is still appearing in my top deals listing.

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    Do they have large ones available? (serious)

  • +1

    Father's day gift sorted! lol

  • -1

    [Club Catch Req'd]

    I wonder what else you'd catch…

    • +2

      or won't…

  • It's not a deal unless you use them all

    • +4

      No deal here then. :-(

    • Whats the shelf life like?

  • +4

    I'm still to use up the Free Ansell Skyn Condom Sample from last year ..(

    • +1

      AWw. That's a little sad. :)

  • These'll stop ya from catching stuff

    • Yeah. Colds

      • holds back a runny nose

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    Great stuff, 10 years supply of condoms, goes with the 420 rolls of Toilet paper i got from coles online

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    cost per unit on average $0.15
    cost per minute on average $0.05
    Total play time 7.2 hours

  • +2

    Thanks should be just enough for my month stay in the Philippines.

    • Classy guy……

    • +8

      Enjoy the ladyboys

      • -3

        Wrong country, that's Thailand. Get your stereotypes (albeit true ones) right, foo.

    • +12

      Make sure your partners put them on properly.

      • +1

        Good one.

  • +5

    Now that is what I call gross.

    • +1

      What's gross about a piece of latex that prevents the spread of deadly diseases and annoying children?

      • +9

        There are 144 of them; that is a gross. (Maybe a bit obscure but I thought people would get it).

        • Aussies aren't known for their spelling or grammar.

        • I got it.
          I was checking the comments to see if anyone had tried 'the gross joke'.
          The success of some humour depends on the general knowledge of the target audience.

        • @IainLMTA:
          Please educate me?

        • @PainToad:
          Well, PainToad, 'gross' is a mathematical term for a dozen dozens … i.e. 144.
          A few of us well-schooled folk understood try2bhelpful's gag.
          You didn't, it seems.
          Some humour, therefore, presupposes that the recipient/listener has enough general knowledge to recognise the joke/gag.

          Here's what "we" had to know for QC (Qualifying Certificate) Maths 1951-1963:

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    Love the cross promotion for black and decker and Ansell. For some serious drilling!

    • +2

      I'm more of a jack hammer.

    • +4

      Once you go black & decker, you never go back!

  • +1

    Why does everyone need so many of these banana covers? Is there another use for them I'm not aware of? Kappa

    • +3

      put one on every finger and you have a glove

    • +2

      Drug trafficking, I mean, or so I've heard

    • -2

      Well there's two wholes…

  • +1

    I wonder if these ones have sweat holes like the one from Groupon

  • Does this come with instructions?

    • +1

      There are movies…

  • +1

    I thought black decker gets additional 30%.

  • 88 clicks/dicks x 144 condoms. It's gonna be bat shit crazy.

  • +6

    Does tightarse have a coupon code for this?

    • +1


  • +4

    Straight to the comments.

    • Always with condom bargains on here.

  • Alas I'm not using these as fast as Quantam tablets…no need to restock.

    • So the dirtiest thing in your household are your dishes?

  • +1

    Party balloons?

  • +2

    That must be anti father day promotion

  • No CTREAT20??

  • I came for the comments ;)

  • Could they do a bundle deal with 144 Viagra tabs?

  • As if! :(

  • This deal has everything covered.

  • This deal has everything covered.

  • Iv been pulling out last second for 14 years now and so far so good :D

  • I won't live for 144 yrs to use all 144 condoms, no deal

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