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PlayStation 4 500GB $397, Chromecast $38, Seagate Backup Plus 1TB $69 (C&C / $9.95 Del) @ Dick Smith eBay


Just spotted this in the Click&Collect promo http://www.ebay.com.au/rpp/pickupinstore
No code needed, great for those who missed the 20% deal.
Don't forget Cash Rewards! Currently 2.5% bringing the total down to ~$387

Other notable items:

Chromecast $38 ($37.05 after Cashback) $7.95 delivery

Seagate Backup Plus 1TB Portable Hard Drive $69 ($67.28 after Cashback) $7.95 delivery

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    just need this price to change on the dicksmith website so we can use the DAD50 code and get it for $347!

    • +6

      It's not gonna happen lol

    • +2

      Looks like the DAD50 code doesn't include gaming consoles anyway….

      Apparently it excludes Apple, Beats By Dre, Kindle, Chromecast, Nexus Player, UE Boom and Megaboom Products, Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge, Mobile Phones & Pre-paid Broadband Products, Home Appliances, Small Kitchen Appliance & Personal Care products, Recharge Vouchers & Calling Cards, iTunes & App Store Gift Cards, Dick Smith Gift Cards, Gaming Consoles, Software & Accessories and Xbox Live & PSN Cards.‚Äč

      Doesn't really leave much left really worth buying!

  • Add $9.95 for delivery

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      Yes, if you can't find stock for the free Click & Collect.

      Just checked a few postcodes for all three items and there's stock around for:
      3000, 2000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000

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    so much for the 20% EBAY deal…one day later, its cheaper!

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    Thanks! Almost bit the bullet on $400 PS4 20% eBay offer, but now with this I can get it for less than $350 with my Click and Collect discount code which was not stackable with the 20% eBay deal.

  • regarding click and collect, does DSE ship the console from a warehouse to that store or does the store use floor stock to fulfil an eBay order?

    haven't used click and collect with DSE before. any info would be great!

    • +4

      I would say in most cases it would be stock in the given store, based on past experiences.

      If you do a postcode search you'll often find some stores have stock and some don't and if they don't you are unable to select that store.

    • +3

      I've used cnc with dse several times. It has never worked properly. I have never been contacted, have always had to ring, and often have had to be sent to another Dick Smith store to pickup, even when the store showed availability. Dick Smith doesn't have its act together, which won't surprise many people. On the other hand, I have picked up several $20 gift cards as compensation!

    • +3

      I've used C&C about six times with Dick Smith. Always get contacted within 48 hours with a pickup notice (text and email). I think my Dad had one issue with an order where they gave him the wrong Logitech iPad keyboard, but they exchanged it for the correct model immediately.

    • It's floor stock. That's why you can only order it from stores with available stock.

    • My local DSE staff told me C&C orders are fulfilled with store stock, and the warehouse replenishes the store later (for non-clearance items). However, the store earns $0.00 on C&C orders while it incurs processing and handling costs, and the staff hates it for the extra work C&C generates.

  • cheers for the feedback. ill put through a cnc order this arvo.

  • +2

    i got a chromecast, finally.

    • You held-out for a $38 chromecast? Oh man.

      • Wait. What's wrong with that? Are we not on Ozbargain?

      • +1

        a) I didn't desperately need it.
        b) I'm a better OzBargainer than you, it seems.

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    Guys I've got to add again, dicksmith is notorious for bad after sales service. My $400 ps4 didn't arrive after marked as posted 1 month before, and then i got a surprise refund.

    • +3

      Yes there will always be cases where people didn't get an item or had a bad experience. It's mostly these people who voice their opinion. It can be good as a warning for others but some may be put off by warnings and then not buy so it's a catch-22.

      I've had a lot more good experiences than bad with DS. One time an order went wrong they sorted it out, which was to re-direct the sale to another store for me, since my chosen (click & collect) store had no stock left.

      One simple phone call to the store (in fact they called me) and it was sorted.

    • You were lucky to get a surprise refund. My order for some TVs was cancelled and did not receive a refund until months later I had to get consumer protection to warn them.

    • +4

      I've had terrible click and collect experiences on about six different occasions. Never again.

  • Is this the new model ps4?

    • +1

      I would suggest it isn't, though I don't know.

      I read that the new one is 10% lighter and 8% more efficient - but does it look any different?

      Does it have a new name, like Slim etc?

  • +2

    Thanks OP got a Seagate 1TB, they rang me and said they only had it in blue!

  • +3

    Just console and one controller. No games included. You still need to purchase at least one game to play.

    • +2

      There are free to play MMOs on the PS4, and demos.

      • Warframe, bane of my existence. One day I'll be a productive member of society ;)

    • +8

      Yes, that's usually the case when you buy a console. Similar to when you buy a TV there are no movies in it and fridge there is no food in it.

  • +1

    for me the click and collect was estimated to take 4 days to be ready, but after I've ordered it's ready to collect after only half an hour.

  • No love for XB1?

    • Indeed. A good Xbone deal will ease missing all the recent ebay ones.

  • Just wondering if u can price match this on eb games? thanks

    • +1


      only pricematch a store within same shopping center as EB..

      don't bother

  • Decided after lots of wrangling to get this. The click and collect keeps saying "operation timed out, try again in a few minutes". Is this because the stores are closed?

    Ideally I'd like it before Tuesday for MGS 5, so click and collect would be perfect

  • +2

    I just got it price matched at Target. Far less hassle than using DSE.

    JB wouldn't match it but Target happy to. Ended up with a new Xbox controller as well due to the great staff.

    • nice :)

    • Don't forget Cash Rewards(www.cashrewards.com.au)! Currently 2.5% bringing the total down to ~$387

      • Will the retailers match a Cashback on top of the other discount/s?

        I wouldn't think so. It's from a third party.

        • I just matched the $69.

          I wasn't worried about the 2.5% particularly on such a small purchase.

    • Cheers, I did the same. I got the 'we don't usually do this' spiel, but I'm now the proud owner of a white ps4 :)

  • Click and Collect function is timing out when trying to select a store :-(

    • It's working for me now, have you since tried again?

      • I ended up trying it on mobile which worked fine.

    • I found it worked on safari but not on firefox or chrome. By the time I'd found this out though every PS4 in Adelaide had gone!

  • +3

    Interesting article about the 500gb PS4 compared to the 1TB version..

    • +1


      didn't know 1TB still uses old hardware

    • PS4 1TB that I've got from Target last week is a new model I believe - CUH-1202B
      PS4 500GB that is sold by DickSmith is an old model - CUH-1100 series.

  • +1

    Managed to get the click and collect thing to load on the ebay mobile app - all sold out nearby.

  • All these PS4 deals! Anyone know how much profit DSE would make on this? I'm guessing its very very low.

    • A billion Zimbabwean dollars

  • so is this PS4 the new one CUH-1200?

    • The 500gb CUH-1200 has the new hardware (its significantly more energy efficient and has a different bluray drive) according to ZDnets article

      • That's why I rather wait for 1tb to get the newer hardware…

        If we buy 500gb, then get a 1tb, it would cost extra $69 for 1 tb

  • +1

    Yeahhh… Im happy :) Just bought two chromecast's through cashrewards, and included my $50 eBay voucher.. so $26 for two chromecast devices. I will definitely be finding a use for them around the house or one for my mum..

  • Is there an opportunity to bundle this with anything? For example could they do a deal for you where you get an extra controller and a couple of games at reduced price when you buy a new console?

    • Isn't that what physical stores are for, negotiating a specific deal that suits you?

      In any case, you had that opportunity the other day when there was 20% off in your cart from a range of retailers…

      Wait til Xmas or whenever the next code is.

      I got a ps4 with 3 or 4 games last December for $399.20, it was a specific bundle meaning you don't get to choose the games, mine are still sealed, never played them.

      • just wondering if it's a common practice to do that (like being offered deals on software when buying a new PC) when buying new consoles, or if it's very likely i'll be shut down.

      • just wait till xmas, the deal will probably bundle 1tb with 3 games for 399 or something like that

        it would be much better than 20% off

        • That's what I got last December, 3 games with PS4 500GB for $399


          Deal was for:
          PS4 + Little Big Planet + Driveclub + TLOU $399

        • @nismo:

          Hopefully by xmas.
          the 500gb stock will be finished, then they will update the 1tb to the newer model and bundle with games..

  • +1

    Here are a few more HOT deals we have on our eBay store until the 05/09/2015:
    Kindle WiFi Paperwhite Next Gen $129 - http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Kindle-WiFi-Paperwhite-Next-Gen-/...
    Motorola Moto e 2nd Gen unlocked $179 - http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Motorola-Moto-e-2nd-Gen-unlocked-...
    GoPro Hero $149 - http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/GoPro-Hero-/252007320283?hash=ite...

    • Please explain..

      why do you jack up the price during the ebay 20% off sale?

      • I can handle this one :)
        It's so they can make more money.

        • Well I am sure most people would know that…

          The point is what they are doing is pretty dodgy.

  • ps4 no longer available :(

  • +2

    I went to Dick Smith and got them to match their own ebay price on a Chromecast.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Just added a couple more Chromecasts to the collection.

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