This was posted 4 years 4 months 20 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Dishd up to 70% off, Meals from $2 (SYD/MEL)


Great food cheap. Some might be short dated, but for the price not bad! Free delivery over $80. Charged me $8 delivery to Vic.

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    Minimum order $20.


    $8 shipping to Sydney too. Or free shipping with $80 spend.


    NICE! I still got stuff from last time. The soups I got arent that great


    Seems like a lot of the stuff is out of stock :( damm

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    ordered twice in the previous megabox sale,

    looks like free delivery is now on orders over $80 instead of $50 :(


    Urgh! Ordered.

    Sad and excited for the new menu coming soon. I wonder what they scrapped.

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    got it last time - didn't like. may be good for vegetarians though

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    If you are near South Yarra / Prahran (31 Izett Street Prahran), you should be able to go in store to get the deals. I came across their store while just walking through the area few weeks ago and they had the online deals available in store for the same price.

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    Very little that's on special is still in stock, and combined with the increased free shipping level to $80 from the previous $50, makes this much less attractive than the last 2 dish'd offers. So I'll sit this one out.


    What did I say last time?

    I got bagged out for suggesting they are shutting up shop. This is clearly a clearance sale. Shame, but the normal prices were always too expensive.

    Edit: I an assume it is finishing but it may just be selling less range. No fillet steaks :(

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      it's frozen… you could probably eat it in 100 years from now

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        1. I won't be alive then.
        2. If I was I wouldn't be alive the following day.

        Frozen food doesn't last forever. Recommendations vary but generally are to throw it out after around 1 year for seafood.
        There's probably a chart more recognised in Aus by some food safety authority but I'm not going to bother looking that up.

        We're all out for bargains. Please don't poison yourself, your friends or your family trying to get one though.


          yep i went to the site and saw both $2 things were seafood and promptly closed the window .. hehehe

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          Food safety wise it won't hurt you. It's more quality or freezer burn.

          microbiologically it would be fine /safe next year if kept frozen.

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          The safety of frozen food doesn't deteriorate over time. In fact, freezing certain foods, like fish and poultry, helps to improve their safety by killing bacteria and parasites (which is how fish for sashimi and sushi is processed).
          For frozen products, it's merely the quality of the food that degrades.

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          Actually there is quite a bit of information out there that states frozen food can last for a long time if not indefinitely as long as its stored properly and has not been defrosted then frozen again / was frozen soon after preparation.

          But the reason they do have time limits on frozen food is that after a while the taste and texture of the food can change and hence it wont be as good in flavour or texture as it originally was but apparently it wont make you ill.

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          I'm not negging you, but you are wrong, frozen food is biologically inert, so zero food safety problem, as many have pointed out. Home storage solutions is no authority on this. The flavour will degrade, it may dehydrate, but it will not "go off".

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          @effgee: I agree with you that there is very limited food safety problem as long as it was packaged well and cold chain was intact throughout shipping and storage. However, frozen food is technically not "biologically inert" despite being safe to eat as they are not sterile (eg. surgical instruments).

          Also, some bacteria (especially Listeria) can survive in freezing temperatures although they cannot replicate in them. Although they are usually found in raw food or poorly handled food, they can be even found in pasteurised milk or ice cream!

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          You're right, inert is the wrong word, inactive more accurate. Any bacteria will probably be held in suspended animation, although some percentage will die.
          Extended freezing will not add nor subtract from the risk of food which already contained listeria or other pathogens when it was first frozen. I guess if the cold storage is subject to regular defrosts to the point where the food thaws, it will certainly spoil, in a very short time, that would make syousef's contention correct, but that is not the normal situation

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    There are only 6 products on special which is a pity! I thought there would be a couple of good ones :(


    Thanks OP, I had my delivery come today of the short dated Pad Thai (BB Dec 15), Thai Red Curry (BB Dec 15) and Love Apples (Feb 16).


    A true ozbargainer learns to cook from scratch using woollies and Coles deals, failing that buys Mi Goreng noodles on special