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Mutant MIG-NC102 Noise Cancelling Headphones $18 @ Officeworks


Found these at Boxhill Officeworks, price tag showing $29 but scans at $18.
As you can see there are still a lot in stock, and stock is showing in quite a few more Officeworks as well.

Link to product: http://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/mutant-mig-...

Amazon and Newegg still selling these for USD $38 Here and Here

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    They work?

  • Yeah. How good are these?? Any reviews?

    • I had some of these. Bang for buck they are great. Better than some $100 ones I've used. Lost them last trip. Be heading to get some more. Thanks op

    • Yep, I bought some to help my Dad cope on a flight and was blown away at how well they worked. Some reviews report poor build quality so check them before buying if you can and others say they can be uncomfortable but the pair I bought was fine out of the box and weren't uncomfortable at all. They use simple Alkalines but they last for ages and should be fine with Eneloops too.

      Very highly recommended. I may go get some more myself… if there are any left ;)

    • I've spent many long hours flying with these.

      * Sound quality is pretty decent for $30 headphones.
      * Noise cancelling works surprisingly well on planes.
      * Comfortable on long flights

      * By far my biggest gripes is that they don't fold, which makes them take a fair amount of room in your cabin bag.
      * Very slight electronic buzz when in noise cancelling mode. Its mostly noticeable when there is they are not plugged in, and they are being used to assist sleeping. Its definitely not a deal breaker, but I imagine that more expensive NC headphones won't have this problem.

      • I'm not sure if it is my set that is the issue or not - but the interference hiss is very very apparent and horrible. :( Need to test my other set to see if it is the same..

        • Bought a set yesterday for office use, the low frequency hum is louder than the air conditioning / office white noise it is meant to be cancelling out.

  • i am still using one

    *work well (cancel train noises, i used it daily on my commute)
    *sound quality is good not great
    *battery life for noise cancelling last forever!

    *i wish it is foldable/flat

    Im currently looking to make this a wireless headphones by buying a bluetooth receiver.

    Certainly worth the $18!

  • Glen Waverley office has about 10 left

  • Aspley OW in NE Bris had 14, now 12

  • still a fair number (maybe 6-10 on the shelfs) at Bondi Jn store - guy at the desk was surprised at them scanning at $18 and agreed that it was a very good deal. Thanks OP

  • Might even work as well as the Bose, since Bose refuse to release noise cancelling specifications in dB

  • Those that own these, do they go over your ears nice and comfortably? I'm using some Logitech on ear headphones atm, and they're not very comfortable over long periods.

    • Not according to the 1 customer review:

      But the pads felt too tight even I loosen it a bit so ears get a feel of hurt using it like an hour. I can say this as I also have Seinheiser overhead headphone that is really soft you can use it for hours without pain, unfortunately it doesn't have noise cancellation feature. Obviously money does not lie. If you're fine with the tightness and okay to put on and put off while using it a period of time and you want noise cancellation that really works, this headphone is for you.

      • Hmmm, I have a pretty big head, so might be a bit uncomfortable. That being said, they couldn't be any worse than the ones I'm using now, and for $18, probably worth the punt.

      • If you're fine with the tightness and okay to put on and put off while using it a period of time

        I was going to insert an inappropriate comment, but then I realised that they mean tightness with money.

    • These fit over my ears comfortably. My TDK NC400's don't. Been wearing for an hour, no issue.

  • This is the top of the line model?

  • Damn I only bought these two weeks ago… knew I should have waited.

  • Just went to Officeworks and bought a pair to test.
    Comfortable enough. When "off" are muted. Brighter with noise cancelling on but no match for Chinese Mi ear buds and are low fi in my opinion. Would suit watching movies on a plane if you wished to carry the bulk. I value the sound more than the cancelling and will return them as they would be little used drawer fillers for me.

  • Ninja Turtles….

  • Bought these at full price a couple of weeks ago because they were the cheapest noise cancelling ones officeworks (next to my work) had and I wanted some straight away.

    The sound is ok. Noise cancellation reasonably good. Problem is static / feedback if they are close to my phone or laptop makes them a bit useless. I am planning to return them.

    • Can you return earphones? I thought there was a hygiene issue.

      Obviously if they are faulty you can return them

  • Better than TDK NC400? Which are pretty good on planes, but a bit too much hiss/ white noise

    • Ok, bought a pair & will answer my own question. Bass reproduction, volume without power & with NC power are better on the TDK. Mutant has better mid/treble & physical noise isolation. Ear cups are bigger & fit over my whole ear (small ears). Noise cancellation & apparent hiss noise is about the same & both are pretty good for $ spent.
      To be honest, I can't decide which are better. Music i would say TDK. Movies go the Mutants. Comfort goes to the Mutants (because my ears fit inside). If you could put bigger ear cups on the TDK NC400, then they would be a clear winner. Might help someone.

      • Been using for a couple of hours now. They are comfortable & block out sound, but way to tinny. Maybe I got duds as I read a review saying they have a lot of bass, these don't.

  • question: where would one buy a pair of those Mi Ear buds?

  • +22 votes

    For stores with >=10 units, please refer to the below list (Stock as of 14/09/15 @ 9:00pm)

    Auburn, 17
    Chatswood, 14
    Coffs Harbour, 11
    Dubbo, 17
    Fairy Meadow, 17
    Five Dock, 20
    Glebe, 15
    Hoxton Park, 10
    Liverpool, 17
    Michinbury, 18
    Mona Vale, 23
    Mosman, 14
    North Ryde, 18
    Old Guildford, 10
    Penrith, 14
    Rutherford, 17
    Sydney (Clarence St), 18
    Sydney (Pitt St), 11
    Taree, 12
    Taren Point, 14
    Warners Bay, 21
    West Ryde, 16

    Ballarat, 21
    Bundoora, 17
    Campbellfield, 15
    Chadstone, 16
    Ferntree Gully, 11
    Fitzroy, 17
    Frankston, 15
    Glen Waverley, 11
    Highett, 10
    Melbourne (Elizabeth St), 16
    Melbourne (Russell St), 20
    Narre Warren, 10
    Nunawading, 11
    Prestonm 10
    Richmond, 11
    South Melbourne, 18
    Werribee, 13

    Aspley, 12
    Bundaberg, 15
    Cairns, 14
    Capalaba, 11
    Garden City, 19
    Hervey Bay, 10
    Ipswich, 13
    Keswick, 11
    Milton, 20
    Morayfield, 20
    Nerang, 20
    Oxley, 21
    Rockhampton, 17
    Rothwell, 18
    Strathpine, 19
    Toowoomba, 17
    West Burleigh, 15

    Croydon, 14
    Elizabeth, 11
    Giles Plains, 20
    Noarlunga, 13
    Prospect, 20

    Albany, 18
    Cannington, 16
    East Perth, 19
    Fremantle, 13
    Jandakot, 22
    Mandurah, 16
    Morley, 15
    O'Connor, 10

    Hobart, 28
    Launceston, 11

    Stuart Park, 11

  • There is 2 left at ringwood

  • So tempted, but if only it was wireless.

  • Milton Qld has stock. Adelaide St - no stock.

    • There was 1 left after i purchased from Adelaide St QLD. The attendant said sold out but I found 2 left on shelf.
      Edit this was yesterday at 11am

  • Bit of a tangent, but can anyone recommend a model of noise cancelling (not isolating) ear buds? It's been suggested by my son's school that he gets some (he has low level autism and noise can be an issue).

    • One of the best passive noise cancelling you can get your hands on is the Bose QC25.
      Make sure you get the online ($350 ish) since they are extremely expensive from the shops ($400+ ballpark).
      I personally used them, and unlike other cheap models they don't have any hissing noise in the idle state and do an excellent job cancelling noises.

      Here is a pretty good review for you.

      With all the best with you son.

      • Correction: Active noise cancelling

      • I sell them all the time at work. Just ask for them for $350, and you'll probably get them at $350.

        • That's how I bought mine actually :), however, after all that bargaining I found cheaper prices on the net. Meanwhile I think 350 is a tad bit optimistic from the store when not on sale and etc. I remember once we had a post here about these for 350 on sale from Sydney airport and that was it.

    • There is this great deal going on atm if you're interested.$304 are the cheapest I have seen them.


  • Had high hopes for these but sadly i couldnt justify them even at $18. Build quality, comfort, sound and physical size let them down.
    Could still hear me knocking on the table even at high volumes.
    Took them back shortly after purchase

    • I don't think that's how noise cancelling works. Correct me if I'm wrong though.

      Sudden sounds like knocking on the table will not be blocked by active noise cancelling, because active noise cancelling reads a background sound (eg a plane's drone) and then plays it back shifted half a wavelength. This works for sounds that are longer and remains more constant (such as traffic or a fan) but not so much for shifting sounds (gunshots, talking etc). Those types of sounds are filtered out by passive noise isolating, like how foam ear plugs work.

      As far as I'm aware, the volume on the side of the headphones are for music control, not the noise cancelling feature.

      • Makes sense,maybe i was a bit harsh then. I am secretely wanting a decent set of bose headphones but cant come at the cost. I did think they were pretty cheap feeling though and probably woulnt last long

        • Haha Bose QCs are insane at this :D these do pale in comparison to them, especially the hissing sound the NC causes

      • I 2nd the info you put down. However, I was still disappointed with the passive noise cancelling on these. The worst thing I noticed is that, some lower db continuous noises get cancelled using these and the main body of noise even gets more noticeable and left out.

        When I am wearing them in our workshop, the moment I turn them on, I notice the pump noise even more than before :D

        It's good to mention that, I am comparing with Bose QC25 which other than the claim for passive noise cancelling on the box doesn't have anything else in common with these naive 18 dollar set.

        • Yeah I notice that too. Also these headphones probably have loose parts somewhere — it will vibrate and cause noise. Wearing this on a bumpy bus-ride is pretty bad. Hey, $18.

        • Sorry. Not sure why I kept saying passive. I must have been really tired while writing these replies. I meant Active noise cancelling in all of the above ☺

  • My mum is going to hate these :/ im not going to be able to hear her calling for me every 5 mins now …..

  • Hi, what are these like compared to the Sony MDR-NC8 Headphones.

  • Thanks OP, grabbed one.

    There was one left at Keswick, SA at around 3pm.

  • Got 2 from Glen Waverley, about 8 left!

  • I just got these, I dono but they make me feel really uncomfortable. It does what is meant to, i.e block out sound, all you can hear is what you listen to. But damn it makes me feel like im on a plane or something, it just feels really natural to me. I might return em or give em to someone. But they are comfy and sturdy. And the sound is decent. Just for some reason I feel weird using em, I dono, I guess dont get em for general use at home or whatever.

    • Cheap passive noise cancelling headphones are famous for producing the hissing noise in the background which gives you the feeling of being in the plain :D I had the exact same feeling the moment I turned them on. In comparison when you turn the Bose ones On, in the plain it does exactly the opposite and it's like you're lying on your bed at home :)

  • I bought a couple from Cannington. First ever pair of NC headphones, and to me they seem a bit muddy (or is that bassy?) with NC off, and there is hiss with NC on (except when there is a lot of sound going on e.g. most songs…. with acoustic songs though… hiss).

    Thanks Mehrad for your reply, as I was going to ask if hiss was normal for NC.

    Comfortable though.

  • For $18 this is good value. I have used $80-100 over ear headphones and they can be uncomfortable. Could easily wear them for over an hour and fall asleep with them on

    On airplane, I reckon 50-60% of the planes whoosing noise is reduced. May not be perfect, but not bad

  • These or the TDK NC400 for $19.99?

    • TDK's produce much better sound (especially bass). But the Mutants are more comfortable. NC on both are the same.

      • I bought a pair of the Mutants as my $12 Woolies Select headphones were broken and hurting my ears. I tested the Mutants for about 4-5 hrs. The sound is kind of echoey. I haven't tested the noise cancelation feature yet though. Also my ears started to hurt after a couple of hours, but I suppose anyone es would after wearing them for so long, right?

    • Could you please let me know where can u buy TDK NC400 for $19.99? ta

  • Where is the microphone on this headphone to detect the background noises? I thought all the active noise cancelling headphones have a mic.

  • How do they compare to the Sony MDRZX100 Headphones? I spotted them on sale too for $18 at Officeworks.

  • Bought the last two in East Perth. Not bad at all. Sound quality isnt great, but noise cancelling works quite well.

    Some laptops have interference and cause a buzzing sound when the noise cancelling is on. Only happens on my macbook when its plugged into power, when i unplug it then the headphones are fine.

    Works fine on Lumia 1320 and a 530 no worries.

    Also i have large ears, quite comfortable. Not extremely great, but quite good.

  • Bought second last pair at Coffs Harbour Officeworks today. Seem to work quite well, the cushions seem a bit longer and narrower than what Im used to but not too bad. One thing I did notice is they pick up RF interference from my iPhone 5 unless I put it into flight mode, but I am on the edge of a transmission are so probably less noticeable in areas with better service. For under $20 its a bargain and handy for the kids in the car.

  • 4 left on the shelf at castle hill :)

  • Bought two of these from two separate stores to test them out. If someone could help me out here that'd be great because I'm a bit confused as to how this happened:

    Just realised that the two pairs are the same model and design by what it says on the box, but they look different. The adjustment notches on the headphone band have little numbers next to them on one pair, and no numbers on the other pair. The band is also a bit thinner on the one without the numbers. I tried listening to both pairs and couldn't tell much of a difference with noise cancelling on - but the pair with the numbers had better sound when comparing with NC turned off.

    The manual/box has no build date/way to indicate which is the newer build, so I'm a bit confused as to which one I should return/which one is the newer one. Has anyone else got something similar? Or even if your band has little numbers next to them or not?


    • mine has no numbers and the sound quality with NC off is pretty darn bad. almost unusable.

      keep the one with better SQ with NC turned off :)

      • Looking at google images/amazon/officeworks the photos of the headphones they've used on the website has the little numbers on it. Seems weird that they're being sold as the same product but I guess that's what you get with a product at this price.

        Would be keen to hear what others have on their set/if they experienced something similar.

  • Any sightings in Victoria?