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10% Extra Value on Dick Smith Cards & 20% off $30 PSN Cards @ Coles from 23/9


Kudos again to DJPigeon at TopBargains for the find. Same deal was posted a month ago by EC with some useful tips from commenters on how best to use these.

There was some talk previously of converting the discounted Dick Smith gift cards into Wish gift cards, however past comments indicate that the majority of stores ceased stocking them some months ago (and technically buying a gift card with a gift card was not allowed).

Starts Wed Sep 23. Enjoy :)

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  • I have a substantial amount of coles myer gift cards. Can i use it to buy dick smith gift cards?

    • Yes

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        Wrong the official answer is No! If you read the back of the Coles Myer gift cards they clearly state that gift cards can not be used to purchase gift cards.

        Now this is where it gets interesting (got some insight from someone who works at Coles) if you purchase a Dick Smith gift card using self checkout the machine is unable to tell the difference between a gift card and bank debit/credit cards as it sees both as EFT.

        It all depends on who is working on self checkout if your local store has staff who are not "hawking" and not the assholes who work at Coles Southland, VIC you should be able to get away with it. The other trick is to buy groceries and add the gift card to the transaction then pay for using your coles myer giftcard/s (might be less suspicious).

        If any of the checkout staff reading this are from Coles Southland, VIC (profanity) I already converted all of my Coles Myer gift cards into Dick Smith gift cards.

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          so tl;dr version: YES YOU CAN!!!!

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          I have used Coles Myer gift cards at self checkout without problem. Just scan, swipe your Gift Card, dse card activates, 10% bonus

        • At the self check out station. Dont you need the check out chick to verify your gift card purchase and write on the expiry date.

        • Ozbargain brilliance right here

        • @Cronut: At a self checkout, scan all the gift cards you wish to purchase, then once you've selected the option to pay you just need a checkout attendant to 'approve' the gift cards. Once you've paid for the gift cards they will activate automatically (this will be shown on the checkout screen).


          @Cronut: Yes I think so but they just approve it without problem.

  • Hmm could be useful use to buy the Apple Watch for cheaper since Dick Smith sells them now?

  • Good deal again. Just be aware that the DS has policy that their gift card is not allowed to be used to purchase any gift card. And because of the popular coles deal, their staff possibly have been trained to reinforce that policy.

    • Last time Coles had this deal I bought a $100 DS card ($110 value), and went straight to DS and bought PSN cards without issue.

      • He said gift cards:

        their gift card is not allowed to be used to purchase any gift card.

        PSN cards aren't gift cards, they're 1 out of 2 ways to buy PSN credit.

  • Wow is this the merger of two big deal posters in Synchronous harmony ie EC and TA. No offence Scotty we know who the big man at the top is.

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    If anybody is interested in buying a Apple Mac combining the 10% extra value with the 10% off sale might save you a bit (if my calculations are wrong please correct)

    For example (10% off JB Hi-Fi & Dick Smith) on Mac Mini

    1.4GHz i5 JB $ 628.20 / DSE $629.10 ($629.10 - $62.91[bonus value] = $566.19)*
    2.6GHz i5 JB $ 880.20 / DSE $881.10 ($881.10 - $88.11[bonus value] = $792.99)*

    • 10% extra value by buying a Dick Smith card during Coles promotional period.

    Save an extra 2% by paying for the cards using ING or if you recently signed up to ME Bank purchase the cards using tap n go (remember to keep the transaction at $100 or below) to qualify for your 5% off.

    Note: Dick Smith gift cards sold at Coles are only available in two denominations $50 and $100.

    • Dont forget if you go overseas TRS claim 10% off

      • Good suggestion for those travelling overseas, like with the current deal return fare to Japan from $249.

        9.09%, as refund is of 10% GST, which is just hover 9% of price paid.

        So $300 spent at Coles (less possible 5% rebate with PayWave) gives $330 to spend at DS, & TRS refunds $30! Not bad.

        Buy the DS gift card now, use it for $300+ you will be taking with you - within 60 days of overseas trip.

        Great for smaller consumer electronics, laptops, cameras, etc. Watch out for discount codes & 'DS sales' on OzBargain.

        TRS: Purchases from any single business must total $300+. Must buy within 60 days of leaving Oz, produce receipt & goods at counter at international airport.
        TRS now has apps to pre-enter details.

    • $100 purchase won't give 5% rebate.
      Last deal, bought $50 card with 5% rebate ME Bank card, twice as $100 card would not tap with PayWave.

      $110 DS credit for $95

      • Buy $100 gift card, pay 5c cash and balance paywave.

        • Forgot that old trick. Thanks for the reminder.
          But who carries cash? What does a 5c piece look like :-)

          Or could split payment into 2 PayWave payments. Handy if no $50 cards.
          Was no hassle to break purchase & get the rebate.

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          or Paywave $99.98 (as a mixed payment) if you really want to be cheap. Your card will still activate, the docket will print but the Coles self checkout machine will still be stuck asking for 2 cents. This does not occur on the Woolworths self checkout machines they have more intelligence to know that the 2 cents remaining cannot be paid

        • @Mr Rort:
          My experience is the opposite, its the Coles mchine that "waives" the 2c for me, but the Woolies machine still waits for the 2c. So you feed it a 5c peice, then it returns your 5c peice in the change

      • According to the T & C I saw (and copied) when I applied my ME card in May this year, $100 purchase will still give the 5% rebate:

        Terms and Conditions of Cash Back Offer
        *Available if you open your first EveryDay Transaction Account (ETA) between 3/03/14 and 30/06/15. Receive 5% cash back on all contactless purchases made within Australia using Tap & Go for amounts of $100 or less for 6 months from the date your account is opened.

      • I did $100 purchase using MeBank card tapping with PayWave today and it went through.

      • You can tap and pay $100 with PayWave using ME Bank. And you will get 5% rebate. I've done it many times.
        Just read ME Bank T&C - $100 payment qualifies for the rebate.

        • Yes t&c allow it, but Coles checkout refused it twice. That's what counts. Wanted to be swiped. Worked with 2 separate $50 transactions.

      • If the reader will not let you tap to pay $100 (as happened to me), I understand there is no rebate.

        It is not that you won't get rebate on $100 PayWave Tap purchase with ME Bank, as per t&c.

        It was that 2 Coles readers would not accept a PayWave tap purchase of $100. It stated it needed to be swiped in the 2 I tried in Brisbane.

        The operation of the PayWave reader at Coles in not accepting a single $100 tap purchase is the issue, despite the t&c saying otherwise.

        Issue may now be resolved.

        Wouldn't want anyone to miss the rebate.

        • Perhaps, it's different in different supermarkets. I haven't had any issues at Coles in NSW.

    • Can you do mulitple $99 denominations at the self checkout?

  • Anyone know if Flight Centre giftcard is also on sale in next Woolworths catalogue?

  • Dick Smith took over 2 months to supply my 3m $1.57 network cable from This Deal

    Then when I went to pick it up they were rude and condescending about me only buying a single $1.57 product.

    0/10 would not recommend and I think their recent share price performance is testament to this situation.


      Please give us a hint/name the store involved so other can avoid it when selecting Click n Collect.

      On a positive note I collected my items from Dick Smith Epping VIC and the sales staff were polite and nice. They were also very busy too.

  • could be useful for the new iphone, but i can't risk buying the cards and going to the DSE store to find there's a few month wait and i need to leave country before then for TRS.

    then i'm left with 1k+ in gift cards and a full price iphone from apple (already ordered)

    • You can take the iPhone back to Apple up to two weeks after purchase for a no questions asked refund. I suppose you could keep doing this until there's a price drop :-P

      • yeah but problem is, if i do this, then you go to the back of the queue. preorders already blown out to 3-4 weeks. so stock levels will vary. unfortunately i don't have time for that. i can do it once, but not more. if i can get a coles giftcard deal at the same time a DSE has stock and is willing to reserve while i go buy the vouchers. i win. otherwise, not so much.

      • Not true - iPhones ordered from anywhere other than an Apple Store do not fall under the 'no questions asked return'.
        I just went through all of this with Apple for an iPhone purchased from JB HiFi

        • Sorry, I should have been more specific - I was referring to products purchased from an Apple Store for the no questions asked return.

  • Sorry I am missing something here. How does this deal work? I am thinking of buying a mobile from them today.

    • Buy a $50 DS GC @ Coles, comes with $55 on it to spend at DS.

      • so essentially all the talk of the Wish cards is to do with trying to use the cards you get from coles somewhere else?

        If I just wanted to use the cards at DSE I could just buy them at Coles and use them at DSE.

      • +2 votes

        or buy a $100 DS GC @ Coles, comes with $110 on it to spend at DS.

    • start on 23th sep. you have to wait three days.

    • It starts only only on 23 rd September.you need to wait

  • Can anyone tell me if you are able to use multiple DS gift cards via their online store? For example, if I want to buy $1000 worth of these gift cards and use them to purchase a laptop during one of their "red hot" specials.

    • Yes.

      Bought $299 product on 1day online sale marked down to $168, applied additional $30 discount code, using 5 gift cards online ($110 bought for $95, had additional $20 of free & $8 of 1/2 price cards). So $299 in DS store, but bought for $99 online! Bargain :-)


        You might need to buy a new computer keyboard in future (from entering all those gift cards) ;)

  • (Maybe Convert to Wish Gift Cards @ DSE?)

    As pointed out in last deal & was told by staff at 2 DS, DS no longer stock Wish gift cards. Any old stock probably would have been cleaned out in last deal.

    • not correct, i have 2 stores near me selling wish card

      • DS stopped (re)stocking them over a year ago, but old stock may exist as I said.

        That's a long time for gift cards to sit unsold. Assume must not be major DS stores?

        The next issue is getting a staff member to swap a gift card for a gift card - against t&c :-(

        I tried 2 Brisbane stores. Which stores currently have stock?

  • Maybe a silly question; can I use 2,000 flybuys points multiple times to get gift cards. ie get a $100 ($110) card by using 2k points 10 times.

    Edit: Another thread on ozbargain indicates that it is limited to $10 off per transaction but there is no definitive answer.

    • I recently redeemed 20,000 flybuys points to load $100 credit onto my flybuys card. Then bought a Coles Myer group gift card at Coles at self checkout. Attendant had to manually input the amount I wanted ($100) onto the card for me, then wrote the purchase amount & date onto the physical gc. I scanned a few groceries, then hit checkout. Selected payment option 'cards', think I had to nominate tender amount ($100) here also. Swiped my flybuys card thru card reader, entered my PIN & the $100 was deducted no problem. Paid reminding balance (<$10) for my few groceries by selecting 'cash' option.

      I have used flybuys to buy gift cards at Coles a few times now at self checkout. First time I did it I was unaware this is not allowed under flybuys t&cs. Since it worked the first time I have just continued doing it when I get enough flybuys for $50 or $100. Don't do it much though as don't collect loads of flybuys through my normal spending. But it does go through on Coles system at this time.

      The risk is the attendant may intervene if they see you swipe a flybuys card to make payment. However that hasn't happened to me as yet (may be lucky). As it is not permitted under flybuys t&cs they can probably stop you paying with a flybuys card if they see you doing so.

      • I just go to a Coles which was one attendant looking after 20 machines. Never comes over :)

  • Can I use the psn card for US account?

  • How do you activate your dse gift cards if you are using the self check out?

  • can you bring own wish card to purchase ie get blank one from nearby woolies?

    • Good idea.
      I know at JB you can take a handful home and keep for later, somehow of doesn't seem right ahah

    • ? Bring Wish gift cards to load credit at Coles? Are you serious or just a wish? When that happens it is end of Australia because that means Woolworths is already allied with Coles and they can charge $50 for a litre of milk and $100 for a loaf of bread.

  • You cant buy Wish GC from DS using DS GC and not all DS sells Wish GC.

  • 20% of PSN cards? Damn that's fantastic, as my sub runs out next month.

    • same here!

    • Can u link me the page to the PSN cards? i cant find it on the coles website or DSE

    • Can we get the 1 year Psn membership ?

      • I'd assume the best way is to buy 3, $30 PSN cards at 20% off. It'll cost you $72 total for $90 PSN credit. Then purchase your sub via the PlayStation Store (costs $70 for a year). You'll then have $20 credit left on your account to do with what you will.

        Seems like $30 psn cards are the only ones included in this deal, but I don't know for sure.

        I'm planning to buy 5 $30 PSN cards with this deal (if there's no limit to the amount of $30 PSN cards you can buy). That'll be enough to pay for my PS+ sub for 2 years and have $10.10 left over and it'll only cost $120.

        • what about getting two $30, and then paying the remainder as full payment of $10 when purchasing the 1 yr on psn?
          like pay with psn wallet credit and left over with credit card
          will that work

        • I believe so.

        • Seeing US PSN credit costs a lot more now its probably a good idea doing it this way. You just hope the titles they offer are the same on AU store.

          As for the flash sales I doubt they will be the same. History shows this.

  • Do the cards have pre-specified amounts or can we specify the amount?

  • It seems the 10% discount for Mac has just been ended overnight. So cannot combine them all.

  • +2 votes

    Can I use the PSN cards to put towards a PSPlus subscription? Australian account. Thanks! (Good timing with FIFA and Destiny… and with Aussie dollar lower now I'm not sure it's worth the hassle of seetting up a US account)

  • Damn! It starts on Wednesday?

    I was about to rush out and buy some… Im buying the 40" DSE TV at the Point Cook Dick Smith, its on managers special sale for $350 until tomorrow…

    Guess I have to pay this price… still a good price for a decent LED LCD 40" TV.. just no smart features.

  • Anyone know hw much iphone 6S will be at DSE?

    • I expect it will be rrp. Staff told me the other day they will only be selling it initially with another item (eg. phone cover, dock, applecare, etc). You won't be able to buy it at DSE without buying another item. God knows why. I was told this at 2 different stores in the last week. One salesperson said it's because their margin on iPhones is so low.

      They also said it will be on Vodafone network, not sold unlocked. Doesn't sound that great.