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LG Nexus 5X 32GB - $738 ($708/$688 after $30/$50 AmEx Cashback) + Free Chromecast @ Harvey Norman


Hi All,

First time poster, long time creeper. Maybe not that big a deal but thought it would be for some people who would be interested in the new Nexus 5X line from LG.

Basically register your card at AMEX then register for the cashback offer with AMEX for the $50 Cashback at Harvey Norman, and pre-order the Nexus 5X to get it at $688!

Edit:- Register Online with a not previously used email address HarveyNorman Sign Up Voucher - Thanks Hamza23

Hope someone finds this helpful!



Update 14/11: Amex cashback registration is closed (but still available for those who had already registered), there is also a free Google Chromecast offer now when purchasing this phone.

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    It costs more after the cashback?

  • $713 or $663 after the $25 voucher if you wanted to add that in.

  • A bit misleading as most people are only getting $30 AMEX HN offer. You maybe the only few that got $50.

  • 738 for the 5X VS $690 for a Note 5? Not even competition.



  • I don't see why you'd take this over an LG G4.

    5.5" 2560x1440 Excellent IPS Display vs 5.2" 1920x1080 Good IPS Display
    Snapdragon 808 vs Snapdragon 808
    3GB RAM vs 2GB RAM
    16MP Excellent Camera With Amazing Manual Control vs 12MP Good Camera
    $480 (often) vs $738

    Seems the only thing you lose is fingerprint reader and fast Android updates. Seems like a no-brainer.

    • I agree I can't see a single reason to upgrade my nexus 5, poor communication on Google's behalf. Especially as my nexus 5 cost $400.

      • I sold my Nexus 5 32GB for $376 - you might as well do the same and upgrade to G4 (which will get Android M sooner than others).

        • That's a damn good plan, pay in $100 and you get the same internal storage, micro SD, and the other goodies.

      • I agree, I've got no problem keeping my nexus 5 for another year.

      • Exactly, unless you like a good camera (which if you own a Nexus 5 is most likely not too important to you), the Nexus 5 has a drop-dead gorgeous display, excellent performance, great build quality and the design still looks pretty sweet (imo a lot sexier then 5X)

    • I guess it's a personal preference, some people prefer a slightly smaller unit.

      • The dimensions are pretty similar because of the better screen to body ratio of the G4, plus it'll sit a lot better in the hand anyway.

    • LG G4's bootloader is still locked except for the European version, for some people this is a huge deal breaker. Still, 5X at this price isn't very competitive at all.

    • I don't know why anyone thinks the increase in pixel density is noticeable let alone better

      • Just because you can't notice it, doesn't mean other people can't. It's particularly noticeable with text. Let me guess - anything over the magical 326ppi is unnoticeable?

        • Never assume… Personally after getting a lumia 920 years ago, and then having migrated to an m7 and then s5, quality of screen, colour reproduction, contrast ratio and sunlight legibility are all more important than the number of pixels beyond 1280x, not to mention the impact on battery life.

          I don't use apple for a number of reasons, none of them are because I want a hi res screen. I don't even know what the res of their phones is because I don't care, but the race for pixels is giving diminishing returns. It's a me too feature now, just like increasing screen size and the lack of flagship level devices under 5 inch.

        • @Jackson:

          (Snipped irrelevant and incorrect statements)

          Colour reproduction, contrast ratio and sunlight legibility are all more important than the number of pixels in most cases. For larger screens, some additional pixels may be required. For good articles on these attributes, read Anandtech reviews which tend to be the most thorough.

        • @Jackson: Well the G4 has class-leading contrast, color reproduction and pretty good sunlight legibility, so…

        • @Jackson: I personally think QHD is better, though you lose too much from having QHD. I sort of agree with you, at current stage, FHD to QHD has too much trade off. I personally think 1080p on 5X is better (in terms of overall experience) than 2K on G4 just like how I think Meizu MX5 Pro's 1080p is better than 2K on Galaxy S6 or Note 5.

          The hit on the performance is really high, with the SoCs improving at slower speed (since last year) than before I cannot shake the feeling that we'd be enjoying better performance with FHD. I'd rather have something that's performs better with FHD, especially since many SoCs can't handle QHD well. When we have SoCs that can handle QHD like many SoCs now handles FHD (i.e. games run perfectly on QHD etc), I think that's when we should move to QHD.

          LCD technology loses out on battery life, brightness and in some cases, overheating issues can happen. Due to how more pixel means more transitors to pass through. OLED suffers similar fate due to how they require higher voltage for organic phosphors with higher pixel density (I've linked where I got this info at the end). Screen technology have been improving ever since (becoming more efficient), that said, I personally am getting feeling that we could be enjoying something better with FHD screen (better technology on something that suffers less from high pixel density would be better in my opinion) if we didn't have companies fighting over QHD, especially since QHD is too much for many, if not most, SoCs currently.

          In the end, I definitely think higher resolution would be better. I personally think, ultimately, what we want to see is a screen that's better than the printings and higher resolution is a step towards that. At current stage, however, I think we lose too much for QHD. Next year would be worse with movements towards 4K.


      • Shouldn't speak for everyone buddy. 326PPI for me is unusablely unsharp and 400 is the bare minimum. I can easily see that QHD looks better, especially on an OLED panel with pentile matrix.

        • See and actually detracting from the experience is two different things. I can see the difference too, but I seriously couldn't care about the minute difference. The other stuff I do care about if it's badly implemented. Understand though that some people could be sensitive to these things, but unusably unsharp is rich, what did you do 3 years ago? Was it unusable? Come on…

    • Yep, Google screwed Aus with its late release and ramped up/souped up pricing.. I even tried to buy one from the US when it came out and ship it here (like i did with the nexus 4 and 5), and it turned out to be cheaper but their geo blocking was on steroids this time round :(

      Stuff you google! I bought a oneplus two instead. lol

    • i agree with you, LG G4 is the best (cheap) smart phone right now.

    • $480 (often)

      For grey imports, unless I'm mistaken. So not quite comparable. But you're on point with the rest. Personally, I'd put more importance on the finger print reader and updates / software though.

      • Sorry, I always forgot about that. I'm curious, what's the advantage of Aus stock vs grey imports? Warranty, band support, or something else?

        LG are awesome with updates on their own, but if you needed it you could always flash an AOSP ROM (though someone said the G4 has a locked bootloader, so idk)

    • It's unfair to compare local stock price to grey imports prices. I would get the 6P since they are around the same price.

      • Ya true, I always miss that type of stuff.

        6P kicks 5X ass, unless you want a more compact phone.

    • I use an iPhone and Note side-by-side. After using Touch ID on the iPhone I now curse the Note everytime I have to use it.

      Being able to unlock the phone, login to apps etc with a quick fingerprint is something you don't appreciate until it's gone.

      It's good to see Fingerprint security implemented on an OS level now with Android. Hopefully this means more apps will start to use it.

      • So glad Google are finally acknowledging fingerprint readers. Can't wait to get my Z5 and have everything be seemless with the fingerprint reader, I was holding out on a phone with a fingerprint reader because all the implementations on Android were sloppy and proprietary

        • Yeah. The Samsung implementation is poor, to the point that our corporate security disables it as a valid form of authentication - pin codes only. On iPhone Touch ID is allowed.

          Hopefully this changes as it would be disappointing to have fingerprint built into Android only to have corporate security disable it.

        • @dbun1: As far as I've heard, Google are VERY strict when it comes to 6.0 fingerprint security and reliablity.

  • Better still, pay $300 for Amex offer, $25 the sign-up voucher. The rest pay with harvey norman gift card available in Woolworth (using 5% off wish egift card).

  • +2 votes

    Why get this phone when you can get the LG G4 for few hundred less. It will also get android 6 in a couple of weeks.

  • I wish they had the Nexus 6P

  • the pricing in Australia is a rort for the nexus 5x, the 16gb sells for $525 AUD in America, but they want to sell it to us in Australia for $660

    They want us to pay an extra 25% (i.e. extra $135) just for being in Australia for the exact same phone, I dont think so.. Same deal with the 6P and 32gb 5x

    Many better alternatives at the $500 mark out there, e.g. LG G4 which is selling for approx $500 with a bigger screen, excellent camera and 32gb (not 16gb), and still being $160 cheaper.. Google was extremely disappointing this time around when it came to Google Aus..

    I was willing to get the US version and ship it here since it was cheaper, but they really ramped up their geo blocking, which was even more frustrating, and caused me to boycott the nexus 5x, so I bought a Oneplus two instead.

    PS OP thanks for posting the deal (you're right, some ppl will still be interested, but generally google let us Aussies down >.<

    • You're forgetting that those U.S. prices don't include taxes, so the prices are actually closer than you think…

    • Just FYI, tax in US is around 10% as well. So you would end up seeing a price of around 575 AUD. Still cheaper than our 660 though.

  • despite the fact that i really want this phone there is no way in hell id pay this much when right now you can get the LG G4 off ebay for $559 with NO discount at all.

  • Nexus brand came from ultra affordable high-end phones/tablets (350-400) which I loved to a high-priced all-rounders (700) that I wouldn't consider to buy with all the competition nowadays.

    Well done Google, you found a way how to easy loose a market share of your own products.

    Too greedy to be stupid enough to price it too high.

    Geolocking!!! Are you serious?

    Chinese brands are and will be the winners with their international multi-bands phones.

    • It mostly the australian dollar tanking to be fair. The us price is still great and similar to previous nexus lines.

    • Factor in the exchange rate and the fact you have to add tax to the US price and it isn't that much different. Our dollar was pretty much at parity when the N5 was released.

  • 6p is much better according to lots of hand on on YouTube so forget 5x

  • Why does nexus have to be cheap? Past nexus had to compromise a lot to be in a desirable price range and therefore has never been able to reach its true potential. U want affordable and small form factor, theres the 5x; then theres the 6p for going all out. This is an excellent approach. The g4 has such an upper hand compared to the 5x simply because its been out for 5 months and depreciating just as fast as our dollar!!! The late in year release cycle probably hurts nexus a lot since people in the market for a new phone either cant wait or would have scouped up an lg, samsung… with a good deal long before nexus leaks begin to circulate lol

  • This nexus is still relatively cheap. People here are comparing grey import prices to local prices. Local G4 is what $800? I get the point go buy grey import G4 avoid gst and give up at least 12 months warranty is worth saving a few hundred bucks.

  • not only NEXUS 5X is over priced for the poor hardware, It has been reported that screen has a yellowish issue.

  • bought one with the $25 sign-up bonus. Harv's also throwing in a bonus chromecast.

  • Looks like they've dropped the Chromecast offer and reduced the N5x by $1 (now $737 for the 32gb) - no go Harvey :(

    Google cache for 22/11 (yesterday) still shows the "Bonus Chromecast" in the listing.