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Mushroom Growing Kit for $10 @ Bunnings (Save 60%)


Was at my local Bunnings this morning and they had Mr Fothergills White Button Mushroom growing kits for $10, down from $25. Might be nationwide if other stores still have stock.

Since a single kit is expected to grow several kg of mushrooms and it's almost idiot proof to setup and grow them (open the box, pour the included bag of dirt on top of the base layer, then spray with water every couple of days), you should at least break even given the price of mushrooms at the stupidmarket is already $10 per kg.

They don't even take up mushroom in your shed (or whichever dark cool place you put them). You could even store them on top of a cupboard if you're stroganoff to lift it that high. So try your luck and see if you can turn dirt into food - like magic!

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    They don't even take up mushroom in your shed


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      You could even store them on top of a cupboard if you're stroganoff

      I like this. :D

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        Yeah, Nukkels sounds like a fun guy.

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          I don't think many people got your joke, should have spelt it fungi. Then again its good to leave things like that in the dark.

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          @Michael15286: I did wonder if it needed to be a bit more obvious, but I thought I'd leave it as my two ceps worth.

      • beat me to it..

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    Will this work with magic mushrooms?

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      If you find a Bunnings selling magic ones, please let us know, because at $10 that'd be a serious bargain!

      • well, I'd guess you just have to find some shrooms to start with and get the spores into the kit?

      • which bunnings are the magic type?

      • Try Bunnings Byron Bay

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      ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

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    Would they be OK in the refrigerator? Every other fungus seems to thrive there.

    • Uh, have you seen how big the box is?

      The answer is yes - they'll grow in your fridge. But they'll take up a quarter of it in the process.

      Maybe if you had on old fridge that wasn't plugged in?

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    I purchased a similar kit from Masters a couple of months ago. Despite careful watering and keeping the right temperature, it yielded just 1kg of mushrooms. Disappointing. I even followed mushroom enthusiast web site instructions to extend the life of the kit by preparing a compost/cow manure compost to fertilise it after the first flush. Nope. Dead.

    While they do grow, the fresh mushrooms are very tasty and almost sweet in flavour.

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      Yeah, my first mushroom box went really well and the next box I bought didn't produce much at all. Not sure what went wrong as I did the same thing. I think the mushrooms like it to be a bit warm rather than cool.

      "Mushrooms fruit faster at warmer temperature and slower at cooler temperatures. Mushrooms fruit at temperatures between 18-25o C. The best quality and quantity of mushrooms are grown between the temperatures of 17.5 to 20 degrees C."

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      If the kits are exposed to too much heat during transport, storage or whilst on display at the retailer, this will often kill a lot of the mushroom spawn so the kit ends up producing either only a small quantity of mushrooms, or sometimes none at all. I used to work at a mushroom farm and the kits were kept in the coolroom until they were taken to the markets on a refrigerated truck. Being transported afterwards to the retailer via a normal (unrefrigerated) truck during the warmer weather did them no good at all!

      • So, better to buy kits in winter when they're less likely to have been fried in transport?

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          Yes, definitely better to buy them in the cooler weather.

        • @SimbaGirl:

          When they are full price :(

    • Think yourself lucky. Bought one from Aldi - it produced - zero!

      • Aldi ?

        • Yeah they've had them a few times.

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    Hahaha, your funs are so punny!

    • Nice one so Spooner

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    I remember many moons ago growing them in the cupboard. The inside of the cupboard ended up being black! Silly me.

  • Can someone recommend gift ideas for a vegetarian who has his own veggie garden? Max budget of around $150-$200 mark. TIA.

    • +11

      As an Ozbargainer… Just save up all the seeds u got from fruit u eat… APPLE, TOMATO, GRAPE, ORANGE

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        may not work for fruit trees as i think if the seed does grow it is single sex and you may need a different sex for propogation or grafting onto stem.

    • +7

      15 to 20 mushroom kits?

    • -1

      a vegetarian who has his own veggie garden?


      90% pure high quality organic….. etc

      • would vego's use blood and bone?

    • -1
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      Fruit salad tree - they are pricey (still within budget though) but has 5 different fruit grafted onto the one rootstock.

      • After a while one fruit generally becomes dominant however planting multiple trees into the one hole will lead to more even spread of growth of the different varietals.

    • Iron Tablets?

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    Mushroom Growing Kit for $10

    We get free mushrooms growing around the electricity pole on our nature strip…

    • Oh my.

    • +4

      Im glad you are still alive

      • I'm not. (It's jv)

        • +1

          Who am I talking to then?

        • @frewer:

          I meant I'm not glad

        • @Gimli: Oh that's rather harsh :D. Ozbargain aint the same without JV … dont you think

    • I've heard that people do that sometimes.

      They also pass away quicker :-/

  • free red mushrooms white white spots growing in the macedon pine forests….

    • Those are Fly Amanita which are poisonous… learnt about this from Skyrim =/

    • For my mother in law?

  • Are these mushroom ( ancient & super uber organic ) from this cave ?

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    Mine failed. Terribly :( waste of $15

    • +2

      Same. Would have been cheaper to buy the half dozen crappy mushrooms that did eventually appear from local gourmet store and still come away with change

      • Cheaper to just buy from the fruit and veg shop by the kilo…

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    Anyone find these at other spores, sorry i mean other stores?

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    bring back Chia Pets, I say!

  • Don't let the mushrooms get too big. I did this once with one of these kits and the mushrooms were so strongly flavoured I couldn't eat or even look at mushrooms again for years.

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    $15 at Brisbane's Cannon Hill bunnings. About 7 left. Bought it just to see what happens. Memories…. A long time ago my granddad grew them under his house in Sydney

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    The only mushroom kit i found costs 19.98 in Belconen ACT.

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    Full price at cockburn, had plenty of kits though…

  • This is not such a bargain - it shows at our local Bunnings that is the normal price. Further, it is not a "growing kit" as one would expect. It is a packet of "dried grains" and nothing else, much like purchasing a packet of vegetable or flower seeds. To propagate them, suitable growing medium needs to bought with a suitable container.
    Will give it a miss. Most Fothergill's & DT Brown items are imported from UK - I have found poor results as the seeds are harvested from stock not acclimatised to Australian conditions.

  • Full price at narellan nsw $25

  • Full price at Balcatta WA

    $24.98 or something similar

  • Here is the ozbargainers way to grow mushrooms for very low cost

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    The true OZbargainer method.

    Step 1: Don't turn fan on whilst having shower or install ineffective fan
    Step 2: Don't clean ceiling
    Step 3: Wait for shrooms to grow from the mould on the ceiling
    Step 4: Harvest
    Step 5: Saved $15 and have home grown mushrooms!

    I noticed it in the ensuite in the sharehouse I used to live in after the person had moved out.

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