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Dick Smith Clearance Day 2: TVs, Tablets, Smartphones, PCs, Printers, Apple, DECT


Available in-store only nationally from 9am today. Will update prices as they filter through. Good luck!

Everyone, I'm seeing a lot of comments here about people walking into stores and seeing nothing on sale. You may actually be missing out if you leave. I've just been to Broadmeadows (10:45am) and nothing is tagged. I asked the sales rep, and he took me through the specials.


6x iPad mini ex demo $99
1x iPad Air 16GB ex demo $99
2x Nikon J3 $99 (one display)

Thanks to aurotaro for the full price list

Thanks to bruc3 for this price list…

Thanks to RojoMojo for providing the following pricesheets…

If prices aren't advertised in-store, ask at the counter. May apply to David Jones (powered by DSE) as well.

  • Up To 70% Off Clearance and Display TVs
  • Up To 60% Off Clearance Samsung Tablets
  • Up To 40% Off Clearance Windows 8 Computers
  • Up To 60% Off Clearance Samsung Smartphones
  • Up To 60% Off Clearance Printers
  • Up To 60% Off Clearance Cordless Phones
  • Apple on Clearance
  • Hot Prices on Selected Dick Smith Batteries
  • HDMI Cables From $5
  • Phone Cables From $1
  • Audio Cables From $5
  • Selfie Sticks From $10
  • Universal Remotes From $10
  • Mice From $10
  • Dick Smith Stylus From $5
  • Phone Charges From $1
  • Phone Car Chargers From $1
  • Phone Power Banks and Power Cases From $1
  • Phone Cases From $1
  • MOVE Universal Tablet Cases From $5
  • iPad cases From $1
  • Screen Protectors From $1
  • Tools From $5

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      • thanks!

      • +2

        That must have been painful. Did he walk funny?

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    I got the following:

    2 x iPod Touch 32G gen 5 ex-demo - $50 each
    1 x Nikon Coolpix P520 brand new - $97

    Any good?

    • +1

      Good score on ipod touch.

  • Sunbury Vic store has been cleaned out by looks of it, some PS3 Xbox games that's about it, camera cabinet empty :'(
    No tvs on any "special" sale price….

  • i thought they were going to ban dick smith from advertising their BS deals here.

    http://www.dicksmith.com.au/gaming/logitech-gaming-keyboard-... advertised @ $79.95 without the discount

    http://www.umart.com.au/pro/products_listnew.phtml?id=10&id2... advertised @ $53

    and the list goes on…..

    how can they advertise they're having a sale?

    when all they done is made a piss poor attempt to bring their grossly overpriced items in line with other retailers prices.

    • To be fair, some people DID get some crazy deals on TV's. This has been proved.

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      i thought they were going to ban dick smith from advertising their BS deals here.

      Member Since

      And you've contributed what exactly?

      • +5

        The ideal username :)

        • +2

          Come on guys his been a long term lurker.. ;)

      • just because i've only been a short time member doesn't mean i haven't been on the site.

        i'm sorry if i have failed to meet your expectations here on the forums.

        it's comments like yours that have kept me away from forums in the past.

  • +2

    Just bought an Olympus PEN Lite E-PL5 Double zoom kit for $198 at DSE Kotara. RRP is $500-$800 so I'm happy as they were sold out of Canon 700D, 7D Mark II and Nikon D3200. They did have a Canon 700D listed on their computer, but for some reason it wasn't for sale! All DSLR's left are very reduced, but not a lot of stock left and not a lot to choose from.

    Staff are very busy at the tills and on the phone so no service available on the floor. Reduced prices listed on cameras and on a few TV's, but generally the rest of the store has no or low discounts listed (20-30% off). Staff couldn't advise on what had reduced prices and you had to check each model you were interested in at the tills with a staff member. Hence it was impossible to see what was discounted or what was a good deal. Basically you had to return to the till each time you found a product you were interested in and ask them to look it up. Wish I'd had AuroTaro's list when I was there.

    Didn't see any discounts on anything other than TV's, Cameras, Games, Gaming keyboards, cables etc. Hoping there'll be a sale on other electronic stock soon.

    • Any deals on DVD Recorders or Apple stuff?

    • One thing to note is that Dick Smith update their stock lists overnight as far as I know. So if it says they have 1 in stock, it just means that chances are there was 1 in stock earlier in the day.

  • +1

    Went to Chadstone David Jones. The staff was writing a clearance tag for 55" FHD Sony TV $1300 something. I didn't check the model no. Nothing else was on clearance. Went to Brighton Dicksmith. Nothing is on clearance except some games.

    • -2

      ooooh - a LOCAL ! :D

  • http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j254/moomoonel/Mobile%20Up...

    Not sure it's good deal or not

    From Chatswood DSE

    • You mean the poster? No way $20 for the iPad.

  • +2

    First of all apologies, one of the photos is upside down and the other is sideways. I'm at work so didn't even realize until I previewed it on postimg. Got these from the Maddington DSE store.

    http://postimg.org/image/6bw0ynrdz (Printers, upside down apologies)
    http://postimg.org/image/p2xy8tlyf (Laptops, sideways apologies)

    Edit: The one for $1 just means they haven't had stock in yonks, the one marked with a red pen was no stock available.

    • Didn't get any of the notebooks. Was considering Acer Switch but it's a pretty old model. all the prices are pretty average by ozbargain standards. Dick Smith inventory of notebooks all seem to be fairly outdated as well - I think they were struggling financially and had trouble selling off their existing inventory.

      • Yeah I passed on the laptops too. Didn't seem that appealing.

  • Managed to snag a HP X2 Detachable Laptop 10.1" for $149. Ticket price $499 (Intel Atom Z3745D with Intel HD Graphics, 2 GB RAM, Windows 8.1)

    1 Year free of office 365.

  • +2

    Yamaha yht-296 home theater pack, missing rear speakers $13.96. Pays to be nice to staff

    • +1

      Haha… I think I saw you buy that (if you were in George St)

      • +1

        Yep. It's bloody heavy

  • +1

    Picked up a display (with no remote/box) JVC 40" TV LT-40N530 $549 $104.70! Thanks

  • Picked sony xperia z at DJ caste hill, 199 aud

  • Went to Doncaster and Box Hill DSE around 12pm today. They had the 55inch DSE tv ex-display for around $209 at Doncaster. Nothing else seems to be on clearance when I asked. First time I've seen so many people at a Dicksmith store in awhile haha.

  • +1

    Nikon D3100 twins lens in Broadway (in case somebody is looking for one)

  • +1

    Not the most amazing bargain but I got
    4th gen iPad 16GB WiFi + 3G + 4G

    I'll never use Apple but I know someone who'll use it.

  • Wonder if there will be more stock tomorrow and Friday? Ie. they are not bringing out everything today?

  • +1

    Anything good Sydney city or Macquarie Park?

  • +2

    I just went to Jesmond.The salesman was very helpful and checked the system and told me what TV they had at a bargain price, he told me that they had some plasmas that went cheap earlier today. He said that they don't have discounted prices on the JVC TV's that others are getting.

    I grabbed a Dick Smith Brand 54.5" Full HD DLED LCD TV (GE6880) for $209.70 from Jesmond. Was apparently last one (I got the demo).

    • Was there anything else at jesmond

      • Depends on what you are after. I didn't find many super specials.

  • +1

    Got a Harmony Ultimate (including Hub) for $100 - in display box from shelf - Gawler Place store
    No discount sticker but scanned at $100 when I asked. Guy went out the back to check there was actually one in stock and returned with the goods.


  • Juice Up 16000mah power bank.
    Tagged at $69, scanning at $20

    • nice pickup but how did you know that it will be discounted? did you just pick up random items and asked to be scanned ? I feel bad doing that to the store guys.

      • A couple of other guys were buying it and I over heard. The staff member was extremely surprised at the price coming up on the computer.

    • Thanks for the heads up.
      Just went back and did the same
      $79 on shelf, scanned at $20.

      Asked about Bluetooth Speakers.
      Sales Rep said come back over next few days.

      Was a 75" Sony Bravia that went for $1600 ex shop display.

  • Any iPad Mini 2s? Wouldn't mind picking up a cheap one!

    I'm having trouble loading that price list document.

  • So many haters on this deal. Shout out to ta goat ozbargain deal. Xperia z phones are also 59 and z ultra for 74 I grabbed the last one from Doncaster inside David Jones.

    • Were they brand new or demo ? I paid $199 for the Z today, which is consistent with the prices posted on the top of this post. Thanks.

      • Brand new I'll take a photo of the receipt later. Vodafone branded was 199 and unbranded 59 something weirdly.

        • Thanks Mate, that will help me to try and adjust the price.

        • Did you buy the unbranded or Vodafone model. I don't think it says on the box which is which but in store the label did say Vodafone for any phones with Vodafone branding.

        • @mark96: Just checked, I bought the VF version, hence the price. This is a gift to my wife, as she wanted a good camera phone. Is this handset worth at $199? Even though it's nearly 4 times the price you paid :)

        • I just went to the Store, Sales Rep grabbed the SONY Z in Black (Vodafone) it was priced at $199 and scanned at $199.
          There were no Un Branded available

          But what i find interesting, is the DSE price list which was printed here shows them for $199

          So i have no idea how you got one for $59!

        • @RojoMojo: Vodafone version is $199 (for some reason). Unlocked version is $59.

        • @AaronPOZ:

          Wow, ok, well there were many more unbranded phones, might be worth getting some scanned.
          If you are "street wise" you can almost read the play with some Sales Staff, the one i had was kinda leading me away from the Unlocked phones for some reason :)

        • @RojoMojo: Which store did you go to?

        • @kangaroo: My local store told me the Xperia Z phone was VF stock and unbranded was $74 (Xperia Z not Z Ultra) but they could do me a deal for $90 since they wanted to clear some more stock. I took it, Am I a doofus since it's well over the $59 and the ultra $74 price or a winner because (apparently) the Xperia Z was "VF stock" (I didn't see any signage on the packaging and it was out the back as a return item and not on display) and should have been $199?

  • +1

    No luck at the store in Glendale, NSW, he said they were queueing up this morning. Asked about cameras, keyboards, mice, hard drives and tablets. Nada was the answer. He said to try again in Saturday.

  • Went to Garden city and Carindale said all the stock was sold before 10. Also went to sunnybank but they didnt have anything on sale.

  • Went an got an LG sound bar for $59. Seems like a good deal.

    Does anyone know if they have Nespresso machines? Mine is on the fritz, could use a new one :)

    • What model and which store?

      • LG NB2540. Moonee Ponds, Victoria. They had a Phillips one for $15 and another for $30. The Sony and Samsung ones they had were normal price (or at least not super discounted).

        • Thanks

  • I got an Xbone Assassins Creed bundle and Forza 5 from DSE Pacific Fair for $319, $299 for the console, $20 for the game.

    mate got several games for $20 and a JVC 55" FHD LED LCD tv for $239.

    thanks OZB!

  • If anyone in Brisbane is looking for an xbox1 controller, chermside ds has 1 left for $23.99 (I took the other).

    A lot of games too although more weighted towards the PS4.

    Can post a receipt later if required.

    Awesome staff too as an aside

  • I bought 2x Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel from Pakenham DS for $10 each. Store had been almost cleared when I arrived, and all the display iPads apparently stolen. Glad to get some kind of bargain I suppose

    • Stolen? lol why would you steal an iPad that only costs $20!

  • Anyone try the Dandenong plaza dse. I know they have iPhones, iPads and cameras there. Any luck?

  • Just bought last xbox one $299 and last 21.5inch tv/dvd for $50 at calamvale, super staff good experience.
    Went to Grand Plaza and less than a good experience, nothing on sale, had to virtually poke the sales guy in the eye to speak about the 'sale' and then it was all too hard

  • Anyone checked out mt druitt? Tried ringing a bunch of times for no answer. Damned work. Think i missed out on the sale completely. Not sure if it's worth heading there or straight home

  • Would any DS employees please be able to post up the full list of Sale PVRs?

    • +1

      Don't know about a full list but I got a Panasonic DMR-PWT540GL for $119.70

    • +1

      LGHR836T - $50. (500GB)

    • +1

      Samsung BD-H8500 $89.70
      Samsung BD-F8500 $34.80

  • has there been any discounts on the DualShock 4?

    • normal price, no discount on PS4 controller

  • +2

    Just came back from David Jones Perth. Saw one guy with a printout of the price list from here haha.. and another guy asking for price and trying to haggle the price.

    Anyway, a few TVs and Soundbar on clearance. I didn't ask specifically but I overheard the soundbar was down from $899 to $179. No Apple stock. Btw.. only one staff there and he looks tired but still to manage a positive attitude, kudos to him!

    I also quickly dropped by Dicksmith in Murray St. Same story. But saw a few GoPro KaiserBass accessories selling as cheap as $1. The extension pole was $10.

    Congrats for those who snatched some really good stocks!

    • What sound bar are we talking about?

      • I forgot to check on the brand unfortunately, but it looks decent (something I would've buy had I not already have a sound bar at home).

        • Dang, I might have a wonder down there after work then. Was there much stock around left?

  • +1

    Never seen so many New 700D SLK or TLKs posted in the last 24 hours ;). Love how some people put "brand new purchased through an Australian retailer (1-12-2015)" cough cough we all know where you got them from!!

    • +3

      Would love it if the saturated supply meant they couldn't sell them muahahhahahahahaha

      • They will still probably make a profit. Just much less than they anticipated due to oversupply.

      • Don't really mind - kept my one for personal use :) more like an Ozbargained Trophy

    • +1

      Wow, just looked on Gumtree! One is even selling without the cash back offer hahaha!

    • How much did Dick Smiths sell them for?

  • Just got a Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB for $132 at Carindale… crazy! Cheers :)

    • That is crazy because I just watched someone pay $247 for an S3 at DS Neutral Bay

      • Homer Junior?? :D :D

    • Is it a scanned price?

      I am wondering how much is S5?

      • I asked about the S5, it wasn't that good of a deal unfortunately. My one was a blue one, the S4 in white, exact same specs just different colour, was like $530. Ridiculous haha….can't remember how much the S5 was but I guess it would've been more than that

      • I was in the Murray Bridge store SA and they had 2 there in black for $489.

      • It was that price everywhere.it was Vodafone branded though dick Smith sold two versions and different prices.

    • wow, you are so lucky tho. Would I be able to see the receipt to do the price match ? Thanks

  • +1

    Couldn't score anything for myself and reading all the people who haggled and got great bargains is making me feel like crap. Time to take break from OB. :)

    • Haggled?

      • +5

        Yeah, I read heaps of comments here where some ozbargainers got printouts of the DSE's clearance prices (don't know how people got those) and asked store people to scan products until they got some that were on clearance etc. That's some real dedication and advanced OB skills. For me, I go through the stores and have a look and if I catch one of the guys looking at me I slowly ask them if there are any such and such products on clearance/sale and if the answer is no then I leave. I know, I suck at hassling/haggling, or whatever you call it.

  • There is a display 60inch Panasonic plasma for $149 in Bondi Junction DJ.

    They also had a brand new macbook air 128gb ssd for $600

  • One xboxone left in highpoint but as the saleperson said 499 or something for that. I smell BS.

    • +1

      Same here at my local. I don't understand how some stores can hold out if they are supposed to be all stores clearing.

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