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Dick Smith Clearance Day 2: TVs, Tablets, Smartphones, PCs, Printers, Apple, DECT


Available in-store only nationally from 9am today. Will update prices as they filter through. Good luck!

Everyone, I'm seeing a lot of comments here about people walking into stores and seeing nothing on sale. You may actually be missing out if you leave. I've just been to Broadmeadows (10:45am) and nothing is tagged. I asked the sales rep, and he took me through the specials.


6x iPad mini ex demo $99
1x iPad Air 16GB ex demo $99
2x Nikon J3 $99 (one display)

Thanks to aurotaro for the full price list

Thanks to bruc3 for this price list…

Thanks to RojoMojo for providing the following pricesheets…

If prices aren't advertised in-store, ask at the counter. May apply to David Jones (powered by DSE) as well.

  • Up To 70% Off Clearance and Display TVs
  • Up To 60% Off Clearance Samsung Tablets
  • Up To 40% Off Clearance Windows 8 Computers
  • Up To 60% Off Clearance Samsung Smartphones
  • Up To 60% Off Clearance Printers
  • Up To 60% Off Clearance Cordless Phones
  • Apple on Clearance
  • Hot Prices on Selected Dick Smith Batteries
  • HDMI Cables From $5
  • Phone Cables From $1
  • Audio Cables From $5
  • Selfie Sticks From $10
  • Universal Remotes From $10
  • Mice From $10
  • Dick Smith Stylus From $5
  • Phone Charges From $1
  • Phone Car Chargers From $1
  • Phone Power Banks and Power Cases From $1
  • Phone Cases From $1
  • MOVE Universal Tablet Cases From $5
  • iPad cases From $1
  • Screen Protectors From $1
  • Tools From $5

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  • +28

    Thanks TA standing in front of one already. The wait begins

    • +10

      …with a coffee and Ozbargain. Dedication my son, dedication!

      • No coffee :(

        • +9

          Couldn't find a free one :D

    • +13

      Live stream!! :)

      • +4

        OzBargain on Periscope on Free Wifi hehe

      • Tomorrow :D

  • Let the games begin

    • +22

      May the odds be ever in your favour.

  • What does it mean by Apple clearance?

    • +43

      'Apple on Clearance'

      Free Apples to people who leave the store?

      • +3

        what???? moved? since when?
        apple on clearance - i thought apple store is on george street not clarence street…

      • +24

        30pin cables will be on special, nothing else ;)

      • +2

        I will bite that if it is a Fuji.

      • +1

        Great. Will grab a few to make an apple pie today.

      • Granny Smiths or GTFO

    • +2

      I just went to the Melbourne Store (Swanson St) to see what Apple was on clearance. They said it was only on old models and they had not stock

      • +7

        Yep, that's a standard DS 'Apple Clearance'…they discount old, imaginary stock. And they wonder why they're going out of business.

  • +32

    Good luck getting anything before the staff take it for themselves.

    • +14

      Yesterday i bought a go pro handlebar mount for $1. The guy serving me was swearing under his breath. Not sure if he wanted it and didnt know but he certainly didnt know it was marked that price.

      • +73
        • +15

          Now that Wrong. Staff reselling stuff on ebay can be sacked for it.

        • +7

          Yeah that's ok for staff to buy one for personal use but that's clearly for resale. Not a fan of them doing that.

        • +1


        • +2

          @Alfonso: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PgNPc-iFW8

          Maybe - tis' that time of year

        • +9

          Only thing that can justify that is the fact these kids may be out of a job soon, but its immoral imo

        • +11

          Email that to their head office. Karma.

        • +15

          Mate, please post it here,

          I reckon that's pretty unethical

        • +3

          @yacman: It's unfair to wish ill on those that have done no wrong. I prefer Qmar's suggestion and letting head office know.

        • +14

          The ship is sinking I don't think the staff cares much!

        • +1

          I work for a different retailler and yep, but thats mainly about buying on staff discount and reselling elsewhere.

        • +4

          @adz1: unethical may of been a better word to use depending on your morals, at the end of the day dick smith just want to clear stock, but I would suggest they would also hope they are restoring faith in consumers to come into their stores and make purchases, this would lead to potential future sales. This kind of behavior is preventing that from occurring and furthermore in my eyes is immoral because some people on here may actually need those items and can't afford them at full price, these people are taking them to sell for close to if not retail for profit.

          I show them some compassion for trying to make money when they could be out of a job soon but I don't agree with their methods.

        • +1

          Gotta be some perks to the job, probably isn't a big stationary cupboard

        • +1

          It's almost Christmas, if I was staff I'd be buying up. Some cheap Christmas present options there, you'd be the family favourite if handing out cameras and gaming. I don't think there's a problem if they're paying the same price as everyone else … perks of the job, and probably a sh1tty job at that working in retail, with quiet days most of the time until you have a clearance.

        • +7

          @yacman: People are complaining out of pure self interest.

          I'll grant you there is some validity in buying some consumer loyalty but head office should have taken steps to ensure this didn't occur if that is the case, just another instance of their mismanagement.

          You can't place faith in the ethics of minimum wage retail workers, they're not paid enough to care and are instructed to lie to customers and margin sell, I worked multiple retail jobs years ago and that's the gig.

        • +8


          Not convinced it's any worse than the person I saw buying up cameras yesterday.

          Regardless who you are, if you buy more than one (non-profit gift to someone excluded), you are a w@nker

        • +1

          they look like the biggest geeks!

        • +7

          @justtoreply: if dick smith were smart they would limit how many one could buy and in end satisfy more customers but that would be asking too much

        • -1


          If you are staff you enforce that rule. So your point doesn't really apply.

        • +4

          Yep, thats a dick move.
          Especially those few people on OzB who are showing off by saying they bought multiples to try and resell for a profit.

          OzBargain is a sharing community.. based on people sharing the good deals/bargains they find, for the benefit of other users.

          Every time someone goes in and buys up all the available stock of an item like digital cameras, a lot of other people including fellow OzBargainers miss out on the opportunity to get 1 for themselves.

        • +1

          @nikey2k27: Send the pics to dick smith Management lol

        • +2

          Report it to media: ACA, theage, etc

        • +5

          and NATO.

        • +5

          Or we could all just move on.

        • Ah, ozbargainers… 'Hey someone's stealing our bargains!' :)

        • -1

          Wow, so someone is desperate no wonder no stock anywhere. Nice one. Dodgy employees hooked up with under the table deals with mates!

          You know what this reminds me. Milk formula powder Broden way eg. Bellamy, Aptamil, except its not edible and for babies and are not essential. It is almost just as bad. Go ahead and report it.

        • +1

          And you wonder why DSE is making a loss, the employees are unethical. Otherwise they are not making much to pay their staff so the staff needs to go out their way to make money outside of their duties.

        • Like 10$ per hour?

        • Well, that's their stuff after payment. They can do whatever they want. It's the stores fault that no limitation for quantity

        • @Alfonso: I work DSE for many year i sacked people for doing this. so manger staff donot care.

        • @walder: I had slow and busy I love my job until store close in 2012. I was top sale person out of south-east conner in Queensland.

        • Would that be classed as sending Dick pics?

        • Repost it on their facebook page.

        • Nikon D5500 kit camera $447.
          Apx 2:30pm on 1/12 because of the 1hr plus drive to Robina, the DSE staffer arranged to hold the last D5500 camera for me till 4pm.
          At 2:58pm while on the way to Robina, I received a mobile call advising " the D5500 box contained a D3300 camera, sorry ".

          At the time it felt like Ripley's Believe IT or NOT!
          Orpheus, with your store photos, sadly, I am inclined to NOT believe the DSE story conveyed to me.

          The Dick Smith store of today is imho by name only similar to the successful old " Tricky Dicky " store of yesterday.

        • @zeggie:
          …email head office
          Dick head. Where?

        • +2
        • +1


          Disappointingly left out the reference to Broden

    • I'm keeping an eye out for that exactly

    • +2

      Headed over to the Albury Store and was able to score a 40" JVC TV for just $150.. normally retailing around $450. At $300 off, I didn't think twice and bought it on the spot. I had to ask a guy in the store, who disappeared into the back and emerged with the TV. Certainly wouldn't know the deal is happening if you simply walked into the store.

      There were another couple of young blokes who seen the deal and asked how many more, he replied, that was the last one.

      Was on the lookout for an upgraded display for my racing sim, so this deal was perfect timing.



  • +1

    Dang, wish I worked in the city :(

  • +6

    You guys down south are an hour ahead, find us all the bargains!

  • +12

    Be aware that today the posters here all have added to magic words 'Up to'
    Very diff than yesterday.

    But good luck to those in lines.

    • +6

      Dse bs strike again.

      I dint know why i got excited for this

      • +2

        Was at DS Moonee Ponds and I feel the BS does abound. I reckon the $299 PS4s at some way out the way store is too make people price match and stir the interest in this shitty sale. They have some TVs market down but not much else than normal specials. None of the phones seemed marked down. Didn't see any Apple stuff. Admittedly it is a small store and the staff might have got in first as well.

    • its the same.

  • +1

    Recent Samsung phones are not on any discount. Just had a look at the catalogue and the Galaxy s6 32gb is $809.

    • +1

      I'm not sure they show these sales in the catalogue

      • +2

        No, the catalogue came out ages ago. The store I'm outside is advertising 10% off selected kindles and Samsung tablets. I hope I am not lining up for 10%

        • Yeah those are the new catalogue offers starting today :)

        • @TRENT86: I was hoping for a large discount on the Galaxy Tab S, but not to be.

    • This would have been good for me as i just cracked the screen on my new s6 edge

  • +1

    No bose hey

  • -1

    Dse should have online sale too instead of just stores

    • +2

      Think they are trying to get traffic into bricks and mortar

    • +12

      Our analysts are suggesting they are moving to an online only model to reduce brick and mortar overheads - this would suggest they are clearing out excess floor stock in preparation to close down the stores…

      This is why i wouldnt be too upset about the staff taking all they can get at these prices - they could potentially be out of a job soon!

      Anyways - lets watch the tower crumble!

      • Maccas has a 12 month target of 50cents, WilsonHTM of 32cents, DB of a buck and CSFB at 77cents. Various consensus out there. Just that the current bricks and mortar is relatively "expensive". They need to just have a hole in a wall at good locations where people could just pick up their online purchases with none of the fancy stuff. I suppose they could be "COTD 2". I'm sure they will find jobs elsewhere, retail staff turnover is always there. Not sure if I would wish ill on people trying to find work or may be out of work. It's not a fun space to be in, especially if one has responsibilities.

        • Myer had a big inventory clearance, with sales up the corresponding period and stock rallies 25% due to one off earnings increase and many of these same analysts now have a buy on Myer. Wonder what happens we Dick Smith's next quarter is strong.

        • @dandandan:

          Myer aren't just up due to a stock clearance.

        • @serpserpserp:

          The recent share price run is off the back of one off earnings from the stock clearance, which will increase FY16 profits. This corresponds with the recent AGM update were this was disclosed. Macquarie has an underperform on the stock for that exact reason. The new strategy has not had time to work yet, so not much, if any recent price increase is a result of the new strategy. For disclosure, I bought in at 90 cents on 11/9/15.

      • +2

        It's just hard to see how, just check on SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 3 LITE 7" 8GB WiFi.

        DS Online Special $161

        Target Online normal price $99

        Even with 60% off you only save $3

      • Not sure who your "analysts" are but I doubt they are moving to full online model unless they are going to go under. They'll reduce store footprint because for some reason they decided to grow it after the float. I guess they needed a way to boost underlying revenue but just opening stores doesn't do that when your value proposition is broken.

  • I think they have until the end of the weekend to clear a certain amount of stock, and discounts will increase until Sunday, with the hope of selling out all the more popular stuff at a higher price than what they will have to on the weekend..

    • That's what I'm thinking, I don't really need any of this stuff so I'm going to hold off until Saturday.

  • +1

    Hmmm should I go to airport west instead if having breakfast….?

  • try and get the managers list please!
    So many deals went missed yesterday, E.G. the GoPro Hero 3 for $69.

    • I am an hour behind most, but I will try and secure a list if no one else can get one prior.

      Tempted to go into credit for some of these… …Must resist urge…

    • Yes managers list plz. Do not want to miss sale items 😱

    • +1

      GoPro Hero 3 for $69, that is insane. Link please?

  • Sounds more like a boxing day sale than a clearance sale like yesterday. Happy to be surprised!

  • If DSLR Nikon lenses are (still) reduced, please post back. Thanks.

  • +2

    And Canon 7D Mark II with 18-135 STM lens for $978 reducing to $778 after $200 cashback by Canon :p
    Bought another G16 for $300 and now the cashback from Canon is $400

    • +1

      Anywhere still got stock for the 7d that you know of?

      • Sorry there is no stock left now. I got two of my friends buy the same deal as well.

      • David Jones (Powered by DSE) Bourke St and DSE Emporium and DSE Bourke St in Melb CBD had a few yesterday, but i was told they wernt apart of the clearance?

        I had asked the staff at DJ and Emporium if they had prior knowledge of the clearance sale to which one guy replied "it was like 'surprise butt s3x!' which youre not prepared for"

    • Wow, that's incredible!

    • +1

      Man, spent most of yesterday chasing this deal, never found it. Sydney CBD. Anyone have any idea on where stock remains? Canon 6D is good too.

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