This was posted 8 years 4 months 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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3 Months of Stan and Presto Free, Plus $15 Bigpond Movies Credit


Ba boom!

Hunters of the bargain behold…santaBoomshakalaka is here, and xmas has come early!

Free streaming and movie hire for all from our comrades at Telstra!

…but don't delay, as these deals must be activated post haste!

Stan - three months free (requires credit / debit card to sign up - don't forget to cancel if you don't want to keep it):

SMS "Stan" to 0484 100 400, then enter your code here:

Bigpond Movies - $15 credit (plus $5.99 upon signup = $20.99?)

SMS "Movies" to 0484 100 800, then join here:

…then click on Redeem Vouchers to score big

Presto - And for those who like pain, SMS "Presto" to 0484 100 900, then enter your code here:

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  • Is this only for new customers?

    • +18

      Ka boom!

      I think it is only for new customers for Stan…Bigpond may work for existing customers, and Presto, well, who gives a sh!t :)

    • Not reading the full thing would appear so; BYO internet, data and supported device. New Stan customers and Telstra TV customers only. Conditions apply.

  • Tried the BigPond code: got a text with credit code and message started with "Sorry about the mix up"… OP… if you don't mind me asking, how did you get the code? :P

    • They seem like the deals that come with the Telstra TV.

      • That should be put in the title. "Telstra TV customers only". Unless non-customers can access the deal? Seems unlikely if you need to SMS.

    • I got the "sorry about the mixup" SMS, but it still gives me a code.

      Why does it say "sorry about the mixup then"?

    • +11

      how did you get the code?

      Za boom!

      The standup people from Telstra stuffed up santaBoomshakalaka's third wifes Telstra TV freebies, so they told her to do the above.

      Codes should work for everyone ;)

  • +1

    The perks of having 5 phones with a Telstra sim.

    • It'd be cheaper if this deal worked for those with up to 5 phones w/ Optus sims, eg if they were all on PrePaid Daily

      ($10 each phone / yr with no outgoing or data usage, over the period).

  • Great work OP

  • +1

    Thanks OP worked for Stan
    On Voda btw

    Happy holidays everyone :)

  • Working with amaysim sim.

  • -6


    3 months of never using it because both services are AWFUL

    Presto isnt worth 1 cent a month with nothing but SD garbage and Stan isn't much better

    • -1

      If you're not using a DNS service to switch Netflix regions Stan has much better content than Netflix Au. Transparent, Better Call Saul, some Comedy Central titles, if you're into zombies Ash Vs the Evil Dead. Stan is also commissioning it's own titles, No Activity and a series based on Wolf Creek. They're putting in much more effort than the other players.

      I checked and looks as though I can't add the code to my existing account. Not sure if I can bothered making a new account.

      • Stan much more effort than other players?

        do they have apps for Roku, xbox360, ps3, ps4, xbone all in HD?

        • Don't know, don't have any of those :-) But I believe they don't cover all of those. I meant much more effort on content. Get an ATV3 to stream everything you'll ever need.

    • I have Presto free until late next year (have had it for 1 year already) used to have big problems with it and foxtel Go but they seem to be slowly improving. Presto does actually have some HD content now fwiw, I watched all of Mr Robot in HD

      • try watching anything in HD on a PC and get back to me :)

        nothing exists

  • +2

    +1 for an entertaining post, much better than the excruciating shameless self promotion of some who go on about how they managed to negotiate a deal saving you a dollar.

    • +1

      Or the sycophantic "this is my first post please be gentle". No one is going to send the secret police to your house if folks don't like the deal you've posted. Just post it and move on.

      • b-but itz my first time :s

        • That's what she said.

  • Awesome! Thanks and merry Christmas!

  • Hoe/where do you watch the BIG POND movies? Any app for Samsung smart tv?

    • +4

      Hoe, you watch them on PC ipad android etc

    • +1

      Yes Samsung TV has an app for big pond movie.

  • Got a bigpond code and I'm with aldimobile.
    Edit: Just sent the sms using the wife's phone - Christmas present for her is sorted :D

    • Yeah I just used my amaysim I got from $5 deal for $25 eBay voucher. Thanks ozbargain!

  • Yesss thanks heaps! Merry Christmas :)

  • Thanks OP, worked on VODAFONE SIM

  • Great Xmas present OP!

  • Thanks. Works here for Bigpond credit

  • Works for Vaya :)

  • I am receiving an error, Am I doing anything wrong? (I am trying from Optus SIM)

    "Sorry about the mix up, here is your 3 month bonus Stan subscription code <<Voucher code>>. Visit and register using your code by 31 Dec 2015. Data charges apply. Stan fees apply after 3 months unless you cancel."

    When I try the given <<Vouvher Code>> at I face the below error
    "Sorry, but we couldn't redeem a voucher with that code"

    Edit: Trying once again from a new browser tab solved the problem.

  • +1

    You posted this straight after an NBA Jam marathon session right?

  • Yeah, Telstra better be sorry!

    (For personal reference, CANCEL STAN ON 22 MARCH 2016)

  • Thanks for the X'mas present OP! :)

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Going to use the Stan offer.

    Had 6 months free presto from previous deal… not as bad as people make it although the movies on offer aren't great. But used it mainly for x files as I'm a fan and other TV series.

  • +1

    All this free streaming is good but need a good deal on internet connection first to take advantage of this.

    • Belong internet is a great deal. Free modem, free set up, no contract

  • thanks, watching stan now. it said sorry and didn't work as mentioned before In first browser worked fine the second time.

  • +4

    Great timing here……1TB iinet data + Samsung UHDTV = bliss..!!!

  • Thanks heaps santaBoomshakalaka and re the Bigpond Movies its actually $6.99 start up credit with your link above and then you add the code for a total of $21.99 credit. Cool xmas pres thanks :)

  • +1

    Can presto codes be stacked?

  • +1

    thanks for posting. Got the 3 months of Stan on an Optus sim. Just have to be careful typing the long code in, the first time I missed a number.

  • Any idea how long that $21 Bigpond Movies is valid for?

    • The $6.99 is only valid for 1 month I think. Not sure about the $15.

      • Thanks OP btw! Looking forward to watching some Woody Allen on Stan. Also was not aware of the regular free Thursday movies for BigPond customers on BigPond Movies :)

  • I'm overseas at the moment, seems like I'll be missing out :(

  • great deal just signed up thanks

  • Thanks Santa boomshakalaka! Stan is now installed and active on my ps4 :)

  • When I cancel subscription will I lose my access straight away or will it last for the rest of the trial?

    • You will lose access straight away. You have to cancel close to the paid renewal date if you don't wanna pay to keep using it.

  • Thanks 😀

  • Worked perfectly on an Optus sim. Already on the standard trial so this will keep me going until almost Easter. Thanks. Wish it was stackable but used different email instead.

  • Thanks OP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • Was going to watch Bad Santa then found out my Netflix just expired, then came your deal and got Stan. WHAZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Want to watch on mobile as well.

    Is there any of these streaming services not counting towards data allowance for Telstra customers (on mobile) ?? Thx

    • +1

      No chance. Telstra mobile foxtel does not count though, only live TV though, first month is a free trial, good for commuters.

  • Sweet, thanks OP!

    He's heating up!

  • Just to let y'all know if you are having issues with BigPond Movies on Safari/Chrome try Firefox. Not sure why but that worked for me (on a Mac). You can stack the BigPond credit btw but it lasts until 25th Jan 2016 according to the text I received. So only a month.

  • Thanks OP! much appreciated :)

  • thanks, will try Stan.

    Presto actually got used in my house for the first time ever for home and away lol (not by me :P)

  • +1

    FYI noticed this morning that there is a Presto app now on the PS4 dashboard.

  • Thanks OP! Better Call Saul Season 2 due Feb 2016 on Stan - perfect!

  • Tried both Voda and Optus sims and got message "did not match an active promotion and was not processed" :(

  • Stan texting no longer working for me (sending from Telstra sim)
    Anyone care to share their code if they have already used - PM me

    • Movies trick not working either :(

      • Same here, would be very appreciative of someone has a spare they aren't going to use.

  • +1

    did not match an active promotion and was not processed"

    Trying toto sign up for stan

  • +1

    Free Presto is far too expensive to put myself through that suffering. Let me know when they're paying us to use it. Then, I'll consider it. If it's a lot.

  • +1

    I'm very impressed with Stan!

    • just finished hunger games 1-3 in 2 days in Stan. oh no, now have to watch the new one in cinema.

  • The Presto offer still works. I missed out on the Stan offer. If anyone has a spare code, I would greatly appreciate one :)

    (My DMs are open to anyone)

  • Thanks, My 6 months Presto promotion extended by another 3 months.

    • Ditto

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