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Samsung Galaxy S5 $397, LG G Flex $397, SanDisk Ultra 16GB $9, Panasonic 40" FHD TV $499 + Games Sale from $7 @ Harvey Norman


Few Harvey Norman boxing day deals. Merry xmas everyone :)
Get an extra $25 off when you spend $150
Get Extra $50 Off When You Spend $350 Using Amex Offer

Samsung Galaxy S5 16GB Smartphone $397 - IN STORE ONLY
Samsung Galaxy S5 Blue $397
Nexus 5X 32GB $598 - 16GB $546
HP Officejet 2620 All In One Printer $16
LG G Flex 32GB Smartphone $398
Sunbeam Fiesta Mixmaster Folding Mixer - Pink $49
WD Elements 1TB Portable Hard Drive $68
Seagate Expansion 2TB Portable Hard $108
Targus Intellect 15.6" Laptop Backpack - Black $14
Sandisk Ultra 16GB SD CARD Or Micro $9
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8" Wi-Fi 16GB Tablet $199
TCL 48" Full HD LED LCD TV $488
Logitech G29/G290 Driving force Steering Wheel $300
Panasonic Viera 40" Full HD LED LCD TV $499
Nikon D5200 DSLR Camera with 18-55mm Lens Kit $488 (After cashback)
Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mirrorless Camera with 14-42mm Lens Kit $492
SONY 65" X85 Series UHD LED LCD 3D Capable Smart TV $2499
Logitech Driving Force Shifter $48
SanDisk Cruzer Edge 8GB USB Flash Drive 3 for $9
Norton 360 Multi-Device Internet Security Software 1 Year for 1 Device $18
Apple TV $86
Laser 16" Laptop Bag $8
Games Reduced
Little Big planet 3 $12, God of war 3 $28, Infamous 1st light $7, battleifield 4 $11, Borderlands the handsome collection $33, The Crew $18, far cry 4 $24, destiny $12, ,mad max $44, titanfall $7, Call of duty aw $28, metal gear soliv d $12, Forza 5 $14, sniper elite 3 $12, need for speed rivals $9, alien isolation $22, Thief $13, dead rising 3 $10, The order 1886 $28, Minecraft $16, Until Dawn $28, Assassin's creed unity $18 & More

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2015

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  • +1

    What does the "1/2 Yearly" mean on the S5?

    • +2

      I guess it means half yearly clearance.

    • +30

      It means 1/2 year left before being obsolete.

      • +12

        the S5 is full hd (1080) screen, has all the 4G bands for telstra and optus, comes with android 5 and they are releasing android 6 for it …… at this price why would anybody be buying one of those chinese phones with most of the bands we use e.g 700 mhzs missing on those chinese phones.

        Must be the best under $400 phone around ….. I have one and am even thinking of buy-in another for my son.

        • +2

          I still keep hearing so many good things about this phone … waiting a few more months for my Vodafone contract to run out (still using an S3). Told yesterday by Vodafone man they ard letting it go for $5 a month (x 24 months) right now if I stay on my $40 unlimited plan. Usually $10 a month … hmmm. ☆

        • +2

          Thoughts on camera on this vs Huawei p8?
          Looks like they'd be roughly equivalent on screen and soc. S5 wins on lte bands and water resistance but p8 wins on looks and camera.

        • +3

          love my S5, will only be upgrading when it dies because the more expensive phones don't seem to be offering much more, and they announced they will be releasing android 6 for it.

          telstra and optus are dropping their prices on plans so 24 months is long lock in, and once you have a decent 4G phone, you will use more data.

          my optus deal is 10G data, all you can eat calls to mobile and landline and 300 mins overseas for $40 on 12 months
          Telstra deal was 7GB data, welcome credit, 500 mins talk ….. $37.50 per month with the welcome credit.
          The gaps are closing between the carriers …. and data is what they seem to find easier to bundle ….. you can only talk so much on a phone between doing other things in life, but data seems to be what people consume more off as they get 4G phones.

        • +2


          Would it not be cheaper to just buy this outright, and go on a $18 prepay plan with Vaya?

          Edit: I am not recommending Vaya btw! Your definition of bad customer service will complete change after experiencing Vaya. F them!

        • +2


          p8 winds on the camera

          I would love to see a source on that.

          THe S5 has been killing blind tests back in its time.

        • +1

          @inose: I am asking that question. P8 has ois. Some reviewers say close to par with s6.

        • +1


          Some reviewers say close to par with s6.

          No way man lol. I don't know what you read, but I read PhoneArena, which bases their conclusions on blind test results.

          Essentially, the S6 (and the like, e.g. Edge, Note 5 etc.) are winners in the camera arena (and screen), or neck and neck with the iPhone 6s. THe rest are not too far behind, are noticeably behind when looking at the numbers.

          …but I've never seen any Huawei even being compared; it's not a big player to be included in these tests.

        • +1

          I know what you mean with the cheap Chinese phones; there's lack of trust, questionable quality, and I'd rather go with the established, trusted brands like Samsung, LG, Sony, Apple.

          But man, the CHinese phones… verrry compelling when you look at the price. OnePlus!

        • Sorry I was wrong, it does have a microSD slot.

          I haven't compared myself, but the camera on the S6 is supposed to a major improvement.

        • +2

          all the phones now take good pictures in well lit conditions, and they are all bad in low light (noise). Until they start making the lenses bigger so they catch more light, they use the number of pixels to try and market the phones instead of iso for sensitivity which is what you need in low light.

          my DSLR doesn't need a light in low level light conditions because it has a lot of glass to catch a lot of light…… phones do need a light to take a picture in low light.

          So for phones it back to how many pixels to try and differentiate themselves on a crowded shelf.

          Not sure what version of android is on the P8, and if they will be releasing Android 6 for it, or they will will release a new model e.g P9 with android 6 and you need a new phone.

          Chinese phones are very bad at support of new versions of android …… they release new models with new versions of android and dump support of the previous model. I've been impressed with samsung in that the S5 came out with android 4.4, they upgraded to android 5 and announced they will be doing Android 6 ….. might be because they compete with apple and apple release iOS for older models so you don't need to bin your phone as new operating systems are released. The chinese brands don't compete with apple.

        • +1


          with Vaya?

          Oh no. Please, no.

        • @KaptnKaos: No vaya… Complete ripoff

        • as do the chinese phones.
          Do some research before spouting off nonsense for the sake of keeping up with the Jones'

        • @inose: I am one of those people who are actually happy with their carrier (Vodafone). Yes; have considered paying for the phone outright, especially with this great offer.

          I am on a $40 Red plan (only pay $35) and not paying for the SG3 either. They unlock for free when contract runs out. Long term customer with 3 accounts, paying additional $10 per month to include another phone (for Mother) on my account. This was an old 3 idea (24c/10 mins with calls other than free Vodafone calls coming out of the $10), for a phone that does not get a lot of use apart from sms. Can share data if we wanted to.

          I also pay $40 for month for son's prepaid phone plan (which gets more data than my phone). Have had good service with Vodafone in the past so have no reason to change. Expect a good deal when my plan expiry date nears. Ps. Recently paid $100 for son's new SG Ace which came with $40 credit. Locked but $80 to unlock which was still cheaper than buying unlocked elsewhere (at the time); 3 GB data and unlimited calls, 180 mins free overseas calls. Not a bad little phone for the price.

          We did use Vodafone for broadband wifi but they could not compete with our new nbn plan $40 for 100GB (Belong).

          Only thing I find annoying with these phones is the difficulty in viewing the screens in bright light. Dont know how good they are, but was told I could buy screen protectors that filter out that glare aspect, making them easier for photo taking etc.

  • +10

    Samsung Galaxy S5 one of the best phone, sd card + removable micro sd + dust and water proof

    • +11

      Plus LAG

      • +1

        Cyanogen brah! https://wiki.cyanogenmod.org/w/Klte_Info

        …but then again, you will lose MultiWIndow, and SideSync features (screen sharing with other Samsungs) and Quick Connect (file sharing with other Samsungs) if you go with Cyanogenmod.

        …then again, the lag isn't too bad! Many consumers don't know what lag is / easily live with it; it's not enough to hinder the good experience.

        • -1

          if you root the phone, you don't get over the air updates anymore …. and android 6 is on it's way ……. if you root the phone you can reduce what google sees and they wouldn't want that…………. I can't be bothered rooting phone and reflashing to add patches anymore……. leisure time it too important.

          Lag ……. don't notice it on small screens …… only seems to be noticeable on tablets due to larger screens and how you eye takes in information and your brain processes it.

        • +2

          @garage sale:

          You don't have to root if you don't want to… but you can still install CYanogenmod! (I do with my Nexus 5… which I have been thinking of replacing with a S5).

          And yes you won't get Samsung's OTA updates if you install Cyanogenmod, obviously, but you will have Cyanogenmod OTA. Cyanogen is just an alternative to Samsung's Android, which some people may appreciate.

          And tablets; I have the Galaxy Tab S 10.5. It is apparently laggy, but couldn't honestly describe it as laggy; it's very usuable pretty much all the time, like my Nexus. (Maybe I've forgotten what lag means… Maybe it's just something people try too hard to find, when it's negligible nowadays, I don't know)

        • -1

          @inose: not everyone digs Amoled, nor the associated PWM flicker. Then there's pentile pixel count vs IPS pixel count.

        • @chyawala:

          PWM flicker with Amoleds? I don't think you've seen an amoled screen…

          I'm not going to read it all, but the display is definitely not a weak point of the S5; it's one of its biggest strengths. http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2014/04/the-best-smartphone-displa...

        • @inose:
          Really? Did not like the Note 3 I had becuase of screen flicker. I got rid of it straight away. The Note 4 is reported to be even worse, flickering on max brightness. http://forum.xda-developers.com/note-4/general/screen-flicke...
          See a video of the S5 flickering https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2f0TZtpRA4

          Pesonally speaking, I am put off by pentile pixel counts, they really are not as sharp as a true 1080 screen, having only around a third of the number pixels. Yes the colours are vivid, being mostly oversaturated, and are far from true. I would never consider purchasing anything with PWM ever again.

        • @chyawala:

          Hmm… Yep. No idea. I've a 10.5 inch amoled screen, and have never thought that it's flickering.

          Maybe you just have ultra sensitive eyes, and if you can see flicker, that would such. This is the first time ever I'm hearing about flickering screens… and I read and watch a lot about phones, it's like my hobby.

        • @inose: To see it easily, lower the brightness and wave it to see the strobe effect. We should remind manufacturers, brightness is not an average of flickering. It is infact just max brightness flickering.

        • @chyawala:

          Mate, I'm watching movies / tv shows in the dark at night; in the dimmest setting.

          It's definitely much more dim than any LCD can provide, so it's easy on the eyes.

          No I haven't noticed any flickering.

        • @inose: How CM without root? can you point me to link or PM me :-)

        • @thehulk1969: im pretty sure you have to root. but again, all androids were created to be rooted

        • @eisniwre: thats what ive done in the past

        • @thehulk1969:

          Oh my bad… I mean you don't have to be rooted after you install CM ;)

          My nexus 5 has been rooted (implicitly) when installing CM. It's not rooted after installation.

      • +1

        Just get Nova launcher. Ditch touchwiz

    • Most def but only single Sim.

    • +1
      • camera.

      Perhaps the best, along with the last iPhone, compared to last generation phones.

      THen again, Samsung's always had cameras going for them.

      • Inose, do you have any interest you ought to declare? Or just a hard core Samsung fanboi?

        • +1

          You mean fanboy?

          And I think Samsung's done many great things, especially with the cameras. Credit goes where credits due, don't you think so?

          Or do you just automatically assume that anyone who praises Samsung is a fanboy.

        • @inose: I just thought your comments came through rather strongly in the comment thread above this, and your comment here aswell lead me to ask.

        • +2


          Edit: I know this reply is overkill… but I had to do it for myself lol. You don't have to read it.

          Original comment:


          • Do I like Samsung? I don't have a brand preference for anything, but Samsung would be one of the brands I would trust. If that means I like them, then yes I like Samsung.
          • Do I like all Samsung phones? No; some undeniably suck ass in my opinion.
          • Do I think Samsung phones have the best cameras? Absolutely; you can't deny blind test results. Samsung camera shoots are consistently are on top, or neck and neck with Apple.
          • Do I prefer Samsung phones to others? No, it depends; the flagships are (too) expensive, with no expandable storage. I would buy them if they are as low priced as this S5, maybe.

          Does this make me a Samsung fanboy?

          • I don't like the term 'fanboy'. Fanboys, in my view, would die because they just 'like' the brand. Can they justify it? Maybe… but it would be under bogus reasons. What are bogus reasons? Reasons that aren't consistent with the truth. For example, Sony markets their smartphones saying that their cameras are 'the best camera on a smartphone'. This is udder BS when you look at blind tests. Sony fanboys would believe this BS, or deny the blind test results, just because it's not consistent with their beliefs. They would make up excuses, "the test is unfair because you have to use MANUAL mode with Sony cameras…" - who the heck uses manual mode, when they just want to take a quick photo :/ I don't like fanboys.

          • I would consider myself to be an informed consumer, who sees the advantages in having a (flagship) Samsung phone. If I were to replace my Nexus 5, I would get a Samsung.

  • So when does this go live?

    • Most are live now :) just check in cart to be 100% sure

  • +4

    Got the Samsung Galaxy S5 for effectively $322, thanks OP and Happy Christmas!

    • +2

      How ??

      • +2

        As per deal description $25 off voucher w/ $150 spend + $50 off w/ $350 spend from amex offer = $75 off.

        • does it do the $50 off for amex in the cart or is it something amex sends back ……. does t have to be an amex issued card, or it can be a bank issued amex card ?
          also the $25 off ……. does that mean I need to set up another email account ….. is this the $25 newcomer for new newsletter subscribers ?

        • @garage sale: According to Amex confirmation email, they will credit my account $50 within 5 days. I have a Platinum Edge card so not sure whether offer is for bank issued too. Yes $25 discount for newletter sign up and was first HN order. Probably would need to register another email if you have already used one.

        • +1

          @Grado: Yep I got confirmation for my Westpac issued AMEX. Also going through TRS for GST refund, winning!

        • @Grado:

          I had used Amex offer for Harvey Norman about 6 months back. Hope I can use it again.

    • +1

      We're discount bro$! I got one too, thank you Amex!

  • Ok so. I have 4 games in my cart for $44. Getting delivered to a Brisbane suburb.

    $99.80 shipping. What?

    Is there something wrong with the HN website? Anyone else getting stupidly high shipping costs?

    Edit: Added Apple TV to cart, does the usual $5.95 shipping added to the total. Something clearly wrong with the games :( might be categorizing them as big items or something.

    • Im getting $124 for postage for games lol i have ordered before and its normally been just over $5 for whole order?

      • Yeah I know. I think I remember Large items are usually $24.95 shipping. The games probably have the wrong shipping code attached to it and they'll be swapped over in the morning.

        Really don't want to be holding out and waiting all Christmas day for a bargain lol

        • +1

          Annoying as could have been ordered now if it was right, cant see it getting sort till at least boxing day.

        • @bwatt99: Still not fixed… Once I see a bargain I need to buy it ASAP.

    • I have the same thing, console and 4 games for $87 shipping absolutely insane

      • That's to stop professionals.

  • Anyone else having problem with $25 coupon? It says promotional code is invalid, I am logged in as well.

    Edit- Never mind, typed incorrectly.

  • This spiky $108 Seagate Expansion 2TB vs the $99 Toshiba Canvio Basics from ShoppingExpress?

    • With $25 off coupon, the Seagate is only $83 (if you buy 3 x Trend micro mobile, and get cash back).

  • +1

    $28 for Until Dawn, go go go!

  • +1

    Wakeup Jerry and fix those inflated shipping prices!

  • OP please see if it is worth including in your list.

    Nikon d3300 $342 after cashback ( $267 after $25 voucher and amex offer)

    Tomtom Go 5100 $287 . (Lowest anywhere I could find. Really nice gps with lifetime traffic updates, sim and data included)

  • +1

    Thanks TRENT86 for posting this deal today. I was looking for a good phone and have just bought the Galaxy S5 + plus WD 1TB portable HD for $440 (with the $25 voucher. I wish I had Amex card though).

    And merry Christmas to you too, mate. Have a wonderful and safe holiday. :)

  • -1

    The Pany TV specs says Playback Format (Visual) = JPEG, MKV, WMA, WMV.

    No mp4, avi, etc? Is that correct or do they just not bother saying?

    Anyone know about TCL TV's - http://www.harveynorman.com.au/tv-blu-ray-home-theatre/tvs/t... - would it be any better or are they all restricted?

    • +1

      would you really plug a usb stick into the TV or why not just add an android TV box with Kodi and stream to the TV, add VLC and play lots of formats …. plus you get you tube, browser, netflix both local and USA , etc. the android boxes start at $45 on gearbest , etc

      • +3

        Yes, I would. Because I don't know the first thing about all that other stuff.

        Thanks anyway.

  • Good deal but Return policy is not so good

    • I've always had no worries returning faulty items to my local Harvey Norman (bundall on the gold Coast)

    • Yes HN always hard about return policy… Even their price match policy is bs..

  • does the code only work when logged in or something ? two $25 offs not working :(

    • +2

      Take it as a sign that you must not buy

      • yep works when logged in :)

  • +1

    Thoughts on the nexus 5X 32GB at this price?

    • TBH I think it's way too expensive!

      • You get a stock bare-boned Android phone. Yes, I know people know this but other manufacturers are offering Android, + their own useful (or sometimes useful) software.

      But you get an awesome camera with the 5X (and 6P). But I don't think this warrants a price this high at $500, due to the minimal bare-boned software; it's only got the baseline.

      • +3

        Many consider getting vanilla Android (with the accompanying guarantee of regular, prompt updates) a bonus. Some of the things that other manufactures add aren't an improvement.

        • -1

          Yes I know.

          I'm just saying that the updates are not worth this price. Not to me anyhow.

          Most people (let's say 95%) are fine with older versions of android

        • +1
          Got burned by HTC where I never received 2.3 update.
          Love vanilla android and the prompt updates, and no bloatware

    • Wait for V10

  • Lol, I wonder if its worth doing click and collect…. sort of worried that the stock will be gone before they eventually get a chance to pick it for you.
    Also i heard click and collect there is a weekend delay e.g. any click and collect orders will be processed on monday if done over a weekend.

    I wonder if that delay also applies to Public Holidays e.g. boxing day lol.

    What's everybody's experience like?

    • O shit! Now you're making me uncomfortable as I've opted for click and collect for my Samsung S5 & WD portable HD. I hope it will go smooth; fingers crossed.

      • Just pulled the trigger on postage. lol.
        I've had times where I did a click and collect even on the same day it takes hours, and by the time it gets to you they turn around and say "sorry out of stock".

        I think it was the Mcafee + SD Card promo they had, ordered at 9am at 1 store and they sent pickup on 1pm, another store ordered at 9am and few hours later said no stock lol.

        • When I put my post code in their 'Check your nearest store' (or whatever) search box it showed my local store had both the phone and portable hard drive in stock. Even if they don't have any in stock, can't they just send them from other stores? Well, let's hope for the best. And if push comes to shove I'll get my money back so not all bad. :)

  • Thoughts on camera on this vs Huawei p8?
    Looks like they'd be roughly equivalent on screen and soc. S5 wins on lte bands and water resistance but p8 wins on looks and camera.

    Would people recommend flashing a diff rom on the s5?

    • flashing a different ROM lost it's appeal when Samsung announced they be releasing Android 6 for the S5.

      I wouldn't reflash because you stop getting updates from samsung once the phone is rooted, and android 6 has some good stuff in it.

      • Will the updates slow the phone? From past experience Samsung phone do lag after major android release

  • People who using vouchers did you use your exact name or dummy name? Don't wanna give.my actual name to any Norman

    • +3

      Lol. eventually you will need to give your actual name to them when you make the order, what difference does it make?

  • WIll the S5 get any lower??

  • Nice! Scored S5 for $322

  • An amazing price on the S5. I pulled the pin on the 30 day price match at the good guys and now I'm kicking myself for not waiting another few days (dick dropped the price to $532 so I got $80 back).

    Love my phone, but can I suggest buying the $2 view cover from dick (or if you can find the original one cheap somewhere). My biggest negative is using the phone with wet hands. I find that any moisture on any hand makes it very hard to operate. However, the cover makes a huge difference and I like the flip open unlock feature.

    • If it is still within 30days you can contact TGG again. They will refund you the new low price difference.

  • 1 hour later, still waiting for voucher = /

    • I've received the email within few minutes after I've signed up. Make sure to check your junk email just in case.

      • New email address…still no voucher. Ugh. I guess they don't want my money.

    • Have you ever subscribed to their emails before?
      I found that the emails which i have previously subscribed didn't work.

      If in doubt, create a new hotmail and then get the coupon and use it.

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