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Ricoh Mono Laser Printer SP112 $19.99 @ Spotlight


Lots left @ Birkenhead Point, NSW

Cheap laser printer! Cheap cheap cheap

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  • Was $29.99
    Link to a previous $19.95 (+ Shipping) deal on this SP112 A4 model @Shopping Express

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      This one you can pick up though. Hopefully easier to return for warranty purposes as well.

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        Added link for discussion of pros & cons of this cheap printer + specs.
        Good price.

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    Decent enough vanilla printer. Not compatible with Mac OS though.

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    From a quick Google. It comes with a starter cartridge, good for 500 pages. Normal cartridges are 1200 pages, but they seems to be in the 70-80 buck range.

    So stock up on the printers.

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      Yes, as discussed in previous deal link given above.

    • Yeah, you're right….. There are no generic toner options for this printer making it a very expensive per page option!

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        Unless 500 pages is more than enough (is for me)

        • Fair enough…. 5 cents a page (when you throw in a $5 ream of paper) isn't bad I guess.

          It's only expensive if you buy the new toner.

        • @ash2000:
          10c per page if office works print off for you.

          At 5c page all in, not too bad.

      • Hmm, well I'm seeing quite a few 'refill+reset chip' options around, and even a few 'compatible cartridges'. eg http://refillbay.com/laser-toner-printer-refills/ricoh-sp-11...

        No reason they shouldn't be available via HK.

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    Something wrong with the world when I find out that even on ebay, the toner carts are more expensive and the printers and there seems to be no non genuine carts.

    Better off with a samsung where 3,000 page carts are under $20.

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    shows 29.99 on spotlight online so may only be discounted at that store

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    I'm curious when did Spotlight start getting into the business of computer peripheral sales?.

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      What, you've never thought "My hard drive is such a bottleneck… better get down to the fabrics shop for one of those super-fast SSDs I keep hearing about!?"

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    I can't imagine the parking jam now. But good deal though.

  • Great price. Thanks op

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        Why did you even bother posting?

        It's a $20 printer that's perfectly fine for 99.9% of home users (and surprise surprise that's its target market!) but you just had to chime in to express your dissatisfaction with an incredibly minor shortfall.

        When you go car shopping do you look at a $20k corolla and go "hurr it doesn't have a 8.1L V8 so it's shit hurr"

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          crazy that people dont know that printers arent specced the same as monitors

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          And can't I post my opinion.
          Shit herp not all posts have to rave on about how wonderful the item is.

          Some will find it good but others won't.

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    Just visit my local spotlight, gepps cross SA, no specials, price tag still showing $29.99.

  • Link to printer specifications:

    Unfortunately not compatible with OS X:

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      Well there is a dirty fix for Mac users… They can google cloud print to this printer.

      So first print whatever doc into a pdf. (Many freeware like cute off available)
      Then open this pdf in chrome on the mac.
      Then use the cloud print option.
      Google takes care of the drivers and connection to the printer.

      I think this may work but happy to be corrected.

  • just picked up four of them thanks OP

    • Are you sending 3 of them straight to landfill? :-P

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    I would rather pay $90 for HP 1102W (or Brother etc) and get toner cartridges for $35 from hottoner than pay $20 for this and $80 for cartridges. Work out the price for two toners and one printer.

  • soon into the future 3d printers will be this price

  • If there is anyone who is planning to get this to pull apart to try and source parts, I have a basic part breakdown here: https://blogger-off.com/2016/03/ricoh-mono-laser-printer-sp1...

    Unfortunately, no stepper motors :(

    Anyone need an extra toner cartridge?

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    Disappointed, as I didn't managed to get it @ $19.99 from Castlehill, NSW. They are still going for $29.99

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