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Apple Music FREE 12 Month Subscription for Telstra Mobile Plan Customers


If you are already a Telstra mobile customer on a plan, it’s easy to claim your complimentary 12 month Apple Music membership with a compatible device. Follow these steps:

  • Log in to My Account or 24/7 app
  • In the Plans & usage tab, select your Mobile service
  • Click the Add-ons tab
  • Add Apple Music

Apple Music offers from Telstra are not available on Business or Enterprise mobile services.


Edit- i see there was something similar back in august, maybe you can remove that addon and add this one for another 12 months?

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    Boo for no Business/Enterprise :( I got my footy pass on my plan

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      Agreed we pay enough we should get it

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    It's consider a "Long Running Deal"


    • Seems this post should be fine according to: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/wiki/help:deal_posting_guidelin…

      The original deal is active but older than 6 months.

      • +6

        Someone put this same deal up just yesterday and it got removed.

        • The deal from yesterday was incorrectly unpublished as a duplicate, as I missed the fact that the original was older than 6 months. Sorry about the confusion. Unfortunately it's a bit late to rectify now that another post has been made a day later.

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    FREE 12 Month Subscription for Telstra Plan Customers

    Seems to be for mobile plans only, you should update the title…

  • not available for prepaid right?

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    I think this was always the case.

    But it was available on staff plan before, it is now tho!

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      But it was available on staff plan before, it is now tho!

      Does a double positive statement make a negative?

      • whoops!

        i mean it wasnt available on staff plan

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    I signed up for this just over a month ago and on my last bill got charged for 2 months worth. The 24/7 chat fixed it up & removed the charges but just keep an eye on your bills to make sure it has worked ok.

  • Any idea if Telstra has unmetered for Apple music streaming?

    • No luck there.

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      I got a bonus 500Mb/month credited to each of the two accounts for taking up this offer as a way of offsetting the data use.

      Estimate I use around 2Gb per month on streaming from Apple Music

      Note also that Apple Music does not credit directly, I needed 10-15 calls back and forth from Telstra to sort out.
      If Telstra say its a problem on the Apple side, don't even bother, its on the Telstra side - persist and stand your ground!!

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    I tried this for about a month late last year. Not really a fan of it in regards to DRM and offline mode versus Spotify: tracks download very slowly and the DRM requires redownloading tracks every week or two rather than just flicking it to online and back offline again once a month with Spotify. And if you don't use offline mode the playback will cut out whenever mobile connectivity is flaky or overloaded even if you've set the tracks as downloaded

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      I've been using Apple Music since it came out and I have never had the issue of tracks downloading slowly (usually about 5 seconds or less is typical) and never had the issue of ever having to re-download my offline music. I flag anything I want as offline and it stays like that forever (so far about 8 months for the ones I flagged in the beginning). Also, anything I have downloaded definitely always plays the offline version. I have never had a single issue, it has always worked perfectly. Sounds like something was wrong with yours, I did hear about some people having issues with it in the past.

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    A shame the data isn't unmetered

  • Still annoyingly not for business numbers?

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    Wow, didn't someone break this on OzB months ago? Impressive stuff….

  • Can I download the app, input my friends phone number and password and get the deal? Or do I need his SIM as well?

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      I think you need the SIM.

      I have been using this in Australia. I bought a Vodafone sim when I went overseas for 5/day roaming. Long story short - all my saved Apple Music tracks were inaccessible so i believe they link your subscription to your sim.

      Or I could have just been very unlikely and some other gremlin was happening

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        It's not linked to the sim. I got it on my wife's plan from Telstra. As long as I login to Apple Music (on my phone) with my wife's iCloud details I can use the subs. Plus I've logged on with the same details on my laptop as well.

        • Well I don't know what I can say to that.

          All I can say is that I use an iPhone 6 on Telstra here. Put it on flight mode on the airplane (my Apple Music didn't work) and then used Vodafone roaming in Europe (my Apple Music didn't work).

          The only saved tracks on my phone were the ones I purchased through iTunes linked to my credit card (ie not streaming music that were saved to device)

          iPhone was running latest software at the time (1month ago) either iOS 9.2.x or 9.3

          YMMV. Normally I would say go for it and give it a crack if it were a family members' account. Best maybe not to screw your friend over though in Repair-Pros situation

          My 2c

  • Seeing as pre-paid doesn't count, what about SIM only plans that don't have fixed contracts?
    Sign up for a month and cancel - get 12 months sub?

    Wishful thinking isn't it :)

  • Can anyone confirm if the data is free? Doesnt seem to be..

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      Data is NOT unmetered

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        Negative and negative is positive…

        Data IS metered

        • Except on April 3

        • It is most definitely metered

  • Wish they had it for broadband

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    Big thread on Whirlpool about problems with this offer

  • What about reseller of Telstra, like Telechoices ?

  • Looks like it doesn't work for Telstra tablets even though they're on the compatible plans.

  • What happens if sign up to deal and leave Telstra will u still get remaining months free?

  • https://www.telstra.com.au/content/dam/tcom/applemusic/Apple…

    Be aware if you have an account you'll need to cancel that subscription and create a new account :/. You can't just apply this offer

    • Does that just mean that you have to cancel your current apple music subscription in order to take advantage of the telstra offer?

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        Yes, just go into your Apple subscriptions and set the auto-renew slider to off for Apple Music. Then add the Apple Music Add-On from within your Telstra account. If you don't turn off the Apple Music subscription directly with Apple then you will continue to be changed by Apple.

        • I tried this method last night, unticked in Apple Music. Logged out, clicked the sms link, logged back in, it said, Sorry you already have an account, please create a new one.

        • @vipersnews:
          Worked fine for me. Once I got the SMS link from Telstra (after first cancelling renewal with Apple), I tapped on the link and it opened Apple Music, on the screen it said "verifying membership" for about 2 seconds, then it fully opened Apple Music and everything works fine.

        • @Brendoo: if you open account settings, manage subscription, how long do you have left? Until 2017 or end of the month?

        • @vipersnews:
          Some additional info. I had one day still active with Apple, maybe that's why it took me straight through when I clicked on the link from Telstra the other day.

          Today my Apple Music with Apple was expired and when I opened Apple Music (opened normally, not from Telstra SMS link) I got some extra prompting related to Telstra saying I am already an Apple Music Member and that my Apple Music membership with Telstra will be linked to my Apple ID (also giving me the option to choose another if I wanted). I went with my usual Apple ID and continued, see here:

          After that it asked me to enter my Apple ID password, see here:

          After that it opened Apple Music like normal. Each time I subsequently opened it, it opens straight away and works like normal.

          To answer your question about expiry dates. If I look against my Apple ID at Subscriptions, it shows that I do not have a subscription any longer and notes the date it expired.

          But, if I logon to my Telstra account on the web I can see the validity dates for my Apple Music Add-On within my mobile account at: Plans & Usage -> Plan Details -> Applied Add-Ons. It shows it is valid into 2017. See here:

          Note that in the Telstra 24x7 App I cannot see an "Applied Add-Ons" section, so you'll need to look at your Telstra account on the web.

          Hope that helps.

        • @Brendoo: Awesome, thanks for the detailed reply, really appreciate it! My expiry comes up on the 5th so hopefully the same process for me.


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