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Uber: $20 off Your First Ride - New Users & VIC Only


Type 'Melbourne' into the promotion section of the app and receive "$20 off your first ride".

I have used UBER many times before and I used the code on my app and it accepted it. So I am under the impression it may work everyone.

I'll need confirmation on that though.

  • Thanks to harukinights we now know it is ONLY available in VIC - Though please let me know if it does work for you interstate

Referral Links

50% off 2 Uber Reserve Rides: random (59)

Referee and referrer get 50% off first/next 2 Uber Reserve Rides.

Drivers Only: random (66)

Referrer gets $300-$500 once referee completes at least 30-40 deliveries.
Referees may be eligible for special offers based on the number of trips or deliveries they made after signing up through an invitation.

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  • Worked for me

  • Can also confirm, worked a charm! Thanks OP!

    • +2

      Adds to account but might only work on first ride so be prepared for the unexpected

      It's also for rides originating from Melbourne only. I have a few promos on my account. They all state Australia but this one has Melb under it

      • what promos do you have? i never see any other than the first time free ones

    • +1

      The $20 was added fine for me too, but it says Melbourne under it. The $10 refer-a-friend credit I got says Australia. Makes me think this Melbourne promo is for use in Melbourne only

  • Assuming the code is melburne is it only valid for melbourne, I'm in Adelaide and it added it but will it work?

    • +1

      No idea, sorry! A mate just told me about the deal, so I thought I'd share it. I've posted all I know!

  • +1

    My app accepted it. unsure if it will work when I use it. Here's hoping.

  • Entered code on a current account and has accepted and said $20 off your first Uber ride.
    Located in WA.

    • +5

      I was waiting for a comment like this from you lol

      • +2

        Why? Is it wrong to ask?

        I thought the courts recently concluded it was illegal in Victoria.

        • -1

          I'm not sure sorry!

        • +3

          You've asked this before, why ask again?

        • report it as as illegal.

    • how will they enforce it? if they do, it'll cause public backlash

      • How will they enforce it?

        Same as any other illegal activity I guess.

        • +3

          Exactly. no idea why you are negged.

  • Works for me in Sydney

    • there was also one with code sydney.

      • +1

        When I typed in "Sydney," it told me that "Promotion only available to new users."
        Wierd since "Melbourne" works.

        • maybe it was, used it last weekend and I was a new user.

      • Just to clarify when I said it works I meant the app accepted the code. Haven't used it yet

        Going to Adelaide today and planning to use Uber (well UberBlack since they haven't legalised UberX yet). Will let you guys know if it works over there.

  • Wrong websites

  • Confirms still adds in WA.

    • -1

      Ditto :)

  • it doesn't seem to show up in the payment section though :S

    • I think it automatically uses it on your next trip - A way to check whether it actually added to your account is if you go on the website (not the app) and log in - go to payment - and there will be a promotion tab that will say all the current 'active' promotions.

      • Actually if the promo code is correct, it appears in the payment section as a free ride in app as well. This one doesn't so I'm assuming it might not work at the payment stage.

        • Pretty sure it won't work. Can someone in Melbourne take a ride and confirm please.

  • +2

    Careful. I've successfully added USA promo codes to my Uber account before. They don't do anything on payment.

    • -1

      Why careful? You mean awesome! it's not our fault if it's their error.

      • Good luck arguing with customer support when the code gives you no discount.

        • I thought it's automatically deducted? Didn't know you have to select the promo…

        • +2


          It's automatically deducted, but it'll only work if you're in Melbourne

      • +1

        Because the promo code sits in your account, and you still pay full price.

  • Adds in account but promo States first ride

    So just be prepared to be charged for the ride if it's not your first


    • +4

      Realistically I wish Uber just declined the promo if it's not your first ride because right now it's in my account as an active promotion but who knows whether it'll work or not. I've had a few rides already, just wish that it declines the promo as invalid for riders that aren't on their first ride anymore

  • Thanks! Now i get $20 off my ride home tonight!!

    • +7

      Can you confirm if it works on your ride tonight?

      • +3

        Can confirm it work in Vic

  • +3

    Nice… I was going to use uber tomorrow regardless so let's see what happens

  • excellent!

  • Thanks. I've added this promo codes to my Uber account

  • +2

    Uber is getting desperate in their race to the bottom

    • What?

    • +4

      yep, will be super cheap, drivers paid close to making no money until it collapses - who would want to be a driver when they keep dropping the going rate.

  • I'm in Sydney. Works for me. States Melbourne location, expiry Jan 2017.

  • +1

    I had the recent 4 rides with $10 off each, says Australia, was in USA last week, and discount wasn't applied to my couple of rides over there. Same might happen here, says Melbourne, just won't apply the discount in any other state. Oh well worth a try.

  • Has anyone actually used this outside of Melbourne, not just added to their account??

  • Sweet! thanks for that. So good since it expires Jan 2017 ;)

  • +11

    Can confirm just uber'd and didn't work in WA

    • awwwww

      i wonder what would happen if you took an interstate uber trip. applicable leaving from melbourne? or any trip as long as some portion of it is in melbourne?

      maybe if you used one of those methods to fake your location after ordering the uber…

    • +3

      Thanks for letting me know, I will change the description! Sorry if I misled you

  • Think it only works if you didn't update the app because it didn't work on my gf's one.

  • Does the free credit have an expiry that needs to be used by?

    • Not til January i believe, but will be used on your next ride

  • +2

    I tried to add it and got Promotion only available to new users.

    I've only used uber once.

    • Ditto for me, damn.

  • If this one doesn't work for you, try 20F99ST. Still only for new users but works Australia-wide.

    • +2

      also WOW2016 :)

      • Yes but that is time limited to times where almost no one is using the service, this one is 24/7

    • +1

      Is that your referral code?

      • +1

        @PVA No. It is a $20 off first ride code from Uber.

  • Does uber credits ever expire? Not those promo or free ride credits. I have a few hundred dollars worth of credits and have never taken a ride.

    • no - credit don't expire, only ride vouchers do :)

      • Thanks

        • no worries - how come you've never taken a ride yet?

        • @tonester:
          Never needed. I wish the credits could be used overseas.

        • @jackofspade:

          never needed to catch a cab? i wish i had a free chauffeur :)

    • Transfer them to me! I'd give you 75cents on the dollar!

    • How did you get all the credits?
      Same, never taken an UBER ride.

      (never bought any eneloops either)

  • Yep, "new users only". Definitely only intended for first time riders.

  • I live in Brisbane and the code got activated, don't know if I'll get $20 off or not, I'll see. Tried to do it now on my gf phone, the code can't be put anymore

  • +2

    I'm in Sydney and the code got activated when I entered into the promotion section. However, just did a trip and didn't get any discount applied.

  • The code worked as a existing customer, but now its saying the expiry date is today 15th April 2016. Maybe they forgot to set it to new customers only and are now fixing it.

    • +2

      Same here.
      Be good if Uber also had some sort of rewards loyalty scheme for existing customers. Almost all promo codes seem to be for new users only.

  • +1

    Haha, they've noticed the error and corrected the expiry to 15 April 2016. Well that was quick. OP change the deal to expired.

    • Did you just add the code or did you do it at the start? I checked my account and the code still expires in January 2017.

    • Date changed to 16th of April for me also. When I applied the code last night I thought it was Jan 2017 expiration!?

  • Just got home using uber and the code worked. Existing user in Melbourne.

  • Does Uber flip the bill for these rides? I'd feel bad if drivers found out they just gave someone a free lift because it was their 'first ride'.

    • +3

      Yes, drivers get paid irrespective of whether the rider was using a code.

      • Thanks, that's really good then.

  • +1

    Didn't work for me
    Limit reached

  • +2

    Thanks OP. Long time uber user and it worked for me last night. Ride home only cost $2 including a stop at the kebab shop 😁

  • Didn't work for me either. Limit exceeded. Ozbargainers did it again!

  • Now says "Promotion code expired".

  • I'm revoking. The code is no longer active on my account.

  • +1

    Off topic.

    I received an email from Uber advising my last ride fare has been altered.. Turns out they overcharged me and $8.70 was refunded.. So a 40 minute trip from Mornington Back to Melb cost $36 instead of an already $44.70 cheap fare!

    No complaints and always been very happy with the service.

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