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Seagate 3TB USB3.0 Expansion Portable HDD - $125, 500GB Wireless HDD $69 Shipped; HP Ml10v2 w/ 1TB $229 Shipped @ PC Lan


Hello Everyone,

PC Lan is doing huge special on the Seagate HDD:

Seagate 3TB Expansion Portable Hard Drive USB 3.0 for $125 Free shipping !! - SOLD OUT

Seagate Wireless 500GB Mobile Storage for $69 Free shipping !!

The thinnest 7mm Seagate 500G Portable Drive only for $65 Free shipping !!

HP ML10v2 4GB RAM 1TB HDD 812127-375 $229 Free shipping!! -Limited Stock

Synology DS415+ 4Bay NAS Diskless $609 Free Shipping !!

Check the QNAP TS-251 Special Free upgrade to 2GB RAM
w/t 4TB NAS HDD $595
w/t 6TB NAS HDD $665
w/t 8TB NAS HDD $785


Seagate 3TB Expansion Portable Hard Drives USB 3.0 Black STEA3000400 $125 Shipped - SOLD OUT

Seagate Wireless 500GB Black Mobile Storage HDD STDC500305 $69 Shipped

Seagate Wireless 500GB While Mobile Storage HDD STDC500306 $69 Shipped

Seagate Seven Thinnest 7MM Portable 500GB USB3.0 STDZ500400 $65 Shipped

HP ProLiant Server G3240 4GB 1TB 7200rpm 4-Bay B120i 812127-375 $229 Shipped


—————-Synology DS415+ 4 Bay NAS Diskless $609 Shipped——————

Hurry Up, while stocks last…..

For any enquiry, Please leave a comment here or send us email ([email protected])

Also, 2% handling fee applied to Paypal / Credit Card. And free shipping option does not included PO Box / Parcel Locker.

Cheers!! :)

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  • Thanks, but you should probably mention the 2% handling fee. Still cheap for portable 3Tb drive.

  • I am interested in Seagate Wireless 500GB Black Mobile Storage HDD STDC500305. Two questions:

    • Does anyone know if OW price beat PC Lan?
    • How this wireless drive work with iPhone? Can we manually copy file from iPhone to the drive and vice versa? Is there any feature such as backup and delete from iPhone?


    • Generally OW will price match if there's a physical store. If there's a store nearby, then they will include postage to the price :)
      So to answer your first question it's a yes.

      I don't have this model but I do have the first gen Seagate Wireless hdd. There's was no option to copy the files to and from. But that was a few years ago. If you have a JB iphone then you can :)
      Just checked on appstore and there's a Seagate Media app which looks like you can copy photos,videos,music,etc…

      Hope that helps.

  • or you can price match at Officeworks to beat it by 5% and not get charged the 2%

    Same Part Number STEA3000400 (info from Officeworks specs tab)

    regardless the price for 3TB portable HDD is cheap :)
    Thanks for the great deal OP +1

    • can someone confirm if OW will price match this for sure?

      • as a ex-employee from OW (was in Tech department)
        The general rule was:
        - Must have physical store. (no ebay,no kogan, etc..)
        - If there's no store nearby (eg. You're in VIC and only store is in NSW), then they will include shipping to the price.
        - No clearance items.
        - Must have stock.

        And if they want to make life hard for you and it's quiet in the store, they will call up the store to confirm there's stock.

        That's about it :)

        But I will let someone else confirm it once they head to officeworks.
        I have a mate that's going there this afternoon so I will let you know.

        • thanks

        • had this argument awhile ago with OW staff member awhile ago (then pulled up the OW website in front of him, he called his manager over and the manager saw I had the policy up on screen and said just approve it and walked away without saying anything else.


          Lowest Price Guarantee
          What about online stores?
          Identical products are price matched against online stores but as with any other kind of store, the item must be currently in stock. When price matching online stores we also take into account the added cost of delivery. If the identical product can be purchased and delivered via an online store for a total price lower than the one we are offering, we will beat that total price by 5%.

        • I have had staff at officeworks flat out refuse to price match even after meeting all criteria. I don't bother much anymore. There isn't one nearby that's not out of my way.

      • I bought one from OW for $118, can confirm

      • Went in to OW looking for other stuff and saw the 500Gb Wireless Seagate — was on their web site at $125 bought 2 of the 3TB ext portables price matched asked about the 500Gb wireless to price match to $69 no need !! they had White ones at $45 and blue at $55 !!! bought a white one in true OZbargainer style — no figure out what and when to use it for

      • Out of stock in my area, might be discontinued now

  • Any deals for Synology DS1815+ ?


      Please let us know if you need the diskless model or custom built model with HDDs (See here). Also your postcode if you need delivery. We will try our best to get the best price for you.


      PC Lan Sales Team
      [email protected]

      • I'm also after an Synology Ds1815+ Diskless version

      • Diskless 3000 thanks

        • +1 vote

          We are happy to offer ozbarginer a $40 discount of Synology DS1815+ by using the coupon code: DS1815plus at check out - which means the diskless model is $1059.00 after discount.

          *Offer ends 13/05/2016. Limited for 5 units only.

        • @pclan: Thanks for trying but unfortunately doesn't qualify as a 'bargain' when I can get it from MegaBuy for $1,089.72 incl. shipping.

          Your website has it listed at $1199 less $40 coupon = $1159 (not $1059) + $21.58 shipping fee + $23.98 CC fee = $1204.56 total :(


          @pavlos: I am sorry about the typo… It is $1159 after discount. Sorry again for the confusion.

          Sales Team


    "While last stock" Lol…

  • What are peoples thoughts on the HP OP has listed? Looking to buy a home server for plex and file sharing at home.

  • hi guys
    for Seagate 3TB Expansion Portable Hard Drive USB 3.0 for $125 Free shipping !!
    Could i take out the hdd from the case and install it into my PS4? thanks

  • +17 votes

    Thanks for the deal. Just purchased the 3TB hard drive.

    Buy from the company giving you the deal, don't go to office works. Otherwise there will be no one to give them competition.

    • Buy from the company giving you the deal, don't go to office works. Otherwise there will be no one to give them competition.

      Absolutely. Most price-match policies are commercial cannibalism. Hell, last time I went to Bunnings, they wouldn't even price match another Bunnings store.

      • +6 votes

        Thank you guys! We greatly appreciate your support and it will definitely encourage our team to do more deals for you!


        PC Lan Sales Team

  • Thanks Op. Bought a STEA3000400.

    Do you know roughly how long it takes from Sydney to Melbourne (POST 3004)?


      Thank you for your order! Usually it takes 1 business day for delivery to Melbourne metro area.

      As we got many orders today, new order will be processed within 1-2 business days… you should have receive it by mid-next week.


      Sales Team

  • I have been after one of these 3TB ones. I saw a thing on YouTube that said you couldn't encrypt the 2TB version, does anybody know if that's real? Can I encrypt the 3TB with BitLocker or something? I can't imagine you wouldn't be able to but it's a pretty important feature I need.

  • Thanks PCLAN, missed out on the OW deal the other night when there wasn't any 3TBs left at my local.

  • Thanks OP

    Lets hope these are not like the Seagate 3.5" 3TB drives! :)

  • Unless the difference is over $5, please tend to buy from the store who had the deal first. Not big fan of going to OW and they treat you like you are looking it for free even they advertise it big.
    For same reason I hate Dan, who have lower prices only when they are matching a store somewhere.

    • The difference for the 3TB hdd is >5 in this case, and the guy at Officeworks treated me very friendly, no issues whatsoever :-)

    • I tend to weigh up each price match deal with how much it'll save me verse the inconvenience. The amount of effort to go into office works to save $9 wasn't worth it. So I bought the 3tb drive from pc lan.

  • Could you give us a deal for the QNAP TS-251+?


      Hi there,

      We are sorry that the TS-251+ NAS is already the best price for now. We will let you know once we have any deal!

      PC Lan Sales Team

  • Seagate 3Tb is an awesome deal. It's $199 at MSY!

    Can I fit all 3 seasons of the real housewives of melbourne in 4K on there?

  • Seagate 3TB Expansion Portable Hard Drive USB 3.0 for $125 Free shipping !!

    Thanks, just ordered one. Paid with PayPal - very quick and easy - I just clicked "Next" a few times and was done. I have never ordered anything from PC Lan before, but they seem very well organised, so will definitely buy from them again in the future. :) Thank you PC Lan !! :)

  • Sorry for the noob question. Is this compatible to MAC? Thank you

    • Of course, although you will no doubt need to reformat it if you want to use Mac's native file system.

      It is extremely easy to do.

  • Guys, I can confirm Officeworks pricematch the 3TB Seagate. I just got one for $118.

    • Ok going now to OW. I thought I'll never buy Seagate again with few failures in past.

  • OP - why is it $12 to have the 3TB USB drive mailed to a parcel locker?


      Hi, we just re-calculate the shipping cost and it is now $7.82 shipped to PO Box / Parcel Locker. (Free shipping option is for couriers delivery only)

      • Your title says "$125 shipped", but it's actually $125 + shipping and Paypal/Credit Card surcharges - maybe you should change the title to more honestly reflect the title?

        I know that pricematching isn't normally seen as a bargain, but in this case - where the vendor states a shipped price, and then jacks it up once you've taken the bait - I think pricematching at OfficeWorks is the better deal.

        • +3 votes

          We do provide free shipping option and surcharge is stated in the post. Customer can always pay by Direct Deposit to avoid the surcharge. Therefore, I believe that we can put the cheapest buy price is $125 Free shipped in title. Please correct me if I am wrong.

          Note: we use NAB bank for direct deposit, so your payment can be confirmed immediately if you use NAB or otherwise it takes usually just one business day to process the payment.

  • Woo a Seven drive cheap!

    Any chance of a Gen8 deal?

  • The Samsung 850 EVO mSATA appear to be near half price, with a 1TB for $229, 500GB for $129 http://www.pclan.com.au/index.php/search/?q=ssd+850+evo+msat...
    I'd buy one, but I think most motherboards are going to adding m.2 port now, not mSATA.

  • Thanks for the deal - I just ordered the Black 500GB Wireless drive - hopefully it comes before a family holiday starting next weekend so that it can be used to help keep the kids amused while waiting at the airport!

    Was tempted to price match at OW but too much hassle to save only a few dollars and better to support the store providing the original deal in the first place!

  • Anyone considering buying the HP proliant ml10 v2 should know that they are alot harder to setup compared to a HP Proliant microserver gen9
    I have both, so I can try and assist if anyone is having issues.

    • Got me a ML10v2 on the way. Already ordered and received an iLo advanced key. I know to download the SPP and run in automatic mode before I do much… Anything else I should know?

      • Two things that may assist is to use the hp iso to usb creation tool 3.0. The only other thing is you need look for the raid driver in the service pack, and put in on a different usb or disc for Windows install.(this is provided you're using RAID).
        I didn't do this via iLo so you may find it easier because you're mounting the ISO via iLo.

  • OP - can you give us a deal on the DS415+ with drives? I'm looking at the 8TB WD Red bundle..


    Check the QNAP TS-251 Special at PCLAN!!!

  • Please be very careful purchasing from this vendor, they use a very poor quality courier, you wont receive your parcel.


      Order placed at 8pm on Friday, and dispatched on Monday. couriers attempted delivery today but failed. Please be fair we do not own any couriers company and cannot control delivery time if customer not home. according to courier website, a calling card is left to you to rearrange re-delivery.