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Presto - Free 6 Months (or 9 Months New Customers)


Get an additional 6 months free Presto. For existing customers in their last month OR for new customers.

SMS Presto to 0484100900 from any mobile that you have not already used to SMS this number.

This will give you a code starting with TEL that can be used to get an additional 6 months free Presto if you are in your last free month prior to 31 July 2016. Get the code now and use before 31 July 2016.

Similar to a previous free 6 months Presto but with a different number to SMS to. And with this one the code you receive is valid for use until 31 July 2016.

For 9 months free Presto:

(1) Signup as a new customer and use the 3 months free code posted earlier today (TELXAM16 thanks to qiqi1021).
(2) SMS as detailed here and get your 6 months free code now while you can.
(3) Between 10 July 2016 and 31 July 2016 you are in your last free month from the 3 month code so use your 6 month free code which is still valid.


I can confirm deal to obtain 6 month free code by SMS has EXPIRED.

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  • +3 votes

    Thanks , it worked

  • I'll activate it just before the code expires. I'll then see if they've made any progress in stabalising their apps.
    not holding my breath…

  • Watch out for the CC charge in six months when you forget about it.

    • Yep. Got charged for an extra month after forgetting about the previous deal.

      • A true Ozbargainer would have cancelled and gotten new credit cards for signup bonuses well before that periods ends P-)

        • This is essentially what I did… my credit card got conveniently 'replaced' a few months ago and so Presto had the incorrect expiry date in their system. They tried taking the first monthly amount out on the 3rd June (before i remembered to cancel). I cancelled on the afternoon of the 3rd. I have received an email from them telling me they'll try twice more otherwise they will cancel my account.

        • Please don't take my OzB badge.

      • Me too. Although I forgot for two months!

    • With presto, u need to use a real credit card to sign up, but after this you can use any credit card number generator from the net and replace your actual one. It passes the checks and when it comes time to pay it simply fails and u don't get charged :)

      • Unless payment succeeds then you get charged with credit card fraud.

        • Set the expiry date really high (2030, etc) and you should be fine, on the rare chance you did manage to charge somebody.

      • Or use a virtual credit card which are free and LEGAL

      • Or you can use a 'test' card (one with a number that passes the algorithm):


        • It's so weird that a card number like that checks out! I'm going to use this in the future.

        • It worked! Will still cancel before expiry, it just means when they get hacked my credit card details will not be stolen

        • @KKCD:

          The last digit in a card number is what's called a check digit. Basically it determines a valid card by that digit alone.

          This means if you change the last digit from 0-9, you'll find a number that'll pass the pre-check that most places use (to make sure people have entered their number correctly).

          Extra information:

          The formula is basically to add up every number in the card (except for the last) where every 2nd one is doubled. Then the last digit will be the number to add to the total to give you the next number which is a multiple of 10.

          5555 5555 5555 444x

          (5 + 10 + 5 + 10) + (5 + 10 + 5 + 10) + (5 + 10 + 5 + 10) + (4 + 8 + 4) = 106.

          106 + x = 110.

          So last number / check digit is 4.

    • Happened to me! I signed up for the last 6 months, it didn't work on my device, forgot about it then bam. Dammit!

  • Messaged it and got no response

  • and then where and how to use the code TELxx??

  • +23 votes

    For 9 months free Presto:

    (1) Signup as a new customer and use the 3 months free code posted earlier today.
    (2) SMS as detailed here and get your 6 months free code now while you can.
    (3) Between 10 July 2016 and 31 July 2016 you are in your last free month from the 3 month code so use you 6 month free code which is still valid.


  • How long did the reply take? Mine never seemed to come. Thanks Droidyy for sharing a code!

  • I've had a quick look through the Presto website, but I figure I might as well ask here: if you already have Stan, Netflix (US), Hulu and HBO, is there anything on Presto that makes it worthwhile?

    I mean, 3 or 6 months for free I'm probably going to sign up and find out for myself, but I want to set expectations correctly in the mean time!

    • How are you going with hulu? My credit card expired, can't update it as it's USA registered credit cards only. Any workaround other than buying an extremely overpriced hulu gift card on the net?

      • Same thing happened to me a while back. I used my VPN to access paypal US and created an account with a US address(hotel) linked to my auusie amex, worked no problem

    • There's some good Attenborough stuff on there if you're into doccos.

  • +16 votes

    Still too expensive.


    I can't sign up for an account with Presto. None of the forms work. I've tried three different browsers but nothing happens when you click next, it just empties the password field and that's it.

    I also am not getting forgot password emails for my existing accounts (I requested them hours ago when the 3 month deal was posted).

    What the hell is going on?

  • Received code after around 10 minutes later.

  • how can they generate income if they keep offering 6 months free even to existing customers?

  • Received Code in like 5mins. Cheers op.

  • Signed up for 1 month free Netflix. Subscribed within hours

    Signed up for 6 month free Presto. Uninstalled and unsubscribed within minutes.

  • next minute some random guy gets 1000+ sms messages saying presto.

    • or some dude set up an autoreply to send TEL numbers and just harvested 1000 mobile numbers they can spam :D

  • received code in about 15 seconds!

  • Thanks received after a couple of minutes

  • I received the reply with code in about 2 minutes, and I have used the same number for free presto codes in the past.

  • Where do i enter the received code..please help

    • I'd also like to know. When I look at my account it has $14.99 with a cross through it indicating I'm currently enjoying free subscription.
      I can't find anywhere to enter a new code.
      From memory, the last time I entered the code was when my freebie had expired, until then you are unable to enter a new code. Is this correct?

    • Yep wondering the same thing.

      So I just signed up to the 3 Months free one. So can I apply the additional 6 Months free too now i.e. 9 Months free?

      And how to apply the code?

    • go into your Presto account and click settings. on the left panel that shows what account you have there will be a button that asks you to enter in a promo code.

      edit: once you enter the code, you can't enter any further codes. if you're currently in the middle of a promo, maybe you're not able to take advantage of this offer?

    • There is only view pro , Pause suscription over there!

    • You can't enter in another code until you are within the last week or two of your current subscription.

      IMO just go with the 6 month sub…another freebie code will come along before that one ends.

    • Reading the OP more carefully, according to this:
      (3) Between 10 July 2016 and 31 July 2016 you are in your last free month from the 3 month code so use you 6 month free code which is still valid.

      It looks to me you cannot apply the 6 Months free code until your in the final Month of your current free subscription. So looks like we need to wait another 2 Months till we can apply this code.

      I definitely will forget, so I have set a reminder on my calendar.

      • Hopefully someone will update this thread then and we'll all go "Excellent, I nearly forgot about that" and do it en-mass !!

  • got the message reply sms and the code TELxxxx.

    actually last week after my free foxtel installation (the telstra 3 months foxtel deal and free flybuys points), i got this email from presto:

    Presto Entertainment is available for Foxtel for Foxtel from Telstra Platinum HD customers
    Hi xxx
    As a valued Foxtel from Telstra Platinum HD customer* you can enjoy a Presto Entertainment (TV & Movies) subscription^, as part of your package until 31 January 2017.

  • Was posted previously (although Telstra deal is now 6 months Presto instead of 3), so may not work for those who SMS'd before:


    Question is, who knows the code and number for 3 months of Fox Sports:


    • $15 BigPond Movies credit
    • 6 months Presto Entertainment subscription
    • 3 months Fox Sports Digital subscription
  • Is this for Telstra customers only?

  • Received code within 60 seconds

  • Presto is pointless for me till they actually start supporting and working off the Android Media players. Such a shame they dont yet.

    • Seriously? What use it then, no wonder it can't compete.

      EDIT I see there is an app on Google Play - but last updated - 28 August 2015

      • Yeah but that app only works on selected TVs and other devices. I have tested it out on about 5 different Android Media players (Nvidia Shield, Tronsmart, Beelink as well as a couple of others). After hours of trying it out i learnt from Presto themselves that it is not supported. They only mean Android TV as in selected Samsung TVs and Sony TVs that have support for Android TV as well as the Google Nexus Media player..THATS IT!!! I was soo annoyed. Makes no sense and why they cant compete with any of the other streaming services.

        • tl;dr Didn't buy a Nexus device, wonders why there's limited support.

        • It's even dodgy on Sony Android TV's. I figured out why it would skip through half a movie or stop completely. If you fast forward or rewind, when you press play, the movie etc plays fine but the interface still thinks it's fast forwarding and the next time you press pause it will jump to where the player thinks it should be. And if you don't press pause and it gets to the end, the movie will just shut off.. You can work around it once you know about the issue, but I'd never pay for the service until things like that are fixed.

        • @narcoleptic-haze:


          There's your problem.


    Thanks OP, got my code within 30 seconds! I still haven't paid for Presto, hoping these offers continue haha