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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro - 32GB, 3GB RAM - US $179.99 Shipped (AU $245.46) @ AliExpress


I've been tracking the pricing on this phone daily for the last month, and it has finally taken a drop. Currently the cheapest I've seen it. Fantastic phone for only $249 Shipped!

Quick specs:
5.5" IPS Screen - 1920x1080p, 403 PPI
Snapdragon 650 Hexa-Cora (1.8GHz)
32GB Storage
4000mAh Battery
Full Metal Body
Finger Print Sensor
16MP Rear Camera, 5MP Front Camera
IR Sensor
Dual SIM, 4G Support

2G: GSM B2/B3/B5/B8 CDMA 1x BC0
3G: WCDMA B1/B2/B4/B5/B8 ; TD-SCDMA B34/B39 ; CDMA2000 BC0
4G: FDD-LTE B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8 ;
TD-LTE B38/B39/B40/B41(255-2655MHz)

Update: Price dropped to $249! $245.46

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  • -1

    Looks good, any idea how warranty works?

  • +4

    Phwoar, awesome price. Had mine for several months now, terrific phone. I find I use it in place of my old Ipad3 these days, too.

  • +3

    Killer phone, awesome battery life. Works well with Nova launcher + android n miui theme. Also I'm getting decent data coverage on Aldi prepaid in a rural area so lack of band 28 isn't an issue if ur not fussed about slower data speeds ;)

  • +1

    OP adjust the title as the PRO version and the PRO Prime have different memory size and prices.
    BTY, the battery is not detachable.

    • +7

      value of money? yesyesyesyes

    • +14

      Why are you comparing with something priced 4 times more?

    • +5

      It does 95% of what an iPhone does for 25% of the price. You tell me.

      • +1

        Does it have Siri function too? Siri, crack my screen. Siri, charge me $300 for the glass. Siri, my battery dies. My iPad was the most reliable Apple product - Steve did a good job and then…dropped

        • +2

          Same yeah. Got an ipad2 that just won't die. My iphone4 died in 6 months back then though. Personally I won't buy apple products anymore. Being able to buy a product that does 95% of the job for 25% of the price makes better sense than apple.

        • -1

          @freakatronic: just wonder how you adapt from iPhone to Android? Have both in family, but find it hard not to have FaceTime and iMessage, and frustrated when apps are not available in droid.

        • +4

          Wechat does it cross different platform and have "facetime" function with android and ios user. Free message cross platform too. You paid 95% more just for function that limit you on ios platform only which depends on individual if it is worth or not but at least there are cheaper option for budget using android n my wife ios and mixture of ios and android users in my family and basically wechat does really good in keep us in touch without worry about credits but data. That's my personal 2c. Thanks

        • +4

          you learn to live with it when you can't afford an iPhone anymore …. I moved to android just because $$$$$. but with the app things yeah I use less apps on my android than I did on my iPhone. Google make money from ads so android is designed for data mining. Apple make money from the phones and the apps are less intrusive …. took until android 6 before you could load apps and not need to give them access to you contacts, etc. or you had to root the phone and void the warranty …..

        • +2

          @eatwell365: It was back in 2011 that I switched. There were a few apps that I thought I really needed back then that weren't on Android. Even Skype wasn't on Android in those days, so being in a long distance relationship was tough. These days there's stuff like Line that can handle all platforms and has messaging + VoIP functions. There's not much difference in app availability between iOS and Android now (I think). But if you have other Apple things like computers and what not, you might well enjoy the integration.

        • -1

          @aladdin: would privacy and security be a concern using wechat?

        • +1

          Good call out but i personally do not care as if it is a big concern. It would not be use nationwide in china and they even have wechat pay aimilar to paypal with paywave function. Correct me if im wrong. For me just never post your account details or sensitive information even over email, there always risk.

        • +1


          Heard of IMO messenger?

        • @katwal: thanks. checked it out.

      • +4

        if you just want a phone you can get one for $50…… if you have apps that ar iOS based and a Mac computer then an iPhone makes it a nice Eco system and you pay a bit more for the user experience that comes with that Eco system…… some people buy artisan bread some buy home brand bread ….. they are both bread but it depends on what you enjoy eating.

        • +2

          Pay bit more. "bit" must be different for people with different depth of pocket I assume

        • +1

          Exactly.Why apple allows update of older models.Should be to make it unusable. Also they don't need to do this anymore as the devices won't last as earlier models.Having said that Samsung too follows apple with the longevity of their products.

  • Dark Grey sold out.

    • its been out of stock for a while in this shop

  • +4

    7% cashback @ aliexpress.

  • Item specifics says 2 gb ram but title says 3 gb. Can seller verify?

    • +3

      its definitely 3GB ram.

      the 32gb comes with 3gb ram and the 16gb comes with 2gb ram.

      error in the specs

  • Anyone bought from this seller? How long will shipping take.

    • Took 2 weeks to arrive when I ordered my phone about 6 weeks ago

    • +3

      yeah nah.

      • +2

        I bought this phone, and installed CM13 on it. No more spyware.

        • That's good.

  • +3

    Damn, down to $266 already. Brilliant phone for that price

    • I know a guy who just bought the 16gb version for around 125usd-175aud.

      • +1

        New? I haven't seen any deal for it below 200 yet

        • yeah. waiting for it to get delivered.

      • Where did he buy it?

        • +1

          not sure, but thats what he said. ill have a word and get back to you

        • +2

          @imtahir7: He would have the bought the older Redmi Note 3 with the Helio X10. The Snapdragon 650 have never been sold below USD 149 before cashback

      • 16gb is not much these days

        • Agreed - especially when you're dealing with shows/movies, music, apps, and emulated games.

  • any good case from aliexpress for this handset?

    • There are many good cases for this phone.
      It also depends on what kind of case you like too, eg. slim or bulky armour and hard or soft or hybrid materials.
      What sort of case do you like?

      • one with better screen protection in case of dropping to hard surface.

        • +1

          Make sure to choose the redmi note 3 case and not redmi note 2. The Ipaky case is a pretty popular if not the most popular hybrid case for the Redmi Note 3.
          I would also pair it with a glass screen protector.

        • @Pacbough:

          The casing seems to cover the fingerprint sensor area ?

          Any glass screen protector you recommend?

        • +1

          Those pictures are for the redmi note 2. If you select the redmi note 3 case options, the picture square next to the title changes to the redmi note 3 case.

          I personally use Nillkin glass screen protectors. This is the cheapest I have found:

        • @Pacbough:

          How much thickness does it add to the phone? Phone is already kind of too bulky for my hands!

        • +1

          The Ipaky case is on the bulkier side of cases. It adds about 1.5mm to the back of the phone, 1mm around the sides, and 0.5mm above the screen.

          There are many slimmer cases out there.

  • Curious as to whether this comes with proper official ROM or some shonky version .

    • +1

      Seller mentions that the buyer can request the official (original) ROM. If it does come with the "global" ROM, it can be easily flashed back.

      • I've already bought 2 from different sellers and one came with the global rom and another came with some unheard of rom . The shonky one had a non working passcode , As in when you went to set the passcode or fingerprint scanner all the options were blanked out . The global rom version phone updated OTA as well which the shonky one did not .

        FYI the shonky one had "global" in the version but it certainly was not .

        • +1

          Had same problem with fingerprint sensor flashed a global fastboot with miiflash problem solved ota updates and fingerprint works a treat

        • +1

          so is it better for it to come with official firmware or global firmware?
          will it get Marshmallow os?
          any one know if it can be rooted and install custom rom easily?

  • how long does this usually take to ship to aus?

    • it says on the website standard free shipping was up to 45 days after 7 days processing. so .maximum will be around 52 days.

      • +1

        That's crazy amount of time. What payment methods do they accept and if they don't deliver can you file Paypal dispute? I thought max is 30 days to file one…

        • They have option for DHL delivery (3-6 days) which cost additional $23+
          7 business days before they ship out plus 3-6 days DHL shipping. So roughly around 2 weeks.

        • +1


          OK then DHL delivery probably worth it with 7% cashback

        • @neonlight:

          Read on link above about topcashback that there are merchants that deny cashback.

  • +2

    If we add DHL delivery from this deal - it cost about $290

    Cheapest was the eglobal deal for $273 with express shipping.

    • yeah but you can get 7% cashback

    • $16 dollars isn't a lot of difference. Still a good price

  • +4

    I'm finally had it with the pathetic battery life of my LG G4. I think I'll get this and give the G4 to the wife….

    • Before you do, make sure you won't miss the camera. The camera kills the redmi.

      • +1

        I'm sure I will miss the camera.
        Wife will make better use of it though, hopefully.
        You can't go from the best camera phone to a Chinese phone and expect to be satisfied with the camera.

        • Agreed. I loved the G4 but the battery life was abysmal and the touch screen unresponsive at times. I'm surprised how good the note 3 is. Im mind blown by the battery life. My wife regularly gets 7hrs + sot.

  • +2

    So is it missing 700mhz band 28? Does that mean won't work on Telstra 4g?

    • +1

      No. It means you won't get 4gx.

      • +2

        Ok so it will work on 4G but not supporting 4GX. But I thought normal 4G also uses 700mhz band 28 isn't that a performance issue? I thought 700 is needed for better coverage as that's the frequency that is able to penetrate walls and buildings better? Please clarify… Thanks

        • yes band 28 is better indoors and where all the new work is being done .like channel aggregation …. else you are just stuck on 1800mhz.

        • +2

          Normal 4g = 1800 mhz, which this phone has and thus will still work on 4g.

          4GX the term telstra uses for band 28 this phone doesn't have so loses out on that additional band. Yes the lower 700 mhz frequency is better for indoors use and missing it will impact negatively on coverage and internet speeds. Some users here will argue that missing band 28 isn't a major issue, and the savings you are getting on Chinese imports are worth the compromise. I personally think on a phone at this price point I would be willing to compromise on that missing band considering how well the specs are for the rest of the phone. It's really up for you to decide whether the savings are worth the compromise for you. There's always going to be trade-offs no matter what phone you buy, especially one around $250.

        • @Ronnnie:

          Thanks for your detailed explanation. I decided to go with Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 pro over Nexus 5x 32gb Reason being…

          Never owned one
          Bigger screen at 5.5'
          $55 cheaper than Kogan Nexus 5x deal
          Longer battery life
          Better build quality
          Sure camera is bit worse than Nexus, but it doesn't matter.
          I got LG G4 already don't want another LG build phone
          Dual Sim is interesting.
          4GX is not a must
          I still got nexus 7 2013 no need for another nexus
          Phone might be given to family member upgrading from iPhone 4

          They both don't have 700mhz band 28

  • +1

    ZOMG… After you pay for it it says, "Order processing time, 7 days"… I assume up to 45 days shipping time on top of that…
    Order them NOW for Xmas.
    I think the eGlobal deal a few weeks ago at ~$270 was the best. eGlobal usually only 7 days from order 'till it's in you hot hands.
    Let's just wait and see how long this actually takes to deliver.

    • Yeah brings the date so much closer to the 2g shutdown date. Would buy one except for this.

  • EDIT: Was supposed to reply to a comment.

  • Hey guys I'm struggling to choose this or the Nexus 5x. The current Kogan deal for $355 for 32gb. If you get DHL on this Redmi Note 3 prime pro, it would be $290 so only $65 cheaper but is that $65 worth paying for nexus?

    Also regarding Dual Sim. I'm I correct you can only have 1 Sim + 1 microsd, or the option with 1 2g Sim and another slot for 4g Sim?

    • You can have 2 Sims and a sdcard up to 128gb via a very very simple mod just Google it I would add a link but not sure if it's allowed here

      • I'm pretty sure you can link it. There's people looking xda forums and miui forums

    • +1

      get the nexus …… you will get android updates from Google …. so you will have access to newer versions of android for longer and patches.

  • You'd want to be happy with the ROMs on offer for this phone. My Mi5 is a pig with Google stuff.

  • +4

    A bit OT but for what it's worth, the one I recently bought from EGlobal for $273 died after a month and I'm currently liaising with them to see how their warranty works. So far, their response has been for me to try resetting the phone..a bit hard when it won't start at all. Have tried the power button plus volume up, down, together, sidewards, inside out and tried MiPC Suite, with no luck so far!

    • Ah, I just ordered one from this deal and now you scare me. I asked the seller what about international warranty and he said warranty applies only if sold in China.

      • +1

        it has international warranty but there is no service centre in Australia ….. these things are generally reliable and failure rates should be less than 1 in 1000 …… Google six sigma and Motorola and see how few phones fail.

    • +3

      Please keep us posted with how you go with your warranty claim. I regularly buy from eGlobaL and haven't had a dud yet. I'm interested as to how they look after you as this could have been any one of us.

      • Will let you know how I go..could be wrong but my guess is a dead battery…My understanding is that Paypal will cover the return costs and I'm hoping EGlobal looks after me..time will tell..

    • +1

      I bought one from the same deal. It came with a defective screen (many people have experienced the problem) and it is hard to see in a dark area, but comes out in the light. I gave them a video carefully explaining it and links to reference the problem. After waiting weeks and testing it twice, they wouldn't accept something was wrong with it, and they offered me a refund for 50 less than the purchase price. I took it and went on the S7 Virgin deal. An absolute nightmare. Beware.

      • +2

        Same deal, but mine had a cracked screen on arrival, sent it back within the 14 day period that was started in their warranty page. For more than a month they have been repeatedly telling me that it was my fault and I had to pay ~$90 for repair of the screen and another $25 for postage back to me on top of the $25 I already paid for return postage to them. So all up they wanted me to pay half of how much I bought the phone for. Again another nightmare. Until I escalated the dispute claim from PayPal and finally just got my full refund yesterday.

    • Well, I'm in the middle of an RMA process with them. They had my phone for 3 weeks already and I'm still waiting. Initially when I asked how long the repair will take, all they will say is their engineer is looking at it. I had to threaten them with a Paypal dispute before they will tell me it will take 2-4 weeks. Their live chat is forever offline and you feel like you always have to chase them for an update.

      I reckon you should save yourself the agony and go for a refund. If Eglobal does not agree to it, just raise a Paypal dispute.

      This Monday week will be my fourth week waiting. Will see what they come back with.

  • I just got Redmi 3 pro, thought it was the same thing…. Anyone have this phone and how is it?

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