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Panasonic 2016 49" FHD LED LCD TV $796 (Save $500), XB1 1TB + 5 Games $469, PS4 1TB Uncharted Console $399 @ JB Hi-Fi

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  • TV comes to $ 756.20 pick up after 5% off voucher.

    Here is a code if someone wants one 92FPJ4I1208UW8

  • In the market for a new tv, is this a worthwhile pickup?

    • Should be, Panasonic have lifted their game in the past few years but it's new so best to head in store to view first :)

    • I like the picture on the newer Panasonics. They're up there with the best IMO.

    • While I don't agree with their ticket price (Hardly Normal have it for $875 when it's not on sale) it still looks like a solid TV and a good deal

    • Hi i bought this TV yesterday at JB Hifi Frankston store for $796. Its a nice looking TV with thin bevel.

      Was very excited with the purchase but once set up am a little dissapointed with the picture quality. While it does absolutely beautiful and has perfect picture quality and clarity with very high sources like 4k online or 1080p, when it comes to digital TV 1080i and Foxtel via HDMI non HD channels, it does an extremely bad job processing the signals.

      I completely understand that technically, the source is mostly to blame, but the amount of ghosting and artefacts that are produced makes this an average TV in my opinion, if these are the sources you are viewing. I haven't seen this on other TV. Ive seen another family members Hisense 50" full hd tv 2 years old and i feel it produces better quality with low quality sources such as this.

      I upgraded from a Soniq SD 42" inch plasma which was 10 years old. It doesn't even have a built in tuner, that's how old it was, so i expected to be wowed by this Panasonic.

  • Pricing error? The plain old black PS4 1tb console sells for $499 but this limited edition with Uncharted 4 game is only $399? Looks like an insanely good price to me. Ya I know PS4.5 is coming soon but I guess RRP will be like $599?

  • 5% voucher Excludes gaming consoles but price ia good. Thanks for posting it.

  • Is the Panasonic TV better than the Samsung UA48J6200 that's been on sale a few times around the same price? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/248233

    Edit: doesn't look like it has any smart TV functionality, which isn't a deal breaker but a bit annoying. I just assumed that any new models from the top brands would have some capability to at least be able to natively run netflix etc.

    • Can confirm no smart TV. Sales rep told me it had, I challenged him and he took it back a few minutes later.

      But I got one. Looks great for the price.

  • If my Panasonic plasma wasn't still going strong I would seriously consider that tv.

  • +9 votes

    Why are limited edition consoles always so ugly and tacky? This is definitely one of the worst.

  • Guys a bit of help. Been holding off buying a PS4 for quite sometime. Is now the time to buy?

    • I would wait till after e3 next week. New console being announced. Prices may drop further (or this may lowest it goes). But better to wait.

    • I pulled the trigger on the PS4, it is limited edition so will hold a bit more value if you ever wanted to upgrade to the new one

      • Damn you both…! Not sure what to do…!

        • If you're at all interested in VR, I'd wait til the E3 announcements. If not, fire away!

        • Don't risk it. Plenty of stores have stock. It won't be going anywhere soon.

        • @tre180:

          If you're at all interested in VR, I'd wait til the E3 announcements. If not, fire away!

          The PS4 Neo will be more than just VR. It will have more stable framerates and enhanced graphics. Going forward I wouldn't be surprised to see games running at 30fps on PS4 and 60fps on Neo.

        • I think it is better to wait until the E3 announcements. But another option is to buy it now but don't open it until E3 so you have the option to return it, however, this would be a hassle.

        • @tre180: VR is coming to PS4 no matter JB has reserve shipment for their headset. But would be interesting to see what Neo will be like.

        • @Siuto: hmm good point, but how long can we hold it and returned it unopened, and secondly can you leave it unopened with the best game of the year sitting in the box.

        • @striker5950: I never had any problems returning unopened items at JB but I have not tried returning hardware and at this price point. The Sony E3 announcement is on Monday, June 13 - 6pm PDT - see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_Entertainment_Expo_... so we have around a week.

          Also, I wonder if the packaging is actually sealed with tape or not. But it is reasonable to think that as long as you leave everything as is, you should be able to show that it has not been opened.

          Maybe you can also ask the JB staff the same questions before purchasing.

          I personally hate the grey colour and I have plenty of other games to play (on PC and Xbox One) so I should be able to resist opening it if I go down this path.

        • @Siuto: jb has 30 day change of mind unopened policy, but im not digging the grey at all

      • damn, ive really been holding it off but this seems like a really good deal and an awesome game, but i hate the grey.. and e3 is next week they say ps4 neo is getting announced, damn idk what to do..

    • +15 votes

      I wanted a PS4, then when it was released I said I'd wait till more games comes, then when more games came I said I'd wait for price drop, then when price drop came I said I'd wait for neo, then when neo comes I'll say I'll wait for price drop….

  • Damn the PS4 deal is tempting. Even post Neo announcement/launch, I can't see the 1tb PS4 retailing for less than $399 anytime soon. Surely the Neo, whenever it is released, will retail for at least $550 - $600?

  • Is it a vinyl skin or painted on?? ie… can it be removed to look like a regular PS4?

  • Fantastic deal on PS4 1TB bundle. hope new PS4.5 comes with PS3 games backward compatibility

    • Unfortunately it almost certainly won't be backwards compatible with PS3. Sony has invested too much money into their game streaming service.

    • it'll have ps4 backward compatibility if thats any consolation … lolll

      • you would hope so…. don't laugh!! if you jinx it ~ UGHHH

        new controllers required - new everything required would suck

        • yeh well cant wait till they start to release games that require the new hardware (or the extra horse power) to run… MS and Sony will be so popular… barely released enough games for the current gen… bunch of idiots. (sorry was pissed enough at Nintendo for the NX but this is just getting ridiculous)

  • Is this deal part of the "Wicked Wednesday" one day sale or is it on going? Because if it's on going, it would be better to wait until the E3 announcements.

  • That PS4 price suggests there is going to be a new model announced at E3 coming up.

    Hopefully the more powerful 'Neo' is due out sooner than expected.

  • Same question, any idea when is this deal expiring. Sounds really fascinating to me but wana wait for E3 for the surprise to be revealed.

  • If there was no neo coming out the Ps4 would be an insta-buy!

  • Heads up for 5% off

    If used just reply

  • so anyone know jbs return policy it the box has not been opened??
    BTW i jsut read this on trusted reviews..

    What does Sony intend developers to do with this increased power? 4K video playback is one option. 4K is big news in the home cinema world at the moment, and it would make sense for the Japanese giant to jump on the bandwagon.

    But be warned it's likely the new PS4 will only be able to play video, not games, in 4K. The Neo would really need to offer four times as much power as the original PS4 to play games in 4K, so it would be wiser to expect improved frame rates instead. Seeing as a lot of current PS4 games don't run in 1080p at 60fps, that should still be a welcome enhancement.

    if it does not play games at 4k than what is the point

    • if it does not play games at 4k than what is the point

      Did you not read your own post?

      The point is "Seeing as a lot of current PS4 games don't run in 1080p at 60fps, that should still be a welcome enhancement".

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