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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro 3GB/32GB Gold US$176.3/~AU$236, Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro 3GB/32GB US$146.95/~AU$196 @ Everbuying [New Account]


Cheapest Ever Posted on Ozbargain

Good Evening Ozbargainers, I have received many PM to post deal on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro 3gb/32gb mobile and I have come up with the cheapest price advertised on Ozbargain. ENJOY!!!

To Get Cheapest Amount as described in the Title

  • Make new Account (Which Gives you 100 EB Points Thats Equal to $2)
  • Replace www with m to login to Mobile Site (Which Gives you 2% Off)

Please Note

  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro 3GB/32GB GOLD = Only for First 100 Orders
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro 3GB/32GB SILVER = Only for First 50 Orders
  • Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro 3GB/32GB GOLD = Only for First 50 Orders

Win a $50, $25 or $15 Everbuying Coupon - US $ Every Purchase is Eligible to enter Competition

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  • +6

    Wow…This is really awesome price for xiaomi redmi note 3 pro..

    • +2

      Yes I have received many PM to come up with cheapest price, and finally today I managed to Negotiate deal on this.

      • Good on you mate…I assume price that you mentioned in post is price before discount ie $181.99/~$243.

        • that is without New Account and Mobile Site.

    • +4

      Only US$3.69 cheaper than AliExpress

      If it wasn't for the new member/mobile site discount, AE would be cheaper.

      • +2

        Silver is cheaper at AliExpress at ~$245 + free TPU soft case and screen protector

        • and with 2.5% Cashrewards cashback too

  • Awesome phone, awesome price. Thanks Monty

  • Why Silver more expensive?

    • +1

      its more popular

    • +1

      If you want silver, get it from AliExpress

  • MM - is cashback eligible with these coupons?

    • I am not really sure about this, I will check with the company.

      • ive tried in the past with the skmei watch and pair of headphones and i dont think it tracks.

  • -2

    says $327 for me…

    • Which one?

      • when i press on the link to the note 3 pro it says $327 AUD

        • +2


          To Get Cheapest Amount as described in the Title

          • Make new Account (Which Gives you 100 EB Points Thats Equal to $2)
          • Replace www with m to login to Mobile Site (Which Gives you 2% Off)

          And Also use coupon code MM-Note3-2 for Gold colour

  • Which ROM does the RN3 Pro come with? And is expedited shipping DHL?

    Thank you.

    • -2

      Order Placed after 6/6/2016 will be send by TOLL delivery method for orders worth $40 or more .

      • Is that for flat rate shipping or expedited shipping?

        Also which ROM is installed I was hoping that it would be the global official which supports OTA updates.


        • +1

          they flash their own shit over the top. which i dont really understand why they do that.

        • -1

          Even If you choose free shipping

        • @imtahir7:

          That's fine as long as it's the global official rom that supports OTA updates and not a dodgy custom rom. If it's the global official I'll be ordering it right now.

        • @monty.melb:

          Found in their website

          Flat rate shiiping takes 7-25 days.

          the main page delivery is misleading — it says 3-5 days delivery

      • +2

        U have been misled including Becky who have admitted to having a misunderstanding with logistics. They can't promise it will be sent via toll. Most likely via austpost.

        Mine has shipped and did not use toll. not a single time has auspost sent me an item at a reasonable time. last item I received was passed on like a pingpong ball between three sorting channels in melb. Should've heeded to other ppl suggestion and gone with aliexpress with DHL option.

      • +1

        i call bullshit, ordered on 09/06, you did not use TOLL

        • and still no delivery, next time i'll go to AlIEXPRESS. thanks for misleading us.

      • Not shipped through Toll!!! Took 3 full weeks to arrive. Ordered as a gift for someone but there are deep dents on the box due to adapter not wrapped and just placed in the envelope, making it look like a second hand re-packed item.

    • +2

      I got a RN3P from everbuying a month or two ago.

      Tip #1: It came with an unofficial vendor installed global rom. I would request factory ROM/sealed package. Took me a month to get it removed and swapped over to Official Xiaomi Global ROM bc I didn't have access to a windows computer. Not too hard if you do have a windows comp though.

      Tip #2: Once you've ordered, create a xiaomi mi account and request unlocking privileges now in case you need to unlock the bootloader and change roms down the track. Takes 10-15days to be approved - should be ready for when the phone arrives.

      Once you've got that all sorted you'll be delighted with a killer phone at killer price. Even beats by Nexus 6p at a number of points.

    • Anyone know what ROM is on there?

  • Just order a gold one with AliExpress. Will I regret? In terms of delivery time, which is better?

    • AliExpress is better, Global ROM no fiddling around. Deliver with DHL express within 5 days air just pay $27 more here got it in 3 days

      • I chose the standard Aliexpress shipping, hopefully get it in 2 weeks.

  • +1

    Frustrating - I ordered the same phone during the last geekbuying deal (10 days ago) and it was only just posted today. This everbuying deal is over 10% cheaper!

    • +3

      Well if you wait another 10 days from now, you may find a deal that is even cheaper.

    • +1

      that geekbuying deal was so horrible, we had a horror story. I'm interested to see how everbuying turns out because the similarity of the name gives recollections of geekbuying

      • +3

        I certainly regret it and won't be recommending geekbuying again on this site. Just hope my damn phone shows up…

        • I've been posting warnings to everyone on Geekbuying because Geekbuying need to decide whether earning our money is more important, or customer-focus and integrity is more important.

      • +2

        I m still waiting too !

        • Any good news? @Unicorns has posted some detailed advice on what can be done on the thread.

        • I have received it now. Looks goood

  • -1

    I followed the reg process but the phone is still 327 dollars'

    edit: never mind forgot to add the coupon code

    • Applied code?

      • the one offered in the product description on this page …MM-Note3-2 that coupon is for the gold

        the silver is MM-Note3-1

        • Silver is cheaper at AliExpress ~$245

  • How is the warranty claim with the supplier ?

    • none

    • +2

      b for buckley's

    • problem is return shipping costs, and very few companies even in Australia have a "fixed or replaced within specified time frame" warranty.

      My breville food processor, was waiting for parts for 3 months ….. finally they gave me a new unit.

      You need to look at the terms and conditions for the warranty to see if it meets your needs ….. can you be without a phone for 14 days, 1 month ?

    • PayPal dispute

  • Is this that phone that was going for about $270 from eglobal including shipping about a month ago? The one that got like 200 votes or something?

    • Yes, but that had free express shipping.

  • Amazing price, ended up paying USD$175.95/AUD$235.25 for the Redmi Note 3 Pro Golden somehow..

  • XRN3P. Very good phone for <$250

  • Is everbuying a trusted seller?
    By reading their online buyer reviews I can conclude that the phone will not have global ROM. If it doesn't have global ROM, would it be easy to install global ROM? I bought one from eglobal at $273 and I didn't have to do anything as it came with global ROM and it's very stable on MIUI global ROM. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

    • +1

      Yes very easy. The Mi forums have many simple guides to flash the global ROM.

      • I bought a Redmi Note 2 early this year. It had some ROM on it that made it almost impossible to replace. Even now I have trouble with updates. I would be hesitant to buy anything that did not have the global ROM.

        • It had some ROM on it that made it almost impossible to replace. Even now I have trouble with updates.

          It sounds as though you haven't reflashed the rom properly or reflashed a bad rom. I have the RN2 and updates couldn't be easier, they come through OTA. Reflashing it when I first got it took 15-30mins and was a doddle - install TWRP, then download & reflash a new rom. Hardly impossible to replace? Maybe you should try rom instead of rom?

        • -1

          @PBG: Oh did you buy the same version with the same ROM as me from the exact same place? *Sarcasm font

          Glad you had an easy experience. I did not and found multiple stories of people who also didn't. I am also technically able and have done this for multiple other devices.

        • @SnakeCasablanca: No need to get snarky. It doesn't matter what rom was on it or where you bought it from. Geez. Getting TWRP into recovery has absolutely nothing to do with the rom.

          I am also technically able

          Sure… *Rolling eyes font

        • -1

          @PBG: You have done it once and it was easy. I have done it once and it was hard. I can tell my story and you can tell yours.

          Are you finished patting yourself on the back?

        • -1


          I am also technically able and have done this for multiple other devices.

          I have done it once and it was hard.

          I see

        • -1

          @PBG: once on this device. Good work mate.

      • I don't see any global ROM available In MI forum

    • +1

      I bought mine a month or so ago with Everbuy, and yeah it came with vendor rom. Took me about 5 minutes to flash to global. head over to the whirlpool forums thread on it, plenty of discussion and advice there

      • Hey Pacify,
        Are you able to guide me through how you managed to get it done within 5 mins.
        I just bought one and I am not sure how to begin.
        It will be no doubt that it will come with vendor's global Rom and not the official ROM.
        I am expecting that the box seals will be broken when I received it too.

        • +1

 can do it much better than I, the main miui forum thread is linked many times.

          Mine was fully sealed when it arrived

        • @Pacify:
          I believe that everbuying started that warranty will be void if original supplied ROM is modified. I guess if u buy from China no warranty claims will be accepted unless PayPal comes to the rescue.

        • @he88388:

          Pretty much. Main downside for buying phones from chinese resellers

    • So can the OP please confirm if there is global ROM? Do we have to do anything to the phone to be normal?

  • +4

    Actually yes amazing price for Aussie with no choice of LeEco, Xiaomi, Lenovo ZUK Z2, One Plus 3, Meizu M3 Note. Actually 98.5% of Aussie smartphone owners haven't even heard of these brands !

    The selling prices of these phones in Tmall/Taobao have dropped heavily in June and you can have a Snapdragon 820 powered 3GB RAM 64GB UFS Storage Mi5 for just US $340 or so now in China and we are happy to pay $800 for a Galaxy S7. Why because we earn so much more and have much more spending power. In India all the above mentioned phones actually are being launched for less than China price. Latest example is a LeEco 2 with Snapdragon 652 ( Octa core compared to hexa core 650) for just INR 11,999 with content subscription and accessories worth INR 5000. So such a phone for around US $150 + taxes !

    It is a great deal from Everbuying no doubt so +1 for that, more so with Toll delivery. But I would rather get an Mi5 entry model once it drops to US $250 mark after cashback, signup bonus, referral, Aliexpress shopping day deals etc

    • +1

      the average chinese person has nowhere near the spending power of the average Australian.

      • +1

        The average yes… but there are a whole bunch more millionaires in China compared to Oz (around 370000 more according to )

        • how is that relevant? there's 1.3 billion people in china.

        • @shrewduser: What I meant was there are likely more people in china that have money to buy expensive phones than there are in Australia. Im not even sure now if that is relevant to the original post, but thought I'd mention it because its a thought that wanted to pop out of my head and into the keyboard. :)

      • No not really. The average Australian cannot buy a property compare to the average investor from China

        • Average chinese investor is not the same as average chinese person though, but it does come down to number of wealthy.

    • the problem with those brands is that they don't have all the Australian bands, they are made for the chinese market. Great hardware for the money but "not designed for Australian conditions".

      Wish they would be less lazy and add the extra bands ….. it's just firmware.

      • +9

        Actually, Xiaomi is made for global markets outside China, but in particular the sub-continent and South America. It's not a "me too" phone company copying other firms. Even actively developing their own well-supported and very mature/capable Android variant, MIUI.

        The band missing is just one of the Telstra LTE bands (700 Mhz I think..Band 28). Most users (in Australia) won't notice the difference. (I use this phone on Telstra.)

        If this particular supplier ships with the "global" ROM, then it'll be received and ready to go with no Chinese bloatware and even less bloatware (virtually none) than every other Android phone from Samsung, Huawei, Acer, Motorola and LG that I've ever used.

        The only (current) proviso is that regional settings need to set to Singapore/Hong Kong (no "australia"). There is no inscrutable non-English menus to fight with at all.

        As for why the missing band..maybe licensing restrictions. Or the line must be drawn somewhere as to what is In and what is Out when refining costings.

        After a month using the phone, I cannot meaningfully fault either the MIUI android interface, nor the quality and performance of the phone.

        The camera is a's merely good instead of brilliant as per devices that cost 3 to 4 times as much. By no means is the image quality bad/poor/shocking/unusable. Most would barely notice the difference for every day use.

        I cannot comment on Everbuying however would caution Ozbargainers to ensure they order a "global" ROM, or be prepared to do some research on how to flash from a Chinese(English) ROM or vendor/custom ROM (**) to the official Global ROM.

        edit: (**) and how this affects warranty conditions of this supplier.

        WOuld also check whether (if paying by Paypal) that this assists with warranty (shipping costs) returns.

        • If you don't mind please link us a guide that you used to flash to the official global rom for this phone. Thanks!

        • I agree. I've had mine for two weeks now and love it, logetivity will be the true test (especially since I upgraded from an iphone 4 that had lasted 5 years: she was getting too slow).
          Using on vaya/optus in WA and haven't noticed a difference with the bands (which was my biggest concern when buying the phone).
          Mine came with the global rom but I found plenty of sites explaining how to download and load the global rom.

        • Correct, band 28 is the only important one missing

    • A lot of these phones are missing band 28 though as well.

  • I just bought the silver version at $263 (PayPal and it's conversion rates lol). Read up that some people received it with the global rom this was in a whirlpool thread.

    Just gotta wait and see now.

    • +1

      AliExpress selling Silver at ~245 plus it includes tpu case and screen protector

    • What page was that on

      • +1

        AliExpress ~$245
        - it also includes free tpu soft case and screen protector

        • non-factory firmware that "can't be updated". Will require reflashing skills and possibly a warranty battle due to changing the vendor firmware. Great price but be aware of the details and consequences.

        • It depends whether you wanna get the TPU case and screen protector with slow delivery of up to 30 days.

          This one has Toll courier so I would think its faster with only small price difference.

          DHL express with the other seller costs another $27

        • How do you get the TPU case and screen protector?

          "Add orig film case" looks more expensive.

        • +1


          From the AliExpress website, it mention the following :
          1. Does it have Google Play and Multi-language?
          Yes, it does. If you don’t ask for factory firmware, we need to open the box and install official global firmware. This firmware can’t be updated.

          — which is better, factory firmware or the global firmware?

          From what I read that it is best to flash with the global ROM to avoid having chinese bloatware/spyware ?

        • @alxr0101:

          I received that phone its on Global Stock ROM and you can receives updates via OTA no issues.

          If this deal isn't Global ROM on silver I can't be bother buying from this seller as the other one took 3 days via DHL about $10 more on silver, well worth it.

    • The complaint in this offer for the same phone describes what you need to do to avoid PayPal conversion fees.

  • Can you do Huawei V8 deal?

  • Topcashback 8% on everbuying. Because of code it might not work, but worth a try.

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