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AliExpress Cashback Increases from 2.40% to 7.25% @ Cashrewards


Noticed TopCashback was offering 7.00% cashback via Spackbace's post. So made a few quick phone calls and I've managed to get the rate above theirs. That's why I love this job so much. Happy shopping everyone, and thanks for all the support :)

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        • @Spackbace: Do the maths and you can see the discount is laughable.

          But nooo you rather not look at the discount, you just wish to blindly defend this post.

          Fact the discount is only 2.5 cents for every $10 spent.

        • +1

          @Spackbace: thanks for the story bro, simple question; what if you do not use topcashbacks and do use cashrewards?
          Helpful to me, I'd vote regardless of the poster…

        • +1


          what if you do not use topcashbacks and do use cashrewards?

          What do you mean, sorry?

        • @GameChanger:

          Enough of your shitposting. If you don't like the deal, move on. Continual negative comments and attacking the OP for posting is not productive to this community.

          We've been polite enough in the hundreds of shit comments you post but I've had enough. If you don't like it, disable your account.

          I'll repeat again:

          OK, let's end this discussion here before as it gets has become personal.

    • (7.25/7)-1 = 0.03571 = 3.6%

      So it's about 3.6% more than TopCashBack

      • +1

        No. You don't compare two percentages by calculating what percentage one is of the other. The difference is simply the difference as calculated by subtraction.

        • Different thinking. If one offers 1% and the other offer 2%, obviously the second one benefit you double.

        • @mily:

          That's right: "double". Double as an application of addition and subtraction - not multiplication and division. If you think 3.6% is right then what does that number represent? If you apply it to the purchase price it's not the difference. It's wrong. Reminds me of politician's mathematics.

        • @Jangle: double means 100% more, or twice of, the benefit you receive. Nothing really about how much you paid for an item. You pay for the item, and you receive rewards for making the purchase, where the reward happens to be calculated by percentage.

          This is not math, it's logic, or different ways of thinking.

          Say if you are applying for mortgage and the banks give out rebate as a fixed amount of incentive, not related to your loan size. One bank offers $800 and another offers $1600, all other conditions are identical.

          If you are borrowing 1 million and choose the second bank for $1600, do you think your friend should be happy enough to go with the first bank as he's only borrowing 500k? Or the second bank is only slightly better than the first because the $800 difference only calculated as a tiny 0.08% difference based on your loan amount?

        • @mily:

          Well your examples have nothing to do with this discussion. I said you don't compare two percentages by calculating what percentage one is of the other. This IS math. I am talking about math. TurtleMaster's comment is math and it's not correct. You want to call it different ways of thinking then you're missing the point;- how is 3.6% a useful or meaningful figure in this context? It isn't - that's the point I'm making. If you disagree then use THIS example to explain - not your own scenarios that have nothing to do with this deal.

        • @Jangle: OK, no more argue, in that case, it's about 3.6% better value than TopCashBack, or 0.25% more of the purchase price.

        • @mily: Lol, actually if you insist on comparing percentages of percentages then 7.5% is about 7% better than 7% (you can see why I have a problem expressing it this way!). The 3.6% is just wrong (sorry TurtleMaster).

        • @Jangle: As I said, not simply supporting or against any particular person, it's just different points of view. And 3.6 was correct as it's only 7.25% than 7.5%. ^_^

        • @mily:
          Umm.. Whatever. One man's wife is another man's hat.

        • +1

          @Jangle: That was a good read guys. Thanks.

  • Ha ha, great. I had been umming and ahhing about order some stuff, just my luck I did it last night!

  • Damn… I made purchases yesterday lol

    • Same boat, bought redmi note 3 pro yesterday but with standard shipping…

      • +2

        think I will buy another one just to get Cashback

        That's the ozbargainer spirit!

        • +1

          I wanna buy again too just to break the price record haha. But, keep calm and save some money mannn

        • yes hard to resist. :(

        • must resist…

  • Hope this lasts for a couple of weeks

  • Apologies if this has been covered before but I can't see anything in their FAQ - does it work the same using the mobile site to click through to the mobile version of Aliexpress?

    • Doubt it, but should on the non mobile site, works this way for me on eBay at least

      • Reason why I ask is because I use a pretty generic credit card on Aliexpress that, for some reason, charges me a conversion fee when using the desktop site, but not on mobile/app

  • Will this work for shipping to nz? With a USD credit card?

    • +1

      I think Cashrewards require an Australian bank account to work.

      • This is correct.

  • Thanks TA, was able to cancel pending order & redo thru CR link….

    • How long would it be the refund for cancelled order?

      • One order cancelled on June 3 took till June 13 to cancel. Second cancelled order dated June 9 still pending cancellation.


  • +2

    ta op. wow, talk about first world problems up there ^

  • Has anybody ever received their cashback from Ali or Banggood?
    I've made >4 of purchases with both and never received any transaction record.
    eBay's always reliable.

    • I just did purchase from Banggood last week using CR and my purchase was tracked down within hrs. (received notification email from CR) and currently it's showing under list (as pending though).
      Yet to purchase from AliExpress….. looking for anything good !!! Just to appreciate TA's hard work :)

  • Any good usb type c good quality cheap cables off aliexpress???

    • How about you do a search, rank by most bought and look at the reviews? So lazy.

    • +1

      Good Quality and Cheap usually arn't usually found as a product.
      You don't want to take any risks with USB Type-C either because a bad cable can ruin your device completely.

  • omg ive been ordering so much lately and didnt even know aliexpress was on cashrewards….thank you!

  • I literally just bought 19 downlights yesterday from AliExpress but forgot about CashRewards anyway…

    • What downlights did you buy? Are they decent quality from ali?

      • I bought these:
        (from AliExpress Android)

        They're probably the same as the ones from ebay and I have already bought some test units from random stores in AliExpress and can vouch for them, read the reviews if in doubt.
        I saw no difference in brightness between the 15w and 5w,so gonna go full 5w and changing the color from cool white to warm white and save some electricity.

        I picked this store over all the others cause they offer 3 colours and they do free DHL for x19. I'm unsure if they will do dhl for lower qty so it is best to ask first.
        AliExpress free shipping is generally slow and takes 3+weeks to arrive but DHL will take like 2-3 days after dispatch.

  • Thanks TA :)

  • Good deal for those AliExpress shoppers.

    How about increase to 7% CASHREWARDS to Ebay shoppers as well?

  • +1

    First time cashrewards user and first time buying off aliexpress. I hope that i done everything right. :-)

    • -2

      Good luck if you ever receive your order. I wouldn't buy from AliExpress even if I get 30% Cashrewards.

      Check out these terrible reviews.

      • +5

        Reviews don't reflect the site as a whole since there are thousands of businesses selling on Aliexpress.

        • How can you be so sure which sellers are reliable? I've never bought anything from Aliexpress before and how can you convince me or new shoppers to buy from them?

          There is only one reliable Chinese seller I used for the past 5 years was the one shipped all my orders via TOLL within 3-5 working days. I don't mine to pay a bit more than AliExpress as long as they're FAST and RELIABLE.

        • +4

          The few times out of hundreds my orders have gone wrong their dispute team refunded me.
          The seller does not get their money until your purchase protection finishes (usually 60ish days) or you click order received, you can open a dispute within that time frame

        • +1


          Feedback is one way. Posts have to meet the following criteria on Ozbargain or they'll get removed

          Non-rep posts: 80% feedback + min number of 500 feedback.

          Store rep posts: What is listed above + must be top rated seller.

          Buying from official stores is another way of staying safe too. There are a lot of manufacturers with their own stores.

        • +1


          I've bought so many things from AliExpress before, and never had any issue.

          How can you be so sure which sellers are unreliable, when you never bought anything from Aliexpress before?

        • @PW: Check if the store has been open for a while and has received good feedback. Avoid stores that don't have any feedback.

  • I don't use that many apps, my iPhone 6 plus is 16GB and has about 5-6gb free at the moment….
    Could I get away with the 16GB Xiaomi Note 3 Pro or does the OS take up a lot more space on android phones than it does on iPhones?

    • also has expandable memory

      • Seems I missed that! 2gb ram doesn't sound too bad

        • 2gb RAM is fine, its more than your iphone :P (yeh yeh i know my phones i'm just stirring)

        • @scud70:

          Thats what I thought, surprised me when I saw iphone only had 1gb

        • @Mattwilko: totally different Operating environments, iOS (at least the older versions) were/are fine with lower amounts of RAM … Android however tends to like its RAM for it to work smoother.. in saying that 2gb is fine. :) was just stirring with the comment.. lol

  • Cheers tightarse! This deal gave me the kick up the arse to finally reorder some items I needed! :)

  • Thank you TA, just right on time as I need to get a new phone for the missus from AliExpress ! :D

  • +2

    Does this have an expiry date or is it to stay?

  • Anyone having problems with the link from Cashrewards?

    When I click on the Cashrewards button for AliExpress, my Web of Trust pops up a warning. There are a lot of comments saying scam, phishing, virus etc. But when I go directly to AliExpress there are no such warnings.

    The site linked by Cashrewards is "best dot" (not going to paste the actual link), while AliExpress has www dot

    Anyone else get this?

  • +5

    Praise TA, and John & team for the invaluable community and resource that OB is.
    As a self-professed long-term lurker and bottom-feeder on OB, finally having the chance to convey thanks to the likes of TA (and hence consequently, Andrew C of CashRewards), it is a highly cathartic experience.
    Being a DSP-recipient with not insignificant health struggles, OB has assisted in giving a quality of life that I would otherwise not have enjoyed on the meagre pension.
    Having recently regained some of the fortitude that I enjoyed some 26 years ago, I have finally joined OzBargain, and will endeavour to return back to this community even if it's only by the occasional comment (or hopefully constructive input).
    Anyway, now back to some repeat Longmire episodes on my (near) free Netflix, via my budget uFlix account…
    Again, a sincere thanks to all OB community contributors - even the bitter & argumentative! Life would never have been as pleasurable over this last 5 years w/o such humorous antics.

    Thank goodness I can now afford to replace my smashed Sony M2 (gifted by my daughter) that may well have saved my life on 14/5/16 @Brookvale NSW, in a bicycle accident.

    BTW, TA / AC… would love to share in a cuppa up @ CR HO in Warriewood some time.

    Best wishes to all.

  • Excellent result TA. Buy up now before the government takes 10% back next year with GST on overseas purchases. sigh

  • Mine tracked

    $4.84 expected cashback on a $200 purchase?

    • +1

      Email reads wrong and website shows correct cashback, thanks ta

      • Pleasure. Thanks for confirming via PM. Full explanation in my response to mily below. Have a great weekend :)

  • Just received an email from CR, what's happening with the 7.5%?

    Retailer: AliExpress
    Date of sale: 9 Jun 2016
    Sale value: USD 179.99 *
    Expected cashback: AUD 5.62
    Estimated approval: 7 Sep 2016

    • +1

      Emails aren't showing the correct amount. Check the website, it will show correct cashback

    • Hi mily. AliEXpress tracking emails received by our members up to 7pm tonight (Friday) will show cashback amounts @ the old rate of 2.4%. This has to do with sales being consolidated within a different time zone and is nothing to worry about. Simply log into your Cashrewards account and you should see a pending amount @ the correct rate of 7.25%. AliExpress tracking emails from here on in will show the correct amounts @ 7.25% :)

      • Saw the CR amount was fixed in my account. You are a legend TA, thanks a lot!

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