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Xiaomi Mi 20000mAh Mobile Power Bank Dual USB US $25.33/~AU $34, Ultrathin 5000mAh US $8.77/~AU $11.85 @ Everbuying-New Account


Cheapest ever posted on OzBargain

Genuine Xiaomi Mi 20000mAh Mobile Power Bank Two USB Outputs Design


  • Xiaomi brand new and high quality.
  • 20000mAh high capacity: Enough for daily use.
  • Dual USB output design for charging two devices simultaneously.
  • 2 x DC 5.1V / 2A max 3.6A USB output, quick charging for emergency charging needs.
  • Support DC 5V / 2A, 9V / 2A, 12V / 1.5A quick recharging, it only needs 7 hours to be full charged, very time-saving for you.
  • Ultra-lightweight design, only 338g, easy to carry.
  • Four LED indicator light to show battery level.
  • 9S circuit protection from Texas Instruments, ensure the safety use.
  • Up to 93 percent of the plate end conversion rate.
  • Adjust the output power automatically to meet different devices charge needs.
  • Compatible with iPhone 6S / 6 Plus, iPad, MacBook, Samsung Note 5 / S6 / S6 Edge / S6 Edge Plus, HTC M9, smartphone and Tablet PC.
  • Stylish Gradual bumps surface design, offer the comfortable hand feel, meanwhile, anti-skid and anti-scratch.

Coupon Code MM-20000

To Get Cheapest Amount as described in the Title

  • Make new Account (Which Gives you 100 EB Points which equals to $2)
  • Replace www with m to login to Mobile Site (Which Gives you 2% Off $0.56)

Items Sub-total USD$ 39.54
Coupon - USD$ 11.65
Mobile Discounts - USD$ 0.56
EB Points saving - USD$2.00
Shipping Sub-total + USD$ 0.00
Shipping Insurance + USD$ 0.00
Wallet - USD$ 0.00
The amount payable: USD$25.33


5000mAh Original Xiaomi Mobile Power Bank External Li-Polymer Battery Charger Ultrathin Design

Main Features:

Portable 5000mAh external power bank
LED power indicator gives real time reminder
Be suitable for smartphone, tablet PC and other digital products
Perfect power supply for business trip, travel, field work etc

Coupon Code - MM-5000

Items Sub-total USD$ 13.32
Coupon - USD$ 2.33
Mobile Discounts - USD$ 0.22
EB Points saving - USD$2.00
Shipping Sub-total + USD$ 0.00
Shipping Insurance + USD$ 0.00
Wallet - USD$ 0.00
The amount payable: USD$8.77

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  • Still waiting on a Type-C variant for my 6P.



    • Couldn't you just plug a usb type C to A cable in?

      • Google website says this:
        If you want to use a USB Std-A charger that you already have, you'll need to get a new cableโ€”USB Type-C to USB Std-A. However, your device will charge slower than it would with a Type-C charger.

      • +1

        You can, but not as the max rate.

        • hmmm yeah that's interesting….i wonder why the 2ma output would change using a good quality certified USB C-A cable. Also those good cables aren't cheap either. But it would be more versatile to have a USB-A powerbank and use a USB A-C cable when you wanted to.

  • It's funny how the price before coupon is applied is 11.83USD for the 5000mAh, but once the coupon is entered it increases to 13.32USD then deceases.

    Either way, daym.

    • Same with the other coupon. It only took just over $2 off.

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  • Daym.

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      Why does everyone keep saying this? I don't get the reference haha

      • First comment said dayum. so it's kind of like an ozbargainer inside joke specific to this thread

        • Oh, thought it would have something to do with the brand

  • Is this a good deal or not?

    • +2

      Dunno about the 20k Mah one, but the slim 5000mah is a pretty good price.

      • Daym

      • +2

        I visited the Xiaomi shop recently. The 20k one is pretty big and heavy.. Slim ones are very very nice..

    • +1

      I heard it was the cheapest ever posted on ozbargain

      • just got the 5000mah one :)

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      Woah, calm down dude

      • It's a meme that makes fun of the excessive use of emojis.

    • This deal is dank AF

  • Daym

  • whats the approximate delivery times to Perth, WA?

    • I ordered 10000mAh on 4th June. Shipped on 14th with estimated arrival in 10 to 25 days … in other words, a long time.

      • They use Surface mail for cheap items (i think under 40USD) so it takes a while..

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  • How many in stock monty?

    • +1

      We still have hundred in stock. Pls rest assured.


  • How much lighter and smaller is the ultrathin 5000 compared to ultrathin 10000?

    you're tempting me to buy more power banks lol

  • Daym

  • i hope they can add QC 2.0 or even 3.0 . more than happy to pay twice the price is thats possible.

  • +3

    For what it's worth, I bought this one:

    … and I have not looked back. It has proved to be an excellent unit, in my personal experience. I have dropped it on hard floors quite a few times (maybe 4?), it has traveled to numerous countries (largely unprotected/unpadded) in 'stowed-luggage', and I have charged it at least 30 times so far. It remains totally reliable/predictable re charge output. The LCD display showing the % of remaining power/charge is (IMHO) essential. I have found this to be a really solid unit.

    Juz sayin' …

    • +2

      but 5000mah ultrathin is daym nice price

      • Unfortunately, I have no idea what 'bolddaym' actually means… Maybe sommat like "… is da bomb" (no aviation-related puns intended) or "… is the bees' knees" (to go back a few more decades in slang/turns of phrase)?

        • Oh, you've fixed it; you just meant 'daym'. That, I understand.

  • Any chance of making a deal for the Xiaomi Hybrid earphones?

  • Daym.

  • +2

    Use Coupon Code EBDAD For Further Savings ( 20% off All Products on EverBuying…)

    • Don't think this stacks. One code at a time

      • Whats the Negative Vote For? It doesn't need to stack this Coupon is Cheaper than the one provided…

        People Don't even check these days…

        • Hi, I didn't neg your comment. Just pointed out it didn't stack. Thanks for posting the code for people to use on other stuff!

    • +1

      I tried that code, it ended up more expensive than this one.

      USD 31.63 with EBDAD (without new account)
      USD 27.89 with MM-20000.

  • Can these tings charge a 12" MacBook? Will it damage the MacBook in anyway?

    • Depends whether your Macbook can be charged via USB port. I thought it would use some circular port for charging.

  • Can the 20 000mAh be used to charge a windows ultrabook? Toshiba Kira

  • +2

    Cheaper using EBDAD code for 20% off.

    • not for mw :(

  • Coupon works but I only get 10.77 as the best price. Where's the extra $2 discount from? It doesn't seem coupons stack either

    • You have to create an account to save the extra $2. I decided to just pay with paypal and not make another account so paid the extra $2

      • Ah I did create a new account though from the cart screen. Doesn't seem to have added the extra $2

        Edit oh yeah thanks, found it after the next screen

  • Does xiaomi make power banks with dual USB ports, one for USB A, and another for USB type c?

  • I wish it was usb type c for my dell :(

  • -3

    For those who want to order from, please read our story here

  • +1

    does this have Qualcomm quick charge 2.0 or 3.0?

  • +1

    Give us USB type C!

  • thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP! EBDAD (20%) works as well but not stackable.

  • Thanks, got the 5000mah one :)

  • +10

    5000 mAh slim charger is US$8.45 using mobile site, new account (100 eb points) and EBDAD code.

    Items Sub-total USD$ 13.32
    Coupon - USD$ 2.66
    Mobile Discounts - USD$ 0.21
    EB Points saving - USD$2.00
    The amount payable: USD$8.45

    US$0.32/AU$0.50 cheaper if you can be bothered.

    • -1

      Love how i was first to Post this code hours ago in the comment section and all i got was negged… Seems like your doing something right… Good Job

  • +2

    For those who want the Type-C powerbank, check this LeTV powerbank,

    Not like Xiaomi pro, the type-c on this one is for both input and output. The list price for this LeTV powerbank is around 40AUD in China.

  • +1

    "Compatible with iPhone 6S / 6 Plus, iPad, MacBook, Samsung Note 5 / S6 / S6 Edge / S6 Edge Plus, HTC M9, smartphone and Tablet PC."

    can this fast charge Samsung Galaxy S6?

    I know "quick charge" is mentioned, but want to make sure i am understanding the product correctly?

    "2 x DC 5.1V / 2A max 3.6A USB output, quick charging for emergency charging needs."

    So does that mean I can fast/quick charge 2x Galaxy S6 devices at the same time?

    Hope to get some answers. Been looking for a powerbank for a very long time. Thanks

  • thanks for the power bank , id also love to buy some more 1c items

  • +3

    This is going to bring my total to 107200mAh in power banks. I guess I'm prepared for the end…

  • Couldn't resists Ultrathin 5000mAh

  • Most airlines I've flown with in Asia have a max limit of 13k for carry on, so make sure you check it in if you plan travelling with it :-) (that is after you've looked at the relevant limit for the carrier you're frying with)

    • +2

      Thanks for your reply, I fry with Jetstar

  • -1

    Smh I bought a romoss one recently. I wish i waited and buy this…

  • Daym

  • Is this 20000mAh Ok at the airports to carry on?

    • I don't see any issues tbh .

      I always carry a 13000 and 5000 one and travel 2-3 times a year for the past 5 years wothout issues .

      The Size of the 20000 is similar.

    • I commented above that 13k is the limit for a number of carriers in Asia, and I'd imagine that there are similar limits here too but you'd have to check.

  • Is this the same model as this one?

  • Awesome, just ordered the 20000!

    Where would the best place to be to pick up a USB > Macbook Air cord?

  • Thanks OP. Missed out on the 5000mAh ultra-thin last time. So got a 10,000. Now got this one too!

  • Daym

    Just purchased the 20000 thanks OP

  • Thank you! Ultra thin 5000mAh will come in handy.

  • Most airline allows 2 spare lithium batteries of 100-160Wh in carry on baggage. What is 20000mAh in Watt-hour equivalent?

    • +2

      As per tsimop's post

      100Wh per battery is the limit before you can only have 2 and need to get approval from the airline.
      100Wh at 3.6V (internal battery voltage) would be 27,700 mAh per battery
      Unless your batteries are bigger than this, you can carry a "fair amount"

  • My 5000mAh is being shipped by Netherlands Post surface mail? O-o

  • I got a 16000 unit.. should I upgrade? Hmmm.

  • How long does everbuying normally take to arrive?

    I am going away Jul 15 I am hoping it will arrive by then.

    • +1

      Going by others comments on how long it takes for their utems to get to them i dare say you are cutting it very fine.

  • +1

    Seems I got this for 20k one "The Promotion code has exceeded the number of times it can be used, please recheck and try again."

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