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Telstra iPhone 5S 16GB Space Grey $359 Delivered @ Telstra (Tuesdays Only from 5pm)


Further price drop on this, comes with $30 Starter Kit :)

Telstra iPhone 5s 16GB Space Grey $359 Delivered

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  • +26 votes

    I mean it's a great deal for the phone seeing as though it's $100+ more at Officeworks, but still you're paying $359 for…

    4-inch Retina display with 1136-by-640 resolution
    1GB RAM
    1560mAh battery

    • +31 votes

      And this to the list:
      Apple logo at the back, priceless.

      Note sarcasm mode active.

    • And before people say it's not all about the specs, the 5s is almost 3 years old…

      • +2 votes

        so old it has a rotary dialer

      • It's better than their CURRENT Macs, many of which are still using old school CPUs.

      • Yet it still does everything you'd want a modern smartphone to do.

        • So it plays 1080p youtube on a 1080p screen?

        • How about 4k video recording?

          Btw i know 100% that it can't Do any of this.

        • @Axelstrife: Well, technically it can play 1080p 60fps video, YouTube or otherwise. And 326ppi on a 4" inch screen is fine for most people. Stickyfingers is right that for most users it's a perfectly capable phone.

        • @mr_me450: Who wants to spend $350 on a 'capable' phone??

        • If you're gonna go apple you may as well go a flagship imo, there are soooo many androids in this price range that have way better screens and way better specs.

        • @UnknownCamper: It would be a hardly noticeable difference on the screen at such a high pixel density.

          And I cannot say this enough, specs really don't mean much. Especially when comparing 2 types of smartphones that work extremely differently under the hood. Especially when it comes to memory management on Java/Android, it's one of the biggest reasons Android phones generally have much higher specifications.

        • There is actually a huge difference between a 5-5.5 inch screen and a 4 inch screen (and the majority of androids with large screens also have better pixel density).

          I agree specs don't mean that much because iphones generally run better, which is why i recommend their flagships, but im essentially saying that you can get a better phone for the same price, so unless you have a particular love of apple/IOS or really really want a 4" screen for one handed use then i see no particular reason to go for this phone.

        • its actually not a perfectly capable phone at all, this one has probably updated to close to the newest os so you can look forward to lots of lag lots of random crashes and other weird behaviour. Was struggling to use one of these for work about 6 months ago, that means no gaming just office type stuff. Terrible.

          Now I'm on a 6s after some complaining, much better. The 6s screen looks huge by comparison but is a bit small too if I compare it to other phones.

          Wouldn't go near these if it was a personal phone though. Much better value out there with other brands

        • Now boys,size really does matter you know!!!

        • @mackaxx: 5S is perfect on IOS9. Remember that it's practically the saame spec as a 6 or 6+.

          IOS10 capability yet to be determined, but I would imagine it would also be fine.

        • @Axelstrife: It's four inches. It doesn't need to be 1080p.

        • @MrMcHairyHead: last time i used an iphone 5s the resolution was bloody terrible screen looked like complete shit but i guess back then it would of looked good.

          and this very thought pattern is why apple spoon feeds you old technology every year. and why even the 4.7" iphone 6s still doesn't have a 1080p display.

    • You would seriously have to be insane to buy this over a nexus 5x for the same price.

      • I hope you're not referring to price points such as Kogan and so forth.. they are grey imports and warranty will not be Australian based.
        This will be local stock, and will be able to take to Apple store for replacement.. if any issues should arise during it's warranty period.
        I doubt you will be able to do so with Kogan and other grey importers of the Nexus 5X.
        As for price point for the Nexus 5x with same storage capacity as iPhone 5s. It's is more along the lines of $579 ..*https://store.google.com/config/nexus_5x . Maybe cheaper from other Australian Merchants but not by that much..

        • I'd rather do warrenty through kogan etc and have a nice new phone then be seen in an apple store with an outdated iphone 5s.

          Damnit someone let the sheep out again.

        • @Axelstrife: i was just counting my negs and realised I was actually counting sheep.

        • +1 vote


          I'd rather do warrenty…

          Oh boy that's a worry

        • @Axelstrife: people are down voting you not because they're sheep, but because you're like a typical fanboi who's quick to categorise people simply because of the phone they use.

          You do realise that the sheep comment is so unoriginal and boring, yet there are still people out there that make these comments thinking they're being funny and witty.

        • @TeslaFan: The fact that you felt the need to type all that tells me the sheep comment worked perfectly lolol hahaha so easy to bait sheep.

        • @Axelstrife: lol, you really are brilliant at observing and profiling people. Here have a banana as a reward.

          BTW, I'm a Samsung sheep. Baaa

        • @TeslaFan: Glad you took the first step and admitted you are a sheep.

        • @TeslaFan: the fact that so many people call other people sheep is so ironic.

      • +8 votes

        Not if I were buying it for my mum.

        IPhone = she can ask her friends how to do things, mostly so simple it's easy, I may get the rare call for assistance

        Nexus = calls out of regular frustration

        • hmmm My mother uses her HTC one M8 and all here previous android phones perfectly fine.

          Maybe you never took the time to teach her how to use the operating system she it using.

        • +8 votes

          what is this "teach" you speak of? There is no learning. It is 'can do it' or 'call my son'

        • @tommyc: lol ive had that with lots of other things lol

        • If you want to buy a phone for your mum, get her an iPhone 6S Plus (or if you can wait a bit, iPhone 7S Plus). Bigger screen is better for parents. I find parents prefer large phones. They don't care about iOS or Android that much.

          Honestly, people are considering this phone mainly because of the price. Otherwise, iPhone SE or iPhone 6S or 6S+ is better.

        • @netsurfer:
          My mothers done just fine with android phones, my dad with an iPhone. Both have their quirks but these operating systems are both just as easy to pick up.

        • @netsurfer:

          Yep, I was thinking it was a good price until I realised it was a 5S, and not a 5SE…

        • @netsurfer: Yeah no shit, we'd all get our Mums 6S pluses, but they're five times the price of this 5S.

        • @Axelstrife: Yeah I'm totally going to spend four hours setting up Titanium Backup and tinkering with it every week when it breaks instead of just getting her an iPhone. And for myself, for that matter.

        • @MrMcHairyHead: Does it make you mad that even my Mother who isn't very good with technology like most are, can still operate an android mobile and android tablet without any help better then you seem to?

        • @MrMcHairyHead: Well, I did. The amount of money my parents spent on me is way way more than the cost of iPhone 6S Plus. The iPhone 5C she had, the screen is just too small. It was a mistake (mine) to buy a phone with a small screen for parents so never again.

          Sorry, 5S is not good enough for my family members. Just because they are parents, it doesn't mean they get to use outdated phones.

        • @MrMcHairyHead: why titanium backup? Haven't used that for years and years with our androids. Not since when I had a first gen galaxy actually. Now that was a crappy phone and overrated.

        • @MrMcHairyHead: One of my i-devices broke and I did not run iTunes often enough (honestly, I don't like it). Apple replaced it with a refurbished unit, but guess what, I lost all the saved games and files.

          So with iOS devices, even without backup, the restore will happen auto-magically? I don't think so.

          Also, the home button on quite a number of i-devices is a joke. I have yet another device with a home button not working quite right. It is just usable so I doubt Apple will exchange it.

        • @netsurfer: iCloud backup is auto-magic and free for 99% of users. (<5GB of actual data.)

        • @coxymla: I don't want to use iCloud. I want the ability to just backup the bits I need.
          A restore also forces you to go to the latest iOS. It doesn't go back to what it was exactly. So, if I had a device that was running fine on an iOS, after getting a replacement unit (due to hardware fault on the old one), I will have to use the latest iOS on that replacement unit, even if the latest iOS runs quite slow on that device.

          Restoring from iTunes is already slow, restoring from iCloud will be even slower.

        • @coxymla:
          And way too small, 5gb is a joke and if you have a few devices quickly sucked up.

        • @netsurfer: to be fair An iCloud restore isn't that much slower and works quite well. You do have to wait for all the apps to download but I'd rather that and fill my hard drive up with backups of old apps.

          Again the 5gh size limit is a joke though

      • Or you just might prefer the iPhone. I'd rather have Handoff, Continuity, Night Shift, a physical home button, a fingerprint sensor in a place that makes sense (the Nexus designers have obviously never seen a human hand), software and security updates, a smartwatch that actually works well, and a permission system and a backup system that work with every app on the store.

        And some people don't like a giant screen. Plus the 5X is an ass ugly piece of tacky plastic.

        • everything you listed is apart of the nexus 5x i do agree about the design and build quality but the 5x was always ment to be a cheap device while the 6p is flagship nexus.

          just because you are simple minded and cannot change what you are used to like the home button fingerprint that's not mine or anyone else fault but your own.
          idk about you but when i hold my phone my index finger goes directly to the position where the fingerprint scanner is on the nexus phones.

          The apple watch is a reason NOT to buy an iphone.

          Nexus devices get updates just the same as iphone they are pure android and do not suffer like non nexus devices.

        • Home button.. don't get me started. A friend of mine plays games a lot on his iPhone 6. He is using AssistiveTouch all the time to preserve the home button. Have another iPhone needing the home button replaced soon.. guess what, I am using AssistiveTouch to prolong its life a bit.

          Fingerprint reader on iPhone 6S Plus, it doesn't work every time. Not for my parents. They had to enter pin a number of times (fed up with the failed retries).

          I also returned two iPads due to dead pixels on day 1. Apple watch, not working so well with some tattoos.

          Permission system that works? Really? Want to attach a PDF to an e-mail using iPhone. Upload it to iCloud first.

        • @netsurfer: it took a long time to get this innovative gesture… heaven forbid you needed add multiple attachments.

    • 5S is still a perfectly good phone. I only upgraded because I was out of contract.

      • problem for me is the 16gb. This is seriously limiting these days. My father has a 16gb 5C, and he's constantly running out of space, and I basiclaly how to strip down the apps he uses, clear his mailbox etc.

        Great if you're using it purely for phone calls, messaging, a bit of email and web surfing. If you start to load a few apps though, it fills up pretty quickly… and in the end, if you're so hamstrung on what you can load on an iphone, then what's the point?

        For the record, I use an iphone 5, 64gb. I'd be happy to continue using it performance-wise, but the camera has gone to shit!

    • This is a Prepaid phone version. Hence not the same as the unlocked version @ Officeworks.
      Get your facts straight, before misleading the ozbargain community!
      *Includes a $30 Pre-Paid Sim Starter

    • It doesn't matter about specs. It's about how the phone runs for regular uses. And the 5s still runs fantastically.

      • The iPhone 5s used a fantastic chip in the A7. It took Qualcomm a couple of years to catch up. Even then phones like the nexus 6p barely can beat the 5s in gaming performance, but that is mainly because of the low resolution screen used on the 5s. Then on a 4 inch screen you don't need any higher resolution. :P Still for such an old phone it performance is unbelievable. It scores around 70k on the current version of Antutu, which beats out Android phones like my 2015 LG G4. Apple hardware wise are usually atleast one generation ahead of the competition. I'm hoping the new nexus use nvme storage, and other Android flagships start using it, or Apple will continue to slaughter Android phones in performance.

        • In what world did it take any time to catch up to the A7? The Snapdragon 800 from a few months earlier matched it in multi threaded performance (a very important factor on Android, not so much on iOS, but I'm comparing the raw power of the SoCs).

          Sure, it took time for other players to start making 64 Bit SoCs, but at the time that was a pretty useless metric, and more to flex Apple's engineering muscle, while driving forward the future of mobile.

          If however you're talking about single threaded performance, then yep, totally correct. The Snapdragon 820 FINALLY brings amazing single threaded performance and multi threaded performance, no compromises.

        • Runs fantastically? Are you still using one of these? My 5s could barely handle browsing and email without frequent freezes and crashes and a terrible battery life. I had work rotate me through several phones and still the same issues. Just yesterday a new starter was emailing about his rubbish new 5s not working properly as he had been allocated a 5s by mistake.

          Benchmarking software often doesn't reflect how it performs in the real world.

        • @mackaxx: stdh.txt

        • Yeah it's unfortunate that multithreaded performance even on Android didn't translate to better overall performance in the real world. Or we all could be just using phones that use octacore processors or more instead. Just think of all that extra multithreaded performance we are missing out on.

          Single core performance is a better indication of system overall performance, even on Android phones. Phones that use chips like the s617 on Android that offer better multithreaded performance compared to an iPhone 5s or even previous generation Androids, will still get slaughtered performance wise over an iPhone 5s or even older Androids with better single core performance.

          So yeah lets all buy into the marketing bs and buy 10 core processors for greater multithreaded performance at the expense of poorer overall performance?.. Silly Qualcomm going back to less cores in their flagship chips, wtf are they doing? Don't they know on Android better multi threaded performance is an indication of better overall performance? They could have a 10 core design that scores way higher multithreaded performance and the phones that used that chip would slaughter those crappy A9 dual core Apple powered devices.


          Sounds to me like you have issues with your specific phone. Performance is still topnotch on this phone compared to even last year Android flagships. When was the last time you did a hard reset and how much free storage do you have? I found people with iPhones will often not do hard resets, and over time the device will slow down. Especially if you have the device for almost 3 years and never done a hard reset.

          FWIW I do have a 32gb version, and in terms of real world performance it beats my 2015 flagship hexacore powered G4. Unfortunately even on Android, having more cores doesn't translate to greater performance, doesn't seem many apps take advantage of all those 6 cores. If I play a game like need for speed no limits for instance, my hexacore phone still loses to an iPhone 5s with its older dual core design. How is this even possible when it gets way better multithread performance? The 5s loads the game up much quicker and also runs the game much smoother and maintains its frame rates better on it crappy dual core design. Sadly on my G4 playing games like that causes the much newer vastly superior multitrheaded performing chip with it superior 6 cores to overheat and throttle, which leads to lag. The old iPhone doesn't face these performance issues with it ancient dual core poor multithreaded performance. What amazes me though is how an iPhone 5s with 1gb of ram manages to multitask better than phones with double the cores and double the memory, and despite its bad multithreaded performance, I've had 10 browser tabs open and 2 games running in background and when switching between the tasks there's been no reloads. An old Android device with an s800 and 2gb of ram won't be able to hold as many tasks in memory as the 5s can.

        • @coxymla: except it did and it does.

        • @Ronnnie: it may be what I'm doing with it but really the biggest burden I was putting on it was waze running concurrently with a podcast. Even when that wasn't happeni I still had the issues. Maybe the os has been optimised a little more of late, certainly wasn't the case 6 months ago.

        • @mackaxx: I bought one recently and it's very fast.

        • @Ronnnie:
          I hate apple for their arrogant policies. However you have to salute them for the build quality of 4S and 5S so much so that apple had to kill those phone by updating the OS and make it unusable.

        • @sachy: All the corporations are arrogant. They are not governments, but they have to protect the consumers all the same. Some however pay lip service to this and are so arrgoant that they farm users and productise them.

          Apple have managed to keep control of their ecosystem without compromising too badly security and reliability of their product's software. At least if you turn off the features that send your data to the many watching eyes, they don't turn them back on like others, and the choice remains yours. And you can configure it still NOT to use cloud services, turn off data access per app, etc. You can even set one up without having an apple account (finally).

          My iPhone 4 (>5 years old now) still goes >24 hours on the original battery. 2 new major OS versions, still supported last time I looked and works like a charm. Dropped more times than I can remember too. Even does connection sharing and still used as a backup phone. Sounds great. Takes great pics. Who's still using a smart phone even half its age? People that have problems with them usually have a configuration error due to some old third-party app or a data corruption due to third party apps. Back your s$%! up to a local device and reset and restore every year or two. Don't install crap you don't need and the phone battery will last for days at a time for many years.

          Most importantly don't install fb messenger and so on, the quality of social apps is so bad much of it would be blacklisted if it wasn't so 'necessary'. That's the best place to start cutting the umbilical if you want a reliable, secure smartphone.

    • All specs aside, this phone is terrific for older people who want a capable, small, affordable smart phone. It will do everything they want in a fantastic form factor that's not too small nor large. A great balance for those vision impaired, who don't require the larger screens or super CPU power.

      • Older people generally need a bigger screen, as they find seeing/touching small buttons difficult on a touch screen.

    • You could help it out a bit by chucking in a larger capacity battery…oh wait a minute it ain't that easy this phone wasn't made to have a new battery…planned obsolescence at its best that's what the apple bitten logo means(BTW this logo was used by prostitutes for milenia so you really are '(profanity)')

      • Uhh… almost all Android phones including the beloved Nexus 5X and the Galaxy S7 also have built in batteries. You can get some awful phone like the G5 with a replaceable battery, but then compromise on everything else.

    • I don't get this place… Everyone is fine to hate on this deal yet when myself and many others questioned people buying the iPhone SE the other day we were met with downvotes…


      People are happy to shit on the 5S yet when you're paying $250~ more for an upgraded camera, better soc & ram with a tiny battery improvements people were saying just how amazing the iPhone SE is… There's an LG G5 on the front page that's cheaper than the SE was yesterday. It's only $140 (Which you state is even cheaper than the price officeworks has it for) more than this 3 year old phone as well.. Just ridiculous, look at the specs. The G5 kills them both easily.


      Sure you can argue grey import vs store bought but $140 ($40 if you grabbed it from Officeworks) more for a phone that's over 2x as good makes so much more sense to me.

      Remind me not to take any technical advice from this place.

  • Will you need to unlock it to use other sims? .. Optus?

  • i've heard from a few people battery life is poor

    • As with all phones. battery life will vary with every persons specific usage.
      When I had this phone it lasted a full day on a single charge. And that was with moderate usage.. web browsing.. banking.. social app usage Facebook etc….
      It won't last long with heavy usage.. Snapchat, Apple Maps or Google maps.. Pokémon Go..lol

    • It's very usable but don't expect the best battery life from a 3 year old phone.

      Most budget / mid range phones nowadays would easily beat it.

      It's good for you if you want iOS, are not a heavy user and want something small with excellent design/build.


      • It's very usable but don't expect the best battery life from a 3 year old phone

        It's not a 3 year old phone, nor a 3 year old battery DOH

        Most budget / mid range phones nowadays would easily beat it

        Beat it at what ?

    • One of the biggest issue of iphone 5s. In comparison, iphone 6 and SE has much better battery life. Iphone 5s 16G regardless of new or used only worth less than $300.

    • Yep,
      Terrible, get used to charging multiple times over the course of the day and God help you if are hunting pokemon..

      Used them for years so plenty of frustrating experience

  • +2 votes

    Can you use this without unlocking on Telstra reseller networks… e.g. Aldi mobile?

  • 5S is still excellent. the only reason mine is showing age is because of the battery, which has decreased in life after 3 years of intensive use.