This was posted 5 years 5 months 17 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Cool Wool Suit Jacket $29 / Trousers $15 @ Target Online & Target eBay


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    Getting married in 3 weeks. Perfect timing. Cheers OP

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      Going to his funeral a few days later.
      Perfect timing. Cheers OP

      • LMAO

      • Haha. If this doesn't win comment of the month, I don't know what will!

        • i didn't win for the month of august.

        • @dasher86:

          You're a winner in my books

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      If you truly do have a tight bottom TightBottom you may struggle with this deal as there are no size 32 pants left.

  • Size 32 trousers are out of stock via both options….bugger.

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      Try instore you never know your luck or ring their customer support number they will let you know if and where they are available.

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      just fatten up and get the 34

      • Maybe Target could offer a free donut to help me get there.

  • Quality any good? How many wears could this last?

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      At least 1 B&S Ball

      • Put velcro on the seams and you can get out of it quickly.

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      Quality is good i am using this since last December even though it says dry clean I hand wash them and no problems (I am not stingy but don't want to pay dearer cost for dry clean). Hope this is helps

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        Well yeh, when a dry clean could come to 30-50% of the cost of the trousers, I don't blame you.

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      Quality is very good for the money. If you get a year or two out of them, then that's money well spent IMHO. I just picked up an extra pair of pants and a jacket. The fit is a little different than I am used to, the jacket is a 42, but my regular size is 44, and in a slim fit it's 46 to clear my shoulders. The pants are a perfect length for me, which is weird as 99% of the time I have to have suit pants taken up.

    • I've been wearing the suit for the past few weeks, quality is very good for the price

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        I've been wearing the suit for the past few weeks,

        Does it smell?

  • This was posted yesterday, still a great deal.

  • damn no trousers my size… bummer

  • Thanks OP!

    Been using the Navy since the last deal so got the black combo this time

  • I'm wondering how Target can afford to be selling new Wool jackets for $29 and trousers for $15. Surely the cost price would be more than that?. I've seen Wool jackets going for hundreds of dollars.

    Then again last year i did pick up some brand new SABA wool jackets from their online store for $15 each on a massive clearance (once in a lifetime sale perhaps) and when the jackets arrived the original price tags on them were $499. I had never seen that deal come up again. So i'm fairly right when it comes to jackets.

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      its called clearance.

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      worker exploitation

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    This will be perfect for my upcoming hearing in front of the magistrate! Thanks op. Now where did I put my crocodile print pointy leather shoes.

    • Come to think of it do people wear these jackets during Jury Service, i may have one coming up soon. Turn up looking like a business man!.

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        Not if you want to get out of it. Thongs, stubbies and a wife beater are a must; bonus points for pie stains.

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      Make sure you wear your striped black shirt with the white dragon print on it. It has a collar so will look nice.

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    For anyone wondering, they are a slightly different fit to the equivalent non-wool version.

    Last time they had these on sale, I tried on the non-wool version (it was all they had in-store) prior to ordering a woolen one online. It didn't work out though.. non-wool version fit perfectly, but the wool one did not.

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      The Wool version is probably made by a different manufacturer which would account for the slightly different fit.

      • Probably. I'm pretty sure they're both part of the same "Limited Edition" range though so I thought there might be a chance they would be the same fit.

  • Great deal, but not a record price.

    Last time you could buy the whole pant+suit combo for $35!

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    Thanks OP, great deal.

    Quick question: I know my pants size (34, and currently in stock) but I'm not so sure about the correct jacket size for me. If I were to buy both the 38 and 40 sizes (thinking of selecting click & collect), would I be able to return one for a refund? Or are there no returns on clearance items at Target? Cheers

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      As long as you have proof of purchase you can return as many as you like ,for a full refund you have 28 days ,after that with a receipt they give you a store credit voucher for what you paid for it & a heads up the size 34 black pants are about to sell out only 20 prs left 36 also .Wheni purchased early yesterday there were almost 200 prs of the black in size 34 available

      • Many thanks for the reply!

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        For what i can see sizes 34 and 36 black trousers is now out of stock already. Only sizes 38 and 40 left.

    • You should be able to return it.

      I ordered target's woollen jacket when on sale for $49 a few weeks back… picked it up instore and returned it 10 minutes later after trying it on and finding that it didn't fit.

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      Those probably won't match the pants above because it's not from the Cool Wool range.

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        Yeah this one is a Wool & Polyester blend. Not 100% Wool.

        • BALLS! You're both right. Well lets hope it matches when it arrives..

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          @barrymcbruce: it won't match I own both and the cool wool navy colour is bright blue

  • Thanks OP just bought black suit for $44 C&C

  • Also 10% off from eBay store if you buy more than $75.

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    When I called up to find stores with Navy jackets she said "Cool Wool is trending today, was it posted on OzBargain?". Everyone knows we're the professionals now!

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      I approve this message.

    • she said "Cool Wool is trending today,

      People use Twitter jargon IRL?

      Shame! :/

  • Cheers OP. I got my old man and brother a suit each, both for $79.20 delivered through the Target eBay store using the 'CTENOFF' voucher. Bargain!

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    Only obese sizes left for the black pants

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      You must be going by the Yanky definition of what a pants are. We go by trousers here in Australia for what these are.

      • Actually, a proper person says 'trouser', not 'trousers'.

        Then again we are talking Target suits rather than Zegna. Zenga only sells trouser

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    Bought 2 suits last time, $35 each whole set

    Good quality, cant complain for the price

  • Anyone know if you can return from target eBay in store?

    • Definitely, i read it on there somewhere yesterday.

  • All pants out of stock online and at ebay.
    Size 40 only available online.

    Some jackets left

    No suit combo for me this time round.

    • As of this morning 10 prs or less still available in black in both 38 & 40.I would keep looking instore over the coming month if you are after pants , i would imagine there might be returns due to buying wrong sizes.There are still 260 jackets in total across all sizes so i reckon they will have to further drop the price of those to get rid of them seeing as theres no matching suit trousers.

  • Just got my jacket. Great fit. Nice feel. But not 100% wool as advertised. It has polyester/viscose blend. Has woolmark logo on it and hence quality assurance that comes with it. Happy with purchase.

    • The lining is Polyster/Viscose. The fabric is wool.

      • What are the buttons made from? "100% anything" always bugs me.

  • Mine just arrived. Chose black for both, but the jacket ended up halfway between black and navy, so it doesn't match the pants (with are actually black) perfectly. Anyone else had a similar problem?

    • No ordered 2 suits in black both matched perfectly. Plenty of jackets still available online in nearly all sizes , just reorder a new jacket & return the other one .Might be the colour of the pants though anyway worth a try.

  • Do you think the cool wool range will come back in the future?

  • Does anyone have black cool wool trouser who doesn't need it, any size 34 or above will do. I will be happy to buy and this will complete my suit. Thanks

    • Sorry only just read your comment don't know if this helps or if you still need pants but i returned a black pair of size 34 to bendigo target over weekend if you still need them & they haven't sold if you give them a call they might transfer them to a store near you .

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