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AmEx Statement Credits: Shop Small September ($20 Spend $10 Statement Credit up to 3 times)


Shop Small Weekend: 16-18 September 2016

Shop Small Map - Participating Small Business Locations

AmEx Connect -…
Direct Enrolment -…

Register from 13 September. Registration reached 70K Cap Shop Small 16 to 18 September 2016

Simply register your Card from 13 September, and spend $20 or more in a single transaction at a participating small business between 16 - 18 September 2016 to receive $10 back. Redeem the offer once per participating small business at up to 3 different business locations. You could receive up to $30 back!
View the Shop Small Map for participating small businesses in your area. To find out more about Shop Small please go to

The Usual T&Cs:
  • Save the offer to your eligible Card between 13 September 2016 and 18 September 2016. Limited to the first 60,000 Cards to save the offer.
  • Spend $20 or more on that Card in one transaction, in-store only at participating small businesses listed on between 16 September 2016 and 18 September 2016 to receive a $10 credit.
  • Offer is limited to three credits per registered Card, with no more than one credit per participating small business. Only spend on the Card number you register counts towards the offer.
  • Excludes transactions where you do not spend directly at participating small businesses. For example, purchases made through a third party such as a department store (e.g. David Jones or Myer)
  • Excludes online and Gift Card purchases. Offer valid at Australian locations only.
  • Business Cards that are affiliated with a wholesaler partner, American Express Business Travel Accounts, Government Cards, Corporate Purchasing Cards, Corporate Meeting Cards, Corporate Cards and David Jones Storecards are excluded.
  • Credit is not redeemable for cash or other payment form.
  • Credit should appear on your billing statement within 5 business days from qualifying spend but may take up to 90 days from the offer end date.
  • Credit will not be applied to your Card Account if it has been suspended or cancelled.
  • Credit may be reversed if your qualifying purchase is refunded or cancelled.

Note: The map doesn't show all locations when browsing. You need to search or filter to show everything.

AmEx Shop Small: Shops That Accept AmEx for Opal and Myki Recharges

📍 Google Map of Myki Locations 📍

Referral Links

Business Explorer Card: random (3)

Referrer: 40,000 Reward Points

Centurion Personal Charge Card: random (1)

Referee gets 200,000 MR points. Referrer gets 150,000 MR points.

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  • +1

    Finally! I made 3 amex.
    However, I will be oversea during that period. Dang.

      • +18

        I have 0

      • Why is this downvoted?????

        • +2

          Because it's becoming a penis size (or lack of) contest.

      • I have 2 Amex cards and the dog and cat have one each.

        • +5

          Santos L. Halper

    • +6

      True ozbargain spirit, never mind that you'll be overseas (presumably somewhere nice), you're missing out on a deal

    • Same here, in Brisbane that weekend and have 3 cards T T. Missing out on Opal

      • +3

        Use your card in Brisbane. :) for other things.

      • Or ask someone to use it in Sydney for Opal for you. They can always enter the card number instead of tap.

    • There have been shops that trade online that will still qualify for shop small.

      • +1

        don't mind sharing some of them? thx!

        • +1

          I've ordered flowers before from a shop in Canberra.

          I think a footy merchandise shop in North Melbourne, also had online sales and they were listed on the shop small merchants late last year?

    • +12

      I posted this below but you can consider donating to charity.
      There is a list floating around with charities that work for shop small and depending on your marginal tax rate, you could literally be donating $2-3 real word money for every $20 the charity gets :)

    • same boat :(

    • @alphasing

      Can you postpone your travel so you can take advantage of this?;)

    • +1

      Send them to me, along with the PIN number and the credit limits and I'll use them for you. ;-)

    • +1

      Shopsmall! Ozbargain's Pokemon

  • -2

    Hello opal top ups !!

  • First time with an Amex for this, and a lot of my typical shops are included.
    Hell YES.

  • -7

    Deal of the month bAby !!

  • +5

    Get those new card applications in quick:

  • +2

    reminder set for the 13th :)

    makes for some cheap takeaway dinners at a minimum :)

  • Only 3 this round. :)

  • +6

    Last time round 3 of 4 the listed stores I went to told me they did not accept the Amex card. One even had a handwritten sign displayed at the cash register. Did not bother going to any more stores after that.

    Hoping for better results this time. Did not have this experience with the previous 2 November Shop Small promos.

    • Yep I had this issue at a nursery. My local music store also doesn't accept AMEX but has one of those AMEX OPEN/CLOSED signs on its door.

      • +4

        Because a free sign is a free sign.

        • +1

          Yeah there is probably a fine print next to Amex "is not accepted here".

    • Got this a bit last time round but just pay-waved my AMEX and the cashier was none the wiser! Got my $10 credit emails instantly too!

      I'd call their bluff. They've signed up for Amex, they've been added to the Shop Small listing and probably have a Shop Small sticker on their front window.. worth a shot!

      • I tried this at the cafe & card was declined on their eftpos device.

    • Other people have reported that Amex will still honour the statement credit if had to use another credit card and contact Amex customer service to let them know.

      • Other people, not me. I contacted AMEX via e-mail and got no response. Couldn't be bothered calling for $10.

      • +1

        The 2nd & 3rd time it happened I just walked out of the store. First one was a cafe & we'd already eaten (doh!) so had to pay. EDIT: Kept receipt but never bother to email Amex for the $10. Too pissed off with the overall experience.

        In Novembers promo I did call Amex up about same problem, & they reimbursed my account the $10.

      • +1

        I found Amex remarkably helpful in issuing me $10 credits for stores that didn't accept my card. Bit of a pain, but hardly amex's fault.

        • +8

          It is Amex's map. I searched it to find participating stores. When 3 of 4 stores tell me they don't take Amex I conclude the map is wrong.

    • +2

      I reported them to Amex immediately and they credited the money back to my Amex account manually. I never go to those stores again.

    • +1

      I agree. Either THAT or they slug a surcharge which means less of a bargain or impose minimum opal recharge for $40

    • Please report it here

  • anywhere that would sell telstra pre paid recharges?

  • +4

    If you can find some local bottle shops on the list these shop small offers are great for grabbing 6 packs of craft beers.

    • -2

      Good idea but doesn't work for me. I prefer buying 24 packs to get the best possible value for money. If you are using this deal for 6 pack beer, I guess you are not losing (or saving) any money at all.

      • +5

        Pay over two or three transactions with different Amex cards?

      • Last time round I picked up 6 packs of stuff like Two Birds, Mornington Peninsula and others. It's a good way to try new beers and the 6 packs work out about $11 to $13, multiply that by four and you're well under the normal 24 pack price for these.

        • Last time went to an indie liquor store where I got a case of Italian brewed Nastro Azzurro in Novembers SS. Now they stock the 'made under license' aussie version :(

          I chose a couple of craft six packs instead, & cashier told me they don't take Amex card. WTF??

    • These guys opened in Mitcham Victoria recently, they take AMEX with no min or surcharge and a have a excellent selection of craft beers. Will be hitting it hard for this promo :)…

  • +1

    Oh miss those days when they would give you $10 credit 10 times and I would have a spreadsheet for both of my Amex cards to ensure that I get 100% out of the deal. Now just 3 :(

    • +3

      That is the November promo

      • oh yes, thanks for pointing that out :)

      • So there will be another promo in November?

    • Not yet.

  • +3

    Guys make sure that you check the shop in the small shop map first to ensure that its a qualifying shop. Do not simply do Opal top-ups from the NewsAgency based on your past experience. I learned it hard way last time when I topped up my Opal using my old list of Small Shop and didn't get cash back for at least 6 out of 10 transactions.

    • +1

      Every store I've previously got it from is not on this time. Hairhouse warehouse, a couple of pet supplies store, a toy store… it's like a completely different list of stores this time!

    • That happened to me at world square newsagency. The guy at the counter definitely knew about the promotion but I never got the email or credit. Checked later and they weren't on the map anymore even though they were last time.

      • Same here. Never got the email. Checked and realized they were not listed anymore. Nevertheless I gave it a shot and called Amex. was told to wait for another month in case it was delayed. Called 6 weeks later and got the cash back.

  • Looks like my local IGA is on the map =)

    • excellent full IGA or IGA express?

    • if you dont mind me asking - is it in sydney and where? tried searching by "IGA" and nothing came up in Sydney Metro

      • op is a mel

        • Ok thanks

        • @tghtarse: it doesn't show up as IGA, just as "supermarket" with the address of my IGA and on the map too.

  • Hi guys,
    I am new to Amex connect and every time I login I get following error.

    "We’re sorry, the system is not responding at this time, please try again. If this problem persists, please Contact Us via the site menu."

    Is this the right link or I am doing something wrong?…

    • Don't worry about signing in. You can't sign up until the 13th of Sep.

      I made the same mistake.

      On the day, just sign into your account on and it should be under your offers tab.

      • Cool. That's the plan then!

  • +15

    Remember everyone, if you don't have anything in particular to spend it on (like me last year) then put it towards some charities.
    I know that there was a list floating around of about 10 charities that are valid for Shop Small.

    I was able to donate $100 last year between my two Amex's.
    Cost to me $50.
    Tax deduct $100 x 0.325
    Real cost $17.50 to me and charities got $100! :)

  • +14

    I still hate their map website…

    • +3

      They have the budget to promote shop small, but will not spend money on the map website. Their map is not user friendly at all !!

  • Any IGA in NSW?

  • THanks

  • +2

    For those with Entertainment Book you can stack this deal for extra $10 saving at cafes, etc. Nice way to use a few EB vouchers.

  • Deliveroo is on the map, wonder if that means online/app orders might be eligible.

  • -3

    Time to use my 6 Amex cards

  • +2

    I can't see any Opal retailers in the Sydney CBD this time. Even with a $1-2 fee, it was worth it last time. Has anyone else found any on the new map?

    • Wu's Pharmacy and City Mart 24Seven is all I was able to find.

    • +1

      Can confirm Lucky Charm newsagent in the downstairs foodcourt at Corner of Elizabeth/Park/Castlereagh St works, $1 fee.

      Lucky Charm Centrepoint (Shop 2017a, Westfield, 188 Pitt St) should be good too.

      • +1

        Got an email?

        • +1


          Thank you for shopping small using your registered Card ending in **** at THE LUCKY CHARM FOODBASE.
          Your $10 credit should be in your account within five business days upon completion of your eligible transaction.
          Don’t forget, you can get back a total of $30 credit by shopping small this weekend.

        • @ctd: Thanks Mate. I just tried it and got the email too

      • Lucky Charm Centrepoint is confirmed good too, and was apparently popular today. ;) $2 surcharge.

  • +1

    Last time two shops that I spent $20 didn't give me credits, maybe I'm referring a wrong list. Must be careful this time…

    • +2

      Call up AMEX and say you spent at places that were on the Shop small list. Should get credit.

  • +3

    I think their map just got even worst right now :(

  • +1

    Is this available for bank issued amex?

    • Most certainly.

  • +4

    Maybe Amex use this opportunity to let us do the compliance work with small shops for it, as small shops are more likely to breach their agreement with Amex.

    • Wow that's quite sinister really!
      Nobody expects the shop small inquisition!

  • My ANZ AMEX card is due for renewal this month end, renewal fee is $295, probably I will give a miss

    • +1

      Plenty of free AMEX options out there…

    • what the Kapt said.

      Apply for a free Amex like the Qantas Discovery. It's likely they will do the month-long shop small campaign in November, so if you get it now, you would probably get to qualify for the September AND November shop small campaigns.

      Disclaimer: I'm not giving financial advice. :)

    • And if you are not sure which free Amex card, my recent comment provides comparative info on them.

    • Most credit card companies charge annual fee at 13th month. Call ANZ and ask them when the annual fee will be charged

  • how is the pancake parlour a small shop?

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