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1 Free Burger @ Grill'd Every Day from 4th-12th October - Sign up to 'Polished Man'


Join the OzBargain team (thanks rockytauhid & zuccs). Donate and OzBargain will matched the total donations up to $900.

The time has come to sign up for Polished Man 2016!

One in five children fall victim to physical and/or sexual violence, before they turn 18. That’s one too many. We need you to help us nail it to end violence against children.

So what are we asking you to do?

  • Sign up to Polished Man

  • Paint one fingernail for the month of October

  • Start a conversation about violence on behalf of those one in five children

  • Fundraise, so together we can provide trauma relief and trauma prevention services to our world’s most vulnerable citizens

Direct from email:

If that isn’t enough to get you signed up, this year Grill’d are offering everyone who signs up and ticks the box that states “receive communication from Grill’d” a free burger EVERY DAY between the 4th – 12th of October! Simply show your voucher at the counter.

Grill’d will be sending vouchers by email a couple of days before the offer begins so make sure you keep an eye on your inbox.

The check box is on the 2nd page of signup, when filling out your profile details.

Terms are supposed to be here

Screenshot of email

Grill'd Email (3-Oct): https://talkbox.impactapp.com.au/communications/view/Email/k...
Grill'd News: https://www.grilld.com.au/news/latest/polishedman

Note: Burger barcodes will be sent at 10 am (EST) each day during the Promotion Period. To receive a burger barcode on any given day during the Promotion Period, you must have successfully registered for the Promotion by 11.59 pm (AWST) the previous day.

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  • +55 votes

    I have no idea what I just signed up for, but I like free burgers… :)

    • -1 vote

      When I first saw this comment it was at –3 Votes. Glad to see the haters get beat.

      • +2 votes

        It's been a wild ride!

      • +3 votes

        Speaking as someone who almost downvoted this, it wasn't hate. The intial post missed the charity/advocacy part of this campaign. Nothing wrong with free bugers! Just don't forget why Grill'd are giving them away :)

    • +5 votes

      I never heard of polished man or how their charity helps abuse victims. The website is currently inaccessible, is there any other information on how abuse victims are helped, for example, what measures are taken?

      I always see three jars or different organizations to put bottle caps in at Grill'd. I only wish there was information on how these organisations go about achieving their objectives so us customers know how effective of an organisation we are funding.


    Did it actually have the tick box received comms from grilld?

    I am waiting this one out smells a little fishy no mention of it on grilld website or facebook or anywhere really. And the T&C page being non existent…

  • +5 votes

    This is great, I just happen to love free burgers 10/10

  • +64 votes

    Scoring free Burgers off a charity event… Stay classy ozbargain

  • +70 votes

    Yeah… so where do we draw the line when it comes to "free stuff"? I'm curious, because this is a fundraising charity event which relies on the idea of raising donations. If we end up with hundreds of people signing up JUST to get the free burgers and nobody participates in actually raising funds - that would be pretty shitty…

    Op, maybe you could include some actual details on what the cause is for an encourage people to participate rather than pointing out that people don't have to participate.

  • +6 votes

    The "Polished man" is a great cause. Hopefully those of you getting your "free" burgers will also do some fundraising at the same time. Karma!


      I'm not really good at fundraising, is there any way I can directly donate to the cause?


        I'm in the same boat, happy to donate directly though!


          You can always find someone else who is fundraising and support them :) (OP updated the post with a link for Ozbargain supporters)

          Otherwise, raising awareness is always aids the cause greatly (which is what they're asking for in the campaign) and can go much further than a small sum of money. Ultimately if everyone was more aware and knew how to spot the signs early and how to encourage the correct treatment of children or react if necessary there would be less need funding (not that fundraising wont help, it still does).

          I have met many people think that violence against children is just the rare news breaking occurrence but its quite common and often go completely undetected, unreported or unmanaged for years even after the child has become an adult.



          Yep had seen the link once I signed up so i joined the ozbargain team! =D


          That's wonderful Eltito! You can make a donation online at www.polishedman.com Thank you so much!


        Hi Tranqme! Yes you can!! Just head to www.polishedman.com - thank you so much for your support!

  • +2 votes

    Is anyone getting..

    This site can’t provide a secure connection

    www.polishedman.com uses an unsupported protocol.

    Maybe DDoS by Chinese?



  • +4 votes

    Make no minced-steak, I relish that you mustard da skill to post this amazing freebie.

  • +13 votes

    As much as I love free stuff, I'm staying away from this one knowing I won't be able to do much fundraising for this charity.
    No need to take advantage of charity.

    • +12 votes

      Grill'd are taking a tax break out of sponsoring this charity.



      Eating free burgers = taking advantage of charity?

    • +4 votes

      It's free advertising, Grill'd is not a charity.


        I think it's not so much the impact on Grilled, more so that the "Polished Man" charity will gain a lot of new members for little gain. They probably expect it due to the free burgers but I doubt they have calculated the "OZ factor" in their equations.
        They probably should of done a $5 from every burger goes to "polished man" or something along those lines.

  • +17 votes

    great find, signed up. Going to eat some burgers and whatever I would have spent on the burgers is going to polished man fundraiser.

  • +30 votes

    Created an OzBargain team, if anyone want to donate. Let's see how much money fundraised from OzBargain community

    • +7 votes

      The point of this campaign is not about you but the child victims of abuse. The vast majority of Australian men, like you, also have no intention of harming a child. By voicing their disapproval in unison it puts pressure on the abusers, telling them that their behaviour is not acceptable.

      • +14 votes

        People who commit these crimes aren't doing it for approval, and they won't stop doing it because of disapproval. There was a Gruen episode on advertising that showed domestic abusers in a bad light. The panel said that these kinds of ads do nothing to stop the abusers but they do make non-abusers (you and me) feel good about ourselves.

        I think these charities are kind of the same. Society already disapproves of these criminals. If a child-abuser is in jail, he will be beaten to an inch of his life, and will usually be kept in solitary for his own safety. So even the most hardened criminals see these people as scum, worthy of death. Yet they still do it. There's something wrong with them.

        • -2 votes

          You do have a point here. But if enough people are voicing their objection and disgust, the abusers may come to realise that they will be treated as social outcast if they're exposed.

        • +4 votes

          @EarlyBird: Pretty sure that's already obvious to them.

        • -2 votes

          @Mic Cullen: Maybe to the serial offenders but these things start off relatively mildly and escalate to full-blown violence if the offenders excuse themselves and are not challenged about their action from daily conversation.


          the charity does raise awareness though, so that even if you cant change these people you can intervene early and take children out of their care. someone you know could be abusing their kids, this cause wants you to look for the signs.
          wont somebody think of the children?

      • +3 votes

        I support the initiative.

        But the 'start the conversation' aspect is a bit off.

        This topic is not the type of conversation you 'start' in a pub, fine dining, a date, a BBQ or a kids party.

  • +2 votes

    can females do this deal too?

    • +3 votes

      Sure can :)

      Email was titled: Calling all Polished Men (and women!)

      I think it's because it's mainly targeted towards men, but of course everyone can participate

      • +11 votes

        but it's easy for women to paint their nails, that's not fair. woman should have to not shave in October.

        Also call it Hairy Grills to match promotion.


    I just signed up, but I don't have the grill'd section in the welcome e-mail I received, and I defo checked the box. Did this happen to anyone else?

    • +8 votes

      Can we focus on the parents who believe it's up to a school to teach their kid basic manners?

      No? Oh that's right, their kid is a little angel.

      • +5 votes

        Does the bullying only ever happen during school times and then after that the kids who are the bullies magically become model children?

        No? Then it starts at home, school's can only do so much with having their legs cut from under them with regards to being able to discipline children.

        As I said in the other post, don't even get me started on the parents who don't believe their child is a problem at all (so in turn won't do anything about it), what's the school meant to do then in your opinion?

        (Source: Brother was a high school teacher, sister is a primary school teacher, best mate is a high school IT teacher, so no, I'm not just talking out of my arse).

        • +1 vote

          My sister is a teacher and my mother just retired after 35+ years. If you told me they condoned or turned a blind eye to school bullying I'd tell you off your bloody rocker. Plenty of kods have been expelled on their part, other than that exactly what power do you think teachers have over students or more importantly parents?


    Thanks OP.. Signed up. The email I received was different and didn't mention the bit about Grill'd. I did tick the checkbox when I signed up


      Hmm same. Maybe it was only for the first X signups! Guess we'll find out. Either way Grill'd will probably email us some promo bonus.

    • +1 vote

      I think the email OP uploaded is the "marketing" email received, not the welcome email after signing up.


    On page 9 of the starter kit has information about Grill'd:

  • +11 votes

    So Grill'd stopped supporting Movember (one of the very few charities that actually acknowledges male issues), only to eventually replace it with a male bashing "charity".

    How about we become Polished People, rather than demonizing men yet again?


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